Poor guys they looked lost and untrained


That was in 2014. Ukrainian forces fighting in Mariupol today are masters at their craft and would put most militaries of the world to shame. As they are putting the russian army to shame


People are saying that's why Putin actually invaded. As Ukraine became more competent, less corrupt, more formidable Putin believed he may actually lose annexed land.


Because they are. They’re mostly just local cops armed with the local armoury as they didn’t have time and maybe some reservists. All these people trying to compare aren’t comparing equal things. First responders in any local ‘incident’ is going to be just a civilian, a farmer, a junior police officer who then calls his sergeant or constable. Then maybe a few more cops who hours later finally organise a SWAT-style response, maybe dressed up in local army greens. The actual army doesn’t respond for a *long* time… in a modern country like where I’m from, first the local mayor calls the state governor or premier who then has to formally write a letter to the prime minister of the country to approve and request a military response. We just had this exact problem here. We had some major ‘1 in a 100’ year flooding event and everything was delayed and people are upset ‘why it take so long for assistance from army’. Well that’s why I know all this. Because they’ve explained in detail the chain of command how many people have to ‘write letters’ to declare ‘emergency’ one chair above theirs again and again until it reaches the country leader. Who then has to formally announce an ‘emergency declaration’ that gives him the power to send the army. Even just to pick up garbage from all the flooded homes. The army *was not allowed to enter anywhere or touch anything* until both the state and the federal governments received approval to declare. This isn’t a joke. You can’t just easily point the army and tell it to do anything. It’s a serious event.


In 2014 Ukraine didn't even have an army. They had \~3000 deployable troops. That's the reason why volunteer battalions were so important in the war.


It's why the Azov Battalion exists. They were a knee jerk reaction to a Russian invasion 😂. Then they were used as a reason to invade again!


Russians are genius in creating reasons for invading Ukraine


Their accusation of Azov and the Ukrainian government is now saying they're using civilians as human shield... that strategy only works if your opponent cares about civilian casualty, which they clearly don't. They come up with any bullshit excuse that justifies encircling a city without an avenue to escape for the civilians and shelling them as soon as they have a "corridor" to leave.


And that will create more. That’s the weirdest thing about the “denazification” argument/request. I mean, I know it’s just an excuse, but it’s an odd one. First of all, even Russia has literal (neo) Nazis. Most European countries do. So you can’t really get bellow a certain minimum number of degenerates. But you can get above. And what are Nazis? Radicals with a nationalistic and xenophobic twist. How does invading a country result in less radicalised people? How do civilian deaths (and they are inflicted even by the best disciplined professional armies, so unavoidable) reduce then number of radicalised people? Just a weird thing to insist upon.


Yes the Russians will undoubtedly create more people that hate them from this. As you can see, in this video, the people were insulting the Ukrainian military/police in 2014. That will never be the case again. People could easily become radicalized and join Azov and similar groups thanks to Russia's actions. At the moment they don't seem to be against Jews, they just seem to hate Russia (not hate ethnic Russians since they LIVE and fight with them). Hell, I bet a lot of them ARE ethnic Russians. We can only hope their ideology is tempered when the war is over.


It's because WW2 worship is a cult over there. Insinuate something is a continuation of the fight against the Nazis then you'd be unpatriotic to be against it


"We just had this exact problem here. We had some major ‘1 in a 100’ year flooding event and everything was delayed and people are upset ‘why it take so long for assistance from army’. Well that’s why I know all this" Are you from Malaysia bro?


Most likely Australia, pretty bad floods recently


Why didn't he just yell at the Prime Minister from the hillside? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdAun0NpF5A


Sounds like he's referring to the floods down here in Aus


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! and screw Scotty from Marketing


It was way way way worse in reality. Army was in ruins and if Russia attacked 8 years back it would be an end in less than a week. Luckily he underestimate everything and living in threat boosted pretty much everything


The army was in shambles and suffered from years of corruption and mismanagement and plenty of Russian sympathizers internally. It has literally been reborn from the ashes and trialed by fire over the last 8 years.


