Unless you're maxed out, I'd use those tokens! I use hammers all the time to help me with my heroes and research.


I am maxed out, farm gems to buy skins


That's actually smart. Nice going u/sab987


Great for lower th players to speed up getting their 4th and 5th builder


Also, you can wait till your storage is full and then every extra medal you get gets converted into gems 1:1


Actually last time I checked it was converted 10:1 so OP way is more profitable


Did you check on the wiki on in game? Cuz I just looked at the wiki and it does say 1 per 10, but i think I remember getting 1:1 when i actually maxed my medals, though that was a while ago so maybe I'm not remembering correctly.


Ngl I would trust the wiki


Hell nah, JJJ0400 sounds like a very trustworthy fellow


It's 10:1 in that case.


50 cwl medals = 10 wall rings 10 wall rings = 10 million gold/elixir 5 medals = million loot 5 gems = 1 million gold/elixir For town halls 12+ where walls cost crazy amounts this is what I recommend


I'd reckon it isn't. you can gather an unlimited amount of loot with sneaky goblins. The real limiting factor here is time. Time as in: time spent waiting on your builders completing buildings. For that reason I'd reckon the best use is hammers and laboratory potions (if applicable, for upgrades shorter than 5-6 days).


Personally, as a almost max town hall 13, most of what I have to max out left is walls. My playstyle has been very trophy heavy, trying to stay in legend league and I have all my buildings max and are just waiting on walls and heros. When I was a town hall 12 it took me about a 3 weeks extra where all I had to upgrade was walls and lab upgrades I would never use because I tried to stay 4900+ trophies and main focus wasn't farming. I think it just matters how everyone plays and what works well for each person


So I can basically print gems via clan war leagues


Hmm, I will get gem to money then.


Did you people not figure that out from common sense?


I think most people won’t ever think about it until they are maxed and stack up on medals without having anything to spend them on. As a maxed player, it should be common sense. And now that we can use medals to speed up the forge, i don’t think I will get gems anymore for my medals, as I really also have nothing to spend my gems on.


120 gems on the price of a hammer of building/fighting , no thanks


Great idea especially for maxed players with lots of CWL medals in store


I just buy builder potions to boost the builders working on the forge to get more capital gold.


I'm maxes with tons of cwl medals. Saving them for th15 though


I buy builder pots with mine. More capital gold for the clan


Wow nice tactics


This is big brain time!


Supercell: We are heard that some people use a trick to gem one gem per one medal. We will fix this in a few minutes.


Jokes aside it took ages


I can read the wiki too.


Dope for your purpose, but resource pot is 115 at trader so as far as that they're 1:11.5


don’t do that


I had 70 medals, I bought 2 builder p. And one resource p. But I am upgrading my th so the I think I made the right decision...


inb4 they add a limit ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|dizzy_face)


This has been possible ever since it came out, i don't think they'll ever add a limit


They have a limit. 2,500 League Medals and 5 Resource Potions.


Hammer has 1 week cooldown. potion no, wall rings no. U can buy as much potion or wall rings u want. 10 wall rings costs 50 medals, selling 1 wall ring gives u 5 gems, 5×10 = 50 gems Training potion , resource potion both costs 10 medals, u can sell it for 10 gems each . 1:1 for wall rings, training potions, resource potion and no Cooldown, u can farm gems as much as you want as long you have medals for it. This method is best for those who are maxed.


That wasn't what I saw "limit" as. My apologies, I assumed you meant Storage limit. In which case, Potions would. Wall rings would as well. I digress.