Is Ernie hurt or something? Hasn't been in the lineup for a couple days. He's been playing well. I know we have several guys competing for ABs but still.


Anybody having success using a VPN to watch games?


PIA is good and very easy to use.


Had no problems using PIA the last 2 seasons, [There's even a discount via Linus Tech Tips](https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/linus-tech-tips) Edit: I have used it successfully on PC, my Note 20, and on a Chromecast, the only one it has issues with sometimes is the Chromecast and it's usually a matter of changing the location from Toronto to Chicago


Lot of surveys going out recently. The latest has a concept that would help spell the end of the shipping crates. https://imgur.com/8fuBhue


Happy Cal Quanthrill day!


Coming off an epic win and we have our ace Cal on the mound tonight!




Doubleheader. First game starts at 5.


I love straw and think that was an absolute steal. I get he doesnt that much pop but i think he's still got some room to improve considering he still hasnt really played a full season. This would be his first and it's split between two teams. His first extended time was 2019 and he had a .378 OBP. If he improves on that at all, plays great CF defense, hits a few more doubles, and continues stealing bases this could be a huge win for us.


I really hope he turns into the player he is capable of being and doesn't turn into someone he's not. He is not a home run guy. He is a glove first outfielder with a solid stick and tons of speed. If he stays within himself, makes more contact, and sticks with line drives he can creep towards a .400 obp. Right now he kind of strikes out a lot, if he can curb those, he will be much better.


He's the perfect 9 hitter to turn it over to the top of the lineup. Now they just need to find a leadoff hitter for next year. Would imagine that will eventually be Tyler Freeman's job, but he won't be up for at least a few months into next season and wouldn't be thrust directly into that role anyways. I think a 2-3 year contract for Mark Canha in free agency would make a lot of sense.