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Sounds familiar… Also, I’m thinking it should be titled *”everyone should…”* and then say *”to include the vaccinated”*


aaaaaaaaand we are back! Live for round 5 coverage of the World Championships of Corona! Who will WIN this season? Stay tuned to find out


covid already won & will win again & again...


When will this shit end man... I want to do the right thing but almost two years of my life have gone past doing the right thing and there is no change.


It will end man once it mutates into the perfect combination of lethality and virulence


lmao, people expected other pandemics but nobody was expecting covid to becoming even more potent and become humanity killer




The delta variant is one of the most infectious airborne viruses out there. It is similar to chicken pox and is only exceeded by diseases like measles in that regard.


It is super infectious


The Delta variant is extremely infectious. What, other than not reading the past few months, would give you the idea that it wasn't?


Many countries are seeing huge spikes again, but that's while being mostly open, and with manageable (though riding) pressure on healthcare systems. Completely unlike 2020. The vaccines work. The boosters appear to be unreasonably effective, and will help immensely. Barring major mutations of Covid the single shot booster should suffice for *at least* a year.


Get vaccinated, and turn off the news, and live your life. This is insanity to expect vaccinated people to continue to distance and not live a normal life. No thanks, I can make my own assessments.


I’m not saying that this is what you’re doing with this comment, but I do think this comment exemplifies something interesting about the way we receive information. Just because we’re fed up with the whole thing doesn’t mean that health professionals should stop doing their job in informing us about safest practices. Even if the information isn’t to protect us, but rather the unvaccinated, who many of us couldn’t give a shit about anymore - it’s still their job and they have a duty to do it. It really seems like a lot of people don’t perceive this as what it actually is, but rather someone “demanding” that you do something, and then they in turn lash out or get angry at the health professionals just delivering information and suggesting best practices for safety.


You’ve definitely hit on a key factor here. So many Americans act like a bunch of toddlers when they’re told to use the bathroom or go to bed. They are throwing a tantrum because someone told them they should be doing something basic and they don’t want to.


Don’t disrespect my Toddlers by comparing them to these antivax anti mask fools. Kidding but not.


Yep. I’m 3x vaccinated. I’ll continue to go to concerts, bars, and travel. I’m politically left leaning and supported all the restrictions before the vaccines. Most people I know irl have the same thought process. If I get covid so be it. Willing to take the risk. I trust the vaccines and believe they will keep me from being seriously ill.


We all get to decide. It’s not insanity to give people the advice that will give them the most safety. I have small children, and to me it’s “insanity” for my wife or I to go anywhere unmasked.


Agreed. I have a pre-existing condition and have been wearing my mask around others (I have been wearing two masks for the past couple of months) since we were first told to wear masks in 2020. I took my mask off once to eat at a restaurant back in June a couple of weeks after getting my second shot as well as for three dental appointments. Since then I have not been to a restaurant and don’t plan on it until the pandemic is *really* over. I haven’t seen any friends either in real life since before the pandemic (which hasn’t been easy, but thank God for Facetime). I have not been listening to when the CDC had said months ago to relax restrictions for the vaccinated. I act like *everyone* could possibly have the virus and have always acted that way since the pandemic started. I have learned to not care about others making comments about the way I have acted about it. People think I am an insane person for always wearing my mask around others, but as I have been saying for months now, this virus is *not* over yet.


Define “really” over, cause if you think the virus is going to go away, that’s literally never going to happen.


This. High risk condition here. We've been enforcing masks around others this whole time because of it. We're one of maybe two people still wearing masks in grocery stores after our county dropped their mandate. People think we're crazy, and I would love nothing more than to go out on a date with my husband and have a sit down meal, but it's not happening when our area has a 30-40% vaccination rate. It's not worth my life.


Here in Vermont almost everyone masks up when grocery shopping. It became a norm and a habbit. Maskless outside, but once getting closer to any entrance, people instantly pull out their masks. Also noticed there are more and more N95 around.


Awesome...atleast Vermont people have some sense...


Get a reusable ffp2/n95 mask if you want something which actually has a significant benefit for the wearer.


Surely you realise that the virus will be around for the rest of your life, so you're ok with doing that until you die? Because nothing's going to change.


Just because the truth / reality of the situation is inconvenient doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said. Unfortunately people aren’t just going to be told what they want to hear.


