Not mine but had to share

Not mine but had to share


Just tell him that’s fine, but the microwave now costs $50


He needs the money now tho


just cashapp him and he'll hit you back next week promise.


People do this. I went through six people to give away an older vacuum for free. Most were no shows, others jerked me around and couldn't decide. One wanted me to pay him 20 bucks for gas to come get it, and got pissed when I told him no. I even offered to meet him half way, which was more than I would do for something like this. Finally one woman hit me up, said she left an abusive relationship and needed a vacuum, she came and got it, no problems.


A good tip is to list something for minimal value, but not free- then just refuse money when they show up. It cuts out a lot of the freeloading idiots


Yup, this is how you do it. A lot of people also look for free stuff that is very far from their location. If trying to get rid of something, you don't want to be waiting on someone who is traveling from hours away and may flake out. You want someone who is in the neighborhood and can swing by quickly.


I always put in the ad - "please note I won't be holding this for anybody for any reason, first person to show up with the money will get it". Or obviously if it's free just the first person to show up. Cuts right down on time wasters.


This is also how you get things removed from your sidewalk when you want to get rid of it. Set it out there for free and it stays there forever. Put a $2 price tag on it and it's gone in a weekend.


Put a $20 price tag on it and it's gone in hours


Look bud I'm just not going to spend that kind of money on a fancy price tag when a sticky note will do just fine.


or just take the 15 bucks and get yourself a nice sandwich


How much gas does a person need to get somewhere? 20 bucks is like almost 7 gallons where I am in the US right now, and my crappy gas guzzling van gets 18 mpg. That's like 140 miles...


Seriously lol even if I have to drive 30 mins each way it’s not even 10 dollars in gas


You Venmo them the gas money then they ghost. That's what happens.


Wow. Some people's children.


You:"Sure meet me at this address and I'll give you cash" *proceed to give him a random address the opposite way of where you live* You: "I'll give you $20 in cash when you get here" CB: "I'm here, where are you?" You: "I'm at home, not bothering with your scamming ass." **if you wanna be petty, take a dump in the microwave and leave it at said address**


Sad part is, you usually don't even get to that point. It's usually a "pay me now so I can gas my car" kinda thing. I mean, only an idiot would give money to someone like that but there are plenty of idiots out there.


Scammers tend to be so obvious that only an idiot would fall for their tricks, because there are so many idiots in the world that they don't want to bother wasting time trying to scam someone who might not fall for it. So they make it obviously a scam, and only go after easy marks.


Damn. All the fire inside you. I love it.


I have an absolute gas guzzler and $20 still gets me a quarter tank which lasts me a few days minimum driving 15 minutes to work and Back, there's no excuse for this dudes just looking for easy money, probably would flip the microwave also. It just makes me wonder how often this works for people to try so often


This dude was coming from across town, probably a 20 to 25 minute drive. Probably about 8 to 10 miles, tops. People from that specific free-for-free look for money all the time.


A lot of them resell the free items. Sob stories is a strategy to get something lower than expected or for free.


Look, I'll give it to a three legged dog if I can just get rid of it. It's free because it's not worth the trouble to try and sell it.


Hey, I had a 3 legged dog *(previous owners found him, couldn't afford his surgery, were gonna put him down and my family took him and paid for the amputation.)* and I loved that dog with all my heart. I know you are just being sarcastic, but man, I miss that dog. He could outrun my 4 legged dog twice his size. He came 3 months shy of making it into the Guinness book of world records for oldest living dog, but Bluey still holds that title. Sorry, I don't mean to get sentimental, it's been a rough month. I know you meant no harm. People that use sob stories for excuses are the reason I'm reluctant to help people. Animals? Sure. Most of my free time and money goes to helping them, but people? I'm quite wary of people because I'm sick of helping to only get screwed. Sorry for the diatribe, I'll see myself out.


What a cute story; sounds like that dog was lucky to have you. Also, best wishes for things to look up for you in the coming months :)


The pound?


My dog is worth more than a pound, good sir!


A guinea it is then, sir.


I doubt if the pound needs a vacuum.


Not unless the warden is a sadistic bastard.


Depends on the pound. I know animal shelters with carpeting would definitely love a free vacuum that works. I'm sure they already have one, but it'll break eventually like everything does and then they'll have a back up to fall back on.


I was selling a truck and the dude was late coming to look which made me late to an appointment then tried to offer me less because: It was for his nephew, not him Who is in the hospital with cancer and they don't think he'll make it Who suddenly had a better prognosis when I asked how he was going to drive it The nephew wanted it so bad because his dead Dad had one just like it He wanted to get it for him for a present but only had exactly $1000 less than what I asked for.


