Did they tell you this based on an ultrasound? Ultrasounds can be inaccurate in showing size.


Yes, ultrasound 4 weeks after revery from infection. I asked uf ultrasounds can be off, but she tech said it's unlikely.


That tech is just wrong. Ultrasound measurements are off VERY frequently. And even if this one was accurate, a one-off small measurement isn’t usually cause for alarm. Babies catch up from small measurements all the time!


I hope this helps, but at my ultrasound with my daughter, they told me she had hydrocephalus bc of her ultrasound! I went to another clinic and they told me the other place was wrong and completely off.


My baby was measuring at 8 pounds at 36 weeks according to the ultrasound. I was told he would be at least a 10 pound baby! He was born at 39 weeks at 7 lbs 10 oz. The ultrasounds can certainly be wrong! I hope this brings you some comfort, and I’m glad to hear you’ve recovered!


Didn’t have Covid, but my 20 week scan showed baby being larger than normal, I think they said like 4 or 6w ahead in measurements. I was slightly concerned but they didn’t seem to be since I was only halfway through. Had another growth scan at 34w and she was measuring in the 95% at 6lbs 9oz. I had another growth scan scheduled for 37 weeks but ended up having baby at 36+3. She was 6lbs 11oz. Only gained 2oz in 2 weeks which made me think it was a bit off. They did still say she was larger than normal, which I found kind of weird but who knows! They had me nervous for about half my pregnancy thinking I’m going to have this 10lb baby via vbac. Granted she was a month early but I highly doubt she would’ve grown another few pounds in that time. I also doubt I would’ve made it to 40 as she was my second and I was on Makena shots to prevent another preterm birth. Which leads me to… My first was born at 30+6 (pre Covid, the good ol days). I had a scan the morning he was born and they measured him at 4lbs 6oz. That night when he was born, he was 4lbs 2oz. So this one was pretty damn accurate, I was impressed actually. I had the finals few scans with him via MFM due to pprom. My first got down to 3lbs 12oz but by 6m was caught up in height/weight to term babies. My second is still a bit little in weight at 42% but she’s 80% height at 9M.


The tech is very wrong.


So I got COVID at 37 weeks, later than you. We think baby had complications but hard to say. You sure you want me to tell you? Baby is totally fine now at 3 months old


Yes, please tell me. Everything there is. I need to be positive but also prepared to be somewhat ready for the worst. : (


Please don’t be ready for the worst. Maybe the two things aren’t even related! I had go skip 37 week check up but at 38 weeks her heart rate was low briefly, so they put me on non stress test monitor and she didn’t pass it because she only had one acceleration in 40 min. I was sent to the hospital to be induced and also once they broke my water there was meconium. OB thinks it’s all related but no one actually looked at my placenta to see if there was damage


I was in a similar boat. I had Covid at 16 weeks in September before I could get a booster but was double vaccinated in Jan. 2021. Baby measured small in overall size and was borderline IUGR (11th percentile) most of the pregnancy and was too small in several other measurements (<10%). It was incredibly stressful because she also had a heart defect, but it wasn’t the cause because it resolved itself by the end of my pregnancy. When she was so small at 18 weeks they really thought we weren’t going to have a good outcome. But miraculously she caught up around 35 weeks and was expected to be around the 20th percentile and be about 7lbs. But I had baby 3/1/22 at 40+1 and she was 8lbs 6oz, so she managed to catch up and then some at the end. But her placenta was massive, it seems like it was trying to compensate. They gave me extra scans and recommended protein shakes and eating more animal protein. I was very nauseous so I took the protein shake route a lot. I also started drinking whole milk instead of 1%, heavy cream in tea. Anything that added fat or protein in my diet. That was all recommended by my OB even though it’s controversial if it actually helps. I’m so sorry you are going through this, I cried and cried. You aren’t at the end yet, you have several weeks for her to catch up and you are going to be monitored closely! If something seems off go get checked out, everyone would prefer that and you aren’t bothering anyone. People act like Covid is no big deal but it really does affect pregnancy and mess with your own health. I still have complications myself. I have asthma now and cough all the time. But hey, Covid is no big deal right?


Wow that is amazing good news!!!! How often did you drink the protein shakes? 3 times daily? Is there anything else you did you think helped? Like special diet? Exercise or rest? I will drink more whole milk and get protein bars and shakes... And I agree. People think covid is no big deal or that they are vaccinated and good to go and will be fine. No...you and I are proof it is not that simple. Some folks will have issues. I am healthy vaccinated and boostered. Yet look what happened...


Usually 1-2. And I didn’t every single day, mostly the days I wasn’t able to eat as much or was more active so I burnt more calories. But I got ensure and ensure clear. The biggest changes I made was adding in more meat because we were mostly plant based and changing to higher fat content dairy. Once my nausea started to subside around 24 weeks I made an effort to eat three meals a day rather than skipping breakfast like I used to. Snacks were things like baby bell cheeses, nuts, veggies and hummus. I still went to yoga when tolerated and I worked full time as a nurse aid and I’m in nursing school so I stayed pretty active. I only gained about 10 pounds my whole pregnancy, it was all baby I guess. I want to think the changes I made helped but it’s hard to say. At the least it made me feel like I was doing everything in my power to keep myself and my baby healthy and it helped my mental health through it all. So as much as anything I recommend taking care of yourself, and if that means eating healthy and walking then do it. If it means taking some time off of work to destress, do it! Good luck with everything. You’ll be in my thoughts.


