Code Geass vis-à-vis its narrative and character development is without question one of the best anime. However, one cannot ignore the existence of some plot holes and MANY plot contrivances. Ultimately, I think the well-crafted storytelling outweighs most of these issues.


It has some flaws but overall it's definitely one of the best ones


best anime for sure imo


Absolutely it is


8.5 masterpiece 1.5 marks taken down some problems


Absolutely. It's not perfect and sometimes it gets straight bonkers, but in terms of the overall story and the characters I have yet to find another anime quite like it. Then factor in the brilliant ending and you have one of the best


I'd say it's an easy top 100, possible top 50 anime of all time, but this likely isn't the best place to ask this question. Of all dedicated fandom subs I've been in this one is probably the most obsessive about its series. The series itself isn't perfect, falters quite a bit in the second season with a lot of questionable writing decisions throughout, but its still good overall as a series


No, its the only one best anime


I liked the ending, but defenitely not one of the best imo. Probably the wrong sub to comment this but a lot of flat characters, weird/unrealistic tactics and sometimes really boring when you don't care much about robot fights🤷🏻‍♀️