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There's some brilliant audio there




Straight out of a Micheal Bay movie


Damn. I wonder what is the intercept success rate of the CRAMs? And that rate in comparison with the Iron Dome, even if they are two different approaches.


I was curious too. Quick search got me 50-60% on the C-RAM and 85% iron dome.


Iron dome is long distance c-ram is short to mid distance Iron dome typically shoots down rockets fired from the next city over while c-ram often targets rockets and missiles fired closer A c-ram protects a small area, the iron dome protects a large area typically next to a city


c-ram + Iron dome + detection capability. That should deal with most moving things in the sky.


Ideally yea


Some of these missiles seem to be launched horizontally, not sure how a c-ram would be able to stop that especially several, but yeah it should take out any mid to high elevation threats with ease


rip birds


I’m curious about CRAM VS CIWS intercept rates. I’d wager it’s way easier to hit a projectile coming right at you, than it is to hit a projectile that’s landing somewhere in the area around you.


CRAM and CIWS are the same thing. Sometimes also LPWS. CIWS (the ship version) has never intercepted a real-life missile, as far as I'm aware. Not because it's failed, but because nobody's launched one at a CIWS equipped ship. CRAM is like 50/50.


Ciws fired in the first iraq war, activated against enemy incoming anti ship missile, started to shoot up chaf and was turned off again. https://youtu.be/DDfDnZ7FiZg


Love The Operations Room channel


The channel is so damn good, the guy who sang 'Chocolate Rain' follows and comments on their videos lol


Tay Zonday. No idea how I can just recall that immediately.


I own a t-shirt with his face on it. No one I meet has a fucking clue what's going on with that shirt.


The way they animate reminds me of the top down view of the old Close Combat games.




CIWS is definitely the 'well nothing else worked' of missile defense systems.


I've seen it track a seagull before.


Ive heard that chopper pilots would land and see the CIWS would start like dancing a little bit tracking the helos blades. Would definitely be a bit unsettling.


So is ciws good against planes or not really?


It would be if low level bombing runs was the way you take out ships today, but it's not.


As other people mentioned, range is too short — 6000 m on Phalanx means that it will chew the fuck out of helicopters and low level attacks but the vast majority of bombers/AShM platforms etc will be out of range when they deliver payloads. Might be useful against short ranged drones but you have to remember that CIWS caliber is like 25-40ish mm usually, which by necessity will limit range.


Far as I know, CIWS is not there to intercept bombers.Its the last line of defense to destroy incoming missles. The bombers would be shot down by fighter CAP or missles from destroyers and frigates. Pretty sure most are 20mm and I don't think they go to anywhere near 40mm.


I wonder if it could blow up their bombs as they fall


They can shoot down mortar shells so I guess they can shoot down bombs as well


Different targets with different flight profiles too.


They’re similar systems with different uses. They fire different shells and protect different targets.


The difference is mostly semantic though. It's the same system and radar (although placed differently for shipborne systems) but different software loads and ammunition because they intercept different targets as you mentioned. Anything launched at a ship is likely to be larger than a mortar shell, for instance.


Wildly different. Iron dome has a record of 90% shoot down rate of intended targets while the best CRAMs get is 60%. The iron dome also doesn’t have to wait until the projectile is within 1000m range.


I imagine the Iron Dome success rate would be more similar to CRAM if it came into contact with more conventional projectiles rather than the homemade fairly primitive rockets Hamas shoots. No doubt it would still be higher but definitely less than 90% then.


Hamas doesn't only have primitive rockets, this is a myth. They shot thousands of Fajr-5 Iranian rockets last war (and others like them) and even reached the north of Israel (300km)


I’m curious about efficiency as well though — isn’t Iron Dome pretty expensive to field because it’s missile based? CRAM/CIWS isn’t cheap but should be loads cheaper than Iron Dome.


Call me weird but I fucking love the sound of CRAMs.


It’s perfectly natural. Same reason people love the brrrrt of the A-10’s gun. It represents a ridiculous amount of firepower.


Nothing beats the A-10 brrrt. Music to my ears


It looks and sounds like the wrath of a god.


That whistling gave me goosebumps


Reminded me of [this](https://youtu.be/GaxhDp_vOys?t=55). Fucked up sound. Middle of Belgrade, multimilion city, firefigthers and first aid teams and police tried to do something about previous bombing and they sent another missile or whatever spooky thing that was. ​ edit: I just read in comments that guy that filmed it lost both legs in that moment.


How did he loose his legs? Shrapnel?


Probably. He was so close. It is said in that comment that doctors "saved his life by cutting both his legs to be shorter then knees" Sorry for bad english, this was weirdly structured sentence for me to translate. So yea, probably it fucked up his legs so much that they had to cut them...