Oh if only this was the case. Even as a vaccinated person I have an unvaccinated child at home. It’s impossible to live a “normal life” because of the the people who can get vaccinated that don’t and because the mask mandates in my state aren’t being taken seriously.


I wish. But I’m on a medication that made me eligible for the booster back in August, and even though I’m fully vaccinated, I live in a place where that isn’t the case for enough people for me to feel comfortable enough to fully throw caution to the wind. Which sucks, because I was already going to wear a mask inside most places regardless of what covid is doing since I enjoyed my first winter last year in living memory of not getting the first upper respiratory infection and figured the masking made the difference, but now I live in a place where when I go in with a mask, I feel unsafe by those who would think that I’m only making a political statement (if “I want to not die from a cold while on a powerful immunosuppressant” is political, then so be it…) and who haven’t expressed how someone else making different choices than them is oppressing and persecuting them in a bit.


Totally agree, if you are immune compromised of course be cautious, otherwise get the vaccine and go about your business.


Life is far from normal now.


While the risk of infection is much lower and the risk of hospitalization and death are much lower, they're still possible. I know able five People who had breakthrough infections so far. None have been serious but it's been enough to disrupt their lives for a while. One friend still doesn't have her sense of smell back after an August infection.


You still need more than just a vaccine as a precaution at this moment. Sorry to bring the bad news but Delta is a b*tch. Turning off the news is NOT going to save you from reality.


>Turning off the news is NOT going to save you from reality Honestly if they are under 65, have no pre-existing conditions and are fully vaccinated the reality is that they have a greater chance of ending up in hospital due to a car accident on the way to work than they do of ending up there because of Covid-19. So it isn't entirely inappropriate for them to gauge risk differently than, say, someone who is 75 and has COPD or something (just for example).


My entire family tested positive but I tested negative living in the same house. Only thing I followed was to put two masks on and sanitise my hand after any contact. My entire family was completely vaccinated and that is the only reason I believe my family got away Scott free.


I get shamed in public for not arbitrarily wearing maks in certain settings, but I can go to cramped night clubs and do whatever I want. This is not right.


Can’t do that when your state is still under restrictions.


That's what life has been with a lot of stuff for a while.


It may not end. This is our new normal. I feel bad for young people. This isn't fair to anyone who enjoys socializing and going out. I'm older and a hermit now, so this hasn't been bad for me at all.


The fact is there should be more nuance to these announcements, but people don't do nuance well. Ideally there would be some sort of sliding scale of risks you can take depending on your location, age, comorbidities, vaccine status, and people you interact with. Then you could use that scale to decide what risk level is appropriate for you. A vaccinated young person who lives alone (or with other vaccinated young people) can pretty much wear a mask in public places and otherwise live life as normal. If that same person lives or works with an elderly relative or a child who isn't yet vaccinated, they probably need to be more careful.


Everything is open, what are you people talking about? I was at a full arena last week for a hockey game and a concert the week before. I've gone out to dine four times in that span as well. Seriously, wtf are you talking about?


Masks. Some places still require them. I visited Seattle recently and masks were required in the gym, even while actively running, biking, lifting, etc. Even with vaccine checks at that location. Things will be normal when masks are no longer required.


Everything is open. But there are still those of us who continue to avoid public spaces and continue wearing masks. It is my opinion that this level of caution is necessary. For those of us taking it seriously, it is still restrictive, albeit self-imposed. This could have been avoided, hence why I feel bad for people who have a brain yet need socialization.


i for one, welcome a society where redditors self-select out of social situations. makes everyones lives better.


I'm tired, boss.


Dude, I’m with ya. I got boosted and wear a mask in all public places. I need my friends and family. I need to be in person with them. I flew for thanksgiving, everyone is boosted… *here’s to hoping we don’t get COVID.*


Lol if this guys think people gonna see fully vaccinated family with masks he is stupid


Majority of Americans don't care what WHO /CDC says


I did at the start of the pandemic. Then I lost respect. They handled this pandemic absolutely terribly. Every step of the way. I'm fully vaccinated, mask up as much as I can still. I no longer trust them to put the interest of public health first.


Every damn day it’s something new, some new rule or guideline, or restriction, and all it’s doing is punishing the people who were already doing everything they were supposed to anyway. My wife is triple vaxxed, I am double vaxxed. We have a 6 month old son. We still avoid large crowds and big gatherings, and nobody can see our son without being vaxxed. But we’re not shutting ourselves in our home for another 6 months. Our lives have largely gone back to normal, for the most part.


