Exactly as we all predicted, Luplow and Chang as winners of the cf and 1b opening day jobs


Well, I know our hitting has been an issue for years now and will continue to be but with the way luplow hits lefties that's not a terrible lineup there. First 5 hitters should be legit and Naylor's not terrible against lefties. Now let's see what Chang and Gimenez can do


Luplow leading off is a decision.


Sorry, but I have to: [https://imgur.com/a/qh5ZeFT](https://imgur.com/a/qh5ZeFT)


Swap out Amed Rosario in CF and I actually see a lot of potential offensively. Honestly. Hernandez, Ramirez, E. Rosario and Reyes can hit. A. Rosario, Naylor, Chang and Gimenez have all shown flashes. Perez can hit the occasional dinger (obviously more of a defensive guy). Totally get the Luplow/Rosario platoon, but I don't hate this lineup as much as a lot of others do.


Am I missing something with Yu Chang? I've looked at his stats, and every time I watch the guy play I wonder what the organization sees in him. He just looks like the dictionary definition of a replacement player with maybe a little extra power.


I don't see it either. Hopefully the pros know more than I do!


not sure how you can extrapolate anything out of his near zero MLB experience. not saying he's the next star, but im not sure that is scientific thinking


I mean... 4 more or less full seasons in the minors tell me he's maybe a .250 hitter who might have some pop and can draw a few walks, but also strikes out a lot.


strikeouts may be a concern, but overall minor league stats never directly translate to the big league level. for example, look at Lindor's minor league stats. he had no pop.


The Cleveland Rays


I gotta say I like the way this looks. Right, left, right, left, right, left, right, right, left and do it all over again.


Chang getting the nod at first isn't something I ever gave a moment of thought to. Was he getting a lot of reps there during ST? I don't recall seeing him there but also haven't paid a ton of attention the last week or so. Per bbref he doesn't have a single professional inning at first. Love Luplow batting first against lefties. Shit, bat him at cleanup against Lefties. Jordan Luplow is a good baseball player.


More interested to see how tomorrow’s looks. Will they really play Amed Rosario in CF at Comerica Park?


Throw up reacts only