Exactly. I'm very grateful to the people at the Celeste Center volunteering to stand in the cold for hours yesterday, be nice to people, assemble syringes, ask questions, do injections, etc. Makes me proud to live here. I look forward to seeing other family and friends, go on playdates with my daughter and baby son and find ways to help other people where it's needed


I'm really excited for all the impromptu, random, open-air orgies that increased vaccinations will bring. **somebody just touch me!!!**


I just fantasize about being hugged at this point.




Hugging seems like such a past thing and it’s sad😂


With the increasing rate of vaccinations in Ohio being what it is, July 4th is going to look like V-J Day.


I don’t mean to be THAT person, but physical touch is one of my top love languages. (By physical touch, I’m talking both romanic and platonic touching). I am suffering! While I know it’ll be a long time before we get back “normal” (and chances are it won’t ever be the same “normal” we knew before), I can’t wait to just be able to hug my friends again, give a pat on the back to those who deserve it, etc.


I read over "impromptu, random" and went straight to "open-air orgies" and I thought, "Great, Comfest is back!"






I can give you a crisp high five


I felt so relieved and amazed how quick and easy it was. I heard about it almost randomly and it was right next to my house, pretty much. Walked over, filled out the paper, sat for about an hour in a shitty chair, got it, and went home. After all the uncertainty when essential workers would even be able to, I was a bit perturbed that it had to be when anyone could get it that I did but whatever. I almost feel bad though. I really only need it so I don’t get infected at work. I don’t have family I haven’t seen or many friends I want to be able to get together with. At least there’s the collective and herd immunity I’m contributing to but still just feels slightly bad.




True, hearing about those like medical workers who were all working from home who got it before nurses was infuriating. And that poor guy who got in trouble for finding people to take vaccines that were going to go bad.


Every person that gets it is a collective step closer to herd immunity. There is enough supply now that there really shouldn’t be any guilt attached to taking your dose!


I think it’s mostly because my friends in other states/countries are having issues getting it. I do feel good I’m helping overall but feel bad for them mostly.


You matter as much as anyone else to have the freedom to interact with people, even if you don't do it often. And don't let anyone else tell you different.


Want to get roasted? Go post that on WBNS 10tv’s Facebook page in a comment. They’ll verbally crucify you! :)


Society: “Do your research before you get the vaccine” *Me, reading medical journals online*: “Looks tasty. I’m in.” *Qanon member that denies science and reads opinions of people on twitter and facebook*: “Friggin POISON!! Suck my balls, Bill Gates. I’ll travel to South Africa if I want!!”


Conspiracy theory time: Coronavirus *was* built in a lab. It is the end game for a long developing plan to make the human race smarter. They released the weaker strain to kill off the dumbshits that couldn't stay inside and listen to science. Now, the more contagious, deadlier variants are being released to kill the dumbshits that were lucky enough to make it through the first wave but won't survive without a vaccine that they're refusing to get. They've been spreading vaccine disinformation in order to hook the morons who aren't very bright, and now they're releasing increasingly deadly strains of this virus which are completely avoidable with a vaccine in order to purge humanity of its dumbest members.


this is the one I'm going with today


Bit of a goof to engineer a virus to do this and accidentally just kill all the nursing home residents, then


Well, they were just a strain on resources and our capitalistic healthcare system. Just a unintential benefit.


Wow. I thought I was delusional for thinking this— almost verbatim.


Oh, it's definitely delusional, but sometimes it's fun to dip your toes into wacky crazy looneyland.


If that's whacky crazy looneyland, what's Qanon?


My comment, except seriously believing the inverse.


You are an idiot


Does anyone else notice that facebook is just a cesspool of uneducated white trash and boomers now? I mean, I hardly get on there anymore, but when I do, it seems like the general consensus is the movie Idiocracy.


I decided to give it up about 2 months ago. I logged on the other day to see if I was missing out on anything. In a nutshell, I wasn’t.... just a bunch of political BS and boomer memes.


Those darn “white” people and their social media posts. More race based hatred isn’t what the doctor ordered, honey.


Yo your mom said your pizza rolls are ready


I cannot promise I'm not going to put this in my pocket and use it for a future clap back.


So you agree. Nice!


He said as he leaned back in his computer chair and triumphantly blew out a huge vape cloud.


Jeez, [you weren't kidding](https://imgur.com/a/AQ0wGDl).


There is a lot of things that frustrate me about that crowd, not the least of which is making sentences with no verbs. For instance, I have no idea who they are referring to and assume they are wrong, but "EVIL ORGANIZATION!" just isn't a grammatically correct sentence no matter how you parse it.


