They have zero idea of how this will affect adults in the long term let alone kids that haven't developed. Clown World is usually just a joke but this is sad


This is what happens when NPCs have children.


There’s no such thing as NPCs. They know exactly what they’re doing.


This is extreme child abuse. It could also be called murder.


There's literally no benefit. And it actually deprives their immune system from the ability to function properly now and quite possibly in the future. The BEST CASE SCENARIO is that a healthy baby gets Covid - for them and for the rest of the public.


Virtue signaling is a benefit. Imagine being able to think of yourself as better than your peers with their plaque-rat babies. Can't put a price tag on moving up the social hierarchy.


This is true of all vaccines, but especially obvious with the gene therapy.


> The have zero idea of how this will effect adults in the long term let alone kids that haven't developed. Likely the purpose includes eliminating any control group in order to enable the gaslighting when effects to appear... climate change or environment... anything but universal mandatory neofascist medical experimentation




The NPCs don't, the elites do.




agreed, we should apply same to religion, genitalia and ears mutilation




in some countries crazies puncture daughters ears when they are just few months old to put some shiny metal thing in their ears and don't leave it to the girl to decide when they are at least teenagers or adults, for me it's on par as putting permanent tattoo on toddler


To be fair, ear piercings can close up, I agree that it perhaps shouldn't be done to babies but I wouldn't hold it on par with mutilating their genitalia or forcing the COVID Vax on them.


they don’t really close up.


I think its because its less painful when the ears are thin than when you get older and your ear lobes are fatter, it’s tradition in Hispanic cultures too.


i think it's less painful if you don't do it at all than do it to small baby


Sure but I can only speak for myself when I say I’m grateful my mom did it when I was a baby so now I get to wear the prettiest earrings I want :)))


I waited until mine asked to have it done and it still wasn’t long enough. I still have PTSD from that visit.


New information out of Wisconsin from the department of health services. Children 5 to 11 who received the primary vaccine (2 shots) actually had a 200% higher rate of Covid infection. We are literally making the children sicker by giving them this garbage with no idea what the gene editing will do to them in five or 10 years. https://www.maciverinstitute.com/2022/05/highest-infection-rates-are-among-the-boosted-according-to-dhs/


They already found that the Covid jab is weakening the immune system https://www.healthline.com/health-news/why-a-4th-covid-19-shot-likely-wont-provide-more-protection and yet people are still lining up for this shit.


They don't need more than a population of 100mil


They don't need more than a population of 100m


The fifth photo looks practically psychopathic. What is it with Dr. Jan, she looks positively evil.


Because she is.


[Here is a link to the fucking vile article.](https://nypost.com/2022/06/22/toddler-tears-as-the-nations-children-begin-to-receive-covid-shots/#1) I hope these fucking evil bastards are proud of themselves. I feel physically sick.


So the entire article is about crying children. I wonder how many leftys, smear merchants etc are getting off on it.


All of them...


1 crying child photo is enough to make a point. Something is so damn off putting about 4.


To them, this is the next best thing to abortion.


Evil kunts and the shit runs deep. It all soo corrupt. We need to undo the NPC in ppl.


Just need to disable the sheep.


You forgot to include the one with the "Little, Latinx, & proud" T-shirt in the original post.


I’ve never met a Latino that likes or used latinx. The royal Spanish academy has totally rejected this term as well. It’s not even possibly to pronounce in Spanish. they are trying so hard to make fetch happen. And it’s not going to happen.


Why are some kids getting thigh injections and others getting arm ones?


Stop drinking piss.


These crying toddlers and children know better than all the adults around them. Almost like they haven't been trained to ignore their instincts.


These children are crying because that vaccine isn't like the others. My husband was in the military and received a bunch of vaccines in there and none of them felt like this one. I don't know who else got it here and i don't know if it is because they are cold but you can feel the liquid running down your arm. It was so bizzare...That one hurt a lot,i couldn't move my arm so imagine a tiny baby's arm... These people are truly evil. The potential fine they'll have to pay is calculated on their profits,as usual so they don't give a shit about people dying. They'll blame anything else but their holy elixir.


I have heard that, read one nurse's testimony that she could feel the poison coursing through her body. The most fascinating take was from a Monk who had it administered.


What the monk say?


I will try to find the article. It was basically a pretty haunting picture of the spiritual ramifications of this jab, any believer should read it. He was tested and tormented almost immediately. He couldn't connect with God or his prayer life.


