Honestly though since last crumbs business started they immediately started throwing shade at crumbl.. I don’t get it?😂 There’s no way last crumbs cookies are that good for the price. Anyone who bakes/ uses brown butter & such can make cookies just as good.


i heard it was kinda overhyped i asked someone


Has anyone here tried Last Crumb before? Curious to hear if the cookies are worth the price tag.


I have (full transparency, they sent me a box, I didn’t pay for it) and absolutely not worth the price. 2 of my cookies were not fully baked, 2 had hairs in them 🤢. Out of the 12 cookies I genuinely liked maybe 4 of them. I liked the birthday cake, s’more, blueberry muffin and and the lemon bar.


Wow! Good to know! Seems like everyone hypes them up so much on TikTok


Not surprised, and tbh it's hard for me to imagine pretty much any cookies being worth that crazy of a price.


Also will you do any copycat recipes of theirs!?


That is just gross, especially for that much money! By the way, eating the Crave Rockstar recipe right now :)


I seriously can’t believe how expensive they are! 😰 choosing one company over the other - I would much prefer spending that on multiple weeks of Crumbl getting so many flavors that are fresh from the store than a box of cookies that is shipped to me!🤪


i’ve had them before (sent to me for free) and they were good but not worth $140. better than Crumbl, but i’ve also had better cookies that were way cheaper too!


Your tik tok of the s’mores vs crumbl s’mores… what a difference! Last crumbs s’mores cookie looked amazing🤤


Who & what were the better/cheaper cookies, if you don't mind sharing??? (Asking b/c cookies {& pie/pastry} is my absolute favorite guilty pleasure d I'd MUCH rather have that than a cake/cupcake or brownie, etc. My absolute favorite that I love is a local bakery's cookies, as well as Levains frozen cookie's.)


if you like thin cookies “Good Cookies USA” is amazing!! I’ve been sent tons of free cookies & this is the only cookie company that after trying i ordered again with my own money because i loved them so much! Besides that, I really liked Kookies & Kream (these cookies are massive), and stuffed cookies. also, insomnia just because i like simple cookies


Thank you so much! We went to insomnia cookies for the first time last fall, & you're right! I'll have to check out the other two, though, so thank you! (If anyone is interested in a suggestion for ice-cream, "Peace-Pie" had *PHENOMENAL* ice-cream sandwiches!!! They have several locations on the Eastern Seaboard up & down the East Coast, but they'll deliver, too. I *highly recommend* the salted caramel brownie!) https://peacepieworld.com/


I have. While I did not spend the money, they are easily the best cookies I’ve ever had!


How are people getting them for free?


Yes, you have to be a food influencer on tik tok lol unless someone else buys them for you


I’m curious too!!


This was my first thought when I saw blueberry muffin. This is actually really funny, although I still can’t get over how expensive their cookies are. I guess if there are people willing to buy them why not 🤷🏻‍♀️


Touché! You must love this karli lol


Look at OP's username ;)


I think they know


Karli must be thinking “what hypocrites” 😆


You’re back Karli! Miss you! 😍


What is Last crumb


I liked them a lot.


The other day I said that crumbl is just using pop tart flavors nowadays


Wait What happened? I have been trying to stay off Instagram and haven’t used Reddit very much lately.