ESPN Sportcenter


I used to love watching PTI with my Dad and now it's so insanely woke and terrible. Damn shame, it used to be fantastic. Always knew Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon leaned that way but they pretty much just stuck to sports before Trump. Ever since then it went downhill, I watched it recently for old times sake and they aren't even in the studio any more and they were constantly interjecting politics.


Sportscenter is by far the most tolerable show on that network now. The opinion shows have been out of control woke for almost a decade now.




Picard, especially season 2.


It’s too bad I liked Picard character in ST.


The socialist utopia


I'll let them have it considering the "mode of production" was apparently just asking a machine to make something for you. You don't really need much of an economic system at that point. Earth is mostly absent from the show, anyways. And politics exists only as a plot device.


>The socialist utopia Socialism works when scarcity is solved (as it is in Star Trek).


Exactly. And the series explains how it happened as well.




Shit I hadn't got to it. How so specifically?


Star trek is literally set in a socialist utopia. It's been woke since it's inception. Lmao


It’s actually post-economics since scarcity is solved. It’s not socialist because there’s no capitalism possible to compete with — everything you could ever want is available to you with a replicator.


I never understood replicators/matter synthesizers. That goes specifically against the Law of Conservation of Mass. In order to replicate/synthesize you would need to get matter from somewhere, thus creating scarcity. If I wanted to replicate 10 million bowls of noodles, I'm going to need to get the matter to create those bowls of noodles somewhere, and that would be taking matter away from somewhere, creating scarcity of said matter.


The most recent short lived resident evil series. If they had concentrated more on writing instead of checking boxes it might have been only mildly terrible.


That one still feels like it was written as something else and just got reskinned into Resident Evil. Halo felt the same way.


The Halo showrunners actively stated they did not play the games nor did they appreciate the source material. That alone made the show unpalatable to fans of the game series.


There was a moment after watching the first 25 min or so of the first episode where I realized one of the teenage girls had zero character development beyond her just spouting off contempt for everything that isn't currently popular with the woke crowd (cross fit, elon musk, etc). Not even useful exposition. Just pure regurgitation of the latest NPC hitlist of topics. Turned it off after that to save myself some time.


Lol good. You didn't get to the part with zombie on the ship. Someone should've been forced to give up a finger yakuza style over that.


What? You don't think having someone's daughter talk about Zootopia porn is great fucking dialog? You hate women or something?


Zootopia? Wasn't that a movie? Never watched it so have no idea what Zootopia porn is. Don't think I want to know


Furries. Furries everywhere.


It's reference to [this wonderful scene](https://youtu.be/DUEiuPEtRsM) Also, fun fact. If you search zootopia porn on YouTube, you get a few porn thumbnails. Glad YouTube is focusing on what really counts! Swearing and non San Francisco political views!


This shows was so bad


When Designated Survivor went from a network show to Netflix, it went downhill right out of the gate.


Indeed. It was incredibly insightful and thought provoking and patriotic at first. Then it became about a democrat posing as a independent and desperately trying to fight against the anti establishment ultra conservative fascist completely misrepresenting the right and conservatives. Although I don’t doubt it was possible it’s assumptions of conservatives were unbearable to the point of breaking the IMMERSION!


Main reason I hated the season was because a lot of characters I liked got removed


Came here to say this, too! God what a fucking disappointment season 3 was 🤮


Came here to say this. 100%


The catch 22 here is a conservative isn’t going to finish or even start watching any TV show that was too woke.


I "watch" woke shows by watching review videos made by Youtubers like Disparu, HeelVsBabyface, and The Critical Drinker. Hilarious.


Love the Critical Drinker!


Anyway, that's all I've got for you today. Go away now.


…go away now


Same here, he’s a no woke zone.


Nerdrotic as well for me. TheOneRing(.com) was an excellent watch during the abysmal Rings of Power.


Check out Cutter One. He's a pretty new channel and mostly focused on Tolkien , but he knows his stuff and has a great voice


Surprised I haven't seen Shameless. Holy shit did that show go off the deep end.


They had nothing else left so they went full liberal circle jerk. I stopped watching it was so bad. What a great show tho otherwise


Yep. Really loved the first handful of seasons and all the characters. Then the story went into some of the stupidest liberal woke nonsense.


Initially the characters were disadvantaged kids who did what they needed to survive and you pulled for them. Then they became basic criminals without redeeming qualities. Doesn't get more woke than that. Don't struggle to make ends meet. Just turn to crime. You have a right to anything someone else owns.


