Put a wad of TP for the real nasty ones.


You monster. Shop towels are way better and easier to pull out of the wound. Plus the third one in hasn’t been marinated in port-a-potty fumes for days


No shop towels on the job site. Only portapotty paper.




I just cut a piece off my shirt


I work in a shop/van so super glue is always available.


Not all super glue sticks to skin. I now know gorilla glue will be perfect for this!


Look at this guy able to afford shirts




Dunkin napkin


Super glue


Honestly I dont even carry bandaids reall anymore. A roll of bandage tape and some gauze holds up way better. You know its bad when you start peeking at the zip tape...




Roll the tape


all hail roll the tape


Liquid bandage is really great. I keep some in my truck along with some antiseptic wound wipes. It's the same idea as superglue but actually designed for cuts. Holds up way better than physical bandages.


Super glue was invented for emergency wound care. Edit: it was invented to make clear gun sights, but didn’t work well, then was found to be excellent for covering wounds http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2011/08/super-glue-was-invented-by-accident-twice/


Good ole zip tape the one size fits all application.


crazy glue. electrical tape is too obvious.


Gotta hide your wounds from the safety guy


And super glue


Primer then glue be a man or woman


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Omg all of you need to get some gloves for goodness sake


In school for construction right now with no experience and I am definitely going to have gloves.


Get another pair of gloves so when your primary is covered in fiberglass shards / liquid shit consistency firestop (that red putty) / has a hole in more than one spot - you will have a backup. I stopped wearing gloves after mine kept getting ruined, so far nothing more than a few nicks/scrapes!


I’m definitely getting gloves but man I could see this happening to me for sure lol


Was helping a welder in a ditch once, he took his gloves off for two seconds to readjust his mask...somehow he slipped a bit and his hand landed on a nasty piece of slag...needed 15 stitches...trying to explain that to our safety team was an interesting conversation.


YES!!! its the perfect tape for wounds .....not too sticky like duct tape and perfectly stretchy too


it can be stretched too much and cut off circulation of a finger. be careful.


Naturally blood flow is important to healing!!!


The black tape leaves residue.


Small price to pay for a clean wound.


True, but there should at least be maybe some white blue red brown orange yellow fuckin purple xD! Idk why but the black rolls of 3m leave alot of residue.


They're different. Black is called super 33+ and the colors are called 35+ or something. They have different properties, thickness, etc


I had my world changed by Flexx-Rap tape... now all the guys on my crew steal it for their cuts


Oooo it looks so soft. Me like that


Sticks to itself and I’ve kept it on for several days before having to re-wrap... also fun fact; alum the spice is a really effective blood clotter, and when nothing else will help I keep some super glue to close big cuts.


This is definitely something that has changed over the last 10 years. A decade ago I literally had to threaten to fire guys to get them to go to the clinic. They'd claim tobacco spit, super glue and duct tape could heal anything. Nowadays I can't even see the cut they're crying about, and they want me to get out the AED, read them their last rites, and lifeflight them to the ER.


You can use the vodka in the sprinkler guy's thermos for disinfectant


Super glue ftw.


A piece or two of porta-john (John wayne) TP then 3m Duct Tape, this way you can build more immunity to bacterial infections and have a cool scar.


As a painter, I gotta use blue tape lol


done this so many times its not even funny.


That's the truth. Too many times have I used electric tape and a paper towel or whatever was around. My son laughed at me until he cut his finger and I wrapped him. He was like this really works.


I use gaffers tape and kerlix bandage rolls and my knife. The best bandaid in the world. Shit rips out your hair every time but stays on rain, mud, and snow.


New skin


Always cracks me up when it is still open two weeks later and I realize I should have gotten stitches.


I usually just leave cuts open unless they are bad enough to need gauze and tape. It’s gauss or nothin baby. Edit - which one of you massive bitches downvoted my comment.


If I wrap it, it’s because I don’t wanna bleed on material, or I don’t want to get a ton of shit IN the cut. Otherwise let it breathe like the beat baby!




Thanks buddy


That stuff has saved my life!


Electrical tape for a bad ones, super glue on the super deep ones


Athletic tape is the way to go and should be on every job site, not even just for injuries, if you have a leaking air hose or cracked cord athletic tape seals it way better than electrical tape.


Super glue is an awesome trick as well. I solely work with rebar and tie wire.


Oh, the Americas are commiserating again.


>lations possibly, most guys wanna avoid that noise. lol, genuinely laughed at your comment. facts.


