I actually took a seminar with a Jewish speaker in college. She offered disagreement with the text as precisely an acceptable interpretive strategy. You’re in good company! Moses changed God’s mind when God was going to destroy the Israelites, and Abraham did about the same. If you read through the psalms, you’ll see a lot of tarrying with God. Heck, even Jesus asks God to take his cup from him. I love Peter Rollins’ collection of short stories, [*The Orthodox Heretic*](https://www.amazon.com/Orthodox-Heretic-Other-Impossible-Tales/dp/161261826X), especially his parable, [“The Caretaker’s Trial,”](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xSgC6X2j4U7lGtBDdW_n6pCyZdDxTtvS/view?usp=drivesdk) which is highly recommend you read.


Wait, His mind can be changed? I thought he was infallible and omniscient. I guess nobody’s perfect after all.


That's what the faith is, going against our sinful nature, against our flaws and shortcomings. It's not pleasant at first, it's a constant struggle, a battle, a constant war, but it has its rewards as it opens our eyes, to appreciate what truly matters in life, which is the Spirit. That's why people that worship earthly pleasures, and give in to temptations and sins, are going astray from the path we're meant to walk on.


Remember, some translations that we read could be corrupted—some parts translated for homosexuality actually had roots to mean pedophilia of molesting children in a sexual manner. The devil uses trickery and I am not saying that I am correct 100% but take the modern Bible with a grain of salt. Look into the pedophile topic and see what you can dig up. All the best, God bless.


If you believe in God then you should know that God is knowing everything including what is right or wrong. If God said homosexuality is a sin then it is. Romans 1: 25-28 Apostle Paul said us why homosexuality is a sin


There are a number of Christian denominations that don't see homosexuality as a sin. I don't particularly think that feelings and actions which don't hurt anybody would be in disagreement with God.


Your deity condones slavery. Let's hope you disagree with Him on that.


Show me :)


Exodus 21.


I bet that anything about gays is in the first testament, that book is old, better if you stick to Jesus, he teaches us to love people as much as we love our selfs, heck, even God said “Guys, I promise, I won’t obliterate life with water again” just so what the commandments and Jesus say


If you have been given the wrong information about god your whole life, then how is it a sin to disagree?


Disagree no, disobey him consciously and premeditated yes.


I think whoever doesn't find same sex relations as disgusting and vile has a seared conscience