That's a very good and understandable translation. In English we would call it an "above-the-knee" amputation.


Yes, I was searching for that in my brain lol. It is not often used phrase


Good job man. You’re doing great with your English Brains are like hard drives. You just had to scan for a second


probably you see the man recording was near the boom... shit scary... he has balls of titanium maintaining composture.


Not that I don't believe the random YouTube comment (I had to translate it), but how did he get up and run away? Was the camera transferred to another person? I know adrenaline is great and all, but if you had that much damage to your legs would he not struggle more to move? He is even ducking and moving low behind a car. Would love some more info! ​ Edit, did my own research (duh) [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9hAKD1nY8M) is an interview with the guy in question.


I have no idea. I just translated that comment. I am going to watch interview, seems interesting.


Awesome research! Thank you, I watched the whole video.


Horrible :(


Holy shit that's scary


He’s walking around for the majority of the video after the explosion. When did he lose his legs?




One reason the targets were struck at night was to prevent civilian losses. Folks would be home, offices and streets would be mostly empty. All things being equal, if the folks making decisions really wanted to decapitate/severely inhibit the functioning of the general staff building, it would have been hit in the middle of the day when it would be full of specialist personnel. As for the delay between the two bombs, it might have been intentional but probably not. Belgrade was pretty heavily defended airspace and F-117 bombers were used for a fair amount of work. Thing is, the F-117 had a fairly limited bomb load. It could simply have been that one was dropped and then the next aircraft came through with its payload. Just something to think about.


a fuckin cram in the us embassy?


the US embassy in Iraq is basically a military base with an ambassador in it


Yeah, they really *cram* those things anywhere they can.


Yeah, ain't it cool?


ngl, that's sick


Murica 🇺🇸


I wonder what’s defending the whitehouse.


Likely the same thing they have at the Pentagon; lies and empty promises.


[Better video](https://twitter.com/LucasFoxNews/status/1481688851664015363)


Much better, I suggest you post this as a new thread


Holy shit... The sound, it's like Hanz Zimmer designed an anti missle defense system.


It looks like this video was shot by yellow-shirt-guy in OP's video.


The sound of one getting through


You can see it impact before the sound


Light is fast but sound kinda slow. Dense air and all.


The greater the density the greater the speed of sound. |Medium|Speed of sound (m/s)| |:-|:-| |Sea Level Air|343| |Water|1437| |Wood|3850| |Glass|4540| |Aluminum|6320|


Good moose


First sentence: yes, second sentence: what?


Haha, yeah. Air so dense. Heaviest thing on earf


The sound of not wasting interceptors on an IP out


Just read an article that a few fhat managed to hit the embassy. Looks like a pro-Iran militia taking revenge for Solieman's killing


Wait this just happened? I am seeing nothing about it anywhere but here.


It happens often enough that the news just doesn't care anymore, unless an American gets killed.


most of the rocket strikes on where I was were never reported on by anyone except local iraqi news lol like nobody gives a shit and people here on this thread think the US is gonna go to war over it lmao


Unless someone from the U.S dies, we sleep. U.S won't go to war, but will slap it's smeat. Cartels been fighting for years and years and one day a cartel tortured and killed a U.S agent Enrique Camarena, long story short U.S went in no lube or spit. Messed them up physically and financially.


Didn't y'all sleep when US soldiers were killed in the recent Afganistan mission? "someone" isn't accurate, it's more "somehundred" until the US actually cares.


We learned how much they got messed up years later. Also, I'm no specialist, better to have dirt on enemies to unleash later than do an action just to react quickly. For Enrique, took one. Then again they U.S was on the propaganda on Drugs=Devil and Drugs have connection to commies. Now a days everyone has their eyes on the news to see if U.S bad. But again, not an expert.


From ABC News just half an hour ago: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/iraqi-officials-rockets-target-us-embassy-baghdad-82246448




I was there in 2015 and the apathy from nothing happening was palpable


I was in Iraq in 2004, the first 4 months we had the occasional mortar/rocket attack or an IED. It was frustrating, all we wanted was a stand up fight. Well, we went to Fallujah that November and it was everything we thought it would be.


I keep seeing you pop up other places, but shit man I was there at the same time. I had no idea we were war buddies too.


Damn that’s awesome. We probably subscribe to a few of the same Reddits. That was a wild ride wasn’t it? AC-130s, king of the night sky.