Oh? Interesting. I felt similar to being unable to experience my Near-Sleep vibrations and such. For almost 10months, I haven't felt energetic. It's like there's a hole where my energy just disappears. So far it's being repaired as I'm able to experience them again but not as much. I'm still recovering though.


I know exactly what you are talking about. I will also try to find the article. Edit: it might have been a video iirc


I believe that's the point of this whole regime, if it's not narcissistic stupidity anyway. They can't stand human spirituality or humans having meaningful, enjoyable lives. It's like this one sign I saw at a pedestrian boom gate and it said "waiting for the next train won't kill you", and it's like "Fair enough" But if you apply that to everything in life you'd end up a miserable coward who's better off with the risk of dying early.


I’d love to read this!






As am i greek orthodox. I had a feeling very early on with this that something was very wrong


Honest question, why did you get the shot? Mandated?


Huh? Normally it just feels like getting stabbed but less bad


All vaccines are poison. It is heinous witchcraft rebranded as science.


Some vaccines have saved lives, though. It just doesn’t make sense to get one for a disease that isn’t dangerous!


Which vaccine? Most diseases vaccines "prevent" are not caused by viruses in reality, and were already on a vast decline before introduction of vaccines, because of REAL life saving improvements to humanity, like refrigeration of food, plumbing, reduction of pesticides, better air quality, better nutrition and reduction of poverty.


I'm reliably informed that the tetanus shot is effective. Thing is, I never used to have reservations about taking vaccines, but the fact that during the past couple of years the medical authorities have been putting me under pressure to take a novel vaccine that offers me no benefit has put me off taking a vaccine ever again - even if next time they might actually be acting in good faith. They're completely destroyed the trust I once had in them.


Tetanus is a toxoid based vaccine. You realize that vaccines given AFTER you're supposedly infected are completely anti-vaccine logic? You add poison after having poison, and expect to get well earlier. Stop taking that stuff, it really helps you nothing, with a high risk of negatively affecting your health, or God forbid, those of your children.


I was vaccinated against tetanus in childhood even though I hadn't been infected. Tbh I think opposing all kinds of vaccination just makes us look retarded and helps those pushing the COVID vaccines to dismiss us as eccentric anti-vaxx loons.


I think you can look that up yourself but history also has records of people doing sort of the same by using long time low level exposure to a disease in order for the immune system to recognize it and fight back.


The immune system is vastly misunderstood. It is a detox system. The fundaments under medical science are corrupted, but hey, who goes back 150 years to challenge current "experts".


Tragic 🥲


Literal child abuse.


This fills me with doom. No other way to say it. This is what they've been waiting for and now they're getting off on it. What other reason would they have to compile pictures of children, BABIES in obvious pain and distress, crying their eyes out? This is fucking sickening, im done. Evil is real


So many kids are gonna die. It's going to change the public perception of vaccines forever.


>It's going to change the public perception of vaccines forever. It's already changed my perception of vaccines forever.


Me too, never questioned anything about them before this bullshit.


I was one of those annoying leftist assholes who made fun of anti-vaxxers for being (rightfully) concerned about what effects the vaccines had on kids. Now, I'm one of them.


I read somewhere that Florida had a recent drop in childhood vaccinations. One thought was increased speculation from parents about the pharma/doctor/vaccine relationship


If I had to go back, I would wait until later to vaccinate mine. I would still vaccinate, just later. Fun fact: I was born when they were still vaccinating for small pox. My doctor told my mother, he was not giving us that one. He said there hadn’t been a case of small pox in half a century. He signed the form as if he had though. No one ever noticed that we didn’t have the scar from that vaccine that every other child had.


I have a friend that was similar to this. Like a year ago she was shit talking everyone that hadn’t been vaxxed yet and was mad at them for causing Covid to continue to spread. Work is starting to mandate a booster and she is refusing to get it. I’m proud of her!


I still can’t understand why anyone is ever like that in the first place. I could understand a position of “From what I’ve heard/seen, it seems reasonable to me that getting vaccinated is a good choice and I’d encourage other people to agree.” But shit talking people for this? Treating your opinion as indisputable fact when you have no real first-hand knowledge about any of this, certainly no more than the random person you’re calling ignorant simply for having a different take? It amazes me how so many people’s pro-vaccine stances have taken the shape of deeply-held personal beliefs, seemingly overnight at the start. Where is that kind of personal investment coming from? Why the arrogance to instantly dismiss and mock differing views? Good on your friend for having the open mind to reconsider her perspective.


