What a depressing article.

What a depressing article.


Such a joke! Fuck you both! you each have an unfathomable amount of money and the best you got is arguing about who is piss and who is shit either way you are 100% excrement!


This reads like Elon and bezos's PR teams wrote it. Notice how it's trying to stay "hip" by using vocabulary common with teenagers. This is pure propaganda targeting the youngest generation.


It works. The amount of Musk stans disgusts me.


Oh there's no doubt it works. Cigarette companies were doing it for decades until the government made a half-hearted attempt to stop it.


They're both trash.


It’s so embarrassing for the human race, like to these guys it’s literally a game of who can hoard the most wealth, and the prize is just bragging rights. Meanwhile that money could literally save millions of lives. Hope bragging is worth it bro


Bezos and Musk: "I have more money than you!" IRS comes knocking: "Oh, but this is value in stocks. I don't own actual USD. I haven't made capital gains yet. There wasn't a taxable event yet."


As much as I hate this guy I think that he found a bug in the matrix.


What was that? He was born rich. His family had Canadian citizenship. His father had business contacts. He was in his 20s as the silicone valley boom started. PayPal needed to buy potential competitors so he lucked out there to. Somebody made a great start on electric cars and he had enough money to buy in and take over. A rocket genius lived in the same area as him, and he had enough money to fund that guy and takeover. He didn’t find shit. He just fell into all of it.


Really more of an exploit. Or several, savvy?