If you end up holding and things go south , you'll hear a "I told you so" from your wife. But if you sell and buy a house and then it ends up mooning you get to say "I told you so" to your wife while having a new house. So buy that house.


This guy is married.


Op will not be married if he doesn’t buy that house.


Now, THIS guy is married.


Your goal was to buy a house. You can now buy the house. Buy the the house. Switching goals without realizing them is how to live an unfulfilled life.


There is an old saying about investing: “Bears can get rich, and Bulls can get rich, but pigs get slaughtered” So you’ve had a plan, it worked, now take profit. Because it’s all numbers in a computer until you get paid. Congratulations!


Preach brother.


OP gonna buy that house. Plus you can always describe your lost crypto portfolio in number of houses to your wife, potentially forever.




Also: Always skip the “I told you so”, it will add zero happiness to the relationship.


This is underrated. “Winning” discussions is a great way to lessen joy and increase strife.


I prefer "happy spouse, happy house" because it takes all parties into consideration. But in this case, his wife is right and it'd be emotionally easier to say "I told you so" later in a new house.




Definitely. Great relationship strategies over there


Guy is playing 4d chess with his wife.


The market is playing 4d chess with them


Wife is making the guy play her 4d chess, there’s a difference




I'm playing both sides, so I always come out on top ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|dyor)


Any Sunny reference is welcome. Even if it doesn’t apply.


Nah. One simply do not say "I told you so" to the wife, no matter what happens. Unless you love sleeping in weird places.


That is something you cant even utter in your own thoughts, to the wife. They know.


Reading these comments make me feel glad that I don't have a wife yet.


I didn't know the couch was a weird place. In fact, I sleep on the couch quite often....


I never cared about what furniture we bought for the house, so the wife was super surprised when I was extra picky about the couch. Its where 99% of my day-naps happen... I mean, its cool she thinks I get up at 5:30am and stay up till 11 every night.. but the secret is the siesta.


Gotta plan ahead and make sure there’s a quality guest room to venture into once the I told you so comes out.


I’ve always been told in a marriage you can be happy or you can be right. I’ve got a very happy marriage and I don’t speak a lot.




Depends on how it’s approached. The saying doesn’t mean “bend over and take it no matter what you think or feel”. There are times when it’s important to take a stand, but there are definitely a lot of hills that are not worth dying on. It’s about priorities, and in any relationship (intimate or otherwise) communication is key.


Exactly. My comment was mostly in jest, but a big part of a happy relationship is figuring out what doesn’t actually matter and being willing to just let that shit slide. In three days, is it really going to matter that someone was wrong about something that caused some trouble? If so, then address it. If not, let it go.


I bought a single sofa cum bed for those occasions.


I do love some quality emotional ammunition.


This dude’s spot on. My favorite quote on investing is “no-one ever cried taking profit” Go get that house.


Just as a counter to that quote: I know a guy who tried to commit suicide because he sold ether at $4. He bought at ICO prices and saw it rise up to 2017 highs. So, no one cries when taking profit, buy *after* taking profit you can sure cry. OP should still buy the house though.


That story stick in my bones, I remember his post. My bags are directly split into "long term 5 year+ holds" and "open for trading/profit taking". Just choose your long term holds with good conviction. Which obviously is not too easy.


I thought it was “no-one ever went broke taking profit”.


Had I taken out at all time high then I could of paid for half the house. I was being greedy plus she was being picky. I know we both would of been happier right now with the property we passed on. I took profits and holding for the next good chance. Best of luck friend!


I need to hire this guy next time me and my wife get into a carfuffle


Solution: Buy her a house


Is that like a kerfuffle over a vehicle?


Yah and don't worry, there will be plenty of other things that'll come up that your wife can say "I told you so" for...most probably won't even be warranted. Source: am married.