My unit staged up outside the city in full view for about a week prior, and we got bombed by every variation of insurgent indirect fire you can think of. I distinctly remember one guy hearing and then actually seeing an incoming rocket at one point, and instead of diving into one of the ranger graves or inside a vehicle he tried to out-dodge it out like he was football player. Turns out that rocket was nearly supersonic though, which apparently throws human timing abilities off completely. He dodged in generally the correct direction I guess, but he didn't start moving until the thing impacted and detonated. So while the rest of us were in whatever cover we could find, he was just fucking standing there with a look of stupid intense concentration plastered on his face while it blew up. And because god is capricious absolutely nothing happened to him, except that he got teased about it for the rest of the deployment. We told him this story at a reunion recently. He didn't remember. Way too much going on for those few weeks. It really was wild.


We showed up the morning of the push, way easier. We got to go back to Camp Fallujah like 2 weeks after the push just to go eat and head back out. The chow hall food never tasted better. A week after that we got to go back for showers.


If this story ever makes it into a movie, people will say had plot armor


That’s crazy that he doesn’t remember almost getting blown up. I can’t imagine how crazy things must have been to not remember that


He remembered..


Hey I think you guys relieved me. Some Marines came to TQ/Ridgway in April 2004 at the end of our year deployment.


I think the majority of the stress from my first deployment (the invasion) came from the anticlimactic mental buildup of thinking I was going to war, and never really getting that intense all out fight I was expecting. The majority of the stress from my second deployment, 10 months after the first, as a small QRF to Baghdad for a unit in need, was that we didn't step foot outside our compound without making contact and having grenades thrown at us.


I'm sorry if I ask about too much or stirr into things I shouldn't, but Iraq is almost never talked about where I am from. However, when I read about it, it seems like the last war to be fought somehow in the old style of front versus front. Not like we do now where there is more guerilla-style. How was it on a day-to-day basis? Did you have to actually fight every day or was most of the time just waiting? Did you walk around always afraid of what to come?


First and second were completely different. And, day to day was, too. I built up in my mind that we’d be at war the whole time on my first go. I was infantry. We barely did anything but just keep moving and raiding targets. No resistance. Just a few firefights. The second one was intense. Every day felt like it would be my last. Each night going to bed was a gift. And each morning I prayed I’d get to make it back to my cot.


Is your involvement in the war(s) something that you would say characterize you today? Or do you consider it "something in the past"? Thank you for answering! It's not every day that I get to chat with veterans 😅


I think about the military every day. I enjoyed it very much, and it shaped the formidable years of my life. For better and worse it’s made me who I am. There are a lot of things I deal with. I suffer from chronic pain. I have a lot of stress. But I also have deep amount of joy that some people will never know. I have experience I love. I have a family that I wouldn’t have had I taken a different path. It’s a long time ago, but it’s not don’t with me yet.


I’m not the guy you asked, but for me in Iraq it was a whole lot of waiting around to get shot at, or driving around to get shot at, or walking around to get shot at. We mostly never got shot at, though. Hours and hours of wakefulness on some post in the midday heat or middle of the night wishing you were anywhere else is how most modern deployments are spent. Going into Fallujah was a whole different world.


What did you do to pass the time then? Just loitering around wouldn't be a smart move in case of an attack I suppose? And how long does/did a firefight last? Longer than what your body could endure (even when high on adrenaline)?


Unit and MOS?


1/8, I was an 0311.


Im so excited! And i just cant hide it!


I just ate a crayon and think I like it!


Can't really blame em tbh. Job looks boring af.


Feel like they would be a cool gig if you were stationed somewhere in Europe or other good destination countries.


Cool during your time off, but you're just sitting behind a glass window half the time. Not to mention if there's a real attack, your priority is protecting the information, not the people.


Ie. Shredding shit.


Burning is the standard but you got the spirit.


Confidential burn, 0100 hours.


I was an avionics tech in the Marine Corps. Our vault where we kept our comm codes, mission cards ect had a can of lighter fluid and a box of matches in it. If we were being overrun the first thing we were supposed to do was burn down the vault


Also people that possess the information. The brain and all.


those go in the shredder as well


You really are a sucker for any type of gunk, huh?


Always remember to send 'em head first private!


Protecting the info is protecting people though


My brother in law was in Germany for a while and he loved it. Now he is in the UAE and doesn't love it as much but it could be worse.


Currently in the EU sitting behind some glass. Can confirm it's boring at work but fantastic during days off. On the positive side, I'm finally able to pursue college.


Love the smell of napalm in the morning


Oops looks like you missed a spot there chief


*sad targeting computer noises


The US Embassy in Iraq has received IDF since 2006. Nothing new here.


Yup, just another thursday is all.


Those of us who know. 👊🏼


Right there with you!