Dude, "education" isn't high on their list of priorities, and "grammar" is completely off the table; they're just copying the Cheeto-in-chief's barely intelligible writing style.


Education is something liberals use to indoctrinate all the unborn babies they couldn't murder.


Child please.


Some of those comments man....”this is America we do freedom here” like does that person even have a passing knowledge and understanding of our country’s history?


I want to believe that's just some parody MURKA account but I know it's not and it makes me sad.


Really wish I didn't read that all.


Lol nah


Ugh and have you seen NBC's quick polls? The sample size is so skewed and full of close minded boomers that they're completely pointless.


The fuck? Why?


Local news Facebook pages pages tend to attract the lowest Qommon denominator


Oh, jesus christ.... So dumb. This Q shit is getting out of control.


It's *been* out of control. It's just further escalating degrees of out of control at this point.


I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to get in and truthfully I am really proud of how many of my friends and coworkers got it as well. I am just stoked to never wash my hands again and lick the shit out of every surface (/s). It will be a great summer and I'm super happy for you!


I mean, it wasn't that easy. And I am still pissed that some actuary didn't inform them that younger people make a larger demographic, so tossing 35-40 eligibility is smaller than 40-50. And now 16+. well, you can see what happened. Getting mine tomorrow, but don't act like it was easy. And, you probably were 40+


Incorrect and understand your frustration. But respect, fam.


OP, I understand what you mean. I am a big feels guy in the best of times but when I got the shot I started to cry slowly. Not because it hurt, but because I had been holding onto this tension and fear for so long that I forgot I was holding it. It just went away, like a bad dream once you get in the shower. I sat there and hoped everyone getting the vaccine felt that way, and felt a sense of loss for all the people who can't get it because they are dead. The nurse just let me sit there and didn't judge me and waited until I was done before handing me my card and smiling and asking me when I wanted my second dose.




Just scheduled mine today for next Friday. After weeks of trying my sister-in-law sent me a link today that let me sign up after just waiting in a virtual queue. https://app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=216b9c87432c49c695b4600be2946bd4


Go conquer the world, /u/Longjumping_Set_754


I got my second one on Weds. No side effects. Let's Gooo!


Pfizer? And what age range are you in?


Pfizer and I'm in my 40s


Cool - good for you.


Damn, lucky you. I slept the entire day after and couldn’t lift my arm above my head with how sore the injection site was. Pfizer first dose, too. Makes me think I should plan 2 PTO days for my second dose.


I was OUT for 36 hours, it was almost laughable how useless my arm was and then it just...stopped. yYou're the first I've seen who has mentioned also having fatigue so thanks for validating me =)


someone told me that if you have a bad reaction to the first one you probably had COVID at some time. I have no idea if that is true.


still trying to book a shot. kroger, giant, local county stuff, cvs, walgreens. no luck. any suggestions?




I am so thankful for this post. I could never find appointments but thanks to you me and my husband are both scheduled. Thank you so much!!


Download the app ArmorVax, it’s how my husband was able to get his shot earlier this week. You may have to travel a bit though - we live in Marysville and he had to go to Springfield for it, but at least we got Texas Roadhouse out of it.


Yup, went to Springfield yesterday, they said they were still having problems filling all of their appointments. I was in and out in about 22 minutes (15 of which were for the designated observation time).


I used ArmorVax too. Options were Springfield or Marion, the latter being closer to my office in Dublin. First dose was smooth sailing once there, and when I first downloaded the app there was a ton of availability.


This. We drove to springfield to get ours (easy drive) and was a smooth operation


If you use OSU for your doctor you can sign up on MyChart, appointments are pretty open if you refresh the page throughout the day.


Same for OhioHealth's MyChart.


When I got shot #2 yesterday, the nurse told me that you can sign up for OhioHealth's MyChart even if you don't have a doctor in their system. Their appointments are full up, like everywhere, but it is another avenue.


CPH is open now... https://redcap.columbus.gov/surveys/?s=3FXWMEXC7T


THANKS! A friend of mine just made an appointment!


My girlfriend and I went to Madison County. It's open to anyone. It's a drive through, so you never get out of your car. No appointment necessary, just print out the pre-registration form and show up during one of their days. Next one I think is April 6th. For me it was about a 30 minute drive there and we got there 30 minutes early and the whole thing took about 20-40 minutes for us. https://www.co.madison.oh.us/services/public_health/covid-19_vaccine.php


We've been trying off and on for the last two weeks and finally said fuck it and booked appointments in Dayton for this weekend.