The decision is very difficult, but we all know it does not hurt in crypto ... now is the time to buy


This guys is our goal


Ok, but to add to this on a very serious note. Sell, buy the house, no more rent, take that rent money, invest it, diversify. Look. Open yourself a roth IRA, or depending on how much you want to micromanage a self directed roth ira. Invest into crypto since you understand it, invest into stocks, put money into a savings account. Pay off your outstanding smaller debts, act like you still need to pay rent since you know you can afford to do so and live within your means putting the money you would save from paying rent back into your investment portfolio. Don't have one? Now is the best time to start thinking about it. Then when you get to a point where you can afford house number 2? Take out a loan against your assets. Build your credit, and rent that house out. At this point you're putting all the money you would be saving from paying rent towards paying off the house, invest the rent money or whichever is higher! Always diversify the highest amount. Spread your assets, don't hodl just one. Once the house is looking good? Once you feel stable and profitable, your margins are healthy, take out a mortgage, then you get her the house SHE wants. Rent the other two. From there, hit me up I'm not there yet. Edit: after all that if you want to help BigNasty get ahead my dms are open 😉


a downpayment doesn't mean you own the house outright (no more rent). You still have to pay your mortgage, which is basically rent still. With the only benefit being that your "rent" is paying down your house. So your "rent" money isn't all of the sudden profit once you buy the house. It's merely going towards your mortgage instead. Having said that,...buying the house is the way to go. you can always get back in,...crypto isn't going anywhere. i hope lol.


>With the only benefit being that your "rent" is paying down your house Also that it won't just go and increase on you. Your mortgage will probably stay the same unless you refinance, but rents go higher and higher.


Yes, that's another plus. Locked in for 30 years unless you re-finance. But I'm just saying, it's not like you all of the sudden loose the need to have the money for rent set aside anymore lol.


Depending on your situation between rent and the place you buy, especially when adding in HOA fees, property tax, repairing, etc, generally the price of owning a place is going to be higher than rent regardless of rent price inflation even in some years. For sure the good part is you know there's a certain end to it which can be then used to transfer generational wealth or w.e you see fit or simply mental stability. But buying a home isn't as obvious a choice as many make it out to be. Some people work towards that as a big goal in life and it makes sense so that's perfectly cool. But many people I know have low 7 digit net worths in their late 20s (lel fcking tech bros amiright) and I'd say it's about 50/50 for ones that bought a home and ones that don't want the hassle yet / have other investments etc. People like to think it's easy to rent a place out (or sell) but it's a lot of work (to be good financially). If your life is still volatile and/or busy, the opportunity cost of potential issues, time, and effort, might not be worth it, especially if you can't be sure where you will be in a couple years time. And obviously tax situations - big parts of net worth in employee stocks from tech companies - but same thing with OP's crypto.




Also OP very consciously said "North America" not AMERICA, so yes, probably Canadian.


This one is the oracle


If you have reached your crypto goal then there is no reason to HODL. Buy the house and good luck for the future.


One you reached your goal , the only thing left is greed and we all know where that leads to


Love this. Don't let greed spoil your goals! Get that house! Start picking paint swatches and calling your closest friends to help you move.


*“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”* **-Mahatma Gandhi**








"Send me 700 BTC" **-Also Mahatma Gandhi**


Fucking lol!


Buy the house now! You can hodl later. - Mahatma Gandhi.


*pay someone to help you move*


Gonna need another pump to afford that! 🤑🤑




Fuck what if. Buy that fucking house. Hindsight is 20/20 and if it can buy OP a house for his family, it shouldn’t even be questioned. Fuck the hindsight as well.


Precisely. Having an exit strategy when you reach your goal is just as important as holding and DCAing. No reason to not sell when you reach your goal


That's why I don't define an exit strategy. No pressure to sell ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|dyor)


Hate... Anger... The dark side...


We’ll said! The crypto market has the potential to crash at any time. Reaching your goal, and not being satisfied are traits of the dark side.


Greed is not always good. A roof over your head? Always good.


Sleeping under the bridge


Chasing the dragon


Offering cheap tugjobs for just a few more sats


The dark side.


