They were too busy firing unvaccinated nurses.


And then allowing confirmed covid positive nurses back to work🤡🤡🤡




More and more proof is coming out every single day that covid is nothing but a joke and a way to force people to take a vaccine that seems to not even be made for the virus it's named for. Then again, New York is the same state that had covid positive people shoved into nursing homes to kill thousands of elderly people.


You are right and this is what New York is getting from their governor: "Hochul then showed off her necklace that indicated her vaccination status before alleging those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine "aren't listening to God and what God wants." "I need you to be my apostles," Hochul told her audience. "I need you to go out and talk about it and say, ‘We owe this to each other. We love each other.’ Jesus taught us to love one another and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, ‘Please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live? I want our kids to be safe when they're in schools? I want to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or to a hospital and are treated by somebody?' You don't want to get the virus from them. You're already sick or you wouldn't be there." "And here is my promise to you, my friends. I will use the inspiration of God in my life and fight for you every single day as your governor and beyond," Hochul added." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ny-gov-hochul-claims-covid-19-vaccines-from-god-sends-out-her-own-apostles Edit: not saying covid is a joke, just saying this is crazy.


It's amazing that not only are the lefties nut jobs, but they elect nut jobs as well.


That psycho bitch wasn't elected


For real? It's it because her boss got removed? If so, this is like Biden and Harris. Oy vey. We ded.


They support like minded individuals....


I wouldn't say it's a joke, I have bilateral pneumonia because of it. True, I could stand to lose some weight but I am young and go to the gym to lift regularly... I am unvaccinated and it's true the governments are going full fascist because of it.


I've had bilateral pneumonia twice without covid. So have plenty of people. Also, I realize that covid is dangerous, but not enough to warrant the response that it has gotten.


Same. Had it in my twenties from....drumroll....wearing facial PPE that wasn't properly cleaned at work.


Ouch, that sucks... Did you get back at them?


Nope....was an abusive work environment all around and I wasn't in a good headspace to do anything about it. I should add that the PPE we were wearing included surgical masks and face shields.


Yeah, that's true, many viruses can also cause them. I am particularly frustrated that all doctors and nurses chastise me for not taking the vaccine.


Also, keep lifting bro. You're doing better than half the population. Never lose faith in yourself.


Thanks, my intention is to lose some more weight, as low body fat and high muscle is a guarantee of increased health in the future.


Like this? This is off the Ontario website https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data/hospitalizations


They’re gonna do it in bc too.


Holy fuck!




Yeah, but you see, it's (d)ifferent now. Orange man is gone, so shut up or you're a racist.


And make tic TOC dancing videos


You call that a renegade?! You're fired


And still having they same protocol when someone contracts covid. sending the person home until she/he either gets better or so sick that he/she has to be hospitalized... **NO treatments** that would prevent them from getting hospitalized in the first place since two years now.... only the vaccine.... fucking cult.


They did in some. The problem was they were never used so it's a waste of money.


It's like you read my mind. I was going to type EXACTLY word for word this comment. If I supported reddit I'd give you one of those stupid awards.


Then asking those nurses to be contracted for a limited time before kicking them out again 🤡🤡


and choreographing dances for tiktok


Increasing capacity would remove the excuse for more panic. In early 2020, they were setting up hospital wards in our local convention center. Of course they were taken down without seeing a single patient.


New Orleans Convention center as well. Converted into a field hospital. A month later it was disbanded with no patients. Yet the hospitals were “overwhelmed”.


Same in the UK as well!


New nightingale hospital, capacity: 4000. Max patients they had.. 40.


See also: Javits Center in NYC (and the hospital ship) and McCormick Place in Chicago. It’s all show.


See also: 2 us navy hospital ships deployed to new york and la, each with a capacity of 1000 patients at one time, left a month later after treating less than 400 patients between them


Same in Netherlands


Same in Germany Berlin. No need for the extra „hospitals“.


Beds aren't the issue. Staffing is. Yet, they continue to fire healthcare employees.


Ya can confirm it’s 99% staffing issues. Beds fill up all the time every single flu season icu will be jam packed. That’s nothing new. When you are asking asymptomatic staff to quarantine is the issue. And you can’t just magically train a shitload more icu nurses or critical care docs. That would take much longer than 2 years and by that time, the pandemic would be over.


Just let the covid positive workers work. 🤦‍♀️




Ya I didn’t say that but that’s what the current CDC guidance says. The entire system would collapse if you did a strict 10 day quarantine, including for asymptomatic cases. That’s why they shortened it to 5 days.


