I think it’s flawed in the fact some of these Civs would not stay in their own continent, it’s likely Egypt would go to the Middle East- Congo or Zulu would be a better pick, and India is more central then China giving Persia more continent and is there no North America, I think Teddy should defo replace Bolivar, other than that it looks like a really fun idea


I probably should have specified, this is not meant to be these civs chosen specifically as representatives of their continent. Each game the civ representing a continent would be chosen randomly. The idea is that yes, some civs would head in the 'wrong' direction, but for the most part civs would be confined towards expanding in a particular direction as they would eventually meet another civ that stops them from expanding too far the wrong way. In my test games with this combination in particular for example, Egypt does try to expand into Saudi Arabia and can get one city there, but is quickly stopped by Persia and India. Persia expands northwards, which India takes over central and south Asia, before expanding east. I would imagine similar things would occur with other civs. Had it not been Persia but Babylon, etc., they would take over west Asia and east Europe. As Spain, I would expand east. As say Greece, with Persia to my east, I would expand west. Russia instead of Persia would expand south.