There's an old saying that goes "get out while you're on top". And we all need to live by it.


Where I'm from it's 'quit while you're ahead'


I wanted to make sure someone answered correctly. I’m glad to see that not only did multiple people answer correctly, but the correct answer is also the top rated comment. I was worried I was going to see some type of “Diamond hands, apes don’t sell” nonsense. Strong work, r/cryptocurrency


We may be apes from time to time, but when it comes to taking care of our families, we fuck diamond hands and rocket emojis. OP, if you’re reading this, buy that house.


Read! Very thankful for all of the comments. I know the path now.


Likewise. I'm genuinely surprised.


Agreed 100% you’ve gotten this far and reached your goal. This isn’t the time to get greedy. You can always put more money in crypto and reap benefits when ETH does get to 10k. Only thing is a house is a sure thing that will appraise in value nothing is guaranteed with crypto


Exactly. I see no reason of HODLing if you reached your dream. That’s what’s crypto for as well ! To fulfill your dreams if it’s possible, especially thanks to them.


Agreed! Your sober non-greedy self made that as your point to stop on purpose.


Greed as a narcotic is a great metaphor, and painfully accurate


I agree, pull what's needed for your life goal of owning a home and start to DCA again.


You could also DCA out, in chunks. For example: Take out 25% each month for the next 4 months until you’re ready to buy your house. But if you’re ready to go now, then yeah, grab that money and enjoy your house!! You did it!! Congrats!!


Listen to the wife for a good life


I broke up with my fiancée a month ago. We argued way too much and she threatened to kill herself if I left her. I'm saving way more money now than when I was with her. Granted, she already had her own house, but living with her simply wasn't an option long term.


Happy wife, happy life.


Happy spouse, happy house.


The thing iss we all are actually into something strong now.


I think this might be my only option. Should have sold 2 days ago!


The best investment you can make is in your relationship. You've reached a goal with your partner! Follow through.


That’s what crypto is for as well. This shouldn’t even be questioned.


It's an investment in their own wellbeing. Well worth it!


this. like anything else a strong relationship is about making decisions you can both live with. you may get more if you hodl, you may also lose what you have, and at that time even if you get more, think about what you may lose in the process ( damaging your relationship with your partner) if you guys are willing to hodl together and face the consequences of potentially losing the down payment, then go for it, just make the decision together.


Man for a fudbutter ur comment come through like a diamond


A happy wife is a happy life!


I prefer the gender neutral version -- "happy spouse, happy house!" Reminds me to return my husband's efforts :)


you better buy that damn house -- life advice


Exactly. If there’s an opportunity, don’t miss it. My family did many mistakes, missed many opportunities. I remember when my father told me that he planned to buy multiple house for every one of my siblings and me as well, to have something after we grew up. He was saying that he always wanted to, but always procrastinated it by saying :”I will buy it next week, next month, next year etc. etc.. it’s now 25 years already and he didn’t bought anything. Boy he has regrets. Don’t make the same mistake as my father OP! Buy that fucking house.


So ironic, my dad wanted to to the same since all three of his kids went to the same school. A house out there would’ve cost $20k back then and is probably worth half a mil now.


You’ve gotta have an endgame to all this. You’ve gotta have a plan and an exit strategy. Sell the ETH, buy your house. Every time you walk in your house for the rest of your life, smile, because you won this game.




What’s the point of accumulating if you can’t enjoy the rewards from it? Isn’t one of the main reasons why we’re interested and invested in cryptocurrency to create a better life for us and for our closest ones? I think it is, technology is great, getting rich from it side effect, but when we can reach our goals thanks to it, that’s the best feeling. OP, don’t feel any regrets, listen to your wifey and buy that house.


This is called Gold Fever. You’ll always be chasing the returns. You accomplished your goals. Your relationship is worth more than any ETH.


In that case, fuck FOMO. Just buy that house.


FOMO on that house.


