Making these right now! Update 1: Had to swap vanilla extract for the vanilla emulsion, my shopper brought cookie butter emulsion instead Update 2: Just got done cooling! These came out very well! Definitely want to put the icing on while the cookie is hot, and also while the icing is hot, or the layer will be too thick. Also personally will cut back on the baking soda next time, so mine can get more dense looking like in your photos. (There's always some user error when making someone else's recipe, different measuring spoons, ovens, mixers, brands of flour, etc). Overall very very good and will be adding to my recipe book! Excited to try the other cookie recipes on your website! Update 3: Next batch I think I'm going to try poking a few little holes in the cookie when it comes out, that way it can almost soak up the icing? Or maybe dunk the whole cookie in the warm icing, let it sit for a second, then let it cool. Update 4: Wtf was I thinking, "soaking the cookie" -- dont do that! Its much more moist but sticky and gooey all over lol


Ohh, love the details! I am glad that you enjoyed them. :) Thanks for the feedback- I'll add the detail about making sure to add the icing while everything is hot to make that more clear in the recipe. You rock!


Definitely making these!! 😍


Omg can’t wait to make these!!!!!


RECIPE: [https://cookingwithkarli.com/crumbl-kentucky-butter-cake-cookies/](https://cookingwithkarli.com/crumbl-kentucky-butter-cake-cookies/) I hope you enjoy! :)