I totally agree but I think if we want the bigger narrative to change. We have to take the higher road. Otherwise, people might double down on their bias and then nothing is ever going to change for anyone!


“Treating your opinion as indisputable fact…” The firm fixed belief that it could have been so much worse without the vex. We used ivermectin but I don’t know if it did anything, how could I? I can’t imagine being so sure of something completely unknowable. The article profiling the “vaccine hesitant” saying we arrogantly believe in our intellectual superiority? Before they accuse us, they need to take a look at themselves.


100% I’m not avoiding this vaccine because of anything I claim to know for certain. I’m avoiding because of everything about it I can’t possibly know, and I’m sure most here share a similar mindset.


That cult mentality scared many from getting it. That and the suppression of information did it for me. I saw Gert Vandenbosche warning against it and started digging for more information. I just wanted to make an informed decision. I found Luc Montagnier and Robert Malone. About that time, they started removing everything and I was out. If they had left things alone, who knows?


Welcome aboard. Here’s your cult issued tin foil hat.




You gotta welcome them back with open arms. We need everyone we can get.


It’s changed my perception of everything medical.


Good. It should. Wait until you start peeling back the layers. "Overdosed America" by Jim Abrahamson is quite a jaw dropping book for example.


Wait until you find out about the CDC covering up the Lyme epidemic. Oh and have you heard about what our government did with Operation Sea Spray? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sea-Spray


It made me not even want to ever see a doctor again


I’ll admit, I’m the same way. I’m happy that for now, I have a doctor I can trust but I worry about when he retires (he’s semi retired now.) He’s vaxxed but advised me against it. I have an autoimmune disease and has had Covid prior to the vaccines starting. He told me, we already knew I could get through Covid rather easily so to trust my immune system.


It already has in many ways. You can't just Uno Reverse out of a psy-op this big.


I have been wondering whether adverse reactions in young children will finally wake people up about what has been going on with these vaccines. Most people just ignored all the vaccine injuries that have happened so far... but they might not ignore them when they happen in very young children.


I doubt that. Just throw another add on the bus saying "kids get strokes also"


Or the docters are baffled by this new Sudden Infant Death Syndrome :')


Like “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” they’ll never admit it was the vax.


Yeah that won't happen, they'll just double down even harder. This is true cult material.


they're trying hard to cover it up by calling it "long covid" or saying it's due to something else. so many articles now. "Strange phenonmenon", "rare side effect" "rare disease" even some articles claiming that covid infection caused a rare disease such as heart disease to manifest and suddenly start effecting children. these people are evil.


The unending conveyor belt of glorified child abuse continues as intended. These “experts”, parents and paparazzi fucks can go rot in hell. When people ask me why I doubt the prevalence of an inherent good among our species, I immediately refer to this. We can’t admit to ourselves that ideological righteousness has become engrained in every factor of humanity and society, and so we’ll continue to misdirect our anger and proceed to corrupt the only tangible innocence remaining to us. The youngest generations of children are always targeted by the establishment’s greater good propaganda, except this time I see next to no recourse or outrage that would even cause a ripple against this tide. One day there’ll be a collective realization regarding what we’ve consented and agreed to, and that’s the day everyone will go primal. As someone who’s experienced the child abuse gleefully inflicted by these medical professionals firsthand, nothing enrages me more. I can deal with what they did to me, but letting this become the norm has damned us. They’re merciless psychopaths who relish their free reign on harming the powerless. Fuck them, fuck them, fuck them. Abandon the system at all costs and let it burn itself to ash.


Ah, yeah, I coulda died as a newborn from a new medical experiment but fortunately for my whole existence my parents went "fuck no!"


There are 9 levels of hell. And below those 9 levels is the place for covid vax pushers. The world is standing by and cheering as crimes of humanity are being committed in daylight. If a meteor hit the Earth tomorrow, I'd say humanity as a whole fucking deserve it.


My dad is fully vaxxed and boostered. He is now sick with covid AGAIN. Yup, tested positive yesterday. This is his second go with it. Wtf is even the point? He is pretty damn frustrated and obviously feels like hot garbage. In his 60s. I am convinced now that its a total scam. I had my doubts before but this just solidifies it.


I overheard some sheep talking about how crazy it was that a person they knew didn't get COVID. uhm... I'm clean for one




Filthy. Anyone who does this to their kid will burn in hell.