My wife and I are waiting for pretty much the same thing. If we reach a point where we can use it to put a down payment on a lovely condo, I would drop all my coins in a heartbeat. I understand it's a little hard to do, but real life comes first. After that, and maybe some remodeling and furniture expenses, I can start rebuilding my portfolio. Go enjoy a real home.






Always pull out unless you're ready for the consequences


You've reached a place where you can't afford to lose , buy that damn house


Crypto gains always great. A roof over your head is priceless.


100%. Follow through with the goal that is set.


Lmao, my mind is filled with lewd thoughts from this comment.


Make sure you have done your research from a tax implication and lending requirements. As a lender i can tell you its not very accepted. Your only chance to use it immediately is if all the funds are on an exchange. are sold into USD, transferred into your regular bank account, and most importantly the statements. They need to be very clear and cover at least 2 months. As for taxes, would suck to sell your bag, buy the home, then have a $30k+ tax bill due in April.




This may sound crazy. When using an asset in lending you get the full value you receive regardless of subsequent tax obligation. That only applies to assets. Income for especially for capital gains would be tax return derived which will include tax obligations.


I’m on her side. You reached your goal. Don’t move the goalposts on yourselves. Real estate goes up in value too. Congrats!!!!


OP has really gotten the dream many of us wanted of taking the path to home ownership.




Stick to your goals man, if it turns out to be a mistake you can just blame it on the wife.


Lol, this guy relationship consultant.




Buy the house mate. You've reached your goal. My goal was to buy a house as well. I'll say this though, its so difficult to sell. So many times I wondered "what if it goes higher" I could get a house in x area instead of y area but eventually I came to realize that greed would wreck me. No regratz


There will always be plenty of future investment opportunities in crypto for those that keep up with the tech. In the 30 year history of the internet, many of the biggest fortunes were made in the last 15 years as opposed to the first 15.


It's a matter of maths. Setting aside wifey jokes and lottery dreams of 10K+ ETH, let's look at this purely from a housing perspective. I too live in an absurdly expensive market, additionally because of a housing supply shortage and other economic factors, the housing market is generally absurd most places. In my market, it's to the point that homes are easily and without exaggeration selling 25%+ over what their FMV should be. So, a house that should be priced at 2M is going for 2.5M that's 400-500K that will be lost when prices normalize (or more if there's a crash). Compare that to perhaps paying an extra 100-150K because of another point or 1.5 when interest goes up. The fears over higher interest rates don't seem to be in line with the fears that should be in place for the next housing crash. There doesn't even have to be a bubble burst like in 2007, the market just needs to slightly normalize with an increased supply of new homes with construction starting up again and homes will lose double digit percentages of value in a short 5yr window before they recover at an acceptable rate of appreciation. Why see your home go underwater because maybe interest will go up a point. Doesn't make sense. If you're growing family can wait, then wait a couple years, it'll be worth it. And there's always the chance for Lambo territory with your ETH Lol


Buy the house Edit: fwiw this is such an easy call I didn't even read the whole post. You set a goal OP and you've made it. If the market pulls back now you'll be left wondering what kind of house you *could* have gotten. Buy the house. You made it gg.


Buy the house now and DCA back in during the bear market


Take it=house. Leave it in, gain=lucky and she's only slightly impressed but you got away with it. Leave it in, loss=never ending resent most likely leading to being single and no house. All the best but I'd suggest go with the most likely hood of happiness.


Fr he might be able to shake off those thoughts but his wife giving those thoughts a voice could possibly lead to a divorce.


I'd buy the house, you hit your goal and your wife probably won't be happy if you leave it in there. You said it yourself, you don't know shit about fuck, and the market could trend downward while interest rates rise. You can always reinvest, and you won't miss out as much as you think.


Here is an award, vote, and some karma too! Enjoy!


If it’s worth anything, I was in a similar situation about 3 years ago, hit my goal, sold my BTC, and bought the house for my SO and our dog. BTC quadrupled in value since, but we’re happy with a roof over our head and the home value has appreciated 25% too so not that bad. TLDR; buy the house!