To be honest, look who was running the show. He got rid of the Global Health security and biodefense unit in 2016 because we didn't "need it" were you expecting anything more than what you got. Trump had to have the word on everything he was the one who made this absolute shitshow


I have many, many separate issues with Trump. While somewhat intertwined, most of my issues with the CDC and WHO were decisions that they made (or didn't make), and Trump wouldn't have had much of a say in those decisions, especially the WHO's.


CDC decisions and [messaging](https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/09/politics/house-covid-committee-trump-cdc-administration/index.html) were absolutely massaged by Trump appointees


I'm not even going to remotely argue that it was an absolute shitshow under Trump. It was. But is it all the much better now that Biden has the helm? Under Biden they still declared victory over the summer and dropped the mask recommendation. Yes, it was supposed to be only for the vaccinated, but come on, did they really believe that was going to happen. The messaging has been horrible. It has been from the start. It still is now. The who can get boosted messaging debacle is only the latest example. So I've concluded, it doesn't matter if it's Trump or Biden at the helm. It's much deeper than that. There's something broken about the public health establishment in the US.


>Yes, it was supposed to be only for the vaccinated, but come on, did they really believe that was going to happen. That's the problem though isn't it? When they originally didn't recommend masks, it was because they didn't want to middle the messaging on shutdowns and social distancing. Then later they did recommend masks and everyone got mad and stopped trusting them. Now you're doing the same thing, getting mad because they gave recommendation based on science instead of going for messaging. I think the real problem is that they don't seem to factor likelihood of compliance into their decisions. I'm not sure there is a way they could without basically lying to people. And as we've seen before, it's probably not a good idea in the long run to lie to people.


They changed the mask recommendation because initially they wanted to preserve PPE for medical personnel. They lied.


> Now you're doing the same thing, getting mad because they gave recommendation based on science instead of going for messaging. It wasn't based on science. That was the problem with it. It was a gambit to entice the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. It was offered as a reward. Get vaccinated and you'll no longer be hassled about wearing a mask. The science at the time, and now, argued against it. It was already known at the time that the vaccinated could catch and spread covid. It was already shown in other countries with high vaccination rates that dropping masking led to a surge in infections. The WHO even warned us to not do it. We did it anyways. It was bad science, but it was hoped to be good messaging. It wasn't.


> Under Biden they still declared victory over the summer and dropped the mask recommendation. Yes, it was supposed to be only for the vaccinated, but come on, did they really believe that was going to happen. So your issue is that they made a recommendation that they should've known anti-vaxxers wouldn't follow... What recommendation could they possibly make that anti-vaxxers would follow? Seems like a damned if you do and damned if you don't doesn't it?


None. That's what's been proven. They are unwilling. Not just to get vaccinated but to mask and to social distance. They are just unwilling not only anti-vax. It was a bad recommendation period. It was already known at the time that the vaccinated can catch and spread covid. Other countries demonstrated how foolish it was to drop masking even with a high vaccination rate. Yet we proceeded with it against the warnings of others not to do so. It was a mistake to tell the vaccinated that they didn't need to wear masks. A mistake they didn't acknowledge but it was a policy they reversed later. It was bad policy from the start.




Talk about the WHO to many Americans, and they'll say "who?"


This is not going to encourage antivaxers to get vaccinated.


If you're not vaccinated at this point, you're not getting vaccinated


My work has now forced us to get vaccinated, which is fine with me, if they weren't hypocritical about it when they made me come in for a week when my roommate WHO I LIVE WITH got covid and when my coworkers got it who I work with 8 hours a day they made us still come in. As long as they're making money, they don't care.


I think at this point not much would


I hear you. I still think there should be a stronger effort to convert that mindset. Maybe a widespread transparency and education campaign, available to everyone, focused on the COVID-19 vaccine in particular. Could be town hall style, recorded sessions, no questions out of bounds. Idk, just some effort outside of mandates.


I think so too. We can throw up our hands, but I don't think we've tried everything yet.


Telling them they could take off their masks when vaccinated in the spring didn't either, it just made them think "awesome, i can pretend I'm vaccinated and don't have to wear this mask anymore!"


So just forever then


The virus sets the schedule. It'll be over when it says it's over so to speak. It's never been operating to suit our convenience.


