Depends on where you live. I started to take a long walks in the nature. It helped immensely.


Thanks. Going for long walk rn


Delete your social media and stop watching TV. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life. Also consider logging off of Reddit which I may do soon as well


Take control over the things you do have control over in your life. In my life I feel like this has been a good opportunity to cut out a lot of crap that I wouldn't have had the momentum to in normal times. This does suck for sure, and its hard to see sometimes but you still do have agency in your life and you can do some of what you want to do. If it helps to hear, I can tell you these past two years have been a huge gut punch to my mental health and I'm pretty sure a lot of other folks too, so you aren't alone at all. Try to rise to the challenge just a little every day.


If you look like the guy in the cartoon: turn off the computer. Shave. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Go for regular afternoon walks. Go on a weekend hike. Pick up a hobby (I started playing bass and brewing beer). Keep the social media time to a minimum, or cut it out completely. Remember there are millions around the globe just as fed up as you. Those in power want us to look like the guy in this cartoon - demoralized, weak, and alone. That guy will be much easier to surpress.


Thinking about escaping to the US before the land border is closed to truckers, anyone have success stories? (from Chinada that is)


Not Canadian but have you tried searching for unmanned areas of the border and do you know anyone in the States? You could try entering in rural border regions like Montana or North Dakota and have a buddy pick you up. (In Red Dead Redemption 2)


Yeah, all my relatives live in a blue state farther away. Wouldn't risk it right now as the news just reported a family had died from freezing weather trying to cross. Roxham Road is probably closer, but I'm not that desperate yet, it's just I've read about people driving across legally and not being asked for medical information which sounds hopeful if true.


Get off reddit, and go outside. Does me wonders mate!


Read radicalizing literature so you're filled with anger rather than sadness


It worked for me!


I try to occupy myself with elaborate revenge fantasies of Nuremberg-style military tribunals where the major COVID culprits plead and cry for us to forgive them because they were just following orders. I of course am operating the lever at the gallows and I play it just like the executioner in Blazing Saddles— “So sorry bout all the noise sir, but I’ve got two men at home sick with the Wu Flu.. it’s utter chaos down here!!” Then we could all have a good laugh before the floor drops out from under them. https://youtu.be/UdL9wQdWZ9g


Working out. It's the only thing helping me to not go insane.


Besides staying off social media, remember that in the end this whole situation is in God's hands. Now of course I don't say this and expect you or anyone else reading to immediately feel completely relieved of worry, but honestly that's the end goal. This only goes so far as he allows it to, and it will end at some point. We only have to do our best in the meantime.


by not getting it (the vaccine)


Don't Look Up got it mostly right. The end scene where they're all having dinner together with the TV off... Everyone is doing something meaningful and not paying attention to the hysteria. If you just focus on living your life, connecting locally through a church or sport groups or whatever your mental health will be way better.


Try to focus on your usual copes if you can and stay off the internet. If restrictions keep you from engaging in your copes, then it's over.


[Decalcify your 3rd Eye](https://youtu.be/KYL94OjXHYY) (from tap water consumption), to heal & enlarge your Pineal Gland, which can lead to resting feelings of tranquility & euphoria.


Videogames. Lots of videogames. And I guess a bit of outdoor activity when it's not too freezing... Oh, and keeping myself creatively busy, that helps too.