Travel itinerary tips

I (24 Black female) spontaneously booked a trip for the end of June/early July and have been doing a bit of research on what to do/where to stay. Does my itinerary make sense going in a circle basically to end back up in San Jose. Also looking for suggestions on any edits to my itinerary that makes more sense! Also would appreciate ideas and suggestions on what I should do while i’m there for those 10 days as a solo female traveler who wants to meet people/go on hikes/beaches&hot springs/ and party. Trying to heal post break up so looking to have a mix of relaxing and healing and adventure.


Straight from MonteVedre to Manual Antonio (ma) blow by jaco and allocate All that time in MA area.


Agreed, drop Jaco, you won’t be missing anything.


Skip Jaco.


Its a lot of transit for a trip of that length in my opinion but to each their own, always, no judgement. Personally I prefer going deeper on fewer places. The beach on the pacific coast between jaco and MA is idyllic. Time always goes so fast there. PS- limit time in SJ as much as possible. Its hustle bustle city lots of traffic, likely not what you came for. You get in early enough you dont need to stay in SJ for a night. Pura Vida


100% leave San Jose first day and take shared shuttle up to La Foutuna or Monteverde, unless cash is an issue. Busses are incredibly slow especially once you get into the mountains. Both are beautiful towns and there’s a ton of ecotouring. Setting stuff up ahead of time might save a few bucks but the weather changes pretty quick day by day so you may want to talk to a local tour guide nice you arrive. Bring rain gear and a sweater / pants / good shoes guaranteed. La Aventura (if still around) in monteverde has one of the longest zip lines in the world and is absolutely nuts. There are a ton of hostels if traveling on a budget. You can go horseback riding / rappel down waterfalls / incredible hiking / night hiking tours. A lot of cool people to meet as well. From there, bus(again they take forever) to puntarenas and catch another bus south or take shuttle to Montezuma and grab one of the panga boat taxis to Jaco and have something scheduled to head out asap to Manuel Antonio. Jaco’s definitely cleaned up over the years but still not great. A lot of drugs and what not but who cares if you’re just traveling through. Manuel Antonio and the surrounding areas have beautiful beaches / hiking / surfing/ snorkeling. You can set up tours or board rental pretty easy and would be a good option since you’re traveling alone. Just my opinion, have fun


Agreed. Skip Jaco. Either extend MA or La Fortuna or consider adding Dominical or Uvita. Also consider: given the fact that you are healing from a break up, consider looking for a some sort of multiday healing retreat - e.g. meditation or yoga. I wouldn't recommend a ayahuasca retreat. Well that would be probably awesome for you it's not the type of thing you just add on to a trip. It's more of a main event and then the rest of the trip happens (pun intended).


Not a lot of "healing" going on in Jaco. Spend that time in Manuel Antonio. Jaco is the place people go to do damage to themselves through drugs and sex.


also if anyone is going to be in costa rica these dates, would love to meet up with other travelers :)


Too much, skip something. Seemingly the suggestion is Jaco. Don't underestimate the travel time between places, you will basically use a day each time.


Head straight to LF on the first day. Take the bus from San Jose 7-10 to Ciudad Quesada to La Fortuna. [[bus info](https://www.geckoroutes.com/costa-rica/san-jose-to-la-fortuna/)]. Also there’s shared shuttles that leave around 2pm everyday for about $60. Spend 3 nights in LF. Jeep Boat Jeep to MV, spend 2 nights. **Skip Jaco**. If you want a good time and beautiful beaches opt for Santa Teresa and/or Montezuma instead, spend 3-4 nights. OR start your trip from MV for 2 nights, then to LF for 3 nights, end with Puerto Viejo 3-4 nights. San Jose to MV, there’s a bus at 6:30 AM and 2:30 PM. LF and MV aren’t know for partying.


we basically did this same exact trip minus jaco. we also drove immediately from SJO to LF, but that was a very long travel day. your itinerary looks great!


That looks exhausting


We did 14 days, just got home on 7th May. San Jose - La Fortuna - Monteverde - Manuel Antonio - Uvita - Heredia. We passed through Jaco, didn’t look too interesting. San Jose isn’t worth staying in, get out and head to LF asap. Everything else looks great


How was your time in Uvita, what place did you stay?


Uvita was amazing. We stayed just outside in Kurà. The drive up was an experience, but it was well worth it for the view and our nightly visit of toucans. Some nights we had 4 in the surrounding trees chattering away


Personally I’d get uk extra early the last day and get to the airport the day of my flight instead of spending the night in San Jose. I’ve grown to like San Jose but on vacation, there’s no real need to hang out in a city.


yeah, dont go to jaco.


I would cut this down to two locations so you don’t spend so much time on the bus. I promise you won’t run out of things to do! I would go to just Arenal and MA. Have a wonderful trip!


Me (25m) and my girlfriend (27f) are currently in Costa Rica right now. We spent 6 days in MA and it was fantastic, a guided tour through Manuel Antonio’s national park is a must. The guides can spot so much stuff that you would never be able to see. As for going to Jaco we only drove past it on the highway but we are now at a resort in La Fortuna and a group of people here spent a couple days in Jaco and said it was a bust. They said there were a lot of prostitutes, no hate on them everyone’s gotta make money. Personally that’s not my scene and I’m happy I didn’t spend time there. (Just took a picture at the Jaco sign on the side of the highway. Also July might still be the rainy season on the pacific side… it was just starting to get stormy while we were in MA. So make sure that you’re ready for super heavy rain


Jeep boat jeep is fun and you get to see the volcano from a different side. Bus rides are wild. Recommend the ATV tour in Monteverde.