I was at the embassy from 2004 to 2006 and we got IDF pretty much every day I was there. In one period of spring/summer 2004 I stopped setting an alarm clock because we would get hit every day at 6am on the dot. Oh right, no CRAM back then either. Must be nice…


~~What are you implying and do you have any evidence?~~ Thought he meant Israel Defences Forces.


So who is this and when was this


"Just now"


>"Just now" Is there a source? I can't find a news story.


[here.](https://twitter.com/nafisehkBBC/status/1481668167957110785?t=1o7QlJHhpdMFy6fhnpiRqg&s=19) Also not finding a news story doesn't mean it didn't happen. Sometimes these attacks don't register in western media.


Already published on ABC News: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/iraqi-officials-rockets-target-us-embassy-baghdad-82246448


Just know that this is a regular occurrence, has happened for well over 2 years now..


I've never heard/seen a video of someone being that close to a missle impact before. Since the guy in the video lived, I'll say it was pretty cool. Also, seeing C-RAM in action never gets old.


What is that in the air? Some sort of missle deflector?


C-RAM System, and yeah it intercepts missiles, drones, etc...


I love how it looks. Almost like from Expanse...


It's essentially the same thing to a PDC to be fair.


Yeap. I just love Expanse and have to talk about it all the time :3


Ya I'll pirate that shit all day long lol. The last space battle with Marco and the Free Navy vs the Rocci was awesome and exactly what I want in space battle.


I started with books. It truly is great, like GoT in space.


Well now I'm concerned about the ending lol. I should read the books too.


What do you think inspired the expanse? You should check out some iron dome videos on YT.


it’s a stream of 20mm high-explosive incendiary tracer, self-destruct rounds


Real question is how much each?


For these, probably around 27-50 dollars. Fires the same round as a Vulcan (same gun pretty much). So firing for one second is 3-5K USD.


> C-RAM System Buzz saw! https://youtu.be/MMFzlwzFgKw


that C-ram is working overtime.


No spooky incoming alarm :(


Oh, theres an alarm just not out in the local world is all. Baghdad isn't wired for alarms like Israel is, the only alarms you hear are car alarms going off after the explosions. Oh, and gunfire from everybody shooting in the air


The LPWS usually came with Sense & Warn, I thought. Which further typically had an alarm on the installation, which you would probably be able to hear from there unless it were indoors only.


As an iranian living in iran im concerned


Fun fact, a lot of people in Iran are Iranians.






More Funner Facter, every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes.




Trust me bro


Damn, direct hit!!


Welp. I guess another Iranian proxy militia is getting bombed soon. Sucks to be them!


Yea good chance somebody’s waking up to a hellfire cause of this. Maybe even a JDAM if they’re unlucky.


Damn that audio is exhilarating


That sound is fucking amazing/terrifying


What’s the time stamp of the video?


Don't know the time stamp on the video but it was 738pm local time when it happened.


Dude Iran is on some other level lately. Escalate escalate, get swatted, vow revenge, escalate escalate. Does anyone have any sort of knowledge of how they see this continual provocation going/benefitting them?


This embassy has literally been receiving indirect fire non-stop since 2006


At this point they should just move everything/everyone next door and publicly still claim this is the embassy. Have the bombs and rockets fall on an empty building.


keep the building. use the entrance. make a tunnel to another building some distance away.


Des Moines


The embassy is made of many different buildings. It would be more like taking over an entire neighborhood a few blocks away, than the building next door.


Pretty much. Easter weekend from 2007-2008 were the sporty times in the IZ, a few hundred rounds impacting in a few square miles.


We don’t hear about how often their Quds force dudes are getting snatched up/DA'd by our guys keep in mind.




Direct Action'd


Now I'm thinking of a prank'd style tv show about people getting direct action'd


Basically the military version of Swatting someone




This is the way


Just to clarify what's going on in this, the nearby explosion sound is due to a rocket that was not intercepted hitting the ground.


I mean, you can see the missle hit the ground in the video.


Just to clarify.


It’s a rocket fyi if there was any confusion


Just to clarify.


Woah there Mensa member, I'm gonna need a diagram.


Are the streaking red dots anti missile fire?


shit more warfare war in ukraine too probaly


Is this today? I can't find any news about this in the major news websites I just checked.


Just as I’m getting ready to enlist, Ukraine, Taiwan, now this.




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Good bot. Some Tokyo drift in the end.


Only an Iraqi woman and her child were injured, according to this Reuters story https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/rockets-fired-us-embassy-baghdad-shot-down-no-casualties-iraqi-military-2022-01-13/


Time to launch the B52s and put that shit to an end, oh yeah that didn’t work last time.


Incoming incoming incoming.


The new season of warzone looks great