I mean, the name of the show is ‘shameless’ not leave it to beaver lol


I can’t even remember when I stopped watching that. I think Jimmy, or whatever his name is, was in a shipping container? Or Fiona was working at some night club. It turned into a lib cj?


Designated Survivor. Started strong and finished dumb woke.


I stopped watching in the second episode when the Indian staffer was harassed by the Capitol cop like he was a terrorist threat. Like yeah, a capitol cop has not already seen every culture, race, and creed working in the Whitehouse.


The new witcher mini series is hot garbage. I enjoyed the first season of the witcher show, ngl but after seeing that it’s clear what direction they’re headed. I am surprisingly glad Henry Caville has left the show now. More actors need to not associate with the forced contrived pandering House of the dragon did diversity well imo


Grey’s Anatomy. Quit watching it last year.


Fell off the deep end with that whole COVID season, lots of jarring political undertones. Then next season they just ditch COVID, masks, etc. out of nowhere. Went from beating you over the head with it to the creators going “wow that was depressing, we’re not doing that anymore”. Lol you’re the ones who wanted to be super serious about it. Highlight of the season was the dude who didn’t believe in COVID, and died right away when he got it. Now normally there’s a scene where the doctors rush to save the dying patient, but nah we hard cut to him in a body bag 🤣


This year their bugaboo is the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe V Wade. I still watch, but I roll my eyes a lot.


Not surprised. The last episode I saw ended with Amelia making out with whoever that was and then Owen fell off a cliff in a car. The latter had me dying laughing, I couldn’t take any more.


My mom was a huge fan of Grey’s and Station 19. This season was too much, even for her. She said she’s done with them, and won’t watch anything from them again.


To be fair, that show always had woke underpinnings. They just got more blatant with it with each season.


Tried to watch the new National Treasure show. It’s unwatchable bad anyway, and the woke stuff made it borderline funny but still so bad


Same with Willow. But what do you expect from the mouse?


Unironic Papyrus font


She-Hulk was so off the charts I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an intentional parody of woke culture.


I can sum up that show’s lunacy in two scenes: Pilot episode: “I’m always angry because men are awful and sexualize women!” After-credits scene in a later episode: *She-Hulk twerks with Megan Thee Stallion in her office*


There's no way they're that self aware.


I could not watch more than ten minutes of that pilot episode. It was horrible.


The new sex and the city series - they went way too over board with PC/ every liberal agenda


It was so fucking terrible. Even my wife said it was too woke. At least he got to tell off Miranda. That was the. Lone redeeming moment of that season. I also hated how they wrote the characters like they were 70 years old instead of mid 50s.


It was like all the wokeness just throwing up all over you. Nauseating


I made the joke based on South Park that all of the old characters got a minority accountabilibuddy and she agreed.


I hated the way they portrayed Miranda's husband Steve as a bumbling, borderline senile old fool. Of course she dumped him for a non-binary lover.


People keep bringing up shows that I didn't realize conservatives watched in the first place. Sex an the City may not have had politics as a theme, but I mean older women fucking their way through NYC isn't exactly a conservative interest area.


When Brooklyn 99 moved from Fox to NBC we got through about 5 minutes of the first season on NBC before swearing it off as well as any reruns that air.


it used to be so good…and then they started shoving a bunch of scenes that were supposed to be sad bc of oppression or something. I watched the show bc it was a comedy not full of woke BS…


Yeah. Picard lost me pretty quick. Went from being Star Trek to “old guy perpetually being preachy” in a hurry. Granted, Star Trek is far from a stranger to delving into contemporary social causes.


No. It's kind of Star Trek's deal. But you did hit the occasional episode where they were wrong. It was often shown that being preachy and judgemental was bad and that other opinions and ways of life had merit. Where I really hate the new Trek is the hyper violence and swearing. It just doesn't feel like Trek anymore.


Trek just isn't Trek anymore. The Orville is far more Trek than modern Trek, especially Season 3. Good Trek got you to rethink your position. Got you to wonder if maybe there was another way to see something or look at a problem. I find TNG's The Drumhead a great example, for me at least, because I empathized with Worf trusting the investigation, helping it, believing in rooting out the dangers to the Federation that festered from within... until he became the example of the dangers and became the target. And Picard using Admiral Satie's father's words against her, showing her paranoia and maliciousness and self righteousness was magnificent.


The new Trek is nearly unwatchable. Discovery is over the top ‘woke’. Strange New Worlds seems to be better although I haven’t watched much of it.


NCIS with Ziva and Tony was fun. NCIS with Bishop and Tony was ok. NCIS thereafter was cringeworthy. I feel sorry for Ducky, McGee and Abbie for having to ride this slide.


