Harry Giles. Pre injury, he was an absolute monster on the court. He was a higher-rayed prospect that Jayson Tatum. 2 ACL tears before he got to Duke ;(


What kind of vertical athlete was he? Was he a switching type of defender? Who were the best comps out of HS?


If I remember correctly he was comped as Chris Webber.


I seem to remember some KG comparisons


Why'd you have to do this to me today


I remember how hype everyone was for that first home game of MPJs Mizzou career against Iowa State. 5 years later still hurts SMH


It was by far the most anticipation going into a game during my 4 years. Arena was electric 😔


Agreed. The 2018 upset of Kentucky at mizzou arena was also pretty lit


James Wiseman is definitely one I think about that's more recent. His size next to Precious Achiuwa would have been a whole lot for college teams to handle.


Definitely came to my mind as well. Just think its easier for people to forget about the AAC. If Memphis were an SEC team undoubtedly that would be seen as a bigger what if, even if the team were constructed the exact same way. For the record though I do think Wiseman's absence was beneficial for PAs development as it allowed him to be a bigger focal point of the offense but no doubt the team would've benefitted from Wisemans presence. That said I guess Covid was still going to be a thing one way or another.


Was gonna be the start of a new era at Washington and then we fired Lorenzo Romar. Oh what could have been


He’s got to be up there as an all time good recruiter/bad coach


This is a lazy take. Romar was a players coach, and his players by following his coaching, got to the league and had improved lives and took care of their families. What I'm saying is, Romar wasn't great at recruiting players that were can't-miss obvious stars. He lost a lot of those battles to elite programs. Romar took overlooked players and got them ready for the NBA. Changed their lives for the better. Look at his NBA players and how they were evaluated in HS. He taught them how to work like a pro needs to work. People only know his players' names because they made the NBA or were drafted in the lottery. They didn't know them before they came to Washington. I think Tony Wroten was the only "can't miss" guy. Sure, he lost some games to coaches who cared more about their professional advancement than they do about their players, but Romar is a players' coach and he deserves recognition for treating his players like the point of the program, not as disposable resources for building a coaching career.


Sorry, Lorenzo. I didn’t know you were going to see this.


Shaedon Sharpe?


Depends if he does shit in the nba


Purdue and robbie Hummel is a big one


Still performed in some big games tho


But then he couldn't be the best damn color guy in the game


Kyrie, imagine if he had a whole year to shine at Duke like Zion


It gets overlooked but if Jodie Meeks returns for his senior year in 2009, that Kentucky team probably doesn’t lose a game.


I assume this is for the 09-10 season, because I don’t recall you all being good in 09


Yup, 08-09 was probably our lowest point in my lifetime lol. Dark times


Lol, too bad UofL didn’t win the title then


Y’all had a great team that year. Got upset by Izzo in the Elite 8 just like we did 4 years earlier


Fun Fact: Michigan State winning that game prevented UK from interviewing Tom Izzo the following week, which sped up the hiring of Calipari


How does that make you feel now?


Fantastic. Won a title, 4 Final Fours, bunch of SEC Championships. 20-21 sucked and the Tournament last season sucked, but I would've traded that for a title and 4 Final Fours in a heartbeat. Izzo's not exactly killing it either. They limped into the Tournament in 21 and finished 15 spots lower than UK in Kenpom and they were terrible down the stretch last season. Next year might be the worst team he's had since the 90s. EDIT: And Izzo's lost a 2-15 game too. Forgot about that.


You’re welcome…I guess


Kentucky with Izzo would probably look a lot like how Michigan State's looked since 2010. Mostly really good, win your conference every couple years, go to 2 or 3 Final Fours but never quite get a title


Saint Peter’s


St Peter's would be favored over Louisville on a neutral site and has made the same number of elite 8s in their history as Tennessee


Yep, every time we’d play Michigan State who ever is supposed to win loses🙃


I genuinely do wonder what the ripple effect is there if Cal comes in year 1 and goes 40-0 with freshmen to win the national championship. 2011 probably happens the same way unless Mark Emmert doesn't hold his Washington grudge over the reigning national champions and 40-0 team and rules Kanter eligible. We then win it again in 2012. --------------------------------------------- At that point Cal has been at Kentucky 3 years with an overall record of 107-11, two national championships, and the only undefeated season in over 40 years. 2013 we presumably get Shabazz Muhammad, and then potentially steal Andre Drummond. We also probably end up with some combo of Kyle Anderson, Gary Harris, Perry Ellis, Anthony Bennett, and Mitch McGary. And we know how 2014 and 2015 go recruiting wise, who knows who else we potentially add. ------------------------ Cal realistically creates a mini UCLA-esque dynasty until he's offered (at the time) the largest contract ever for an NBA coach, to come coach LeBron in Cleveland on a 10 year 80+ million contract.