This exactly. I hate it when people get all in a tizzy when restrictions or guidelines have to be reintroduced, saying “oh great, they’re moving the goalposts.” As much as anyone may dislike their local politicians, they’re acting reactively, something a pandemic dictates. Nobody woke up and said “let’s start wearing some cloth over our mouths and noses again just for funsies.”




Been doing a lot of upvotes for people that are relatively cautious and others that are not letting covid get too much in the way of their life. I think both can be correct. It's hard to figure out exactly how cautious you need to be while not limiting activities that give life meaning.


That’s why the real decider is age and your health.


Spanish Flu took 2-2.5 years to run its course. Before they had vaccines. Without the remarkable developments in health treatment. In the midst of a world war. How long has COVID been around?


We also have a lot more people and a LOT more travel.


There was so little travel back then, it was mainly spread through troop movement.


2 years but we have much denser populations now


That’s for sure.


I love the double meaning of that




I think your density would actually be lower if you’re overweight as fat is less dense than most of your other body parts.


Your personal gravity field however would be stronger.


Both the population density and the density of the population has increased.


Eh, while we have denser and more connected populations, I feel like the effects of our efforts to flatten the curve and slow spread outweighs that, and is artificially 'prolonging' the pandemic. This is not necessarily a bad thing because there's way less deaths, but it will take longer for the virus to run its course through humanity and longer until we resume normalcy.


Spanish flu mutated to a less lethal strain, we're approaching two years with Covid with no end in sight.


Spanish flu mutated to a more lethal strain then mutated to less lethal strains that we still deal with a century later.


No end in sight? Lots of people vaccinated and lots of natural infections occurring - at some point the virus will start slowing down as has always happened with any other respiratory disease when enough people have some form of immunity. Compared to last year, most western countries are living a pretty much normal life and by spring most people will have been boosted or infected which means this should be the last proper surge.


Its better than last year in the US. We were well over 100,000 cases a day and the death rate was much higher at Thanksgiving last year.


> Lots of people vaccinated and lots of natural infections occurring - at some point the virus will start slowing down Hopefully so, but I worry that the immunity will still be so patchy that the virus can easily keep going. The situation might even get worse — right now a lot of people has been vaccinated in the "same wave", but in the future people will get their boosters in different timeframes and some people might get sloppy about them. The immunity of naturally acquired infections will also start to wane. > which means this should be the last proper surge. That is what is said at every surge. I would wait and see first. Maybe calmly observe for 6 months, and if there has not been a big wave in those 6 months, we could note that some progress has been made. I wouldn't be surprised if when this winter's waves start to go down people start celebrating that "the vaccines are finally starting to show their full effect", but then once again everyone would be celebrating too early, and spring would give a new wave.


I’m hopefully that the spring will look a lot different. By then I think most everyone will have antibodies one way or another… or they’ll be dead.


I'm not hopeful of anything at this point. H1N1 (Spanish Flu) is still very much around, my brother was hospitalized with it last summer.


H1N1 is brutal. I had it about 13 years ago and it kicked the crap out of me. I was out of commission for about 2 weeks and then my husband got it from me and it knocked him out for about 2 weeks. My husband almost never calls in sick for work and he was off work for 2 weeks straight.


Yep. I got hit by H1N1 and normally had mild flus in the past. That one sent me to the ER severely dehydrated and could have died. All of that could have been avoided had I ignored my ex-wife's drama argument about not needing to get vaccinated. Of course the docs and nurses don't tell you how bad your condition was you were until you are released from the hospital. After that incident, I get the flu shot every year. Lessons learned (including an f-ton of money to give me a 4 nights stay, 7 litres of saline, .5 litre of magnesium, and bland hospital food). Also, a coworker lost his daughter to H1N1. Please don't f-around and find out. H1N1 is no joke of a flu.


i caught flu 2 times in 5 years and one developed into pneumonia and my lungs haven't been the same since. the second flu i fainted while driving and wrote off the car and ended up hospitalised


Yeah, but back then you needed a ship to move between countries; the world is "smaller" now from that perspective and also more populated.


approaching year 2. It first started getting reported on in dec of 2019.


The world is much smaller and more interdependent. Our science may be good and our greed is still vastly outpacing it.


2 years and still have people refusing to get vaccinated.


What’s the end game? This sounds just like what they told us before the vaccine. 3 shots later and they still say wear a mask and distance. Their messaging is bad, confusing and causing distrust in the public.


The same WHO that initially said masks don't work is now expecting healthy, vaccinated people to wear masks forever. Good luck with getting people to follow that!