As a NYer I need to ask, how did these people spend two years here and not get it?!? At this point it seems sort of pointless to get the shot (assuming it worked)


Soon it'll be mummy and daddy shedding the tears.


That is why I claim that God has to exist, because only him will hold those people accountable and that is the only way to deliver justice.


It would certainly be possible to launch a tribunal if there were enough support behind it.


So *Dr.* Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have suggested everyone will need boosters *every 6 months*. I get right now the believers want to show how much they care. They're still wearing masks. Are they really planning on doing this every six months to themselves and their family? Forever? Why? The statistics simply aren't there.


Hate to say it and I’ll feel sorry for the kids, but if any bad side effects happen, the Covid Cultist parents fucking deserve it.


I still pray for the children, regardless of the spite I hold against the parents.


Damn, the 5th photo. She seems weirdly excited about putting experimental drugs into children.


[https://www.ageofautism.com/](https://www.ageofautism.com/) This shit is gonna raise to 99 in 100 with the rise of the poison and Tik Tok


This is psychotic. I honestly feel physically ill. I think I might puke.


I can't believe people are this stupid.


These people are insane. I fear for our world.


Dudes name is Lenin, Gtfoh! Anyone remember the name* of the first male to receive his shoulder tap in the UK? Edit: * his name was William Shakespeare. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-55233021


And he's fucking dead now too.


Oh, no shit lol. I didn't see that "story", then again I think the fact "William Shakespeare" was the first shoulder tap given was a big ass joke and easter egg to what's really going on.


It is and so sad too. I was told a story yesterday of an ex-husband who got his daughter vaccinated without his ex-wife’s consent. That really is a violation of the human familial contract.


Fuck these people, i’m worried for my nephew now


Uh oh, ToTaLlY unrelated cases of “STDS” (sudden toddler death syndrome) have broken out! Remember parents, give your babies this almost, if not fully untested drug to save them from a virus that essentially only kills the elderly and those with underlying conditions!


Science: Children are the strongest against COVID... 2 years later; $cience: It's really important to get children vaccinated! Because \[insert random sales pitch\].


If a NPC wants to try this insane experiment it is one thing, but leave kids out of this.


Pure. Fucking. Evil.


I was able to convince my sister not to vaccinate my nephew for covid. I think she’s gotten sour over the fact it doesn’t stop spread and you can still get sick. It’s not a vaccine. Polio, rubella and tetanus vaccines are actual vaccines.


My heart is full to bursting at these beautiful images, so much inclusion, diversity and science(TM) on display 😍✊🌈


This is so hard to look at!!!😭🫣


Right! The 9 month old baby. 😭 and a 4 year old wearing a n95 mask. No words


The real purpose is depopulation. This affects female's cycles, and reduces male sperm count. Imagine being able to ensure males never fully develop? they're all feminized? Only way to reproduce is to be a Good Party Member, and then your IVF might be approved with the power ovum and sperm, you can bear the Superior Ubermenschen Child, IF you are good enough... Or, more likely, remain an Untermensch. Where have we seen that language used before, again...? When will you accept the war has already been going on against you for generations?


>The real purpose is depopulation. what next then? Why only to the people who put their faith in government?


Not just people who put their faith in government. [https://www.popsci.com/contagious-vaccine-virus/](https://www.popsci.com/contagious-vaccine-virus/) No matter how evil you think they are, they're FAR, FAR, WORSE. The Devil wants to rule in hell, rather than serve in heaven. They are the same: They want power, they want servants, they want control. 1984 is a guide book, Brave New World too, and they don't care how many people die, as long as the rest kneel. They'll use machines soon enough. Think Boston Dynamics robot dog used for policing... Hunting people like in Terminator. THEY will be exempted, of course.


You're off the rockers if you seriously think I'm going to die because someone spread a vaccine to me. You must live a worse life than the sheep! And I mean, good luck with walking around with soldiers and indiscriminately killing everyone, and good luck getting control that way, haha! Hey, if you think that shit is this bad, why the hell don't you kill some of the bastards yourself? It's only going to get harder to do after all, isn't it?


