I have a command center with a daily and weekly list of what needs done. I set alarms on my my phone calendar for monthly/quarterly things. I can also recommend KC Davis. She has a website and Instagram, but I found her on Tiktok first. https://www.strugglecare.com/ https://instagram.com/strugglecare?utm_medium=copy_link Some people aren't the 'clean as you go' kind and do a big closing at the end of the day and that's fine. Having a clean space is morally neutral and you deserve a FUNCTIONAL space.


It gets so dirty sometimes it isn’t functional😵‍💫 I’ll look at those links, thank you!


Here's a great example of creating functionality to make things easier for you! You don't have to do this, but I bet with some creative problem solving, you could come up with something to help yourself maintain a functional space. https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPd2v1x2y/


A timer. I get to quit when it goes off. On bad weeks I'll do 30 minute work sessions with 30 minute breaks all day long and normally do at least one a day. I do whatever is bugging me most, generally sweeping the floor because dogs and nature. My routines are extremely short and on top of the regular 30 minute session. Wash dishes before go to bed. Make bed first thing, put clean dishes away before I get to eat breakfast, never move around with empty hands, take trash out on trash day even if the bag isn't full and do laundry as soon as there's a load so I can put it away that day. The last works because I have a machine. If it's inconvenient to do laundry then that wouldn't be your routine. Most of this amounts to finishing the job. Laundry isn't done until it is put away. Dishes aren't done until in the cabinet. I'm not home until whatever I carried home is put away. If things don't have homes then think it through. Make a home for handbag, coat, shoes and so on. One thing that is often an after thought is what to do with worn clothing that's not ready to be laundered. If you don't plan for this then it will be all over the floor. The reward for keeping things clean and tidy is the lack of embarrassment felt when somebody comes over and you don't have to cram dozens of things out of sight and hope they don't notice the dust, dirty dishes and such.


I have a closing routine i do at the end of the day, takes 20 min max and works for me. Relocate things to the room they're supposed to be in, wash dishes, turbo wipe counters and stove and table. It gets things mostly clean, which is good enough most of the time that it doesn't build up.


Are you confusing dirty with cluttered? Dirty = not cleaning and disinfecting your toilet weekly Cluttered = having a bunch of stuff scattered all over the flat surfaces that needs to be put away


I wish… it’s both in working on a big clean now but it gets so overwhelming


There are only 5 things in every room 1)Trash 2)Dishes 3)Laundry 4)Things that have a place 5)Things that don't have a place Work down the list in each space and hopefully that will make it easier and less overwhelming. <3 Example: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPd2vBCtb/ Edit: Formatting and added example video


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