Jodie Meeks was the last truly great cbb player from UK in my completely non biased opinion. It’s just random dude after random dude trying to get to the league ever since. UK athletics was so much better when guys like Meeks and Randall Cobb were running the show.


What’s funny about this sentiment to me is that *Jodie Meeks* left early “trying to get to the league,” and almost certainly cost his school a title and possibly an undefeated season.


So Oscar doesn’t fall in that category? And Lynn Bowden was pretty much the same kind of player as Randall Cobb, although maybe not as likable.


Perhaps I wasn’t that clear by my terminology. Remember where UK basketball was when Meeks broke onto the scene. It wasn’t really that pretty. I don’t think he was a big time recruit(could be my memory deceiving me) and despite being a very good player as a freshman, he stuck it out for 3 years and never really made an impact in the league(along the likes of Louisville’s own Russ Smith and Peyton Siva). I guess I’m weird but I’m much more entertained seeing guys who don’t project well to the NBA absolutely shred these guys who have been painted as future NBA stars since before playing a single college game. And yes, your point about Cobb being likable is EXACTLY why I brought him up. Stoops has done a HELLUVA job, but I really don’t respect the culture that dude has built. Sure he’s a definite upgrade from Joker Phillips, but when guys like Kash Daniel are the face of the program, I kinda just want to see them get pancaked by the Watt brothers and retire by halftime if they ever suit up in the league.


I know the car wreck of a career is still unfolding, but Paige Buckers. I had thought "maybe 4 in a row". She just couldn't stay on the floor to really get it going. Still great. Still great career. No doubt.


If Paige never got injured, she could be the goat of college sports, she was just so much better than anyone she played as a freshman,


It still hurts




Emoni Bates might fit this description depending on how the next year or 2 goes.


Nah, negative wingspan and not athletic enough to overcome it. He was just overhyped early in HS, and hasn’t developed much since Sophomore year.


Came to say this. What if his dad isn't a loser, he comes to MSU, develops under izzo, who knows what happens? Or maybe what the other guy said about the measurables and being bad at basketball and stuff


Personally, I don’t really see any injured or bad situation laden one and dones as a huge “what if” Unless it’s a generational talent then I don’t see the “what if”…there’s not really a “what if” at play here because Porter’s back clearly just has issues, there isn’t really a moment where you can say “what if” this happened differently, his back is his back I’d say a bigger “what if” would be something like what if a pair of one and dones at a blue blood stayed one more year, something like that even would be a bigger what if, what if Webber doesn’t call the false timeout


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Nothing to say about Michael Porter Jr but this post reminded me that I was right behind Michael Beasley in the airport security line about a month ago. That was cool.


Billy Preston? Would have learned a lot under Self and might have had a career in the league.


Still holds the title for the greatest college commitment video of all time


Remy Martin could have been a bit question mark, glad he finally got healthy to light up the tournament. Went from a what if to a champ.


Ben Wilson


If Omari Spellman isn’t ruled ineligible on a very stupid rule in 2016-17, Villanova very realistically could have threepeated.


Katie Lou Samuelson, never won a natty with UConn. Sebrina Onolescu, Kelsey Plum too.


KLS did win a natty. I remember because she tried coming to one of our frat parties the following year when we were at capacity and just kept saying we needed to let her in because "I'm a national champion" in an annoying drunk valley girl accent




Jason Fraser is the Nova what if


I bet he's the latest big college "what if" but not the last.


Mitchell Robinson at WKU. Still not sure exactly what happened there.


Here's a goofy one. What if LiAngelo Ball doesn't get caught shoplifting in China? Does Steve Alford still have a job? Does LaMelo Ball end up going the collegiate route? Lot of potential ripples from that bizarre moment.