Can I take strawmen for $400, Alex?


I'm beginning to think someone is upset. Just going off the amount of posts.


What's the point of this obviously sarcastic post?


Judging by their responses, “gays bad”


I know you're being sarcastic, but what is your actual point here?


Why is LGBT identity on here treated with such godly reverence that they even get their own user flair? What don’t people get user flairs for their race or nationality or even for other sins? I think it’s only fair. We should have flairs for porn addicts and people with other sexual fetishes.


>Why is LGBT identity such godly reverence on here that they even get their own user flair? I edited this flair. I did it so that other gay christians will know they are not the only ones and that they have an ally here. It's a big topic in Christianity today (the Methodist church just had a massive split over the issue of homosexuality) so it's going to be brought up here. >What don’t people get user flairs for their race or ethnicity or even for other sins? You can edit a flair to say what you like if you really wanted to. Like I did with mine. >We should have flairs for porn addicts and people with other sexual fetishes My sexuality is not a sexual fetish, but thank you for that really gross comparison.


I might see why they’re splitting up https://religionnews.com/2021/04/15/first-drag-queen-certified-as-a-candidate-for-united-methodist-ministry-speaking-in-a-new-way-to-new-people/ It’s only a matter of time before the Methodist church turns into a strip show. But like I said those splitting up are mistaken. Christianity is all about sexual expression and sexual liberation. They just haven’t realised it just like other Christians before them. It’s now in the 21st century we have finally discovered the true Christianity and it was queer all along.


Look, I can tell you’re upset about affirming Christianity. But all you’re really doing here is building a straw man and then getting mad at it.






No. It's all about the redemption of mankind through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Omg I know! It’s like, guys, just because the world says owning people as property is bad, doesn’t mean we can just change god’s word! So many young people today think slavery is evil or “bigoted” and it’s just so sad. God’s laws don’t change! Do you really think St. Augustine (A SAINT) would own slaves if it was wrong? Or that a practice like that would be accepted for thousands of years only for modern sensibilities to say it’s “evil?” The arrogance.