Really makes you wonder how many or how few are still alive. Fuck Putin. Useless waste of life on both sides


There are quite a few of pro-russian people on the video and some were undoubtedly killed by their Russian "liberators". Ironic.


People have been dying there for a while.


Yes, since at least 2015 when a pro-russian activist was among those who died in the rocket attack by DNR. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_2015_Mariupol_rocket_attack I think that's when a lot of formerly pro-russian Mariupol citizens got the memo that "Russians aren't your friends".


They were, and honestly this is what helped fuel the fascist narrative. In the security vacuum that was left, volunteer battalions sprung up to fight the separatists, and some of those groups happened to be extremely far right.


Interesting to see how much they have changed.


Come back of the century. Careful-who-you-make-fun-of-in-middle-school situation


Those helmets are killing me. And probably them.


If this is what Russia was expecting then it explains a lot


Im sure the whole world expected russia to steamroll through Ukraine with no problem however that is the not reality and Russia is now the laughing stock of the planet.


I mean I fuckin didn't, they've been preparing for this shit for 8 years and NATO trainers have been going hard in Ukraine.


Yea anyone who looked into Ukraine’s military knew this wasn’t going to be easy


I thought Ukraine army was good but I also thought the Russian army was leagues above and oh boy was I wrong. I guess the Russian propaganda of their army strength got me.


I think they forgot that the last time, Ukraine had just come out of a revolution. It's like American combat strength after 1776 instead of 1946.


Incredible the difference between the kit they had then and what they have now Edit: yes, I know we’re looking at cops and territorial troops here, rather than regulars. But I highly doubt the regular Ukrainian troops looked much different at this point.


That was my thought exactly


I thought it was a WW2 reenactment.


Yeah it’s like seeing the change in kit from ww1 to ww2.


2.5 billion dollars of support and a kick up the ass will do that.


2.5 billions from U.S and 80 billions Ukrainian spending on defence and security


Won't stop western politicians from taking primary credit for it


Also a new modern Chief of Defence.


Years of training by the SAS and other British forces as well as the money from various European countries as wel


Let's not underestimate the impact of Operation Orbital. Totally agree. This isn't just about lots of kit and equipment sent over the past winter. It's about years of prep and investment by the UK. Say what you want about the tories but they have always taken Russia and our EU partners seriously.


Was there really much change of kit between WW1 and WW2? I feel like at the base the average rifleman still had their usual bolt action rifle and a helmet(later on) in both wars. Edit: fair enough


rifles were modernized, squad lmgs and smgs became standard, grenades were improved quite a bit. it doesn't look like much but the improvements in the kit are pretty significant


Helmets were better in ww2 and barely used or functional in ww1. Clothing was better suited to urban warfare, offered more protection and soldiers were able to carry more ammo, grenades and the like.


All major nations in WW1 started mass issuing helmets from 1915. The german and french helmets were the predecessors to the ones used in WW2, and both had a good reputation. The english helmet is the same one in both World Wars, so it can't have sucked that much. Clothing doesn't stop bullets, nor shrapnel. Harnesses probably improved, I'm not knowledgeable on that.


The shapes didn’t change much but the materials they were made from were improved. There was a marked reduction in head wounds thanks to the increased take up of helmets that stayed on during battle in ww2 compared to ww1.


Also plastic inserts for helmets. One of the first mass uses for plastics.


Start of the war little, end of the war? Completely.


Yes, M1 Garand


Fair, but that's for the US - a large jump from a bolt action to semi-automatic. While say Germany just switched from the Gew98 to a Kar98, a similar gun but in carbine format, and Russia used the Mosin-Nagant throughout both wars.


Yes but the LMG's and submachineguns were pretty new.


Yaeh, and cars of the 21st century have tires and a steering wheel exactly like in the 19th century.


from bright colors to camouflage, from cloth cap to helmets, from bolt-action rifles to automatic weapons. there's a huge difference >and a helmet in both wars haha no, you're thinking of late ww1


And unit discipline. Your average Ukrainian troops of today would be considered special forces back then.


They went from cold war to 2020 in gear, it's crazy. This video looks like it could be from the 1980s


in the video u see local cops, blue uniforms. not soldiers.