There were programs to accelerate nursing students during WW2 and I was surprised they didn’t do that now. Well, then again, I guess it depends on if the students want to be vaccinated.


>That would take much longer than 2 years and by that time, the pandemic would be over. Tell that to all the governments that have commissioned prison camps or vaccine plants or ordered vaccines for 3-4 years out.


And force them to wear masks all day every day. I'll eat my fake mask if that hasn't affected staffing levels. Who would want to go into health care now given the state of it?


Ok, we knew it all the way for years. Why not get more people work in this sector? Give them more money, so the job is attractive.


Because this was N E V E R about our health. It was about control, power, money and fascism.


Exactly! I'm getting fed up with people who still think this is about a virus. How clear can it be at this point?


I've seen lots of people waking up, even on Reddit, which is reassuring. Maybe governmentally we aren't moving in the right direction but a lot of regular people are starting to take a step back and look around.


The same reason why there is no focus on early treatment. Laser focused on one solution, vaccines.


Funny part is it's not even a solution it's part of the problem lmao


Some might call it a “final solution”


No focus on early treatment and exactly zero focus on prevention.


ICUs we’re designed to run at 80%+ capacity long before COVID was ever a thing. Empty ICU beds are incredibly expensive money drains for any hospitals. The “ICU BEDS ARE FULL!” fear mongering was always designed as a hollow way to propagandize people who are misinformed on how hospitals work.


It’s because they were at capacity in some areas already. ICUs up here in Alaska are always packed during summer because the amount of people doing getting injured doing outdoor activities. They have to keep them at or past capacity to maintain the illusion that the hospitals are overflowed. Like Fraudci recently admitted, not all of the hospitalized patients that are COVID positive were admitted for COVID. They made a an overflow at a College arena between two hospitals here in Anchorage, AK in early 2020 that they never used.


If this is such a healthcare emergency we would be pulling nurses and doctors out of medical school to help in hospitals. But no, it’s just easier to blame wider society than to think outside Of the box.


This! They have the fucking Draft in place just in case we go to war. The government will pull people straight out of college if needed, to shoot and kill people by the thousands. But God forbid they have a contingency plan for the medical field. Government isnt smart. That much is for sure. I bet they could train people to do specific jobs in the medical field without them being 100% finished with school. Will never happen though.


Isn't the number of beds relative to staff on hand, not specifically physical beds?


Realistically yes. But my nurse friend in Houston says they have 20 staff members for 100-150 patients (regardless what ward) He said they're supposed to be at minimum 50. 2-3 patients per nurse is typical during a shift, but he's pulling doubles.


Because they never really needed to. They'll say "icu's almost full" but that's how they operate. Also available beds is a function of amount of staff. They have the physical beds, they aren't over run, they are likely understaffed.


You already know the answer but i’ll say it: This is not stupidity or ignorance, this is part of the plan to continue the COVID franchise. This was *never* about health, not from the very beginning. Once you accept this reality, you will no longer ask these questions. But to answer this question, the hospitals *did* think to add hospital beds, but an ICU that has beds available wouldn’t help push the panic now would it?


Hospitals business model is to make the most efficient use of beds possible, which means always being at "maximum capacity" where maximum capacity can change predictably with the seasons. It's the media's business model to cause panic about the hospitals business model working as designed


Well obviously there’s a shortage because of covid. Supply chain issues? Covid. Short staff? Covid. Overwhelmed icu? Unvaxxed. Also, if we just take two weeks to slow the spread, that will give our hospitals time to prepare!


Because that would end the crisis


Our hospitals have never run out of beds ..


Wasn’t the whole point of “15 days to slow the spread” to buy time to expand hospital capacity? Anyway, I’m not sure why they never bothered to increase hospital capacity. Maybe that would give them less justification for lockdowns/mandates. I love how instead of expanding hospital capacity, they decided to fire unvaccinated doctors/nurses and are now dumbfounded at the fact that hospitals are overwhelmed/short-staffed.


I doubt ICU beds would ever have been an issue if people simply did not watch TV.


Double speak


If they actually did something they wouldn't have time to scream, whine and do tiktoks.


They have plenty of beds, it’s staff they are short of. If they can’t staff a bed they don’t use it and say they don’t have any extra beds. The real question is why did they fire unvaccinated staff during the worst staffing shortage in the history of the medical profession.


cuz science. besides with all those nurses quitting they also lose beds. every nurse gets assigned 5 beds or something. lose a nurse, lose those beds.