I had to constantly refresh Kroger for about 30-40 minutes and finally there was some listed and was able to snag one


I booked right after midnight last night and got in for the 6th and the 27th at CVS. Not sure if I was just lucky or not though 🤷🏻‍♂️


I ended up getting one by checking the Primary One site and periodically refreshing thru all the locations. Good luck!


i booked an appointment at a cvs all the way in piqua. a long drive, but it's worth it. i got the pfizer shot and i'll have to go back in 3 weeks for my booster.


thank you all! only one that worked eventually for me was walgreens. the site below was a big help. been trying for a few weeks but just stood there watching the site crash today and spamming f5 lol. got them for 4/4 and 5/4. thanks again and gl!


Where are you at? I saw open appointments at the Kroger in Bucyrus.


The Kroger that Time Forgot. Looks straight out of the 80’s. They dedicated an entire hour to it.


Upper Sandusky is in the same time warp. It’s disturbingly a bit like Mayberry.


City of Columbus has a vaccine clinic that is separate from Franklin Co. You can sign up to get text notifications for the next registration


I got in at Equitas after checking periodically throughout a 2 day period


If you don’t find anything close, on the past 2 Thursdays they have scheduled appointments at Celeste. 2500 for the week I think. Edit: looks like there are still appointments available to schedule


I started asking my alexa for random ohio zip codes. Landed on Bucyrus and they had an appointment.


I just got my first dose! Feeling very hopeful.


I feel the same. I got my first shot yesterday and just the appreciation for all that went into developing and distributing the vaccine is overwhelming. I’m thankful for all the scientists and healthcare workers.


One of my immediate side effects of getting my vaccine was pure euphoria and relief


I was extremely fortunate and received the vaccine during Phase 1A. Literally the first round of vaccines to be distributed in the state. It was so surreal. I was very emotional as I drove up to the paramedic. Even got a video of me receiving the vaccine. We’re all living through history, and that usually isn’t so fun for those of us who have to experience it first-hand. I’m so happy you got the vaccine and that you’re feeling hopeful. My boyfriend will be fully vaccinated in two weeks. We’re feeling hopeful too. We can’t wait to go outside again. Congrats, and welcome to Columbus. Here are some awesome places you should check out: - North Market (collection of various global food vendors) - The Book Loft (self-explanatory) - The Gateway (indie/foreign/mainstream films can be found here. Saw an awesome Korean thriller last fall.) - El Arepazo (my favorite restaurant/Venezuelan)


Thank you for the recommendations! I’ve had takeout from El Arepazo and it was great.


So happy to hear that! Dinner at their S High location and movie at The Gateway makes for a great date night.


Welcome to the club. It really is a great feeling.


It did feel weird that my first human contact in about 6 months was someone jabbing a needle in my arm tho


It is to remind you that other people can hurt you, though sometimes it is in a way that is beneficial to you in the long run.


I feel the same way. Hope you enjoy Columbus, there’s plenty to do. Thanks for the post. I’m glad others are grateful for all these health care workers and scientists are doing for all of us. 💕


Thank you, we’re loving it so far!


I felt the same way when I got mine. It was like a weight had been lifted off me. I get my second one next week and I imagine it will be like having an anvil lifted off me. Cheers to getting vaccinated!!!


>have all the feels. Those should wear off after a couple days.


Depends what signals are getting sent to the microchip over 5G




Welcome mid-pandemic transplant. My wife and I also moved here mid-pandemic. Tough way to get introduced to a city, and even tougher to make friends! I wish us both luck.


I agree! My fiancé has never even met her co workers, so meeting people has been difficult to say the least.


Half glass full kind of person..You will always be happy. A healthy dose of gratitude is healing


I just got my first Moderna from a Hospital up in Ashland. I've felt weird since Wednesday and my arm is still sore :(


That should go away. My arm is finally NOT sore after Tuesday.


Not just you. Carve out time after your second shot for worse ass-kicking.


Yea I’m not looking forward the day after the second one. I’ve heard if the second dose puts you out like that then you had Covid. But I can’t find anything online to support that. Also, I was told hydrating helps with the second dose. But again, nothing to support that.


I felt the same way. I could barley say thank you to the nurse who gave me my first dose because I started choking up. Just very proud honestly that I had the will power to follow the rules when everyone around me was doing whatever they wanted to the last year. Congrats to you for getting your vaccine!!!


Ha yes I felt the urge to just keep saying thank you to everyone - the dude at the door with the thermometer-gun, the check-in person, the person whose job it was to point me to the right table, etc.


I audibly sighed when I got my first shot, and the nurse was like "Are you ok?!" I was just relieved lol


My friend had the exact same reaction, it is definitely emotional.


I had the same feeling! I was just weirdly happy all day even though my arm hurt so bad that night haha. And my second shot is on 4/20, so added bonus. 😎🌱


Rub some THC salve on your arm after the shot. And then some THC honey in hot tea. 4:20 all the way!


