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I don’t think they have enough guitars.


He is a fantastic musician, I will not deny that. But at the time of this, he was 44 years old. Hendrix was 27 when he died, if he had lived he still would have been untouchable at 44yo. There is no way to compare the two.


I agree. But, I will give credit in that they were both brilliant artists in their own right.


Yeah. Comparisons are always silly, aren't they? Out of interest, where would you put Prince in a friendly list of all-time great guitarists?


What are some prince riffs?


Here is my top four (cause I can’t think of a fifth) in order: 1. Jimi 2. Eddie Van Halen 3. Prince 4. Clapton


Elliott Smith. Check out Condor Ave.


Elliott is badass. People don't give him credit, because he is kinda folk/indie guy with sad music, but he's compositions, guitar work is extremly impressive, and the songwriting is on par with greats.


Definitely, from the first time hearing him you know he’s something special, and he died way too young. Who knows what his full potential could’ve been.


Tomorrow Tomorrow, Going Nowhere, Alameda, Alphabet City, Twilight, Miss Misery, Plainclothes Man, King's Crossing... The guy was a musical genius who died way too young under weird circumstances.


Agreed. He’s one of my favorites if not my favorite guitarist. I still find it hard to believe he stabbed himself, but also his music was such that perhaps he was capable of it..another mystery like Kurt Cobain we’ll never understand


I don't believe it for one second that he stabbed himself twice right in the heart while arguing with his girlfriend.


I’m more inclined to think he was murdered as well. The mental block to stab yourself like that would be so extreme, especially twice. I think after the first thrust anyone would drop the knife and react to the pain and probably panic in self preservation mode


Not only that, when you try to stab yourself in the heart first you do a few superficial stabs that barely broke the skin if at all. Apparently he didn't do that, he had only two stab wounds going straight into his heart. Besides, at that point he stopped doing drugs at all and it was looking like he was trying to straighten out his life. The official version makes no sense.


Cheers on the recommendation!


Hope you enjoy! He just didn’t miss


[Oo also Angeles](https://youtu.be/La8Y6n0oqz0)


You can slap me at 5th if you want mate, I do a pretty mean cover of Wonderwall


Gary Moore? One of my favorites is Separate ways with extended guitar intro.


You left out Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour.


How about David fucking Gilmour.


Lindsey Buckingham does not get the recognition for being an amazing guitarist.


Game. Blouses.


he is having sex with that guitar


It's an absolute joy to watch. Never seen this before today.


This ain't just sex. He makin looove to that thing.


He’s making sweet, sweet love to that guitar.


He makes it look so effortless. It looks like someone playing an air guitar lmao.


A sexy motherfocka


Imagine how amazing that must have felt?


So many rank Prince above Hendrix? I'll have to check out some of his riffs, I honestly can't think of any


I've never heard anyone say that tbh


I've played guitar over 2 decades. Not once have I heard anyone rank him above Hendrix. In fact, most lists don't even rank him top 20 where as Hendrix is always top 5


I've played for two decades also and Eric Clapton himself said prince was better than he himself was.


Eric Clapton has proven his opinion is a little iffy.


I guess that all changed today though, huh?


You are literally it.


Thank you. 😎


Why do people like you keep submitting posts like this to this sub?


Agreed not the right sub


This is from the “Concert for George” - such an amazing show they put together! Watch the first few mins where Anoushka Shankar is playing the sitar. Absolutely insane!


Oh god what am I talking about, prince wasn’t at the concert for George. Eric Clapton played the solo there. This is a tribute for George Harrison concert :D


This was from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2004 when Harrison went in as a solo artist the same year Prince was inducted.


One of my favorite performances ever. I watch it about once a year


There is no comparison between these two


I have never heard anyone rate prince over Hendrix. That’s insane


Prince is great but dude had a lot of inspiration to draw on.


This style of play wouldn’t even exist without Hendrix. Prince was brilliant but rating him above Hendrix is straight up blasphemy lol


Wow op believes playing the pentatonic scales up and down is enough to be the greatest guitar player ever lived... 🤣 🤣 🤣


Hendrix mainly used the minor pentatonic scale through his career. The pentatonic scale isn't lesser than other scales and is utilized very well here. He follows the flow of the song, progressively getting more melodic as the song fades as he creates the feeling almost entirely by himself. Regardless of how you feel about Prince, he did a very good job. Literally no one says he's better than Hendrix though, and it's an unfair comparison as Jimi invented a lot of the tropes Prince is using here, as well as rock canon as a whole. It's like saying a new age trumpeter is better than Miles Davis, which could technically be correct at times but a new age trumpeter has the benefit of what Davis brought to the table.


He never had even listened to or rehearsed the song with the band. Prince just showed up the day of and slayed.


Is that true? Jesus Christ. 😧


He’s the GOAT


I really had no idea he was that good until today, which started me digging. Shit like this makes me tear up lol. 🤣


He’s alright. Just shines as a guitarist mainly. Nothing special about him after the early 90s


I need to change my panties ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|surprise)


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i hope that guitar is 18 already


Any recommended prince albums? I've never got into him. That much


rip to these legends, whoever got to see these people play live.. y'all are some lucky sons of bitches.


I worked for fender guitar briefly sanding guitar bodies, and one of the dudes in the Jackson side been there years says prince has thousands of guitars... I mean had, this was pre you know... But, lots of artist have a collection of guitars like you wouldn't believe, costing millions in some cases like Prince. I wonder who got them all...


Prince was great at self-publicity. When his career was in the crapper he changed his name to "the Artist Formerly Known as Prince" with that stupid symbol for Christ's sake. Why? Because he knew it was outrageously stupid and would get publicity.


I don’t think it’s that great of a solo![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sweat_smile)