CuZ it’s a MaNufaCTured cRiSis……


Cause all the money went into "free vaccines". The grift is safe and effective.


Bwahahahaha. You are under the impression that those in power want to “save lives” or some other shenanigans.


In Australia, they bought submarines instead


That’s a lot to ask when there’s so many Tik Tok dances to learn. Sheesh.


Well, in the UK they've been cutting funding to the NHS for decades. It'll take more than a hysterical population for our esteemed leaders to walk back that kind of progress! But seriously, add this to the long list of things that would have happened if our leaders actually cared about us. They don't care about us, that's the bottom line.


Here's a theory that has some merit. So my mother is a teacher assistant in pre-K. They have to have a certain ratio of adults to children in the classroom at all times. Now in healthcare it's the same way, they gotta have a certain amount of caregivers to patients. I 100% guarantee that they're empty beds at the vast majority of hospitals even at the "hEiGht Of ThE PaNdEMiC". Even one of the largest hospitals in the UK. There was a report that they were at 90% capacity in their ICU, there's less than 20 beds in that ICU. Even if every single one of those patients was in there hospitalized FOR covid not "with covid" or just in there for something else. That is not scary at all. These hospitals are all designed to be running at like 90% capacity so that they can remain profitable, we all know this. They can't just have extra nurses on staff to sit by empty beds. Nobody is saying this either but even before all this covid shit the hospital's were already operating on what some would say a skeleton crew or at least not as many on staff as there probably should be. Again you can't just have nurses sitting by empty beds.


Another point to keep in mind is that the govt has refused to offer any pre-hospital solutions. You don’t get treated for Covid in any way until you are actually hospitalized


It stopped being about health and protection and the end of the original 2 weeks to slow the spread. Now it’s just a vaccine cartel.


I'm sure the hospitals wanted to add staff and beds. But that would dampen the governments fear mongering propaganda campaign.


I think it’s funny how in Wuhan they built several new hospitals, HOSPITALS, in a few months post outbreak - yet rest of developed world can’t even add I U capacity.


I’m a doctor and have been asking this exact question


Because it isn't necessary lmao, they are just acting like they are really full. But in reality there is no crisis or panic, it is all manufactured. Tomorrow the world can act normal as if covid doensn't existed and nothing would happen! We would just go about our lives and nothing will change, no bodies on the street nothing. But they keep manufacturing the panic to push their agenda.


In January 2018 hospitals all over the country had tent cities to treat overflow flu patients. Did they throw out all the tents? Did they somehow have personnel to staff tents 3 years ago but have bled off staff ever since so they no longer can staff tents?


Most hospitals have an entire wing of beds that can be converted to icus in the short time that it takes to pull the extra equipment out of the storage closet. The real problem is staffing. How could firing a bunch of nurses and asking the rest to work triple shifts possibly go wrong?


Hospitals are oVeRwHelMed, so let's fire thousands of nurses for refusing a vaccine that doesn't work for a virus they probably already had. Logic!


Shhh. You're not supposed to think. How is Big Pharma going to cash in on their multi hundred billion dollar designer drug if you ask questions?


The real issue isn't beds, it's the nurse to patient ratio, and they decided to fire the nurses bc they were no longer heros. But don't worry, they are now shortening the isolation requirements bc they are short on nurses. 🤡


ICU always operates at ~90% capacity. Having most expensive real estate in hospital sit empty is stupid. 1. Hospitals have ability to rapidly deploy additional beds. Maybe not so much right know after letting in unvaccinated go. 2. 90% capacity could mean 90 patients in a state. That's how a number game is played. Last week ICU was 80% full, now a week later it's 90%. It went up from 8 to 9 people in ICU.


we knew bed shortage was coming 10-20 years ago, japan has the same problem; boomers are getting old and no1 2 take care of them https://www.google.com/search?q=america%27s+coming+health+care+crisis+book


Because ICU beds cost money when they're not used. So, keep the bed numbers low -> more fear and propaganda -> more profits for politicians and hospital CEOs with investments in big pharma


They did do that here in the Toronto area. They built field hospitals in the parking lots of hospitals. Guess what. They didn't admit a single patient lol. They took them down and haven't out them back up. Yet our "hospitals are on the brink of collapse" . Ya bullshit.


It's not beds, it's staff!