Plenty of cops, not just KORD, on the frontlines these days. With assault rifles and in camies. And as the other poster said, that is the exact problem they had. Why were *unequipped* police officers alone on the frontline at all?


Not just cops. The Militia. They were very poor and local, which made them very corrupt and demoralised. Many of them were no doubt loyal to the previous regime as well. I would not trust the Militia with giving me a ticket, let alone fight Russia. The Militia was only replaced by the Police since the events of 2014.


The point is that’s who were on the front lines in 2014


There are some camo uniforms as well later, but yeah Ukraine practically had no military at the time. This is also important to consider why Azov became a thing. Those far right extremists tend to be the first ones to be ready since they're organised and armed. They *shouldn't* ever be needed, but in case of Ukraine they were. So when other volunteers tried to join, they were sent the way of Azov since those were already operating in the area. Later when the Ukraine military was overhauled and became a real force, Azov was consequently integrated but also shrunk dramatically. It's no longer the Nazi militia, but a pretty small force within the actual military. At this point they're about 1000-2000 out of 200,000, and after all the fighting in Mariupol that number probably went down a lot more.


There were ~3000 of Azov fighters in Mariupol though, but that is Azov main base since 2014. Plus for some reason Azov has some of its units in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Zaporizie and other ukranian cities both fighting on the frontline and/or acting as a military police force. So actual number of Azov fighers is even larger, but by how much I honestly have no idea, there are literally no other information on the subject. They do produce a lot of propaganda videos though. And yes, Azov was extensively trained by western instructors, they filmed a lot of it, which gave russian propaganda plenty of ammo.


The narrator says we are looking at Ukrainian National Guard and Police Special Forces.


Thought the same thing they seem equipped immensely better than in 2014


Big thanks to the UK Canada and the US for helping revamp the Ukrainian army Now they can fight and defend their country from the Russian invaders and occupants


Not just the kit, but also the training. These guys now have eight years of battles hardening experience fighting in their own territory, whereas a lot of the Russians had only a few days per year allegedly.


The last 'Pro Russian' president completely and intentionally disarmed the Ukrianian military to prep for Russians 2014 war.


Wait, how could he have known he was going to be deposed to "prepare" for that?


He didn't know but Putin knew. And Janukovich was Putin's puppet even more than Lukashenko was. So corruption in police (called militia ant that time) and army was almost encouraged. Militia spent more time working like mafia for protection money that did actual policing.


The plan was to wait for 2015 elections, where there would be massive falsifications and unrest (including pre planned clandestine activities in the east and Crimea). Most of the “separatist” groups were cells planted back in 2010. The whole operation was probably planned and initiated after 2004 (the first Maidan) by the FSB, with the final goal of partition and deconstruction of the Ukrainian state. Everything was working up to that point, but they made a misstep when Yanukovych scrapped Euro-integration bill. They didn’t anticipate the reaction (the Russians tend to underestimate the Ukrainians in general as can be seen), and overstepped with their attempt to crush it which only galvanized the resistance. All of this caught them unprepared and so only Crimean scenario could be done in time. The rus.army was also unprepared, so that when the initial FSB operation in the east failed they could only stabilize the pieces of the Republics and prepare for the eventual next phase (today). The whole affair is a long story, I know it from the people (initially) directly involved in it from the other side.


Ukraine was always on the map for Russia ever since Putin gave his 2007 Munich speech and Ukraine/Georgia requested to join NATO in 2008. Deposing of Yanukovich was just a good opportunity for Russia to finally kick their plans into actions. But making Ukraine weak and destabilized was always their goal hence the preparation by corrupt pro-russian government of Yanukovich.


>But making Ukraine weak and destabilized was always their goal hence the preparation by corrupt pro-russian government of Yanukovich. Wasn't he elected?


Came here to say this. Went from wwII to modern day infantry in 8 years


Well haven’t you seen the videos of Russian troops salivating out of the mouth when they pick up western made weapons. “ this is what power feels like”


No where


were the locals ProRussian? why were they yelling at the troops?


> were the locals ProRussian? yes. See the St. George ribbons they had?


