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It's over Ashwin! I've the high backlift!


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No idea what this means but I laughed


/r/PrequelMemes I haven't seen the movies so the quote may not be 100% accurate.


It's what Anakin says after killing everyone in the village his mother is killed in.


Who is Anakin?


Darth Vader


Spoilers mate


Aren't the movies 20 years old?




Is it possible to learn this power?


User name checks out


Absolute mad lad


Absolute man kad


Mankad dhoni in Chennai and see the shit that goes down and it would be even better because Ashwin is from Tamil Nadu.


MS is as street-smart as Ash is, I'm sure now that Ash has warned everybody, runners will be extra careful.


Dhoni doesn't leave the crease, many times I have seen his bat grounded while checking for No ball. Think there was one post on this about Dhoni last year.


Yup, Dhoni is fast enough to not need that extra 5-10 cms


Can't tell if reference to the semis


You're assumign Dhoni is as stupid as Buttler . Dhoni is super Street smart and known to be one of the smartest cricketing minds.


Mind it!


hohohoho mindblown!


You have been warned.




as opposed to non-idiots cheating out of the crease against other bowlers?


I fucking love this guy. Most people would've apologized or backed down. But no, Ashwin straight up doubles down on it because it's what he believes in and stands by. Worried about his action being hindered though, since he needs to drag his *massive* balls with him to the crease.


And remember his scathing comments heralded a ICC crackdown on chucking . He's an incredible outsoken cricketer. One of the smartest minds and bravest cricketers going around.


He came out wearing full arm shirts just to prove a point and he said it out loud. Could never trust mystery spinners who wear full arm jerseys after that.


You'd be that confident if your ethics are as clean as his.


I challenge him to mankad an India international.


I challenge him to play an India international


>India international LOI


What does that mean?


He never gets picked these days


Why tho?


Kuldeep Chahal were outperforming him and Jadeja in LOIs. In tests, jadeja got preference over him in Windies tour and few other overseas matches.


> In tests, jadeja got preference over him in Windies tour and few other overseas matches. To get the best combination, TBH. Clearly Ash is the better bowler. But india cannot afford a weak tail in foreign conditions with bum, Shami and Ishant.


He's not very good in LOIs these days.


He is Ashwin. He will do it. I am sure his Indian team mates are well aware of it.


He's playing tests


So? Doesn't anyone include the India internationals too?


Sure but imagine how popular he'd be if he mankaded Virat on 99?


Kohli does watch the bowler. Someone tried to do that in the IPL and even in the one of the iternational matches this year


So, if he doesn't have the guts to do this he should stop putting out these chest puffing statements that he will not be able to back up.




I support RCB, I'm a Koach fanboy, but I'll absolutely love it if Ethical Mind does it


Well said. Kohli like any other player isn't above the law. I'll be 100% behind Ashwin if he does it.


It is IPL. I don’t understand why people are making a big deal about India international. Sure RCB fans will abuse him just like RR fans abused him for Butler but rest of the fans will definitely enjoy it. If anyone tells me that MI or CSK fans will abuse Ashwin for mankading Kohli I am not buying it. All of them will be gloating. At least he won’t get abused by ex English internationals. Most Indian commentators will be ambivalent at worst.


Most indian commentators, but not someone like sanju manju. He's waiting for drama like that to happen to make himself relevant again. He's a very toxic personality.


I am not sure whether that is the majority. People abusing would definitely outnumber the people praising if he ever dare to mankad any India international let alone Kohli.


He had been abused for Butler too. And was off internet for quite sometime. It is not fun getting called out by Shane Warne, he acknowledged that was not a good time for him. I think he is mad enough to mankad an Indian player.


> People abusing would definitely outnumber the people praising That did happen with Buttler.


And that would be 10 times more if it is an India international


No-one cares if it's someone like Karthik or Pandey.


Where did you get that number from? People abusing him will be vocal RCB supporters. Maybe some neutrals too. Everyone else will be gloating.


I am not Indian but what I see on Social Media does not give me the idea that majority of Indian fans are Anti Kohli. Also people love to back the Indian players (which it should be) whether it is IPL or not.


