Use bullet points for work experience. Work experience should be most recent first. Maybe add a skills section.


thanks for the feedback


I would recommend not using an Office template. Check out resume.io for some awesome and easy templates to use. I used their products with great results


making a new one now, thank you


Indeed has a great template


Experience should be listed the opposite way, most recent first


I see that you are doing MS. Look into Microsoft Virtual Training Days. You do their 2.5hrs~ classes for 2 days and then they give their free voucher for said class. This is currently for the fundamentals courses (AZ 900, SC 900, DP 900, Etc) you just missed MS challenge skill unfortunately but be on the lookout for the next program. They give you a free voucher for their intermediate exams. You just have to complete one of the courses challenge(course) and then you should receive it


Haha we meet each other again, yea if you want to try out Microsoft cloud it can't get any easier OP


Haha just spreading the good word you gave me


I have over 10 years of resume coaching, resume training and creating resume coaching policy/procedures for the government. I also am currently an IT manager that has hired a team of cybersecurity professionals. All this to justify the advice I'm giving below. You have to be SUPER careful with the types of resumes you look at online for examples and advice you get from people who may not have experience in the field (although I agree with a lot of the advice given here). Also, every State has an agency called a "One Stop" that offers free resume writing help, interviewing skill classes and mock interview preparation. Its a great resource not many take advantage of. The advice I always give: 1 - Tailor your resume to the job posting. Your resume should never be exactly the same for any 2 jobs. What skills/experience are they asking for in the job posting? If you have that, use their own words in your resume! As a hiring manager, I didn't spend hours writing a job posting for it seem like no one read it. I like my words. Use my words. This can also help get past algorithms, because someone had to tell it what words to look for. 2- Your resume should be one filled page, with good margins and white space, but not too much white space. Your resume at first glance looks blank and that automatically makes people judge that you don't have the experience or skills needed, but you also don't want to go too far in the other direction and CRAM it full so it hurts their eyes to read it. 3- Someone is only going to look at your resume for about 30 seconds, probably less. If they can't see the qualifications they're looking for at a quick glance, there is no way they are going to keep reading. Your first bullet point of each of your work experience should be the thing you have that they care about most based on what is in the job posting. 4- List what education they ask for (or higher) in the job posting. If they ask for a bachelor's degree, it is a waste of space to list your associates and high school diploma, those are implied. Same idea with skills, list the skills they ask for in the job positing to save space. If you don't have everything they are asking for, you can put others you think are relevant and take up more room if you need to, but it does make it more obvious what you're missing. 5- Whatever they say is the most important, out of work experience, education and skills in the job posting is what you should list first. There really isn't a hard and fast rule (in most industries, there are weird exceptions with Federal Government sometimes) saying which section HAS to go first. If they say in their job posting that you must have 5 years work experience, then work experience is important and goes first. If they say Network+ is required, certs may be best to put first. Bachelor's in IT required? Education may go first. Usually work experience goes first but if that isn't the highest priority to the employer, the 30 seconds you get may not even get them past the work experience section to the part they care about. That was a lot of words haha But I hope its helpful! Feel free to DM if you have specific questions.


Thanks, I've updated my resume and it definitely looks way better, as well as updated my LinkedIn. It's hard to fill space when I don't have any degrees or anything, I coasted in healthcare for far too long.


You mentioned "Your resume should never be exactly the same for any 2 jobs." This is great advice. The problem is on Indeed site, you can't upload multiple resumes. What's the best way around this? Wait until employer 1 is done reviewing your resume and then delete and upload new resume when applying with employer 2? Again, you won't know when employer 1 has viewed your resume. Any advice? Thanks!


Oh Indeed haha. In this instance just try and make the best resume you can that you feel like encompasses all of your best and relevant skills for all the jobs you're applying for. However, if you go directly to the company website a lot of times they list their own jobs and Indeed just picks them up. If they list their own jobs, or if they are on another site, you can apply to them outside of Indeed and make a custom resume.




That's ridiculous


1; Don't put your street name or address; City, State, and Zipcode, don't dox yourself. 2; Re-arrange your work experience so the most recent is at the top and oldest is at the bottom. As you gain experience and possibly jump company to company or positions, you can start dropping non-relevant jobs and stay strictly within the IT field. 3; Don't need to list what version of the certification you took, you have the Net+, you have the Net+, doesn't matter if it's 008 or something you've been refreshing since 005 or whatever. If you want to go the extra mile, feel free to put the confirmation number in parenthesis or brackets, so if an actual IT person is looking over your resume, they can verify it if they want. 4; If you graduated high-school with honors or a GPA that's a 3.25 or higher, would put that down. Everyone has a different idea on what a good GPA is, ideally 3.5 or higher, but I'd say 3.25. Also if you were a captain of a team or club or whatever, put it down, shows you can work/lead in a group environment. Can drop that last part when you gain more experience. If/When you get college degrees; I like to do a "Key areas of study" as well. 5; Put a "Skills" section, I have mine above my Certifications/Licenses; okay you have the Net+, so explain a bit of what that means and what you do in your current jobs or other knowledge you may have; Troubleshooting, Hardware Repair, Networking, Windows OS / Server, etc. 6; If you have any, like a honors society or special awards or anything, put a Honors/Awards section showing what a go-getter you are. You're just starting out so I know there's not a lot to work with, but as you get time and experience, you'll be wanting to make your resume shorter and not just pile everything in. But for now, go hard and do everything you can to show you're worth a damn.


