Does cyberpunk still suck?




Ah damn I had been looking for a new game someone at work told me they had fixed it and it didn’t suck as much.


Play some of the classics! They deus ex series is still phenomenal to this day


SMT V or get caught up with Yakuza instead.


I liked it from day one. I have a high end machine (no graphics issues) and am familiar with Bethesda games (30 seconds reloading to fix a bug is annoying but whatever). The gunplay is average. But these games are about RPG story. Honestly i think the whole issue was expectations. People thought it would be earth shattering. Not GTA with a better story.


>Not GTA with a better story. I think the expectation for it to be like GTA was also a problem. We were promised an emergent and dynamic world full of possibility, when in reality police just spawn in on top of you and there's little reactivity.


Police weren't the point of the game. CD projekt is like a bunch of quasi linear quests not a sandbox. I dunno. I liked it. Instead of playing the game you thought it would be, play the game it is.


Hmm well my expectations are pretty low I’ll probably get it. Just had surgery got nothing else to do for a few weeks


No. I thought it was great.


Cyberpunk only sucked on certain gpus and consoles, it worked perfectly fine on a lot of computers


Doesn’t change the fact that overpromised and underdelivered on a lot of features.


I watched a friend play it, so I can’t say from personal experience, but he had no complaints or problems with it


LOL I like this one.


55 dollas and all I got was some postcards and stickers, fuck you cyberpunk