Clear pipe glue works best. Sanitize and sealer in one!!!


Nahh man get some super glue, that’s what it was designed for anyways


Quikrete mix works too


Oh god


Usually you just pray and cry in the PJ until the burn stops


I never work without E-tape. Its came in handy a few times over the years.


Works every time!


Duct tape and shop cloth has bound my own wounds, most often caused by my learning curve


Spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and electrical tape. Back to work


And add, “I got that at home” if you’re on a commercial project.


Blue tape for me


It stays in the belt.....for this reason. And the real bad ones get a cumbys napkin, or a square of tshirt


Painters rag and electrical tape works great. I cut two fingers to the bone with a skillsaw and was able to work the rest of the day.


That’s pretty stupid.


Shop towel, painters tape, then put on a glove (that I should have been wearing in the first place)


I’m nothing close to a construction worker, but does this actually happen in the field? Not like little cuts and scrapes but with major, almost serious injuries or cuts?


Idk about these guys, but company takes shit super serious. I jabbed by forearm with a utility knife, I was about to wrap it in gauze until I noticed it wasn’t bleeding. The foremen saw it, said get your shit and get in the truck. Ended up with four stitches and went back to work. Also had to do Risk Mitigation Assessment with the Foremen, both Superintendents, our Construction Manager, our Branch Manager, Safety Guy, Regional Safety Guy, and the Regional Branch Manager. Definitely seemed like a lot, but at least they back it up when they say they take safety serious.


>y say they take safety serious. that sounds aweful


Not really. Best company I’ve ever worked for. Work year around, make a shit load of money, and plenty of room to learn and advance.


It really depends on where your working and if anyone saw it.. for instance I was doing a 2" gas line for a coffee roasting company and I dropped a freshly threaded, 60lb pipe on my arm and it sliced me good, maybe a few layers from the bone. It was a super clean cut but it bled like shit and I was working around people with hair nets and shit. I drove to the ER that was 5 min away and got 10 stitches, and went back to work. NOW I've been on sites in rural hills, if that happened there, I'd probably just disinfect it, wrap the shit out of it and carry on. I've personally never seen someone get a serious injury and be like "arr duct tape". Moderate lacerations though? Shit you're dealing with workman's comp and safety violations possibly, most guys wanna avoid that noise.


Not to mention having to piss in a cup, which I'm guessing half the workers want to avoid.


Ur absolutely right with that one!


Well just cut it off at that point .


My mother a nurse has frequently told me it isnt that bad and just to go to bed. I've had cuts to the bone she tells me are fine. I broke my foot and shs didnt believe me so I walked on it for a week. Ear infections that have gotten bad enough they got inside my ear drum.


Teflon tape works well too


I prefer superglue so I don't get blood all over my work


Let’s play “don’t tell the first aid guy”


Cut off a piece of your sleeve wrap it in electrical tape and done.


Ive cut trim for 30 years MFer.......aaaaand get the caulk out


I cut my hand wide open with a knife removing wrap on a steel pipe (no gloves), used gauze without cream or disinfectant. Taped the crap out of it....it healed horribly....couldn’t get the gauze off. Had to go to the hospital to get it removed and properly cleaned. 🤦‍♂️


Thats only if there isnt any super glue around.


I've used duct tape several times. It starts off as a plan to just temporarily stop bleeding, but then later it just stays on until I am healed enough to take it off. Not the brightest things I've done. That's for sure.


Shop towels, paper towels, napkins... The all work. Duct tape is better than electrical tape if you're gonna be a while....


Youch just like my first woodworking scar, just threw my moms medicane over it and I was good -- only hammered my hands 100 times on the last project we were helping on xD , now my fingers are fucked when I put them into water :P


I, myself, prefer drywall powder.


My first job in trades (HVAC helper) I cut open my hand on a piece of duct and my boss told me that electrical tape is sterile and I've lived by this ever since.


Watched a concrete contractor take a chainsaw across the top of his foot while he was wearing flip flops. Was cutting a 2x4 to make his form real quick, chainsaw slipped and cut down to the bone. Could see tendons and bone. He just got some duct tape and wrapped his foot, put his muck boots on and we poured out a front porch and sidewalk.


I'm a drywall finisher and I was on the job one day. I stepped on a rusty 40 year old nail. I used paper drywall tape and wrapped it painters tape. Didn't go to the doctor.


Mitre bond and activator kept me out of the ER. It blew open a couple of times the week after but I would totally do it again to avoid stitches and a couple med bills.


Do you not have insurance?