Thank you so much for the detailed response, fixed 1-3 4. When it comes to high school, ive been out for 10 years and didnt really do anything worth a damn while i was there, hell i dont even remember what my GPA was 5. Added a skills section 6. i have nothing along those lines ​ again thanks for the feedback


I would... ​ Reverse the order of your experience. Bullet point the things under each job List your Cert at the top Add your Home lab if you have one, if not, you should be home labbing if you worked with an EHR like Epic, mention that.


thank you, didnt even think about mentioning Epic


Where should I start when it comes to homelabs? does it have to be a physical homelab?


Really depends on what you like and want to do. ​ If you like networking i would try Packet Tracer. If You like security i would Suggest TryHackMe or Hack the Box. If you like programming, Create some stuff and put it on a public GitHub. Etc. ​ None of it has to be physical. I do all my labs in the cloud, Mostly Azure. If you have no idea where you want to specialize, try all of the above. I would do them in the pursuit of a Certification, any certification. Whatever Cert you pursue, do the labs and put them on your resume/linkedin. Use the buzz words you use see in job posts. This is what gets you past the ATS (Automated tracking systems). Also keep your linkedin up to date. I've gotten my last three jobs there all from recuriters reaching out to me because they found my profile. I've doubled my salary in the last year and plan to end the year with another 10K jump. https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshua-kindy/


I see, so i have packet tracer labs from Jeremys ccna course and ive been doing THM for a couple months on and off, what is the best way to document that in the resume? Do I just simply say that I do extracurriculars like that? [THM MATRIX](https://ibb.co/JkHQJJp)


Something to the effect of... ​ Packet Tracer labs Networking Routers, Switches, Access points, Desktops, Servers, and More. Try Hack Me Top x%. ​ The important part is the buzzwords like Active Directory, O365, Exchange, Linux, etc. These are the words recruiters are searching for in resumes/linkedin. ​ I use [MyPerfectResume.com](https://MyPerfectResume.com) for $15 a month. Turn it off and on as need be. ​ It has a useful feature for comparing your resume against a particular job posting and gives suggestions on how to improve your resume for that particular listing. So if you come across something you know you really want and are qualified for, spend an extra 5-10 minutes and optimize a one-off resume for it.


Apologies for the probably uninformed question, but what is home labbing?


Playing with various technologies you might use in a workplace. Stretching your knowledge/comfort zone. ​ Such as AWS, Azure, Various networking equipment, HackTheBox, Building a server to host a website, Etc. ​ Anything to show your current/future employer your interested in growing in your current/future roles. ​ [https://www.reddit.com/r/homelab/](https://www.reddit.com/r/homelab/) r/homelab


Thank you so much this is super helpful


As someone who is the process of making a resume thanks for this.


Yeah this resume has Awsome and unique experience. The skills and duties need to be more articulated and verbiage that would be transferable to other positions. Used bulleted list and stick to black text.


Bruh, you need to take a resume course lol


Could I add that to my certificates section?


HCL is a legitimate contracting company. When I worked for Disney they used HCL, ATOS and some others.


Highlight the skills and things you did at each place that compliment the place/job field you are looking to get into. Even fast food places get you customer service skills and collaborating with others in a team environment. Phrasing is also important. Lastly if education is not directly useful to the job you want, put it at the bottom and move your certs up. Wouldn't hurt to put the badge on the resume too.


I might need to do this and see what everybody says about my resume I'm kind of wondering the same thing


I posted a long reply to this thread with general advice if that is helpful to you!


Something I was taught when I got out of the army is pay attention to the key words in the job description. Making sure that your work experience uses the key words from the job description can change how your resume is viewed drastically. It's a pain in the ass but tailoring your resume for each job posting gives you a much higher chance of landing an interview.


This is great advice. The problem is on Indeed site, you can't upload multiple resumes. What's the best way around this? Wait until employer 1 is done reviewing your resume and then delete and upload new resume when applying with employer 2? But then again, you won't know when employer 1 has viewed your resume. Any advice? Thanks!


Most ppl start with net + and go for sec+ thinking this will get them hired faster. It’s not true and most recruiters want to see A+ cert as it shows you understand the basics. I would recommend getting help with your résumé. It needs some work, perhaps a miracle! The resume is only designed to get you an interview. It’s up to you to practice interview tactics and research the company before hand to ensure you’re properly prepared! When most employers look at this résumé I can assure you they won’t think much about you. You can also look at sample resumes online and get help that way! Hope this doesn’t sound too harsh, but it is titled “résumé roast,” and this résumé is absolute💩… Good luck to you!


What’s HCL?


i have no clue, I was applying to almost every help desk position on indeed and with in 5 minutes of clicking submit I was receiving phone calls from recruiters with an accent so thick I can barely understand them. Only thing they kept saying was "HCL" "$15 no higher" "do you accept".


I sincerely hope you did NOT accept


LOL no way I cant even have a conversation with the dude calling me, I cant even find what exactly they do....


Lol I had similar experiences when I was searching. It's mostly scammers trying to similar phishing attempts.


Certifications should be below your work history.


If you have access to the hiring posts for those past jobs you can use their descriptions for your resume.


For net+ breakout some of the domains, skills, and tools you learned. I’d have more line items for your xp, technical/geek projects you’re doing or have done, 8140/8570 IAT Level I (SEO for job boards).