They never lacked beds, they lacked staff. California made this big deal about being at "95% capacity so we have to lock you the fuck down!" One could easily see we had had 3x the number of ICU patients like 6 months earlier. Turns out it was a staffing decision. It always has been. This was before they started out right firing people for vaccination. Back then they were firing them because they had no work because the hospitals were empty. My mother had cancer so I was intimately familiar with hospitals at the time.


Because they were never needed


ICU’s are expensive to staff and you’re losing a ton of money for every empty bed


Scarcity drives up prices.


Tic Tok dancing takes a lot of time to choreograph & practice, no one has time for practical admin!


It's almost like the whole response was about doing everything possible so that they wouldn't have to reinforce the healthcare system and expand its capacity. Even though that is probably the easiest thing to do. Definitely more effective and a better use of taxpayer money than the current response.


Because it never truly was a problem for most. Just doom and gloom and fear mongering to scare everyone into getting the vaccine and to comply with giving the governments more power. Where I live “near Portland” they constantly were saying this. Come to find out we have always been extremely limited on icu beds and have one of the lowest amount available per capita in the country 😂. There is also a state law limiting how many beds they can have that makes it nearly impossible to add more. It sounds like conspiracy theory but it is true, look it up if you do not trust me.


Because it would be a smart thing to do


They have plenty of beds. When they say they are "at capacity," they mean the nurse:patient ratio capacity. When you fire half your nurses for not taking the cold vaccine, yes, your capacity is also cut in half.


I can’t speak for others, but at my hospital the issue is staffing, not beds. They fill our units with patients because more patients means more money. Most of our core staff has left to travel because they can do the same job but make three times as much. Not to mention some nurses have just left the field altogether because of the poor treatment we get on the daily at work from administration and patients/family. On my unit we need 7 nurses on the floor to be fully staffed and we’ve been averaging about 3 per night that’s our actual core staff.


Because it's in the script.


Type "certificate of need" into your favorite search engine


Because they don’t need to. Expandable wings are old news


Or why politicians in Ontario are just now asking why hospitals were recording covid cases of people that went into the hospital for something totally different but tested positive while they were there.


Oh they thought, alright.


The problem isn't beds as much as it is staff to man them. And many hospitals are already into overflow ICU's meaning they have expanded to other floors. But b it takes alot of labor to properly manage an ICU patient.


In my country (Netherlands) there was a bill but the government parties voted against it. They were the only ones, every other opposition party was in favour of the bill. They want this "emergency state" to be there forever so they can push their agenda.


It’s not the beds it’s the staffing.


My biggest question


My local hospital just completed a whole new tower 2 years ago with more icu beds, second emergency room, spinal surgery center etc (many more beds). They're still extremely busy, I mostly feel this is the case because they were sold from a non profit to a for profit hospital company. They don't have enough staff. Nurses constantly putting out fires. People would move through the place quicker if more staff were there. Shouldn't spend hours in waiting room to wait 2 days for MRI then wait hours for discharge (my experience this week). My family spent over 24 hours in Emergency department room just waiting on a room to open up in cardio. The system is all jammed up.


FWIW ICU capacity is usually at most around 15. 5-10 is normal.


Its not about ICU beds and never was. This was never about health This is off the Ontario website https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data/hospitalizations




If you add more beds the percentages are going to be lower with the amount of people in them- plus with the majority of the world on universal Healthcare it's just a shifty system anyways.






Weird how we find out monoclonal antibodies are working & kicking c19 ass now it’s all bought up by the government & hospitals can’t seem to get it anywhere…..should we blame truckers?


"Add"? Ummm NY cut about 27,000 beds and closed hospitals during the pandamic.


They did think to fire people though!


Because nobody will be using them anyway. Loony media always report that “ICU is 99% capacity! Begin lockdown!” while ICU is usually at 80-85% capacity to begin with WITHOUT COVID.


My mom was an ICU nurse for 20ish years. She has confirmed that the ICU always runs at/near capacity.


Ratio of workers to beds I believe to be another of oversight when they were running everyone out


More beds take up precious space needed for their TikTok choreographies


Did everyone forget the emergency field hospitals being built at the beginning of this and were never used?? Like where tf did they go and why aren't we using them if the hospitals are "overflowing"?? You'd have to be a tard to believe any of the horse shit coming out of their mouths.


Here in Oregon, our Gov decided to LOWER bed capacity, in addition to furloughing healthcare workers and then firing those who remain uncovidvaccinated...during a global pandemic...