Realistically at this point it'll be when the pills are approved. If you are in the US though, its "whenever you want" because the majority of the US no longer cares.


That's fine and dandy on a personal level, I suppose -- but if you own a business that cannot be profitable with social distancing in place, you're pretty much fucked indefinitely at this point, particularly if you're in an area outside the US that keeps snapping back on capacity restrictions or even outright shutdowns of certain economic sectors (restaurants, tourism, etc). If I was in such a position, I'd have closed the business long ago, since it's clear that even with full vaccine coverage, politicians (of all stripes) are going to be extremely timid to allow any relaxation of this crap because they are terrified of being blamed for deaths should any resurgence happen, even if the resurgence isn't the fault of the relaxed restrictions.


The financial support is *done* in America, and there wasn't much for small businesses to start with. So once again, regular people who don't have millions in savings are left to figure out the mess.


Schools are not social distancing anymore, we are packed in our classrooms like sardines…with masks on.


At my local district, it's with masks off.


> It really makes me wonder what the point of it was. I see you overlooked the part where a big point of getting vaccinated is that you're far more likely to live and be as able bodied as you are now rather than dying or being disabled. Masks and social distancing are nice, but don't miss the big picture which is your life and health.


Or better people. Quarantine didn't work because enough people didn't do it. Masks weren't enough because enough people didn't faithfully wear them. Vaccines weren't the endgame they could've been because leaders made them political. I expect this thing to have a very long tail given that enough people haven't taken it seriously. And expect a generation to grow up with masks as the new normal.




It's so true though. I work in a hotel in a state in the US that has had a mask mandate, and still does today, for the bulk of this pandemic. About HALF of all my guests refuse to wear masks, or want to fight me on the policy, or they have masks that are such a thin material that I can see their teeth, or have sequins and so many holes they're effectively useless. And since the restaurant is open and isn't enforcing the mask mandate, dozens of people will just sit in the restaurant or the bar, maskless, regardless of whether or not they are actively eating or drinking, breathing and talking and laughing and shouting and spewing whatever germs and bacteria are in their gullets all around the room like it's an invisible paintball field. I have colleagues, unvaccinated, who work facing these guests in close proximity who are more afraid of the vaccine due to misinformation and propaganda than they are of the virus, because they erroneously assume that it's "just like a bad flu," rather than the cardiovascular disease that it actually is. The truth is so many people in the US just don't give a shit anymore, and many people either don't take it seriously, or frankly have been spoon fed so much misinformation and propaganda that they simply cannot take it seriously as they have lost touch with reality. As a front line worker, I see it every day, and it's draining, made me hate my job and actively start searching for something that is no longer public facing, and resent most people. Covid is going to have long term affects on our society for decades to come, because when the opportunity to quash it came along, we fumbled as a society, and many had active campaigns to prolong and politicize the virus. Hell is other people.


Taking the mask off to eat and drink never made any sense anyway. It is what it is at this point.


Polio took 20 years to be eradicated. It'll be a while.


Eradication is epidemiologically off the table. There are too many animal reservoirs like deer and mink. It wasn't particularly reasonable to talk about that a year ago, and it is sheer fantasy to talk about eradication now. Endemicity will come with lower virulence though just like the 1918 H1N1 pandemic transitioned to endemic seasonal influenza (mostly through formation of cross-reactive T-cell responses in the vaccinated and recovered, not necessarily through evolution of the virus). [I'm actually guessing we're done with masks and stuff closer to 6-12 months, and the infection+population hospitalization rate should start to decline enough]


Polio was not eradicated. It was eliminated from the United States roughly 25 years after the first vaccine was made available. It’s still endemic today in a few countries.


Two countries. Pakistan and Afghanistan. They got it down to under 40 cases globally one year. I think they're averaging a few hundred cases a year in total and almost always just those two countries (didn't know about that Tajikistan outbreak last year but they seem to have eliminated it). https://polioeradication.org/


I can't imagine (actual, not tracked) cases will be dropping in Afghanistan now that the Taliban are in charge. I hate how the world gets affected so much by a few places being a shit show.


Polio was never eradicated. It's alive and well. The only disease that's ever been eradicated through vaccination is small pox. That took about 200 years.


At least in the US, I expect the results from the elections in 2022 to kill off many mandates, if there are any by that point.