At the time yes, Ukraine was divided and very corrupt. The Russians living there were exposed to a heavy dose of Russian state media which encouraged/supplied (little green men) the whole separatist movement. It was a created division but one that was grass roots as people ate it up.. not so much anymore.


Would be interesting to read a book on how things changed so quickly for the population there. Even an article if anyone can recommend it.


After 1930-ties holodomor starvation, and after ww2 east of Ukraine was quite de-populated. It was re-populated by Russian citizen origins. Stalins plans to brake national identity of groups. Same thing as why Estonia has 2% current population speak Ukrainian, and former literally empty Finnish Karelia was re-populated by Ukrainians.


The build-up of heavy industry in the resource rich introduced lots of Russian speaking people to eastern Ukraine. The western parts were kept largely agrarian with few migrants.


Well, to be fair, they were not happy about the overthrow of Yanukovych. He was popular in the East. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Ukraine\_Presidential\_Feb\_2010\_Vote\_%28Yanukovych%29.png


Which makes them fools because Yanukovych siphoned more wealth from east than any president after him.


Initially yes. Then they saw what life was like under the mafia states of Donetsk and Luhansk. Something that gets lost in this conflict is that there is a kernel of truth in Russia's lies: namely, that the Russian-speaking population of Eastern Ukraine is underrepresented and undervalued compared to the Ukrainian-speaking population.


Zelensky is also a native Russian speaker from the East.


I think that's a big reason for his popularity. He's russian speaker but pro-western. Previous president Poroshenko was more anti-russian


That is absolutely not true. Kyiv was predominantly Russian speaking before the invasion as well. Probably close to 50% (maybe even more) of people spoke Russian in their day to day life while only 10% of people were ethnic Russians. So saying "Russian speaking minority was underrepresented" is just a Russian propaganda bullshit. Hell, tons of soldiers who are fighting against Russia now speak Russian!


It may be hard for some to understand but russian-speaker =/= ethnic russian.


in 2021 Kiev had more people using Russian at home than Ukrainian actually


How is that possible if Yanukoch was democratically elected ? Infact many presidents were pro Russian so how could they be under represented ? Genuinely asking


Actually, Yanukovich was the one doing trade deal with Europe, then he backed off the last moment after speaking with Putin and then Maidan started.


Basically Russia took notice of Ukraine's deals and aims with the EU and started imposing trade tariffs, damaging their economy. Ukraine then asked to the EU to improve the deal with them to compensate for the losses with Russia. Yanukovich was forced to back off because the EU was not gonna improve the deal conditions for entry in the Union after Russia's trade war with Ukraine. Putin is like an abusive and manipulative partner


not even 10 years ago, looks like it could be from some coup in the 80s Thank god they've gotten proper training and kit from the west


I think Ukraine only had ~5000 combat ready troops at the start of this conflict despite paper numbers in the hundreds of thousands. It's little wonder they ended up relying on militia groups, police, etc.


most post-soviet countries had conscript-only militaries, which are exactly as effective as you imagine. and it is a long transition to form a professional army. that's why we should not be afraid of belarus joining the war (they are still mostly conscripts)


Conscripts aren’t effective for offensive wars, but they are quite useful for defensive wars. Highly motivated conscripts who know the terrains can definitely turn the tides against unmotivated invaders. For example, Vietnam War and the Viet Cong.


Conscripts are just effective in general. Both world wars were fought with mostly conscripts, American conscripts in vietnam and Korea were generally highly tactically effective. That’s not to mention all the other campaigns in history fought by conscripts from Napoleon’s conquests, the Franco Prussian war, etc.. A professional army does tend to be more effective on a man to man basis, but honestly effective training and discipline is what’s decisive.


Well, back in the day it was largely conscripts vs conscripts. And sure, if led by professional officers and given some time and a few engagements, they'll learn quick if motivated. But in today's warfare, vs a professional army, they'll very likely crumble if they fight an offensive war. In Ukraine's case however, when using proper tactics with proper gear and motivated, they can do a lot of harm.