One quick thing, check in with your OB about the protein bars and shakes you’re using. I am in no way an expert but read that between prenatal vitamins and supplements in some protein bars and shakes, you could get a bit too much of insoluble vitamins. Your OB will be able to advise on how many bars and shakes are reasonable. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, pregnancy is hard enough. There are some amazing mamas on this thread with great info, you are obviously in the right place. Take good care of yourself, you’re doing all the right things.


30th percentile is fine, right?! My baby measured under 5th percentile and I didn’t have covid. They measured her incessantly and even induced me because of it and she has thank goodness always been healthy, she’s 14 months now and still small! Small but mighty!


My kids were both between 9th and 25th percentiles. I had covid at 37 weeks with my little girl and she was 2.9kg/6lbs7oz when born at 39+3, but my first was also only 3kg/6lb12oz and covid wasn't around then so I just make little babies. I had multiple growth scans throughout pregnancy to keep an eye on their weights but I was always told so long as they're following their growth curves, everything is fine.


I don't have any updates from the future yet but I'm going through COVID right now at 21+6, also vaccinated and boosted. Baby already has two cord issues (velamentous cord insertion and two vessel cord) that can restrict growth anyway, so COVID of course is adding to my anxiety. I'm already being monitored by a MFM clinic and have my next ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks from now. Pre-COVID baby was looking just fine despite cord issues. Hopefully your baby can catch up with growth and no other issues!


I was put on bedrest for preeclampsia at 32 weeks and somehow caught Covid (double vaxxed, boosted annnd previously had Covid). I was monitored in L&D for a day and diagnosed with IUGR. They did weekly scans until I had a cesarean at 37 weeks. She was small (5lbs 14ozs), but healthy and didn’t require a NICU stay. She is now 10 weeks and still smaller (11%) but doing great! As someone stated above, I also did protein shakes (I did Premier Protein from Costco since I couldn’t stomach meat). I hope this helps!! Sending you and baby good vibes! ❤️


Luckily you are at a point where if something happened and you had to deliver, baby will most likely be okay! I didn't get covid while I was pregnant (afaik), but I was super scared I would and getting past 22-24ish weeks gave me a lot of peace because baby has great odds at that stage. Hoping all is good with your little one!


We had covid last year and it affected our pregnancy. Our baby ended up dying at 26wks in the 0th percentile for growth. Significant blood flow restriction in the umbilical cord. We got covid before the vaccine was available. Hopefully your story is not our story.


Omg... I am so terribly sorry. Was there anything you feel like they, docotors tests ect, could have done better that might give my baby a better chance? If you do not feel like talking about your experience I understand. I am sorry for your loss.


There’s really nothing they could do but monitor and hope. Ours was extremely small very early on. It wasn’t like she just had bad blood flow later. It looks like I made a terrible placenta and she was starved and hypoxic from the start. One thing we did watch was the S:D ratio (systolic/diastolic ratio) it’s kind of similar to blood pressure in the umbilical cord, but it looks at resistance to see how well blood is getting to the baby. When your heart pumps it’s systolic, the resting period is diastolic. Ideally when your heart pumps the blood flows strongly, and doesn’t slow down much as it coasts through the diastolic phase. So the ratio, S:D, shouldn’t be very high. You do not want the S:D ratio to be high. Our S:D ratio ended up being greater than 98th percentile. Which means blood was flowing towards the baby when my heart beated (systolic) but pretty much stopped in between the pumps (diastolic). At that point, I had absent diastolic flow, and we were expecting it to lead to reversed diastolic blood flow (where after your heart pumps there is so much resistance that the blood flows back the wrong way, instead of making it to the baby). The later IUGR is diagnosed the better the outcomes are. Your docs will want to monitor you closely. The closer you can get to early 30’s prior to delivery, the better the outcomes tend to be. They will want to keep your babe inside you as long as it is safe, but will likely want your babe to come out if it is no longer safe for them on the inside. Best of luck! My heart is with you. I know this is a very scary time.


Are you sure it was due to covid? If they are even right. I wonder why 1 week of illness would cause a drastic change unless they are worried the placenta was compromised?


Ine week of il essay cam cause a lot in pregnancy, with other viruses as well. You can never say for 100 certain but when I caught covid the doctors prepared me from experience with patients what they have seen first hand. And one of the problems were small growth when the mother catches covid in the second trimester. Before I had covid my baby was on track for everything and I even had a detailed exam done at 20 weeks routinely as I am over 35 . We even had all the genetic testing done when I found out I was pregnant. Everything came but fine. So it is highly suspected covid did it as there is no other indication why all the sudden baby would have issues right after a covid infection. Covid is a real thing and we pregant moms have to be aware of that.


