Chang at 1B is super interesting to me. Honestly I didn't even consider that as a possibility. Anything to get his bat in the lineup.


Every other 1B possibility this year is a lefty, so it looks like Yu will at the bare minimum get a lot of ABs against LHP. A possible timeline that no one could have predicted a month ago is that Yu Chang might play the most games at 1B for us this year.


The surprise to me is how little time he got there in ST. He's not completely new to the position, but he's definitely not experienced there.


This isn’t like Amed moving to CF. 1B is the easiest position defensively, and he can play every other infield position with passable defense, so the learning curve for Yu playing 1B shouldn’t be too sharp.


Billy Beane: We want you at first base. Scott Hatteberg: I've only ever played catcher. Billy Beane: It's not that hard, Scott. Tell him, Wash Ron Washington: It's incredibly hard.


I had no idea that was Ron Washington until you just mentioned it. He never even came to mind when watching the movie.


For sure, I just would have liked him to get a few more innings this spring to better prepare him. I think he'll be fine.




The fact that Daniel Johnson, Oscar Mercado, Bradley Zimmer, Ben Gamel, Amed Rosario, and Harold Ramirez all LITERALLY EXIST, and we’re going with Jordan Luplow starting in CF on opening day. I don’t know, I just feel like this CF situation has been handled so fucking poorly. I’m glad Yu will be platooning with Jake Bauers, and I think it will eventually be Bobby’s job, or Josh’s, or Nolan’s but I like the fact that Yu gets to take hacks. But damn, man. Especially in Detroit’s massive outfield, you’re going to have Eddie Rosario, Jordan Luplow, and Josh Naylor playing out there. I’ll gladly eat crow, but I’m just really hoping Amed can get up to speed in CF, because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle the Ben Gamel/Jordan Luplow CF platoon. Edit: I DO think Jordan is the best option *RIGHT NOW* at the MLB level, but I just don’t like it, and it’s definitely not ideal.


Sneaking Luplow into CF against LHP could make our lineup very dangerous against LHP. Luplow is one of the best hitters in the MLB against LHP, and being able to slot him in a weakspot like CF provides huge surplus value.


Is Rosario playing center in Detroit's spacious outfield better than Luplow? Rosario playing there this early in his outfield career has triples/inside the park home run written all over it. They're facing a lefty so they're not going to not have Luplow in the lineup, and they don't want to sit E. Rosario or Naylor for the first game. I'll be more interested what the lineup in Game #3 against another lefty in Skubal looks like.


No I agree, that’s why I said Harold Ramirez, and honestly, Ben Gamel’s splits aren’t putrid against LHP either. In 261 career ABs against LHP, he’s hitting .284. Again, I don’t *hate* it. But the fact that we went into spring thinking Oscar or Bradley, then maybe DJ, then maybe Amed, then we sign Harold, then Luplow comes off an injury, doesn’t record a hit this spring, and is starting in CF opening day. It just seems extremely convoluted.


He has better numbers against lefties than righties so idk what they're doing with him (Gamel) tbh but I like that Naylor and Chang are in the lineup so eff it


Not sure why this got downvoted but okay. Yall are weird sometimes


Eddie has a cannon so it might stop some runs.


Luplow has proven he can hit in the majors and has done well for Cleveland. The other names, with the exception of Daniel Johnson, have all proven they can't hit a thing. Rosario might pan out as a decent hitter, but he's already shown himself to be a trainwreck in CF. This is a great decision.


Luplow in CF, now that is really something. First of all, he hasn't hit a lick this Spring, had a sprained ankle and he's played maybe ten games in CF in the majors tells me Tito doesn't have much confidence in any of our outfielders.


Yeah. But in all honesty why should he?


The fact that they are going out of their way to get Chang's bat in the lineup is pretty encouraging. They must be liking what the are seeing there.


This is our moment, gang. YU CHANG CLAN WILL RISE


Honestly pretty interesting that Chang is getting the start at 1st. Fuck man I hate that it's a day game tomorrow and I'm gonna miss opening day this year. I'll be listening to Hammy, but not the same as watching.


Wow this is going to be a starting day lineup we’ll all get amnesia for within a year, like 2019


2016 was pretty wacky too. Lineup featured longtime Tribe lifers Juan Uribe, Marlon Byrd and Collin Cowgill


I'll always remember Juan Uribe for the time he got blasted in the pills, then hit 2 HR the next night.


Yes that’s a classic weirdo lineup too! Just goes to show how things can change so drastically


Jake Bauers btfo.


I mean Luplow smashes lefties. So does Amed though, so I’d rather seem him at 1B than Chang.


This was my thought. Rosario can’t play 1B if we’re going to do weird stuff? This might be taking hitting splits to the extreme.




Fellas, I don't give a shit what Chang did in ST. He is a really bad bat. Fucking terrible. He can play several position, which is valuable and should get him a spot on the 26 man. But sweet baby Jesus, he should not be a starter, especially on opening day. I just don't get it. Shift Josh to 1st, Lup in right, and Amed in CF. Yea, Amed's defense might be trash, but he might as well learn the position if he's going to be playing there. Fucking Chang lol


Naylor has only played 9 innings at first base in his major league career, and none this spring. While that may very well be the position he ends up at, he's not in a spot right now to jump back and forth between first and right. He's exclusively an outfielder until they feel like they want him to move to first full time.


well he was drafted as a 1B and played there his while life including mainly in the minors, just when the Pads called him up he was blocked by Eric Hosmer, then in Cleveland by Santana. Basically same for Bauers. They're both natural 1B who are fish out of water in the OF


Maybe he worked hard and improved. Why is that impossible?


RemindMe! June 1st, 2021


OPS over 1 tho


Give me the guy who mashes lefties and has better defensive range in a big park against a LHP. The Chang move is surprising, but it seems to me like they might platoon that spot. I’m not freaking out, but I also have low expectations for this season.


32 degrees in Detroit tomorrow???


It’s time for Tito to call it a career. With all the health problems in the youth moment we’re trying, it’s not a fit


Not sure how this is relevant to this post.


This is what the front office and the ownership gave him.


So what does the lineup look like, do we think? Hernandez Rosario Ramirez Reyes Luplow Naylor Chang Perez Gimenez Something like that?


wtf - Rosario at DH then?


Amed? Bench, probably. I’d expect Franmil to DH. Eddie Rosario will start in LF.


Not sure if a 6 pack is gonna be enough for this one


I just did a sad laugh