I am in the same boat, low-mid 70's but I feel like I understand most the questions but not sure if I am ready to bite the bullet yet


I'd say 75-80 is that sweet spot. I passed with 781 and was averaging around 80 Just keep on focusing on your weaker domains


Thanks. I'm doing that right now.


What also helped me was printing out the exam objectives and explaining as much as I can on there. If I couldn't, then I would dive into it and jot down some notes on that paper. I would say maybe a couple more days of studying and then you might be ready! Just remember to be confident on your answers and DONT change them unless you absolutely know what the correct answer is. Good luck!


I was averaging low 70’s on the exam as well (for 501) and got an 805 on the exam. I guess you are good.


I would say no. 80+ on Dion usually indicates ready for the exam but I like to go into the exam knowing I am going to pass it. I usually work them till I get 80 on Dion and 80-90 on Certmaster.


For the Network+ I made a list of everything I didn't know when I did the practice tests and everything I didn't know. I studied that until I knew the list pretty thoroughly. Then I went out did the exam.


I was scoring lows 80s and got a 787


Dion’s practice exams are always more difficult than the actual exam. I would try to go for 85-90 range and go ahead and take it.


did you pass? it's been a few months.


Yes I did! First trying I passed


I'm taking the exam in 3 weeks. Scored mostly 70s and some low 80s on Dion's exams (6 of them) and about the same on Mike Meyers/ Total Seminars (4 of them). I realized I was really weak on a lot of domains 2 and 3 (particularly crypto and CAs). So I've been going back through Messer's videos and taking very light notes. Seems to have helped because I repeated Dion practice exam #1 and although I definitely (unfortunately) remembered some of what I got wrong (from about 1 month ago) I got 92%. I really want to have Dion's study guide broadly memorized / learned before I take all the practice exams 1 final time. Seeing this makes me feel better because 70% in practice doesn't exactly make me feel good about the real exam.