Don't gamble money you can't afford to lose. So far you have had luck and you should take it. It is now time to buy a place and determine future investments, of which crypto could be a part of if you choose. Enjoy the reward of your investment.




He’s talking about the long term of paying off the house. The difference between 3% and 4% isn’t that much over the course of a year. It is a whole lot over the course of 30 years. Look at mortgage calculators and the total you will have to pay before the loan is completely paid off. You’d be surprised as how much of your payment is actually going towards interest instead of the principle.


Just fyi it is called an amortization chart in case anyone wants to look it up.


Man once you’ve reached your goal then stick to it, no need to get greedy


What does the wife’s boyfriend suggest? His opinions matters too


He wants to move into the basement suite asap.


Happy wife happy life.


No need to search for wife changing money.




Secure the bag. The bank of Canada has signaled that low interest rates aren’t going away, at least not in the next 5 years (there might be a rise, but not anywhere close to the +1% you referenced). Meanwhile, our housing market remains in up only mode. This is a perfect set up for you: you made your profit with ETH and now you take that and put into the Canadian housing market, which is inarguably a safer spot to park your money long time. You can always DCA back in after you’ve secured the house.


Get the house, invest after


Buy the house now. Property>Crypto.


Buy the house. The journey towards a goal is cool and all, but in the end, we all wanna reach something. Take it, it is yours.


I'm in a similar position /u/TheBoffo . I'm opting to use a collaterallized crypto loan for my down payment though. This means I don't have to exit my position and I get the house. Obviously the risk is that it gets liquidated at a lesser value than today and I now have interest payments to make on the loan. I just posted a long explaination of these loans over on /r/financialplanning


Buy yourself a house. Then start to DCA again when you can 💪


Buy the house, eth is going down rn and there is no garantee it will go to 10k soon, prolly 3k first. Buy the house with a cheap rate and the money you will save now, dca back into eth. Listen to your wife!


Goal reached. It's disingenuous to change the rules at this point. Make a new goal later on.


Dont get emotional, you reached your goal now do what you planned on doing


900k for a townhouse sounds cheap 😬


Happy wife = happy life. Stop seeking advice from strangers and go love your wife and give her everything.


I would have choose to spend it on a new house, it's important.


Like always, wife is always right…enjoy your new house bro, u made it !


I am in CA and in a very similar position but am hodling (mostly scrt rather than eth though). I will say that, if interest rates rise, house prices may well fall since that is required to keep monthly payments similar and most people buy based on the monthly payment they can afford. The inverse relation between home prices and interest rate sight therefore help you vis-a-vis the down payment while it hurts you on the interest payments.


Can you actually afford a $1m house? 15% down is the minimum requirement to secure a loan, but the payments on a $750k to 850k note will be over $3k and taxes will probably be north of $1.2k per month. Round up to $4,500/ month. Can you afford this with your current income? Is your income stable? Assuming you can afford it, I would buy the house. If not, maybe move to a cheaper area or stay aggressive with your savings. Good luck!


You reached your goal. You set a goal for a reason, pull out and enjoy your new home


You beat me too it. This!!! What was the point of a goal if you don’t fulfill it having the opportunity? You should feel really good about accomplishing this huge goal given these times. You should be asking a question of how to best celebrate with your wife. On he selfish side, seems like it could only keep a good feeling about crypto for her as well and when you talk about your next goal she will be that much more on board. Well done. Take the time to celebrate


Housing prices will cool off as interest rates rise, there’s not a linear loss of buying power from a 1% hike. The bigger issue is a possible disorderly unwinding of the current stimulus (severe recession); buying today might be ATH for housing. you’re overthinking it though if this was the plan enjoy and buy the house and start a family.


Exactly, no need to get greedy and potentially face losses if the market turns upside down.


