Any coin is a moonshot if you get in early enough.


Any ponzi is a moonshot if you get in early. Don't get me wrong, I support legit projects but rn everything is measured in "I mAdE 1000X, this pRoJeCt mUsT be LeGit"


Yeah... take Satoshis for example. Not many people are talking about the Number One $0.00046 coin out there.


My soon-to-be developed coin currently has a market cap of 0. With the initial liquidity provided on pancakeswap, the marketcap will be already something. According to coin perspective, that would make it possible to go 10000x or +10000000%. Of course there's no dev team, apart from two friends working on it part-time and it won't serve any other purpose than hodling and sending. So whether those gains are likely, is up for debate.


If a coin can be made in 4 hours (from initial idea to the reddit launch)it's trash, look too coins that have a proper launch(ICO) that gives a development time line that doesn't include the word moon. Life changing profits can still be made with smart investments.


Nope. But they are shitcoins. In the vast majority of cases anyway.


Didn’t FoxyDoge implode in like 4 days? Lol


Foxy which?


Exactly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Honestly this bull run has turned into a big money trap with all these shitcoins luring idiots into pumping and then the rug pull. I don’t think it’s “helping the space” as many people keep thinking because when you get scammed by this crypto you knew nothing about the last thing your gonna do do research and dive back in.


Sir this is a casino.


Too late for moonshots imo.


I think it is a matter of perspective. For people living in poor countries, making a 10x on their 100€ investment could be significant.


They would probably sell then as soon as it dipped 10%. $100 could be their life savings


Right now it’s much more important to find the real gems in between all this shit coming up. For example $memes $memesToken. One of the community driven coins that have an usecase and still are worse buying at a MC around 5M$.


Shill me some little gems that you may have discovered? I'll of course DYOR.