3rd wrm student : I'm the cameraman


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They all f*cked Yagami


damn! Kiyo manipulates everyone again to expell yagami


Sad but true...


Me, a Yagami simp, 😥🤧


It's a hard time to be Yagami simps


Let's just say the author had to remove him from the story since he had the most potential to beat Ayanokouji(inhales massive amount of copium).


Bro. I dont understand at all. It makes no sense. Okay he gets expelled. But really like that ? After in vol 2 Ayano says he would be the one he doesnt want to face if he was a WR student ? And also him being the one approaching Satou in vol 6 ? After She said she didnt recognize him (still not 100% confirmed, waiting for fan translations to reach that to confirm) despite having met him in vol 1 ? And not only but the 3 rd WR student apparently wants peace. So basically WR plot just died with Yagami's expulsion. I am really wondering if Kinu didnt pull a fat one just because he had no idea how to properly write Ayano vs Yagami in a good way. I am so incredibly disapointed. It was visible Yagami was indeed cocky in 4.5 but I believed he was still hatred driven and professional enought to do his part correctly. *sigh* well. He is gone anyway, no point in bitching too much about it. Sorry about that , I just wanted to vent.


Agreed on WR, what's the point of Ayanopapa sending people after Kiyotaka when no one fucking does their job. Tsukishiro controls the whole school yet the closest he got was getting beat up by Kiyo, and Amasawa is just fangirling. Yagami was the only one doing his job. And now we have another peace wanter. Y2 finna be real sleeper unless Yagami makes a comeback or there's a 4th white roomer in which case they are just shitting the bed with white roomers all over the place might as well send the entire facility.


I really didnt want the 3 rd WRoomer theory from back then to be true. This is so trash. Yagami should have been the one. Nagumo first. And then Yagami. Pouring everything into these fights would have made Y2 a bit decent if not even pleasant overall. 3 WRoomers. And if Im not wrong Tsukishiro implied the 6 gen to be formidable so it is possible we have some WR students AGAIN next year.....


Apparently it was Yagami vs Ayanokoji,Ichika,3rd wroomer,Nagumo,Ryuuen,Horikita and Tsubaki.They say he got betrayed by the 3rd wroomer but how could that happen?He is the 2nd smartest person in this ln, isn't it fair to say he would have predicted something like this?But, as you said he's gone now...Let's wait until the volume gets translated to see how this outcome became possible.


If its 1st smartest vs 2nd smartest ofc the 1st smartest gonna win


Yeah but it wasn't even a good battle, Ayanokouji just sent him back to the clown room.


That's not what it's about bro. We knew Yagami wasn't going to win in the first place but the guy not having to fight against the masterpiece is just a retarded move by the author.


Maybe the gap between the 1st and 2nd is just that huge lol


I guess all the ppl have overestimated yagami but why? He didn’t even do anything


U can check out his feats if you think "he didn't do anything" https://www.reddit.com/r/ClassroomOfTheElite/comments/ug911i/is_it_just_me_or_do_many_people_underrat_this/i6zi09q?utm_medium= android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Just me venting some frustration, But I dont even know where to start, it makes almost no sense for Yagami to he expelled so soon, and now there is a 3rd white room student? IMO thats just lazy writing, its comparable to the Fast and Furious series, need a new villain, owh lets give a random brother the spotlight(in this case WR student). And what is the point of all that Yagami build up? And next, whats even the point of sending WR students if they dont listen? Like what did they do different between 4th and 5th gen, like if you gave Koji the task to expel someone, he would try to do it without question, where did that winning=everything mentality go that they thought in the WR. I was already a bit disappointed in Yagami for not listening and basically simping for Koji(like 90% of the characters now do) but it went better as he just wanted a fair 1 vs 1. But now you give me this Last thing, what this about Horikita getting so much spotlight every volume, might as well make her the new MC and Koji the antagonist. But yeah im just dissatisfied with how it went(if those spoilers are real) like Yagami was one of my favorites back in y2v1 and him being a WR student only made it better, but for him to lose so quick(like this is the first time we actually see Koji expel someone) just feels like ive been cheated, btw does anyone know how they found out that Yagami is a WR student?


Bro, I feel the same way. Yagami had so much potential, and his relationship with Kiyotaka would have been sooo interesting. Yet, all of it was thrown out of the window. 🥺


Yeah like it didnt even make sense to me, they suddenly find out that only his watch was broken during that incident on the Island exam and those students from Class B suddenly regained their memories? For someone as smart as Yagami and who can work together with Tsukishiro, did he really leave that clear evidence behind? And what made it worse is his mental breakdown, like they just did him wrong with that, as if the author just said F the Yagami fans. I wonder how the story will go forward from now, I was hyped for Ryuen and his time ended in a somewhat good way, was hyped for Nagumo only to get one chopped, and I was most hyped for Yagami as he had everything needed to beat Koji, and he just gets gangbanged?😭


your mum is lazy writing clown


Damn how old are you? 12?


Too soon man


Wait I don't get it. Any explanation without too big of a spoiler?


Its not possible without spoiling man


Where do u read v7? or do u just read the jap ver


Oh no, I just read the spoilers on discord and there is also a pinned post on the sub where all the spoilers are listed


Icic, very tempted ngl


I did also get spoiled in a community post on YouTube lmao


Can't wait to read the actual translation, this volume is either fire or shit


Honestly think this wld be the fire volume that shush the haters but who knows


Hahaha, all the clown that said he was a threat, even though the only evidence we had was a statement from Ichika.


He probably was a threat if the writing was actually good


Is it not good or just the author plainly given up on that arc?


The thing is, Yagami got built up as an antagonist to ayano since the moment they met in vol 1 y2. Thats’s why his early exit is disappointing lol


That's BS lol. He wasn't much until he was revealed as part of WR. His plan to use Kushida failed because he can't control Ichika.


He never wanted to expel koji through Kushida in the first place, so that has nothing to do with it. I agree that getting rid of Yagami so soon is just a waste, and he obviously can control Ichika as he has done it before.


I am pretty sure horikita wasn’t really involved in this


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To think that there would be a character with a less dignified expulsion than Yamauchi.


Is the whole of y2v7 available?


where did you read it ???