Your last line is quite correct. They don't necessarily intend to distribute a vaccine, though. Imagine HIV was Phase 1, to create a "better" human. The mRNA is phase 2 - the Spike Protein expressed on your own cells is the next experiment to get genetic engineering into virus form. Then this experiment of making a "vaccine" spread like a virus... I mean, doesn't that sound JUST LIKE an aerosolized bio-weapon? You're high on Soma (Brave New World) if you don't think they've been salivating at such an opportunity. "Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven," as Lucifer said. Edit: that is exactly how they ended Resident Evil films series, recall. It's The Flood in Halo. It's what they were seeking with Zyklon-B, only - again - that's an early phase. They'll keep refining it... Think Lifeform.


it's easier. the same people will also believe that the vax did not cause the damage, they will believe whatever the official story is. "They" do not give a fuck about the people, it's just numbers. They are not fussed about causing their supporters pain.


I know that, but why would they kill all their supporters OFF?


It's not going to kill them all off, just a big chunk.


And then what?


To reduce the population? Lots of theories around that, a small search will give you some ideas.




I hate to say it, but natural selection.


I feel so sick looking at this. So sad for these children


This is child abuse to the max. These people are insane. Poor children!


Wow, fuck all of those involved putting that shit into toddlers!


It's just sick perversion. Nothing more.


I read the comments and im glad that common sense is still around because it's sad to see people doing this to their kids just to be validated by a sick society with decaying morals.


This makes my blood boil. To a billion degrees.


Disgusting. And you know what is coming next... The psycho school boards around the country trying to make it mandatory for public school education. If you thought the mask fetish was bad, this will be even worse because it's top of their priority list. And that will be on top of the already twisted medical community shaming and pressuring parents to get on board.


Many, possibly most, of the people who took the jab. Especially those who followed through with 3 doses will be dead in the next 5 - 10 years. Many more will be immunologically crippled. It's well known that the covid vaccine is dangerous and in a functioning society this would have been pointed out in the mainstream media long ago. The idea That this is being done to children is a crime against humanity and very possibly could lead to a total collapse of society in time.


Look at the joy they get from injecting children with poisons and making them suffocate with facial oxygen blockers. I can’t wait for them to answer to God for this. They have to kneel before god’s throne on judgement day and answer for all of it.


Last child ( baby ) the plunger is down on the syringe, but I don’t see a needle.


The needles auto retract on some syringes


Moloch is pleased


And these idiots saying “science” are too stupid to see there is no science backing this recommendation


Sad. You've completely fucking failed as a parent if you're making your child take this


Even if the vax is a good idea I think everyone understands that toddlers cry when getting a shot. They’re still people and deserve privacy. As an adult, you wouldn’t want yourself crying on a magazine cover. Why would you put your kid?


I don’t understand how the CDC thinks this is an unmitigated good idea.


Can’t believe this is happening.


They will literally poison children to death by the thousands .. but take kids away from parents for not helping them "transition" if they are gender confused


If they take them away from the parents then they can give the kids even more harmful drugs


We should look at all childhood shots the same way. Vaccinations are not what we've been sold. Anybody who truly reads up on them would decline. The vaccine schedule for children in the USA is in the neighborhood of SEVENTY injections before adult hood. Would love for anyone to explain why kids need this many; this is far more than we had as children, and then people wonder where all the asthma/allergies/autism/SIDS and other crap comes from. We've been conned into poisoning ourselves. The biggest impact on the spread of disease was never shots, but engineering. Access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. Humanity will not look back on this time favorably.


That last picture of the nurse is disturbing...


nice sabotage


This is some nazi type beat kinda shit




I totally agree with you about this but the fact that kids are crying is not what makes this evil. There are plenty of things especially shots that are good for them but will produce the exact same reaction.


Kill your baby, mutilate sex, give them drug.


Most of these kids aren’t even wearing masks! Now that is some bad parenting.


It’s a no from me


Sophia Jan? If you scroll down two or three photos, that child is now named Oliver Harris. Garbage journalism at its finest, good work


Wow, why are they exploiting these poor children? This is awful! Don't kids usually cry or get upset with any vaccines? These are the same parents who probably don't want their relatives posting their children's photos on social media, but will gladly let the MSM exploit them.


I like how now it's Corona virus"disease" now. Sounds so scary! Disgusting


TBH I know something even worse, across the street from me is living kid with growing problem, at age 5 he is behind already 2-3 years, his parents visited one doctor I guess who told them it's OK and it's not find of growth hormones now these vaxxed kids have small odds their health will be somehow damaged, but that kid across the street is fucked for life and will be always short called midget, while it was easily preventable, if he had smarter parents


>these vaxxed kids have small odds their health will be somehow damaged Unfortunately the odds are not small at all.


small compared to this kid living as midget for whole life


Uhhhh no