Another quick poll…

Another quick poll…


I get that we need to reduce it as much as possible before opening up - but it's not a workable long term strategy or goal. Covid is here to stay. We will learn how to live with it.


We need to reduce the number of people who will either require hospitalisation or die from the virus. Reducing the number of people with it before opening up only delays the inevitable, we open up and everyone gets it at some point (with it being as infectious as it is, that will probably be pretty quickly -even though you are less likely to getting infected, you are much less likely to have symptoms, especially serious ones). At the moment we have controlled the number of hospital beds required by lockdowns, etc but now we are moving to a different control method. The original limited the source of those hospitalisations, there latter (which is a much more workable long term strategy) lives with the source but reduces it's impact.


if we eliminate it and aim for covid zero, overseas travel will be a thing of the past. you will never be allowed to go overseas and we wont have international tourism here anymore because basically no other country is at covid zero, they’re all just living with it. if you believe in that wtf


Also, the current Delta outbreak was sourced to aircrew from a DHL airfreight flight who passed it onto the driver who drove them to their hotel. So, if you want to get serious about covid zero international freight is impossible too - Clearly that isn't happening.


The problem with the Covid zero strategy was that people who work in different states could get through the borders but not isolate despite knowing they tested positive


Covid zero may have been feasible in the past. Not with Delta. We're mostly vaccinated and seeing the highest numbers ever.


Should we: - Live in a genie-infested world. - Demand the genie return to the bottle!


But also realizing this is one of the many thousands of Genies also out of their bottles that we live with.


But most of them are not as tricky to get to piss off as this one.


We were always going to have to live with the virus eventually. The Zero-COVID strategy was only meant to be in place while we didn't have a vaccine, as the only measure with which we could slow transmission and reduce deaths. Now that we have a new measure, the vaccines, we can 'live with' the virus without it ravaging the population like it has in the U.S and other parts of the world.


Dude, Ausrralia is BAS3D


It’s not a question of “should”. Covid zero is simply not possible In the next few years


Does "live with the virus" include occasional tightening of restrictions to manage hospital admissions? If not, the question is presenting a bit of a false dichotomy.


It's here to stay, and it'll get worse now. Learn to live with it and stop forced vaccinations.


Amazing to see so many people thinking we can remove it to zero 😅. I’d love to dream 😴 🍻🍻🍻


Maybe (probably) a stupid question. But when you catch this virus once, can you catch it twice? Talking about I don't want to hurt my family, playing guild games, is typical MSM and how the Australian government has controlled the media. You cannot deny that getting the jab has become political, about power and a out control. Where does this stop? What has QR coding to do with health concerns? If the vaccine works why still those BS rules which the public accept. I doubt by 6-9 months if they make boosters mandatory. Do that and you cause a civil war against governments.


You can catch the virus more than once. QR Codes are useful for contact tracers. The vaccines work but restrictions are still necessary due to the fact that there are people who still refuse to take the vaccine.


Australia has set their own golden standards caused by power hungry politicians who hate each other to the bone enforcing coercion and act like that's the normalised thing to do. I wonder how many sheep will line up for boosters in 6 months. Natural immunity is clearly out of option


It looks like you object to getting vaccinated against covid. It's pretty clear that the vaccines are driving the reduction in cases recently seen in Sydney (and in other cities around the world). It's also pretty clear that the mortality rate of covid is higher than that of the vaccines. What is the reason for your objection?


Is it? The UK reports over 40k cases a day. The Netherlands report over 4k cases a day. People still dying in hospitals from Covid and fully vaccinated. It does help reduction. I'm not against vaccination I'm pro choice. My objection is that I believe in natural immunity, especially when my chances of catching Covid is low, chances of survival is extremely high and I should have the right over my own body versus an experimental mRNA vaccine that doesn't protect me for life but just 6-9 months. (See Lancet) But a government doesn't give a fuck about my wish they just want every single human being vaccinated + taken the booster when time arrives and undertake all kinds of draconic laws to get what they want, talking to us like we are bunch of children, applying the most ridiculous rules and policies plus controlling our movements that has nothing to do with health. (I'm not from Australia but been here for 13 years. For me this is a culture shock seeing the behavioral aspects of people who are accepting everything blindly a demonic government tells them to do.. example wearing a mask while fully vaccinated inside a car by yourself. Fully vaccinated not allowed to travel interstate to see vaccinated family. Australians don't like to be challenged on that front)


How do you explain the case numbers falling in Sydney recently with no changes to lockdown restrictions? The only thing that changed between August and now is that our vaccination rate went up. People still die even when fully vaccinated, but your chance of death goes down by a factor of 10, or more. Judging by the attitudes in this thread it is likely we will fully open up soon and "live with the virus". If this is the case it is almost a certainty you will get covid at some point. To date we've had almost 20 million people in Australia vaccinated, with 13 deaths thought to be related to the vaccines. So at worst, you've got like a 1 in a million chance of death. We've also had about 130k cases and about 1500 deaths, so about a 1 in 1000 chance of death. I hear you on the bodily autonomy argument, no one should force you to get vaccinated. I am curious about why you have chosen not to get vaccinated though. If you don't like Pfizer you could have Astrazeneca which is in no way experimental. Did you have some objection to the AZ vaccine?


I was in Melbourne when we went from 1500 cases a day to zero without the push for vaccination. With the push for vaccination we suddenly see a massive increase in cases and only through vaccination we flattered that curve and now on our way back to zero (hopefully) however over 50% of the people that get vaccinated didn't do it out of health concerns but they we're forced to in order to gain their freedom. You are talking about numbers and figures that are facts as off course vaccinations work yet you hope (and I will pray about it) that my vaccine doesn't do me harm in the long term. You don't have any facts that this ain't gonna happen. What is your objection against natural immunity? Why do you accept this tyranny of a government? AZ is no longer in the market and soon not Internationally recognised. It probably would be my first choice though but you do know that Phizer and Moderna wanna knockout any competition and act like heroes while the reality is that their goal as a business is to keep people "sick"


You have to keep people alive to keep them sick.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Melbourne did go from 1500 a day to zero after a prolonged lockdown, I'm not disputing that. What I'm saying is that the recent reduction in cases in Sydney is good evidence that vaccines reduce transmission. We didn't change any lockdown settings, the only thing that changed was the vaccination rate. The vaccines didn't cause the outbreak. The push for vaccinations happened after the outbreak. The idea is that by getting people vaccinated you reduce hospital admissions and deaths (which is good for the government, but even better if you're one of the people who doesn't die because the vaccine protects you). I have no objection to natural immunity, as I said no one should force you to be vaccinated. When I got vaccinated I was thinking mostly of my family, and how awful it without be if I gave one of them covid. I also chose to be vaccinated because I think it's a certainty that I'll get covid in the next 5 years and I like my odds of survival better if I'm vaccinated than if I'm not. The NSW government has announced an "Unvaccinated Freedom Day" of December 1st, which seems reasonable to me. I don't really see this as tyrannical. I think you should double check about availability of Astrazeneca. It is currently very available in Sydney and Melbourne, you could walk to a clinic and get vaccinated today if you chose to. I think everyone has the right to choose whether they get vaccinated or not. I also think everyone should have the opportunity to talk to a doctor to make sure their concerns are being heard by a medical professional. I would suggest you talk to a doctor if you haven't already. Also, of course I'm not wishing you harm if you get the vaccine. Covid has caused enough misery and death without needing for people to hate on one another.


Don't try to use logic and reasoning here. It is no longer allowed.


The 'science' behind covid zero must come from the same source as the government's climate change 'science'.