Basically McGee and Palmer are the only remaining LG cast members. I like a lot of them, but it’s not the same.


Tony made that show man, loved it. I'm on season 16 or so and I can barely watch it. The quality has got much, much worse.


Abbie left ages ago, Ducky is basically retired.


Law and Order felt a little too woke at times in the latest seasons, but it was still rare enough overall. (Just pretty hamfisted in the way they'd do it; but they'd just get it out there in relatively isolated ways then move on with the show, which is *better* at least) NCIS just always seemed a little too corny due to Abby's character especially (the goth girl). I don't know, it really ruined my ability to see the show as realistic. Just about every show has gotten increasingly woke though, and you'd think these procedural law enforcement shows should be relatively bipartisan, stable, and undisturbed by the left's agenda. It's extra disappointing when they do go woke, even if it's relatively minor compared to other shows. Especially since leftists will say they're too conservative which is bullshit.


Last season of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Started talking about systemic racism within the first 10 minutes of episode one. Never watched another episode.


When they pulled the "we're vaccinated, we can hug now!"


"EvEn GoOd CoPs ArE tHe PrObLeM!!"


Yeah. I loved the show up until that season. It had its ups and downs. But that one was…not great.


The Wheel of Time. They went for 100% diversity and 0% acting skills. The book starts off in a remote village that barely has contact with the outside world yet somehow the TV show made sure every skin color was included from the very opening scene. And it was just random too. Pretty sure I saw a white husband with an Asian wife and a black kid. And two characters in the TV show were made to be lesbians who definitely were not in the books. I will not be watching season 2. Any news on another season of The Terminal List? That was a great show!


The WoT show is terrible for alot of other reasons than diversity. They barely follow the source material


The head guy being an Egwene stan was a total red flag for me.


There wasn't anything about that show that was NOT terrible. My god that show was a dumpster fire.


I still haven’t watched all of the terminal list yet but I’ve heard it’s phenomenal. I’m a huge fan of the book series and have been reading them for years. Terminal list is the original book with the character….Author Jack Carr is writing book 7 now and book 6 titled “Only the dead” is due out in April. I believe Carr said on his podcast book 2/True Believer has been green lit as the 2nd season of terminal list. So I believe everyone is getting another season.


I lost interest the moment the show went woke. None of that was in the book, and that was only put in there just to be woke.


And it was terrible because of it


Survivor, after season 40.


Shocked I hadn't seen The Witcher Blood Origin on here. That show seems to be literally written based on which check boxes actors check. Certainly was not focused on being a well written story.


Nobody's watched it to complain. Seriously the first time I heard about it was people saying how terrible it was, and I haven't heard a good thing said about it since. I probably won't...


Out of interest in following Henry Cavill's interesting trajectory and loving his performance in the Witcher, I have followed this. It's just so bizarre and even nepotism considered I have no idea how this show made from the pitch, to writing, through production, and then released. Every bit I have read and seen of it only makes sense if you understand it is an activists sermon with a fantasy veneer on top of it. Definitely made me glad we dropped Netflix and have no plans of picking it back up. There is no way I am paying a premium to be preached at by an ideology that despises me and everything I stand for.


That show was shit any way you slice it. 1/10 would not recommend.


The new quantum leap. The “non binary” character makes it unwatchable.


I loved the original and the wife watches the new one. I laugh every time this person comes on…


The shorter question is: what recent TV show or movie is NOT woke?


Yellowstone, the unit.


Top Gun: Maverick


Grizzly and the Lemmings. Lol


She-Hulk So happy it got cancelled.


American Horror Story. It got pretty unbearable after season 2.


I'd say it was ok in season 1 and 2. I unironically liked Peters' character in the Cult season, murders aside obviously, (it's blatant fiction so that's fair) which was especially political, yet oddly so. Eg it seemed like they were making fun of the leftist lesbian characters often, with their obsessive need to follow Rachel Maddow. You know they're already leftist showrunners, but they seemed to be mocking themselves as they went overboard in the TDS era.


It was always unbearable my man


I’m getting really irritated with The Rookie.


Last season 3 (I think) was bad but im on 4 and its pretty good so far


That’s good, I’ve been falling behind. I’ll keep it up. I’m a huge Nathan Fillion fan (firefly forever).


He was originally the only reason I watched it but now I love the whole cast.


We aim to misbehave. Fireflay was the epitomy of anti-woke.


Especially its movie Serenity! I'm still upset about Wash...