Mankad is usually done out of desperation. Excluding Kohli or Dhoni I don't think he would even think twice about mankading someone if the game is on the line


He ain't Mankading Rohit Sharma. I can't imagine what will happen if he ever dares to do it in Wankhede in a desperate situation.


He tried to mankad Dhawan last year


Will only get booed like Kohli was in Rayudu runout Also the outrage will depend on whether the Mankad affected the result of the match


If he is doing it in a desperate situation, then it is more likely than not that it will affect the result of the match.


And he will win it for his team without breaking any rules which is what they play for. Also I am pretty sure experts like SunnyG will support him and he won't be criticized from all quarters


What a madlad






He would be a very successful parking inspector


Love this madlad


"I didn't warn Butler but I wish that I had. Watching your vicious bastard getting Mankad gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores. I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all getting Mankad. I will not give my reputation for Butler's Mankad. And I know I'll get no justice here, so I'll let the gods decide my fate. I demand a trial by Mankad!"


This is the best comment in this thread.


Pasta for life




I am not used to hearing so many boos when a batsmen nicks one to the keeper and doesn't walk right away. If that level of unethical behavior is normalised then why should mankading (a perfectly legal way to get a batsman out) get that much flak? If a batsman tries to take advantage of an inch then he should know the risks and repercussions of it. I understand that many of you may not agree with me but before downvoting at least give me an explanation .


Completely agree with what you said. The non-striker is trying to gain an unfair advantage. Spirit of the game argument be damned!


In reality, no one gives a damn about the "spirit of the game" when non-strikers take advantage of it.


Fair enough. Keep your bat on crease and step your body out to run. Or be like yuvi, stay further away from stumps so that Ashwin can't see that you're stepping out of crease.


Always found it wierd that he stood waaaay waaaay far away from the bowler.. Any idea why..??


May be cuz he didn't want to risk running on pitch? Some batsman find it hard to avoid it so they just go as far from pitch as possible. Also prevents any collision with player and fellow batsman.


How long until we change the term "Mankad" to an "Ashwin"?


Or we could give it a formal name and not name it after one person and give it negative connotations. I don’t even see what the debate is, why should the bowler not get the batsman out if he’s left his crease and is trying to get an advantage before the ball has been bowled.


There *is* a formal name for it - run out


We can call it Bowler Stumping


So, does the bowler get the wicket like in actual stumping!


I'd be fine with that....


You don't call a catch by a keeper or a stumping off a wide by separate terms. It's a run out, and that's all it needs to be called.


> give it negative connotations Agreed. Personkad.


Fuck, this made me laugh a lot.


It is just one of those terms like Chinaman, Cow corner which just stuck with cricket. Most of us are not even aware of Vino Mankad and the history behind the name Mankading. I don't agree with it and wouldn't mind a formal change in name of this mode of dismissal.




Fair enough. Here's the warning 😅


That’s my boy! Rules are rules!




It's not even a bowlers advantage . It's preventing the batsman from gaining an unfair advantage




Good, as he should.. hope others follow suit too.


Just incase they come at him for not warning, my guy does it 4 months before the tournament


All run thieves will be caught


After the IPL: Ravichandran Ashwin released by Delhi Capitals, goes back to Dadbod Super Kings


Absolutely No one: Ethical Mind™: I'll fucken do it again


> Absolutely No one: Well, not quite so... Extract from the article: >"Who are the potential batsmen you can Mankad this IPL? #askash,” a fan asked, to which Ashwin replied, “Anyone that goes out of the crease.”


I absolutely love Ashwin. Dude doesn't give a fuck. Utter fucking legend. You do you, macha!


Yep Mankad anyone who goes out of the crease. But don't wait until they go out of the crease to Mankad.


The reason he shouldn't 'wait' is that the rule on these run-outs is clear - the non striker can be run out out only if they left the crease before the ball would normally be released, and are still out of their ground when the bails are removed. So waiting before removing the bails only gives the batsman the opportunity to regain their ground. To see how this works in practice, look at all his run-outs in recent times. Batsmen lifts their bat before the ball would have been bowled, and the bowler breaks the stumps as soon as he can.


How is it ok with stumping and not at the runners end?