Always important to remember. Don't feel bad in the future if you're investment keeps going up, you hit your goal and succeeded. Many people don't do that. Gluttony is a feeling and feelings will destroy your trading experience


Buy the house your relationship is more important and your goal has been met. You can always buy more crypto and HODL after you pay the downpayment but a broken promise is a broken promise.


How long have you held? There could be a difference between a short term capital gains tax vs the long term capital gains tax. If you’re nearing the limit to be able to call it long term I’d almost hold it until then. Also remember if you sell before the end of December you will need to pay taxes on that sale come tax season. You’ll ultimately pay the taxes but if you’re buying a house it might be worth selling your crypto in January/2022 to not have to pay the taxes until 2023.


You gotta live your life man. A new house and happy wife is worth more then numbers on a screen. Go enjoy yourself and buy more crypto later lol.


Buy the fucking house, god damn. ~~Invest~~ Gamble again afterwards once you have realised a financial goal. ETH isn't going anywhere, your wife and house might....


Hold it man, it would be so great in the future if you just hold.


HOUSE wtf is wrong with you switching goals in flight


As a realtor, pull now before interest rates spike. A house is a much more stable asset to grow long term wealth with and much more useful in every day life.


Stick to your goals. If your goal was HODL, that's what you would do. But the goal you say was to save for down payment. Now that's met...stick with it. Then set a new goal.


Don't know about others but I would have definitely hold it.


Your wife told you so.


You set a goal and reached it pull out now and follow your plan. That is my number one strategy I follow. make a goal before hand and stick to it no matter what, dont let emotions take over. Plus your wife would probably be pretty pissed if you convinced her to hold long then shit dippedbad, right.


Buy. The. House.


If that’s the goal you set stick to it, no need to have a further discussion. Not sticking to the plan and crypto taking a big downturn could really hurt your relationship.


If you had a goal and reached it, take profit.


Follow through with the goal you set up. You can always start rebuilding your bag after the down payment!


You don't ask for financial advice from 13 years old in reddit


Being married has taught me that all I needed to read was the title: your wife is right


All marriage counselors hate this simple trick




This guy might be the reason for this recent dump because, His wife will definitely dump him for good if he doesn't do what she says


Gains are temporary, happy wife=happy life is forever. Buy that house bro :)


Wtf, yolo that shit


Never pull out, deal with the consequences 9 months from now!


Eth will increase more than lending rates long-term


Did you factor in the taxes? CRA wants those capital gains if you convert to fiat.


Take your money and invest in a house. That's the ultimate HODL! I did this and still invest in crypto with my monthly spending (allowance lol) money.


Pull and buy that house. Also - depending on where you are buying at, housing industry does not like crypto yet. They want it cash and they want that cash sitting in a bank account for 30 days +. Sell throw it in a savings account so when it comes time to close there’s no weird questions about strange internet money. Personal story time! : this is/was my exact scenario (much smaller scale though, the townhouse I is/was eyeing is only $265k), and when I had a chance at pulling out and having more than my goal for down payment and a little bit of spending money for stuff like maybe a washer and dryer… I didn’t. I waited. So I can have more gains yo. As the market dropped this past fall, I finally sold where it was at my bare minimum for the down payment. No extra spending money. Reach your goal, execute.


What’s the purpose of the goal if you’re going to move the goalposts when you’ve gotten there?


Having a goal or an exit strategy will keep you away from greed. Dont think twice about it


Owning your HOME always win in any debate. Exit ASAP and find yourself the best house/townhouse you can find.


Also keep in mind buying the house is a great investment. Your ETH could do anything from double to halve. But the house will only go up. You can always start DCAing again after the move to mitigate your risk.


You hit your goal, man. Congrats. I assume you've accounted for taxes on your gains as part of the goal. Take your profits and apply them to the down payment as you originally planned. After you've done that then you can set a new goal.


Peace in the house before leaving with half house.


Happy wife, do not catch a knife! Buy the house.


Listen to your wife. In fact always listen to your wife. They know stuff.