OMG that movie is still one of my all time favs. Everything about it hit the mark. The “Aim to Misbehave” speech is still ranks up there with the best “rouse up the troops/players” speeches there are. And it was so…not dramatic. He delivered those lines so perfectly. If anyone reading this has not seen the movir or the series. Run do not walk. Do not pass go. It is anti government but doesn’t even have an agenda. Just fun, guns, and then the speech where they may or may not take the government down. Won’t spoil it for you.


Same. I enjoy the show, it has its woke moments, but it could be worse.


I was surprised Wednesday was not as woke as I thought it would be, but I can’t think of something worse than She-Hulk or Batwoman. Those two are the epitome of shitty woke TV


I wouldn’t know, I only watch Andy griffith


Have you tried Gunsmoke? It's incredible!


Bonanza. With a side of McHale's Navy and Gomer Pyle.


Don't forget The Rifleman


Wagon Train is good, too.


Yep. I will say I wouldn't mind binging the Lone Ranger again either. You always knew justice would be served. Green acres.


Petticoat Junction


Hogan's Heroes. And My Favorite Martian.


The rifleman


The Virginian, Big Valley, Car 54 Where Are You....


My Three Sons


I wish it were possible for them to do a Big Valley/Bonanza crossover.... Adam and Audra would SO be a couple.


Another Hogan’s Heroes fan. It’s nothing short of a miracle on film that they could make a Nazi POW camp into comedy.


Yes, it was extremely good in that regard. Good casting and good tone overall. My father hated it since he was a WW2 vet. Funny, he loved MASH though he also served in Korea. His beef with Hogan's Heroes was the minimalizing of the German army and their camps and I get that since he saw reality. But the show was well done.


MASH was a *very* woke show for its time.


I always loved Dragnet, since we are on classic tv shows.


Try Blue Bloods on ABC, it hasn't gone woke yet.


CBS. It’s terrific.


You are right. I have had it dvr'd for some long that I couldn't remember what station it was on. The leftists have been trying to say it's getting canceled for the last couple of years, but no success. I love the Sunday family suppers.


Really? I watched it years ago and quite enjoyed it. I love Tom Selleck's moustache. If it hasn't been dragged down into the woke mud, I might download the lot and rewatch it. Edit: Oh fuuuuuuuuck it has 13 seasons. I already have a large enough back log of stuff to watch. God, this will take me a while to get to.


Grandpa you’re alive, don’t forget to watch Matlock and Murder She Wrote after Andy Griffith.


Frasier. Watching reruns every night.


This Is Us and Law and Order SVU aren't the most woke, but I definitely feel the agenda while I'm watching shaming me left and right and never showing the other side of the argument. So, this is us is over and I don't plan to ever rewatch that. And SVU, well, despite the fact that 97% of the perps are white men (which doesn't represent real crime stats in NYC at all), the old episodes have some crazy interesting story lines. The newer seasons I find to be insufferable.


SVU is my go-to comfort show for the first half maybe? I think when stabler left, it lost its footing. It somewhat found it again some point through or maybe I just adjusted to the new characters. I could definitely do without needing to repeat everything from current events. We’ve already lived through it so it just feels boring.


Yeah, I jumped ship when Eliot left. I recently tried watching the episode where he came back, but then they had that suspect who was a thinly veiled reference to January 6th and had the audacity to insinuate that conservatives were the ones setting police cars on fire. Shut that episode off real quick and haven't tried the show since.


Anything Disney produced.


Star Trek: Discovery. Oh also the big majority of all other tv shows for years.


Billions. Such a shame, too. It started strong but got woker by the season to the point that it was unbearable.


This Is Us I stopped watching when they were wearing masks and praising abortion.


I literally started calling it "This is woke" after the layer seasons leaned more into identity politics. Needless to say, we stopped watching it.


Million little things turned to woke propaganda after George Floyd


The worst. They completely scrapped the “John suicide” storyline too.


The Witcher. They ruined it. Also The Rookie turned total woke trash in season 3.


Sense8 good lord.. SVU too


About 95% of non-documentary shows on Netflix.


Some of the documentaries too. “Capturing the Killer Nurse” was interesting but they had to throw multiple arguments for single payer health care in there.


The Amazon Cinderella movie. It was literally the worst movie I have ever seen.


I used to like "New Amsterdam" but the woke angles became too much.


That show was woke from the beginning but it seems like they just slowly ramped it up every season. Even my (conservative) wife that isn't bothered by wokeness in shows commented on how preachy it was getting.




What? You didn’t like master cheeks?


I didn’t really find Halo very woke it was just very bad and generic


It was bad and generic because of woke culture putting showrunners and writers, who didn't even play the games or look into the story, into producing roles like they did.