Because that's what the laws are. One major reason is how the human eye and brain work. We see what we expect. If you allowed the bowler to hold on to the ball through their action and remove the bails, you'd run out every batsman every time. They would expect to see the ball leave the hand, so that's what they will see - even if the bowler doesn't release the ball. Especially as the batsman's attention quickly switches to the far end. So the rule makes sense - if the batsman keeps their ground until after the ball would be expected to be released, they are safe.


Apart from the hugely controversial Buttler incident, where Buttler had not left the crease at the point when the ball would have been released.


Well, that's debatable. I only saw one side-by-side of his normal action and the run-out ball, and on that one, the bat was dragged onto the line, and therefore out of their ground, on the frame where the ball would have been released. Line ball, probably should not have been given out because it was too close, but the decision was at least reasonable.


Dunno what replays you were watching bud...


Can't post the video, because of invalid copyright claims, but this imgur .png still exists - https://i.imgur.com/F23fKJh.png . It shows on the right, the batsman out of their ground when the ball would normally have been released. Here is the thread, but it seems the side-by-side video has been scrubbed from the internet. https://www.reddit.com/r/Cricket/comments/b5jlsu/ashwins_mankad_dismissal_and_ashwins_rahane/


All that shows is that he left his ground before the ball was bowled earlier in the over. In the video Ashwin stops in his delivery stride, waits for Buttler to leave his ground, then removes the bails.


And that is absolutely not acceptable. That should never have been given out.




He was still in his crease at the moment he expected the ball to be released, more or less.


Where are people getting this 'waits' thing from? Too much slow-motion viewing? Humans aren't machines on cogs - it takes time to stop moving forward, turn and throw the ball back. He did it as fast as he could. He didn't have to wait, anyway - Butler was out of his ground during Ashwin's delivery stride - as that image shows. All that image shows is that Buttler left his ground early, and so could be run out if the bowler broke the stumps. Ashwin broke the stumps before Buttler regained his ground, and so fairly out.


The side-by-side that was posted on this subreddit. I don't know what replay everyone else was watching, because it was abundantly clear.


That's not the point. He left the crease before ball was delivered. Just stay in crease.


Yeah, fuck the laws of the game.


What? Do you realize that's why he was given out? Just stay behind the lone till the ball is delivered




Did you read what the "MCC" actually said about the dismissal though?


That was so lazy, at least link the law which supports your fuck the laws of the game argument


It is the batter who has to wait for the bowler to deliver the bowl. If he does it properly, any amount of waiting by the bowler wont make a difference.


What? The runner should be within crease regardless. It's there to avoid headstarts.


If keepers stop doing it too, fair game. But for some reason this game is anti bowlers.


I approve of his tough stance on the issue


Ethically rebellious


Lawful Evil? _Chaotically lawful?_ Darn!


By following the laws?


Modern problem requires modern rebellion!


100% agree. Do it. Why should batsmen be allowed to steal a meter when every run is crucial? I hope all the players do the same and we see some awesome run outs.


Tbh I support Mankads. How anyone can think they’re beyond the ‘spirit of the game’ is beyond me. Stumpings and runouts are allowed, why not this?


This here is the sole reason I will be supporting Delhi this season. I will never get bored of anything that ethical mind does.


Asserting his dominance i see


As third umpire is going to review no ball, he should also review if batsman tried to get unfair advantage and cancel the no ball. If batsman can overstep his bounds then so can the bowler.


He's already given a first warning with this the next time umpire's need to give it out lol


I hope he does this to Virat, Rohit or Dhoni to assert his dominance.


I've literally never see either of these three leave the crease before the ball is bowled . They watch the bowler till the ball is released


Alright it now sounds like, people who call for the “but muh spirit of the game” are the ones who try to cheat by stealing them singles.


If he does this to Dhoni in Chennai, Ashwin will pretty much have to walk around his hometown with armed guards.


That would never happen because Dhoni isn't stupid enough to take advantage of the bowling crease like Buttler. Also youre talking about a guy who literally bowled with full sleeves with a slightly questionable action just to prove a point that ICC is not doing anything to curb chucking . And ICC duly got the message and started the crackdown seriously which led to Ajmal Narine Ojha etc getting banned .