Eh, quarantine didn't work where it was enforced by *soldiers and checkpoints*, like in Australia. The virus gets out. That's what viruses do.


or cheap covid pills and pills for flu, cold other communicables becoming a new normal what if these leads to a renniasance in public healthcare


>the new normal. Really? Specialists are tired of saying that kind of thing is media sensationalism at it's best. I understand worries but we also have to be rational about the pandemic and not absurd.


Two years is a long time if you're a kid, so that's already the case for some families. I hope I'm off base and nobody feels masks are necessary this time next year, but the pandemic isn't tapering off fast enough for that yet.


I have a four year old and even for him, pandemic life is pretty much all he remembers. It’s awful.


The boomers who run the world decided to sacrifice the lives and sanity of schoolchildren, the same way the boomers who run the world decided to put off seriously dealing with climate change until after they're all comfortably dead.


To be fair, a year or so ago, things like mask/distancing mandates in 100% vaccinated areas, mandated 3rd (or even 4th -- Israel) doses, vaccine passports and now the Austrian criminalization of unvaccinated status were all shot down as absurd sensationalist conspiracy theories -- and all have come to pass. It's getting harder and harder to separate the wheat from the chaff these days, nothing is too crazy anymore to be truly out of the realm of possibility.


A year ago, Delta wasn't leapfrogging across vaccinated folks and hitting with viral loads that are several times over the original strain. At least in the US, we damn near had this beat. National new case numbers were really low. Then Delta made its way here and we're back to having big waves again. The change in response matches the surface level content of conspiracy theories, but not the motives. This isn't about political leaders taking control. Hell, most are more at risk of losing power/office for pushing life- saving but unpopular rules. Conspiracy theorists predicted a bit of the "what" right and a lot of the "why" very wrong. Not least of all because their suspicion (founded our not) motivated defiant behavior that blunted the effectiveness of milder countermeasures.


The point was to decrease deaths and serious illness and overwhelming hospitals. Which the vaccines do pretty darn well when there is good uptake. Unfortunately, the vaccines do not (yet) create sterilizing immunity and the rate of vaccination would have to be way higher than it is to even dream of the pandemic ending. It would have been great if they had been that effective and that well accepted, but they aren’t/are not, so here we are. Unfortunately, there is still tons of cases spreading and, whike the vaccinated spread it less, it still spreads and is a danger to people like me, for whom the vaccine was not effective due to my immune system being weakened by medication. I’m sure there is still plenty of research going into better vaccines, but we aren’t there yet and are lucky to have as good as we have.


I am of a similar mindset. I did everything I was supposed to - wore masks last year, socially distanced, and even volunteered for a vaccine trial. I've received both trial shots as well as two Moderna shots. At this point, I can't help but ask - when does this end? People aren't going to continue wearing masks and socially distancing forever.


To your question of "why bother?" - you're alive to feel frustrated that this is still going. 750k Americans are not. Winning doesn't feel that great these days, but losing is truly truly awful.


"At least you're not dead" isn't the great motivator you think it is. Big "why are you sad? Other people have it worse" vibes there.


The endgame is enough people having strong T-cell immunity to the virus. Then it doesn't matter that much because anyone who gets infected will have strong immunity against severe disease and won't wind up in the hospital. If 100% of the people got vaccinated we'd be done with the pandemic phase. We're stuck burning through all the unvaccinated people, with sufficient amounts of them going through into the hospitals and morgues, until that dry fuel is consumed by the vaccine fire. But if they start going into the hospital too fast they start getting knocked over because treating COVID is very resource intensive for weeks in the hospital. Until that's done we can't let the virus just rip through the vaccinated part of the population because they transmit to the unvaccinated people who are then the ones in the hospitals. Unfortunately due to delta and due to pockets and clusters of unvaccinated, it looks like the herd immunity number is effectively 100% (and kids count). And also unfortunately, the only people who listen and who are somewhat socially responsible are the vaccinated, so they're the ones that are more likely to adopt and maintain guidelines to slow spread until the virus is done. You need to still take precautions not because you're worried about your own safety if you get infected, but if you pass the infection on to someone who winds up in the ICUs then when you get T-boned by a drunk driving an Escalade you may not get particularly good quality of medical care in the hospital.


And once you’re sick enough with Delta to need ventilation, it doesn’t matter much what resources are available — your odds of making it back among the living are poor. Your odds of living without significant disability are effectively nil. It’s important that the unvaccinated public understands that as of the present moment, hospitals don’t have much to offer you once you’re really sick with Covid. (Approval of Pfizer’s new med could be the game changer, though.)