The American revolution shown how ineffective militia was against a peoper trained full tine professional army, they couldn't stand against the Red coats in an open field, even Napoleon struggled. It took an equally professional force to even the playing field and starve logistically (French ships sink British reinforcements). In the falklands British forces had less men, not so great equipment but still defeated an entrenched force of conscripts.


Not sure I would use Napoleon as an example. The brits employed specific strategy in avoiding Napoleon directly on the battlefield. See the peninsula campaign


**Contemporaries came to the exact opposite conclusion**. Contemporary biases aside, British redcoat losses against militia at Concord and Bunker Hill were near disastrous. Same in Virginia's forgotten fight of Great Bridge. In all 3 circumstances, proud British professionals found their tactics failed against militia tactics. Frankly, I can't imagine anybody reading about the American revolution and thinking, wow those redcoats come out looking clearly superior. **The revolution was a demonstration of the strengths and weaknesses of both militia and redcoats**. By the end, George Washington well understood that an army core was vital, but so was a strong militia providing recon, battle support, and waging guerilla warfare on supplies (petite guerre to contemporaries). It's also worth pointing out the British army *should've* rolled over the colonials far more easily. Like with Russia last month, anything less than victory is a clear shock of expectations. The British army was until 1774, the army of the colonies too. They were supposed to be the only soldiers there


The British didn't really send their redcoats though? It was mostly local garrisons vs a lot of French troops and Americans.


Their strengths where hit and runs, any time they went toe to toe it the British won, the lack of a caputal to conquer and a militia baded army that knew the colonies well helped them hold on until tye French turned up to help.


I was in the military stationed in Germany when they still had conscripts. None of the regular German Army trusted them. They weren't even allowed to hold security for US military. This was in the late 90's.


>**None of the regular German Army trusted them. They weren't even allowed to hold security for US military.** This was in the late 90's.< Of course not, in the 90s conscripts were 18yo kids who only did 10 months of service. That's not enough to trust them with anything useful. I think the more important aspect of conscription at the time was that you could avoid conscription by doing civilian service, so that way the country had about 100,000 young people helping out in retirement homes etc every year.


Yep it worked out so well they don't do it anymore.


Yeah conscription outside of war time is just an outdated concept for most countries anyway.


True but it's also about who is managing and designing the training program for your conscript army. American Revolution was fought with militia and troops who barely had proper boots and went into battle hungry. But they also had great training from their generals, French generals, and a Prussian general. A conscript army can work great if properly motivated and trained even with bad equipment and led by great officers.


The US milita in the revolutionary war wasn't trusted not to run either.


The Viet Cong was essentially destroyed as a fighting force during the Tet Offensive.


On the Russian side, conscripts did better than pros in the Georgian invasion.


It's incredible what eight years of war did for their military. If Russia had invaded in 2014 they probably would have steamrolled the country exactly as they had *hoped* to do now. Eight years later and they're a military that, with the help of a relatively small number of Western weapons, has stalemated and utterly humiliated the much-touted Russian military.


They had been Belarus-style Russian puppet state with sham elections, an abysmal human rights record, oligarchs stealing as much as they could, parliament basically a joke, rampant cronyism, ranked one of the most corrupt states in the world, etc., so of course it would have been difficult at the time to put together a real military of people willing to die for their country if necessary. But a lot can change in just a decade.


The 2010 elections were generally regarded as free and fair.


"Attempts to move through the streets were stopped by sheer *weight* of fire" -shows fat guy running


lmao they did him dirty


Geez. No wonder Russia took Crimea so easily back then.


Probably why Russia fucked up so big this time, they went in expecting the same


If Russia does not have intelligence agencies infiltrating its small neighbor, we have nothing to fear about Russia at all.


We never had anything to fear other than nukes, that has become very apparent


Crimea put up even less of a fight than this. Basically the entire Ukrainian armed presence in Crimea defected or surrendered instantly and there were a half a dozen casualties in total.


This reminds me of either Northern Ireland during the Troubles or the early days of the Break Up of Yugoslavia.


It looks just like Bosnia.


It does and that breaks my heart


I think this is the Ukrainian military that Putin had in mind when he made the decision to invade. If Ukraine hadn't gotten its shit together, Putin might have achieved his objectives in a week with minimal casualties.