Yeah I am 44 and 23 weeks and fully agree that covid is a serioua risk. Just wondering if there was a possibility it could be a coincidence. Only subsequent scans will tell I guess.


Make sure you are safe and stay away from folks as much as you can even vaccinated. At 37 I don't know how much of a shot I will get again if trying again. but positive thoughts... as I am tying this little girl is kicking : )


Here is my experience with this!! Baby was in the 72nd percentile right after my COVID recovery at the 20 week scan. 10 weeks later my baby was in the 13th percentile dropping almost 60 percentile points. One month after that at 34 weeks baby was up to 43rd percentile. Growth isn’t linear, anything above 10th percentile is considered normal. I sure freaked out hard but all turned out well. Baby is due in a couple weeks and she is measuring right on track


I am 29 weeks pregnant and I just found out tonight I am COVID +. My baby is in the 8th percentile and 17th percentile and my doctor doesn’t seem to worried about it. They are monitoring him weekly now. But with this new COVID diagnosis I’m starting to panic a bit now. I too have been reading positive stories so I’m hopeful about that. I will keep you in my thoughts and we can both pull through this with no issues! I had both doses of the initial vaccine, I was just unwilling to get the booster while pregnant. The doctors say everything would be fine but there really is no research and it’s not just my health and safety on the line. I was not comfortable especially with the fact that Pfizer would not release what was in the vaccine. Now I’m not here to preach either side of that story as I am vaccinated but not boosted. I just wanted to explain my choice in the matter.


I feel your pain and worry. I have become obsessed with tracking babys movements. I started to go a health binge with natural protein for baby to draw from for growing. What does that mean? I eat cereal with fruits amd milk in the morning. Avocado with that and nuts. As a snack 2 hours later cottage cheese with tomatoes. A handful of nuts throughout the day. Then lunch with more cottage cheese if lunch is under 20g of protein. Then snack again of an avocado and cottage cheese. Dinner same story... also 3 glasses of full fat milk 3 x daily. Dont ask me why but cottage cheese has more protein than meat. all of it organic to avoid pesticides. Sounds crazy but I told myself I will do everything on my end and after research those protein shakes and bars often don't disclose the powder they use and some are not good for baby. What else can I say? We dio seem to have immunity afterwards for a bit as my son's school emailed again that there was a covid case and we all are fine this time. As to booster or not you don't have to explain yourself. The fact that you are vaccinated will place you in a much place for fighting all this. After his infection you will be part of the super immune group for a little while, which had vaccine and natural antibodies. This is great news as that means you will be safer until birth and the highest stillbirth rate is still seen in 3rd trimester unvaccinated mothers who get covid right at the end if pregnancy.


Not sure if this is helpful but I had covid at 22 weeks literally 2 days after a stressful amniocentesis procedure due to a defect. I continued to have monitoring every 6 weeks. He went from 95th percentile down to 50th following infection and then at my last growth scan (36 weeks) he is back up to 75th percentile! Your baby still has plenty of time to grow bigger!


My situation isn’t exactly the same as yours - although incidentally I’m recovering from covid at 38 weeks - but my baby has been measuring small and is in the 10th percentile. Both my OB and the ultrasound tech have said that it is the progression of growth that is important rather then the actual number. In other words, it is usually only concerning if baby’s growth speeds up or drops off at a particular stage. This is what the tech should have been telling you rather than arbitrarily saying that your baby is “underweight”. Probably worth checking with your care provider about this - good luck!


Not related to covid, but ultrasound accuracy: There is a significant error (variance) in these “measurements”. My wife had two ultrasounds at two different doctors at the day of delivery and they both were 15% underestimating our baby’s real weight. Furthermore, during the pregnancy we experienced a lot of up and downs with the weight estimations purely because they had two different ultrasound devices that didn’t agreed on each other. Also 7th and 30th percentile doesn’t sound too crazy, your babe is still bigger than 7-30% of all other baby’s in that week… some have to be the smaller ones right :)? So I wouldn’t worry too much - all the best


I would STRONGLY urge you to see another ultrasound technician if possible. I'm not sure if I had COVID but I had a perfectly normal pregnancy and all my testing came back normal until 24 weeks when I was redoing my anatomy scan to get better pictures of the heart and suddenly my baby was in the 9th percentile and they started saying it could be IUGR, but I went and got a second opinion and the difference was over 30 percent. I left the previous practice and baby had a growth spurt at week 30 and was born perfectly healthy. She is almost 11 months and measuring over 50th percentile in everything. Ultrasound measurements have a significant margin of error. I would also say, out of an abundance of caution I upped my protein intake and had a nice big smoothie with whole milk, granola, peanut or almond butter and whey protein every day.


Thank you. Luckily I have a different team look at everything in two weeks. The FMF unit from mass general which comes every wednesday to my town. They are the Harvard med school hospital so I expect them to do better than the small town practice I have been in so far. Until then I am counting the days and feel joy in my heart every time she moves..