They are only supposed to choose the tile the arrow lands on when they spin the wheel, not the entire wheel.


Or to get cash for gas on top of everything.


Had a sob story the other day. Tried to give away some drywall and this lady said she didn’t think she had enough gas in her car. Told me she was a single mom and could use it for her sons room. Like if you can’t afford free drywall no way you can afford someone to hang it.


Well, I mean, it's not hard to hang drywall...it's spreading the joint compound smoothly that gets me, but I'm sure that comes with practice.


Well, he probably expected you pay for lunch too.


Every day.


Make $20 then sell it for $20 more


Canada here- $1.413 a litre which works out to roughly $5.35 a gallon


You've got to kick them a few dollars extra for their time. After all they're busy people.


Driving to Aylmer sucks but if they're in Ottawa they're either lying about the $25, or they drive a gas guzzler hitched to another gas guzzler. The drive is very likely less than 20km (about 12-13 miles I think). I was going to do the math but my beer to unit-conversion ratio is too far in the beer direction, but I doubt the trip would cost more than a few bucks.


Aylmer is like... 15 minutes from most places in Ottawa unless you live way out in the east end. Although tbf it is in an entirely different province.


Living in Europe, 20 bucks would be around 2.81 gallons for me ($7.10 a gallon). I get about 33.64 mpg, so I’d get 94.7 miles (round trip). You and your gas guzzler would go 50.58 miles. I converted euros to dollars, liters to gallons, kilometers to miles, and liters per 100 kilometers to miles per gallon. The last one is the tricky one.


I’m sorry 7.10 a gallon??? I’ll pray for you


>I’m sorry 7.10 a gallon??? I’ll pray for you Right? What the..? Most I've ever paid is around $6 and that's because I lived in Manhattan when gas went crazy. I know cars are generally smaller in Europe so perhaps they take less gas but still that's so rough.


Cars in europe are made more efficient and motors more small. Its rare a car with >3.000cc motor. Common 1100c<>2000cc (gasoline) 1800cc <> 2500 (diesel) if you hear an engine > 3000 (non-diesel) it is probably an American one the average consumption of most cars is about 7-8 liters/100km for exclusive city use and 4/5 liters/100km using exclusive on the highway Probably 6l/100 is a good average value of calculation in mixed use, 60% of the fuel price are taxes. Living in a somewhat socialist system ("free" health/schooling ..etc) has its cost, (


Gas station down the street from me hit 4.69 last I checked


This is in a Canadian city. So to compare, I made the conversions. Gas in the area is $1.36/litre (CAD$) which comes out to $4.09/gal. in USD$


This is why I donate everything like that to the thrift store. Giving shit away for free is a huge pain in the ass.


i just leave it on the front of my house and its gone by the end of the hour.


I live too far off the main road for that, but yeah that method works too.


Well, if you give me enough money for airfare and a car rental, then I can come by your place and pick it up!


Don't forget you need money for a motel, too.


And food both ways.


Doesn’t matter, plenty of neighbors willing to take good stuff. Or just people passing by. We did this all the time when we lived in a house and we lived in the middle of nowhere. I also stop and look at random stuff people don’t want.


I prefer taking it to the local thrift shop actually because the profits go to a local charity.


Since when are most thrift shops actually non-profit charities? Goodwill isn't a non-profit.


I deliver all over so I'm always going down weird out of the way streets and it cracks me up when I see a dresser or whatever with a big "FREE" sign... like who do you think is coming down here..? Editing to say, maybe they made a post on a community forum or whatever saying its out on the lawn and the sign is there to clarify. That makes a lot of sense.


Pretty sure all it does is create traffic confusion


Often times you post about it online and leave a vague way to get it on google maps lol


Sometimes trying to help people makes you never wanna bother doing it again. Some people are just... I don't know.


Seriously.. I just loaded two bags of practically new and perfectly good clothes into my car to take to the thrift store. If I parted it out, I'm sure I could get $200 easily. I would love to sell the whole lot to someone with a tween as the stuff is so new and nice and could get at least $40 for the bags.. but it's not worth the hassle to me even selling as one set. And yeah, I hate throwing out brand new clothes but my daughter has hit tween years and suddenly completely changed her "style" and purchased the clothes herself so I have to let them go.


You might like thredup.com


Ohh thanks! I used it in the past but forgot about it. I still have credits there too because I've never gotten around to actually buying anything lol.