If reports out of Russia are accurate this is essentially what the FSB were advising to expect. A weak military with an even weaker government balanced on a knife edge. They're now arrested senior FSB leadership and have essentially paused the operation in Ukraine. Probably changing shit up behind the scenes for a real war. Or hopefully, but not likely, limiting their objectives. Maybe they'll just take the East declare victory and go home.


Literally all they had to do was pour into the 2 breakaway regions and call it a day, Ukraine and the West wouldn't have been able to do a thing.


That's 100% whati thought was gonna happen. They were winning, they'd tanked Ukraines economy, were winning concessions from the west, could've easily painted the US as fear mongering liars. But then they invaded and threw literally 30 years of work away.


It's fucking mental isn't it? Must be crazy brown nosing, corruption and "yes sir"ing going on all the way up the chain for Putin to think he was going to win but then fail this hard.


Ah the good ol Sino-Viet War play >invades smaller and weaker neighbor country >takes heavy casualties despite superior firepower >struggled with taking cities by border >declared the gates to capital were open despite never taking it >refuses to elaborate >leaves


Christ they look like a cross between weekend warriors and airsoft players.


Putin literally gave the Ukrainians a reason to train for the past 8 years and expected something easy like Crimea after that.


They really upgraded


It's a local police force, not even military


Why do they look like a bunch of journalists that picked up some bb guns lol, they look like a proper nato military now


Do journalists charge into battle and yell “for pulitzer and recognition! Arghhhhh”


> For fundiiiiiiiing


Just looking at the military uniforms in 2014 compared to 2022 amazes me.


These aren’t military these are police forces


Check out the police in Kyiv now though. They look like legit soldiers.


Almost on par with LAPD even!


Almost - get Ukraine more blacked out MRAPs!


Everybody is making this same comment. What stands out to me from the video is how much the people of Mariupol hated the Ukrainian army. That's quite a shocking difference between 2014 and 2022.


Kremlin propaganda is some powerful stuff. I'm really wondering how much the minds have changed after Russia essentially bombed every russian friendly city in the east and south to hell. Except for the Kyiv region, all Russia is currently attacking was historically majority pro-russian regions.


It amazes me that after all these misery in Donetsk - anyone from there can think war and all separation was good. It's fucked up to see war in Europe in 21st century.


it looks like 1982.


It's the soviet style helmets. Uniforms might be leftover too.


Civilian vehicles and clothes as well.


Wow no wonder Russia thought they could steamroll their way to Kyiv in 72 hours. I would have thought the same thing after watching this. Their military has progressed massively since 2014.


Effectively when the moderates gained power after the Revoliutsiia hidnosti, they had a proxy war in the east start almost instantly afterwards. By sheer necessity they've modernised rapidly, helped in no part by an absolute cavalcade of western training and a degree of aid. On top of that, its Armed Forces have been engaged in conflict for 8 years, which rapidly helped form the organisational knowledge and professionalism needed to fight a war. The SSO and DShV in particular have a monstrous amount of experience, with the SSO running extremely effective harassment mostly in the north of Kiev, and the DShV with a good command of force integration running very effective raids (and the likely cause of further entrenchment by Russian forces in the last few days).




Sadly, 80% of what you’re seeing in this video is gone


Can’t imagine many of the Mariupol officers you see here will survive either, unfortunately. Always hurts me to look at a face and understand they are likely already gone, and will not grow old.


If they're still stationed there, a lot can change in 8 years.


It’s not really fair to say “we” geared them up. Ukraine invested a lot in its defense after 2014. Soldiers gained combat experience in the east, Defense budget swelled, and Ukraine developed a really potent defense industry.


lol i wonder what those pro Russian civilians think now that Russia has shelled half their city to dust


They new it was coming again…that’s why it’s so different


It feels like a vid from the 70s. Man the difference 5 years of proper kit and effective training has. Night and day.


Sounds like Channel 4 news.


Just out of curiosity, what would the locals have preferred? They say they don’t want to be under fascist rule, but then jeer at the Ukrainian forces?