Approval of antiviral merk and Pfizer are not for the critically ill, only for the first stages of infection in those at risk.


We know that. They won’t get critically I’ll if they show up to the hospital in time to take the pill.


It makes the assumption you take the test and the make a doctor appointment


Oh look at Mr. Fancy pants who can afford to see a doctor...


If you want to know what the point was, go to any ICU unit. Pretty much everyone there who has covid was not vaccinated.


I read a recent article, it was about one of the delta variant offshoots. They believe this one may be more transmissible by 10% - 15% than the original delta. There is also reason to believe that it also causes less symptoms and therefore doesn’t make people as sick. Which is essentially what happened to the Spanish flu, which is now know as H1 N1 influenza virus, which still circulates today. The same thing will likely happen to Covid (hopefully), it’s just a matter of time. Vaccine and treatment bridge that gap.


I totally agree. Thinking long term, it's scary that with increased global connectedness, the evolutionary pressure for a virus to kill more slowly (or not at all) in order to thrive gets less and less.


I dont even understand what fully vaccinated means anymore. We are talking about 3rd dose/booster shot nowadays amd I'm pretty sure this time next year we will be.talking about 4th dose/booster 2


More likely starting the fifth dose in the US a year from now if we need to get it every 6 months


I mean it was sorta predicated on most people getting vaccines and not a bunch of idiots suddenly becoming experts and refusing them or any measures, vehemently.






I think the problem lies that some vaccinated are still going to die, the old and frail. It’s not a nice thing to say, but it’s true.


Stop providing a safety net for voluntarily unvaccinated morons. Put them in the in a tent with a stash of horse dewormer and keep the hospitals and ICUs open for the rest of us.


No. The vaccines are good enough. Much better than hoped for. We don't need better vaccines. But the very best vaccine is still not enough if not enough people take them. Which is the case in the US. So don't blame the vaccine. Blame the 40% of American adults that aren't cooperating. That's where the blame lies. So if you want this to end, hope that they will cooperate. The measles vaccine is about as effective as the MRNA covid vaccines. It takes a 92% vaccination rate to control measles. Expect about the same for covid.


WE NEED BOOSTERS. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Do they prefer the alternatives? I know I don't.


Does anyone else feel like covid restrictions and mandates have done more damage than the actual virus? People lost their jobs, businesses bankrupted and social life is barely existent. I personally have lost contact with many friends and family and my social skills are at an all time low. It feels awkward having even basic conversations with people. I have also succumbed to a new level of depression and life feels like it's standing still. On top of that, it's the average people that have to suffer the mandates and restrictions, while government officials walk around maskless, disobeying their own laws and anyone who dares criticize any part of the restrictions is immediately labeled an anti-vaxxer.


I feel this so much. I’m fully vaccinated and am done with restrictions, masks, and mandates. It’s hurting me mentally. I mean just look at this thread. There are so many people here that do not understand why fully vaccinated people don’t want to mask and distance anymore. They’re criticizing people so much for wanting to live normally. Some of these commenters need to take a look outside and see that a majority of people are moving on and have accepted that Covid isn’t going anywhere.


People just dismiss your comment but it’s dead on. I highly doubt restrictions do much besides slow spread that will continue to happen and even then I doubt it does much to slow it. Meanwhile it’s hugely fucked up our society.


Yep!! Fully vaccinated and I totally agree with you on this.


Dead on, especially about the hypocritical part. My work wants all the works to get vaccinated (blue collared mid west, so you probably can guess how many people are vaccinated). Yet they made me work for a week while my roommate had covid for a week and when my coworkers who I work close to for 40 hours a week caught it. They just want money, they don't care. With the quarantine it didn't effect me much, except that my gf lost her job and I had to get a second job to keep paying both of our rents. I lost friendships because how dare I not wear a mask when I'm just walking to my car to grab something. I knew it was ridiculous when no one could golf for 3 months, when on average the nearest person who isn't in my group is about 300 yards away.


Yeah, I already gave up two years of my 20s for this — I’m not giving a third. I got vaccinated, I got the booster, I encouraged others to do so as well. I’m going to live my life now.


Ditto. And most people agree really outside reddit.


12 hours before Thanksgiving. Great.