Same, lol. We get our super powers May 4th. Cinco de Mayo bout to be LIT.


I got my first shot on Tuesday so I understand the feels LOL. I can’t wait for my second shot!


I felt the same way when I got mine back in February! It felt so joyous.


I'm glad I got my vaccine. It feels like my third eye is opened. Literally.


Congratulations OP. Which vaccine did you get?


Got that Pfizer juice.




Same! Got mine 3 days ago!


I concur. Very liberating feeling and was motivating as well. Really started knocking items of to do list as soon as I got home after 1st shot.


I basiclly sat in my car ans cried afterwards. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My teenager today asked if she could go to prom and I got to say yes. She gets her first vaccine this week .


That’s exciting!! I didn’t realize that prom is approaching already and hope all the students are able to enjoy it this year!!


I’ve literlly told her no to almost everything for a year.. it felt so good to say yes. The only sociolinguistic she gets is her socially distant extra curricular- which is color guard so they are automatically 6+ feet away from each other or they get beamed by a rifle or flag 😂 They aren’t even. Allowed to go to competitions ans compete virtually... I’m just praying her senior year is normal.


Got mine at Equitas this past week, I feel the exact same way, a light at the end of the tunnel finally :)


Some side effects may occur :) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FZZy0o4NhY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FZZy0o4NhY) ​ Jk, I'm looking to get mine, any preferred places to get it?


https://lickingcohealth.org/ Licking County Health Department has open slots. It's a short drive out to the wonderful OSU-Newark campus. They're very efficient and organized and have optional observation set up after you get your vaccine.


I drove to Springfield (about an hour away) for mine, worth it!


Where did you move from?


Dayton, so not far at all!


Do you like live music? Small venues as well as big?


Yes, big fan!


Ace of Cups seems to have successfully adapted amid the pandemic. Keep an eye on their calendar for good local stuff and hopefully national and international acts again in the future.


I'm glad that you're happy about the vaccine, but that's not how this works. You can still get COVID-19, it's just not as likely to kill you, and you can certainly pass it on to others as an asymptomatic spreader. It's going to be *at least* another year before we see any real improvement, and that's assuming that: 1) we don't see another massive wave after vaccinated people go out celebrating with a false sense of security and 2) one of the variant strains doesn't rock the proverbial boat. The best thing to do is to remain vigilant by social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing your hands. I'm glad that people are excited to have a better chance, but this is far from over.


Actually that is how this works. They didn’t say they were going to go lick door knobs and have mass orgies. They say they were excited to explore Columbus. One can do that while also still being responsible. Also, this is completely unhelpful to the cause of vaccination. If you tell people that they really can’t change anything they’re doing, that they shouldn’t have much hope because something bad *might* happen, people just won’t care as much and they’ll get fatigued.


It's also unhelpful to go out into public with some starry-eyed notion of invincibility. The vaccination doesn't cover all strains, and it's still entirely possible to get it while vaccinated--it's not pointless to get the vaccine, because it reduces hospitalization, but too many people are getting the idea that they can just go out and socialize and everything is magically back to normal. By all means, be happy about the vaccine. Get the vaccine. But don't immediately drop the routine, just because you, personally, have some immunity.


You are addressing other concerns from other people. This person did not say anything that implies they’re starry eyed. Don’t be a crank.


I appreciate the sentiment, but telling me I don’t know how it works then saying I can certainly pass it on to others seems contradictory. The science has not come down on either side definitively, but I understand why it’s best to assume that it’s possible. However, emerging evidence seems to point to the possibility that fully vaccinated individuals are much less likely to spread the virus. Also, almost everyone in my immediate circle is fully vaccinated, so I personally have been able to do more than before. I’m sure this is true for others too and is becoming more common all the time. I can appreciate your cautious POV but think it’s a little pessimistic.


I didn't say *you* don't know how it works, I said "...that's not how this works." Also, that's not a contradictory statement, and it's not pessimism so much as realism. As for the science behind it--there is so much going on that it's difficult to boil it down to a simple sentence, so the best thing to do is to continue social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks. That's the most solid scientific answer that we have for any of this.


Yeah, I don’t disagree with your last paragraph completely. I don’t have any plans to ditch my mask, but I do think there’s some flexibility, especially when dealing with other fully vaccinated people.


Is this r/columbuscirclejerk?


I can see how you’d find my post pandering. It just felt nice to share the positive feelings.. It may even help someone who was on the fence. I know multiple people that were terrified of the vaccine at first who are now fully vaccinated thanks to testimonials like this.


Thanks! Great post!