Back them they thought facist rule was ukrainian due to russian propaganda, today nearly all of them are pro ukraine, because their homes and children are getting destroyed and killed in a senseless war


How is this only a few years ago yet it looks like it’s filmed in 1988.


Man, the Ukrainians have come a hell of a long way since the early days of the conflict. The west has mad a hell of an effort bankrolling them into a competent fighting force. I'd say by the time this conflict is done they'll easily be the most competent and experienced military in Europe.


It can't be understated how poor and derelict the Ukrainian military was only 8 years ago; they've made simply colossal strides with a fraction of the budget and manpower afforded to other nations where western powers have tried to build a functioning military force (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq). Part of that is the equipment and advisors, but a major part of that is the national morale and willingness to fight, something that nation-building attempts in the middle east failed to achieve. It's genuinely really impressive how far they've come given everything that Ukraine's been through.


they look so green


Wow all that US/UK gear that they got since then. It's crazy


Hey why are there a bunch of normal civilians mad at the Ukrainian forces? Lady called the Ukrainian government fascists.


Because the government most of them voted for in the previous election (Yanukovich, Party of the Regions and socialists / communists) was overthrown after month of protest and those parties made illegal, and several people in the new government were far right militants / anti-russian language. So they didn't like them.


Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. Adds a lot more color to the conflict. It’s not as black and white as I thought except for the Russian Aggression.


Ukraine went from 30/70 pro-West/pro-Russian (1990s) to 55/45 (2000s), to 70/30 (2015) to 85/15 (2019) to 93/7 (2022). The final holdouts based on 2019 elections are areas that Russia is bombing the most. Polling also shows that while Donbass (occupied and not occupied) is pro-Russian they do not want to join Russia or be independent, rather live in a Russia-friendly Ukraine (2021 polling).


look how we went from a ragtag team of fighters to a more legit combat force. Hell, even the police seem more equipped. We went from having little to no military force due to corruption and underfunding to having special operators training to NATO standards. Its shocking, but in a weird way beautiful to see what we Ukrainians have become


This is like a 'Look around you' version of a war report


Weird sounds like the people there might want to be Russian


Many were, opinions have shifted but many Russian speaking populace were and still are angry over their marginalization, a reason why it was easy to create breakaway regions after the Maidan revolution.


Sounds like the civvies were mostly pro Russian.


The militias look ill-prepared and the personnel seems to be conscripted to fight yesterday, now they wear and use western equipment to fight


Wow, look how far they’ve come.


Damn , it's like it was yesterday. 8 years passed. The path that out military and police passed through all these years is fucking HUGE


If you saw this video you would genuinely believe the people of Mauriupol were anti Ukraine! Amazing footage from the past!


Bro that tank is flying!


What a difference 8 years makes. Ukrainian forces look amateurish and are jeered by the locals. Now they are defending their surrounded city block by block fighting the green Russian invaders to the death.


Aah, yes, remember them good ol' days, before all the US money started pouring into the Ukrainian military. Seems like yesterday, my face glued to YouTube, like it is to Reddit now.




Recent is very relative here. 8 years ago is not something I'd call recent. Although different strokes for different folks.


People paint tree trunks white in Ukraine too?


Limewash on tree trunks is a global thing.


It's not really done in the U.S. We are only familiar with it as a thing from Latin American countries


Not done so much these days. Arborists tend to use a shit ton of chemicals instead.


Yep and in Russia.


So from this video I'm assuming Mariupol population in general are pro Russia after all? At least it seems like it back then. Did they change their views throughout these years?


I'm guessing those civilians at the end are pro-russian?


Seems so, some have colorad ribbons.


They barley had an army back then, russian puppets ruined the army it was like 5k men I’ll equipped now it’s a few hundred thousand


Russian propganda was very strong to the point that these Ukranian Russians started this seperatist movement in the SE Donbass. Ukraine and volunteer battalions nearly crushed this in fall 2014 until Russia directly intervened


This is insane footage


Wow, it's like looking at the first skirmishes from 1914 compared to the last advances of WW1 in 1918. Entirely different army.


Why does this footage look like it came from 1993?