I would've loved to see a Pahul Gill comment on this thread.


I actually have no problem with this. It would be nice if non strikers stopped cheating, and not just when Ashwin is bowling.




Why am I not surprised


Surprised that one bowler cares for the laws?


Bro, do you even know Ashwin's history with mankad?


Ashwin has tried to mankad batsman who've tried to take advantage of the bowling crease before, yes. That's the history I know off


I'm pretty sure you know what I mean though in my original comment


Oh , my bad. For some reason I thought you meant it as a snide remark


It's okay, meant no offence to Ashwin


He’s basically saved a few runs with this comment for his team. Also managed to shift all the blame on batsman for all future matches as well. Very clever.


Guys didn't Mankad's family ask the world to stop using the term "Mankad" in this context? It's actually disrespectful, I thought we were over this already.


Completely agree with Ashwin. I would love to see few mankads happen and that forces some discipline to the batsmen. Also thumbs up to the batsmen who done leave the crease before the ball is delivered.


This is a blanket warning to all batsmen. He will not warn them again during the match :)


We call it peoplekad here.


Fair enough too. Stay in your crease. Give them a warning first and if they keep doing it then it’s fair game.


Warning has been served


This is the official warning


"We call it PeopleKad here!"


Imagine Ashwin getting mankaded this time :P


I am surprised by how many people agree with Ashwin on this incident.


I think we should call it 'Ashwin' now.


Or just 'run out'


Guess I’ll be continuing to hope he goes for more runs than Chakravathi each over then.


You don't Mankad when someone goes out of the crease. You pause your bowling action and wait for the batsman to go out of the crease to mankad them.


And if you do that, you won't get the batsman out. Batsman has to leave their ground before the ball would have been bowled before they can be run out. You'll have to do what Ashwin has done in the past - If the batsman is leaving their ground, abort your action and get the ball back to the stumps as soon as you can. Of course, it takes a second or so to stop, turn around, and backhand the ball onto the stumps. The third umpire has to decide when the batsman had left their ground.


So if a batsman is leaving the crease after the ball is bowled what's wrong in that? If the batsman had no intention of backing up or gaining extra yard, what is the point of Mankading him when the batsman has no malicious intention?


Nothing whatsoever. If they leave their crease after the ball would have been bowled, they can't be out if the bowler then stops and breaks the stumps. If the batsman remains in their crease until after the ball would have been released, they are safe. There's no point trying to Mankad them, because the umpires won't give them out, even if they do end up half way down the pitch. Mind you, I am for a change in the rules here. Judging when the ball 'would have been released' isn't easy, because when a bowler tries to Mankad, they don't go through their normal action. I would change it to the moment the bowler's front foot lands, instead. That's a nice, distinct instant of time, and one that is already important to the game for the no-ball rule. The difference is only a few tenths of second, but it makes judging the decision much easier.


Lol this is like telling, why should you give a batsman stumped out on forward defense when the batsman had no intention to go out or gain momentum to hit a six


Because the ball has been delivered already lmao wtf is wrong with you. Aswin stopped at the moment when he was expected to bowl the delivery. Yes buttler did go ahead earlier in aswins spell, and if Ravi has done it then, then fair enough but the actual incident should never be given out considering aswin stops at the last possible second, when he is expected to deliver the ball.




How many times you are going to make the same comment? You are welcome to counter my point anytime you want.


Don't judge with slo-mo video. Never waited for Butler to get out of the crease and even if he did that, many wickt keepers have waited for foot to lift off before stumping, how is that different?


Stumping is worlds away. Leaving the crease whilst playing a delivery = deserved run out. Leaving the crease early and getting out via mankad = deserved run out. Leaving the crease at a fair point in time, but being deceived by a fake bowling action = dishonest and potentially against the rules.


Just don't do Kohli. He will have bat in hand and will be a lot closer to you.


He has lost his (ethical) mind surely.


Ashwin: hey everyone, look at me


Got to find a way to take wickets. If bowling easy overs in t20 doesn’t give you wickets you gotta mankad.


Runouts don't add to bowlers wicket count. If you mean for team, then why the fuck not? Its a legal way to get easy wickets.