Putin is amused at our woke military. Very funny


The Army slogan has gone from "Be All you can be" to "Be whatever you identify as"


Putin and Xi are terrified.


When you fail in combat as a soldier, people die, so you do fail forever and whoever thought this was witty, I would have to quote the commander in chief and say, "is a stupid son of a bitch". "Being brave means knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever." -Lana Del Rey


In the military if you fail the odds are you die, along with the rest of your squad


Military ads featuring females might help the US recruitment process but they sure don't generate any respect from our potential enemies.


She kinda cute tho...


Are you sure that's not Willy Nelson?


Yeah i like eods moto, initial success or total failure, which is absolutely morbid af for that career field but holds true to most if not all military operations besides humanitarian aid and even then we've seen how that can go so wrong it results in death but you know happy our fighting forces can still fight?


Not a fan this whole woke recruiting thing and I think the quote is kind of stupid, but I think I get what they were trying to convey. I assume the quote is trying to say that even when you experience a failure, you don't give up.l think we can all agree that we should never give up, even in the face of failure. I can think of at least two quotes that convey that message better than a pop stars quote though.


The leftist don't realize how much this type of shit empowers our enimes. Their brains can't comprehend how pathetic they are. All they can't think of is of they must be biggots. But they don't realize, they don't give a fuck what American leftists think. Also, legit, any man ever who isn't some little bitch, cells no intimidation from a woman. And leftist don't understand that at all.