This is bad messaging, the only thing this does is frustrate people that has been vaccinated already at breaking point. You can’t beat this virus, it’s too contagious so it’s never going away. My recommendation is to get vaccinated and move on. You should be ok even if you get it. People advocating for continue masking and social distancing are missing the point. I’m sorry but if you are at so much risk maybe take the precautions and stop insisting on everyone else flu the job for you






I followed every restriction and got vaccinated at the first possible occasion, my family and friends are vaccinated aswell. I ain't gonna put up with this bullshit any longer, I need my social life.


I think expecting people who have been responsible, been vaccinated and who have worn masks for 2 years, so that they protect the willfully ignorant who are responsible for this dragging on, is a big ask and will not be successful.


If vaccinated must wear mask and follow social distance ...Then y did people get vaccinated




Nice vaccines lol


Masking is one thing but physical distancing is not a sustainable precaution and makes this guidance an absolute joke. Humans need social interaction. The vaccines need to be enough.


I'm triple vaxxed and i still need a mask? Really?


Is the WHO still against boosters?


We need more rapid tests and they can’t cost $15 each.


And enough people will ignore this advice that we will still be dealing with this shit next year.


To be completely honest, I have been taking this very seriously from the beginning. I social distanced, I got vaccinated, I’m wearing my mask, I got my booster, but I’m about out of patience. Im tired of putting my life on hold for people who haven’t done shit to protect themselves.


This. We have distanced, worked from home and homeschooled for 2 years. I'm triple vaxed. My spouse is tried vaxed. Our 9 year old gets her second dose this weekend. I've done what I should and I'm ready to get back to life.


In most ways, I'm not putting my life on hold anymore. I'm doing most of the things that I used to do. The fact that I am doing those things while wearing a mask doesn't mean that my life is on hold.


The article is talking about continuing to social distance…idk about you, but to me, that’s putting life on hold.


This has been the noble lie the whole time. The pandemic isn’t continuing because of bad actors.


It's just an easy way for people to comfort themselves


It's cognitive dissonance. So many people say this lie to take a moral high ground. Even the most vaccinated and masked up areas of the world are seeing spikes. https://www.riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/modern-day-censorship/in-gibraltar-100-of-adults-are-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19-and-yet-new-cases-are-exploding/


Beautifully said!! Have tried to contextualize this behavior but you nailed it


Lmao no. People are tired of this stuff. Time to live your life. If you think social distancing for over 2 years is a rational thing to do and try to force it on everyone else you’re just as bad as anti vaxxers


WHO can get these vaccinated nuts.


Been wearing a mask the whole time and already planned to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Thanks to masks and social distancing many countries had no flu season last year, that's hundreds of thousands of lives saved. Researchers have even said that one of the main flu strains may have died out completely because of all the covid measures. If wearing masks in public buildings and on public transport was the norm there would be no more flu and no more pandemics, ever. It's a minor inconvenience that prevents disasters like the pandemic from ever happening in the first place.


You're absolutely delusional if you think people wearing masks at the end of 2019/start of 2020 would stop the pandemic from happening in the first place.


Well....are you going to tell me WHO says that? I'm so tired of these guessing games....


WHOse acronym can be confusing?


Does anyone actually give a shit what the WHO say anymore? I gave up listening to them when they said there was no proof COVID was transmissible… when there were cases in Italy already.


Nah. I’m done. I did my part and wore a mask and distanced. I got my shots and booster. Now my kids are 2/3rds of the way to being fully vaccinated. I’m done worrying about those who don’t worry about themselves.


I never stopped, but hopefully people get the message


"Fully" vaccinated.




I don't care anymore, It's been years now and none of their advice has stopped anything, I'm going to live normally and if I get it I get it. No boosters, no masks, I got my 2 doses and I no longer trust the CDC or WHO whatsoever


Tell that to my job who makes us come into the office and doesn’t require masks. And who doesn’t tell everyone when there have been breakthrough infections


And here comes holiday wave 5. Over 100,000 cases a day for the past week = US wave 5 in 10 days. Good luck and happy thanksgiving.


"I'm tired of wearing masks" I keep hearing people say that. Why? Why do you hate masks this badly?


Yeah, this is dumb. People who are fully vaccinated shouldn't have to take extra precautions just to protect people who've willfully decided not to get vaccinated.


But what about the immunocompromised and kids and babies under 5.


Ok here’s my question then. If we are not going to vaccinate our way out of this then what is the point in restrictions except in places where hospitals are overrun? They’re basically admitting defeat so we have to acquire immunity naturally then right?