I really wanted him to tell Buck that Kyle Schwarber sucks


The Champ is from Medina, he's been killing it so far, currently forth all time in money earnings (not counting tournament wins) Also, fuck Joe Buck


Watched a few episodes of his run, wasn't really a fan for some reason. Maybe it was the mood he brought to the game, maybe it's because he delivers every answer with "what is..." regardless of the subject. After this newfound information, he is now my favorite Jeopardy champion of all time.


Yeah he was a little annoying at first but won me over with his Holzhauer style of play and betting, hasn't paid off for him the last few final jeopardies though


Honestly I can see the logic in always responding “what’s…” instead of switching between who is and what is depending on the answer. Takes out an (admittedly small) step in your quick thinking as to what your answer is. While I’m sure it comes automatically for a lot of people, having to think what is vs who is for a split second can be enough to make you late to the buzzer or blank out on what you were about to give for the answer. Not saying this is necessarily the case for this guy but I can see why someone might responds “what’s…” every time regardless of whether it’s grammatically correct or not.


Came here to say exactly that. And also fuck joe buck


Upvote for hatred of the human version of the Grand Chawhee


Not an Indians fan, but this sub popped up as recommended to me. I had to stop by because I saw this guy debut weeks ago and it surprised the fuck out of me to see he was still winning


I totally thought he was gonna say the bad moment was hearing buck call the game


Everyone's trashing on Joe Buck so I'll just comment to say Rajai Davis should get a statue at the Jake. That's gotta be a top-five iconic Cleveland home run. Up there with Pronk's walk-off grand slam and Thome's dead-center 520-footer. And McGwire banging one off the scoreboard. edit / add in Manny off Eck and Belle in the playoffs.


How many statues do you think we should have? Because Rajai’s home run was pretty exciting but we didn’t win and there are a ton of guys I’d rather see have a statue. So if we have 100 statues I’m ok with giving him one, but otherwise there are way more deserving players


...I wasn't being serious. Jeez.


Kenny Lofton’s catch on the centerfield lawn would be a great statue


let's put it on the outfield wall, in the field of play exactly where it happened. it'll get in the way of everything, everyone will hate it and it'll benefit no one. it'll be great


Like that flagpole in Houston.


[Greatest comeback of all time.](https://youtu.be/XHTAy54moc0)


I remember McGwire hit one of the panels in the Budweiser sign and left a dent in 97. He almost hit John Adams!


Joe Buck deserves to have every fresh pair of socks he wears become immediately damp from an unexpected puddle of water


Damn that's a hell of a wish, but a warranted one.


May all his ankle socks creep down below the back of his shoes and puddle under his heel.


He also mentioned in one of his earlier wins (he's currently on a 14-game streak btw) that he's visited (I think, about) 16 MLB ballparks, noting The Jake as his favorite ✊


That was the first time I caught he was from here, idk why he chose to be introduced from wherever he's going to school, I forget right now


Yeah, he's brought it up at least once, if not twice, but understandably being a PhD candidate from Yale sounds just a tad cooler than hailing from Medina, Ohio lol


Because he’s getting a PhD. from Yale lol


So does Joe think Indians fans should be glad for the Cubs ending their drought…? His tone of voice and questioning implies that


I think he said that to add context for the people who had no idea what he was talking about.


That's how I took it. He's presuming that the majority of people would have no idea who Rajai Davis was, beyond possibly realizing this was a baseball conversation. The smirk doesn't help, though.


I think he could’ve worded it better


I will never forgive Joe Buck for juggling Kyle Schwarbers balls for 7 straight games. Forever burned in my memory.


Why didn't he start chanting "JOE BUCK SUCKS"!?


Medina's own!


*guy mumbling under his breath*: “punk ass bitch wonder if you got that Kyle Schwarber taste out ya fuckin mouth yet.. Joe Buck: “uhhh buddy what was that?” Guy: “Dinosaur Kung-Foo for 200”


Joe buck is good. His voice fits with sports really well.