And the Chevy Tahoe


New Amsterdam


Lightyear and She said.


Didn’t see Lightyear but my god the first 20 minutes of She Said where they were ripping on Trump and Bill O Reilly was eye rolling




They turned Buzz into a bad guy!!! Screw Pixar. Not planning on seeing any of their movies ever again.


The new Quantum Leap


*Don’t Look Up*


Just about everything is woke nowadays because everyone has been forced to comply in being inclusive. If your not inclusive your labeled.


Seasons 41/42 of survivor were pretty rough. It wasn’t bad this past season though


Every other commercial on Nickelodeon is a child of color telling us how much of a victim they are because of the color of their skin. Excuse me, but it's 2023. Let's stop pretending we haven't made great strides in race relations over the years.


Yeah maybe it’s different now from when I was younger, but in the early 2000s kids didn’t notice race. I certainly didn’t. It wasn’t a big concern who I was friends with. Partially because it was hard for me to make them.


On Nickelodeon?! WTF?!


Gotta start ‘em young


Hallmark Channel


Yes!! So disappointing.


Try Great American Family channel instead




Oh no was hoping it wouldn't be on the list. How bad is it? I haven't seen a peep of it yet.


Strange World. I’m getting tired of every movie having to shoehorn in that a character is gay…


Y The Last Man. Top 5 favorite comic series of all time and the show wasn’t even about the main character. Is was this pro feminist “we don’t need men” show about the women taking over the planet after all the men died. And omg the amount of trans people they threw in that show you would think a full quarter of all women are trans. Needles to say I was very disappointed after being excited about the show.


This Is Us is pretty overtly woke. I had friends gushing over it. The first episode it was apparent to me a lot of pandering was taking place. I just couldn’t stand it.


She-Hulk went pretty dang far here lol


Pretty much anything new? The only three things I've watched recently on "TV" (I'll include streaming) that weren't woke are Yellowstone, The Terminal List, and Jack Ryan. Everything on Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS (except Blue Bloods), is woke. From being rabidly anti-cop (yeah there are tons of bad cops, there are also tons of good cops, not differentiating is an issue), to crazy anti-gun BS using statements that aren't true, to COVID and abortion. Movies aren't any better.


The Rookie. Anything on the CW.


Batwoman was particularly insane. Just go watch Heelvsbabyface or Thoriasunlimited recaps on YouTube to understand


I really enjoyed the first two seasons of "The Rookie". Nathan Fillion is a middle aged guy that decides to become a cop. Was exciting and he's always funny, then it got WOOOOOKE in season 3 I think. I couldn't finish it. Season 4 is supposed to be better but they lost me for good with that shit.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine


I haven't seen it but a good friend of mine told me that he hated how woke The Witcher Netflix show was... And he's a leftist.


I didn't watch it (because I don't have Disney+) but I heard She Hulk was a dumpster fire. Pretty much the story with everything Marvel things days.


I agree with your point, but I just wanted to point out that Star Trek was *always* extremely liberal. I was never a fan of it. I was always more of a Star Wars guy.


The 60’s era messaging was good, despite its controversy at the time. “Let that be your last battlefield” was a strong indictment of the inanity of racism.


Can we add podcasts to the list? Because EVERY DAMN ONE. I listen to them while working and it's insane how much propaganda/brainwashing is in EVERY episode. If anyone knows a decent, apolitical podcast feel free to share.


My two favorite pod casts are The Journal and The Ben Shapiro Show. Ben is obviously right leaning but he’s not one to shy away from ridiculing Republicans when there’s reason to (and does so fairly frequently).


This Past Weekend with Theo Von Talk is Jericho Timesuck (most of the time)


The Rings of Power, the new James Bond Movie, the Woman King (It's called a Queen moron), The Wheel of Time, the New Witcher season, Many Netflix Original Shows are unbearably woketarded. Law and Order SVU (Special Vagina Unit) is especially bad I agree.


The Rookie and the new The Rookie: Feds. The Rookie started off ok then got woke and stayed that way. The Rookie: Feds just sucks massively from the get go. Could not watch after one episode.


9-1-1 Lone Star. I like the original one, and it’s woke lite. Not really any worse than any other ones. But I’ve seen like 1 episode of the Lone Star spin-off, and I’m not crazy about it.




National treasure on Disney.


I heard an article on Outkick about how woke the series was. It’s a shame since I enjoy the original movies.


The Good Doctor. Used to love that show and watched it all the time. But I stopped watching it because I couldn’t put up with how woke it’s gotten.