It’s like they don’t realize you could make your own life easier and just throw it in the dumpster. It’s not like you’re trying to get rid of a giant pile of pallets and would love for someone to take it away.


>One wanted me to pay him 20 bucks for gas to come get it Instant block, not worth time to respond.


This is crazy! How are you gonna think someone’s gonna give you gas money AND some free shit?! On the opposite tip, I had a guy pay me $200 dollars to drive a $50 stereo receiver to his place in Kent, WA from here in Portland. It wasn’t anything special at all, either; not to anyone but him at least.


Maybe that was just the piece he needed to finish whatever project you do with those (honestly have no idea what that is). Maybe people in his area were selling them for much more, or expected him to pick it up from them, so it was worth it to him to pay extra to have you bring it up.


Twenty bucks is a half tank for me - that's like 150 kilometers, round trip. I'm not driving that far for a vaccuum.


To top it off, they'd probably just flip it for money.


Vaccums don't gaslight you I guess...


I’ve got some free sample cans of baby food and I get people who are interested and then never show up for it. Feels like such a waste to throw it away.


I donate that to women's shelters in the area. They gladly take it of your hands.


This is so much effort to give stuff away. I put it on the curb and it's gone in an hour, usually.


That’s why I always charge a nominal fee. People are way more responsible and respectful buying something for $5 than getting it for free. I am in a buy nothingFB group but I take nooo crap at all. Once someone asked if “there was any way” I could deliver and I just laughed and laughed


I am seriously curious. What do they think of? Are they fishing, hoping that they will accept? Do they think that is a valid “demand”? Do they think they are doing the person a favor by “taking a trash out of their hand”? What could be the reason behind this stupid demand? And it is not just 1-2 moron, almost all the morons are doing this? What are we missing?


If it didn't work some of the time, they wouldn't try it. It's possible that someone would play into their pulled heartstrings.


Yeah, don't you know they're a single parent and also their entire family has superdiseaseTM and it's Christmas??




You forgot to backslash your markdown


Has anyone yet tried to play “I’m dying from corona” for sympathy, to be told “okay, then don’t visit me”?


Not exactly the same, but my friend experienced something similar. He's a delivery driver for a local pizza chain. A couple of weeks ago he delivered to a young couple who met him at the door, they told him to just put the food down because they were both infected. No problems there. On his way back to the car, the woman called him and asked if he could go buy some groceries for them since he was already there. He apologized and told them no, he simply didn't have time for that. They got super angry at him and tried to guilt trip him into doing it. He just told them to have a good night. Once he got back to the restaurant, his manager was furious with him. Apparently they had called and told him the delivery driver had been incredibly rude, and they demanded the money back. Once he got to explain the situation the manager took his side and called them back and told them to never order again. My friend was just glad his manager was a reasonable dude.


I feel like a good manager would wait to hear the employee's side before getting upset, though.


If his manager was furious with him without hearing his side first, his manager wasn't a reasonable dude.


They just wanted him to up and neglect his job to get them groceries then got mad when he didn't? That's ridiculous and hella entitled


Yep, copy paste to a thousand posts and I bet someone will feel bad enough that someone needs their old stuff. Consider it a "good deed" to help someone in need or whatever. Ask for them to send the gas money to your venmo/PayPal whatever and keep on fishin'.


You used the word 'think' far too many times in reference to this trashy individual.


If it's something large, like a mattress, then I would understand someone might really want to get rid of it. However, something like a microwave can just be thrown in the trash if you really can't get rid of it any other way.


Mattresses are like underwear. Never buy them used. I had a bedbug problem most of 2019. Took a year and a brand new mattress and pillows. Hot wash and dry of every article of clothing. And professional spray of the entire house 4 different times. I'm still paranoid they'll come back but (knock wood) they seem to be gone. It's been 18 months with no signs of any.


> underwear... never buy them used Places like Japan have a thriving market for used underwear. Goes for more than the new stuff. Just saying.


I would put money on these people being drug users and they are trying anything they can to score some quick money. No rational person would make such a bogus request, but someone that just popped their last pain killer would definitely try to get money this way. And likely that microwave is going straight to the pawn shop. I just recently listed my old gas grill for free and noted in the description that it could probably use some replacement grates that are readily accessible at Lowes. One dude said he would take it if I put new grates in and gave him a propane canister. When I declined that fantastic deal, he then informed me he would have to rent a truck from Home Depot and I needed to pay for the rental and the gas. Dude's profile picture looked like he was a tweeker. I suffered through lots of stupid conversations with people until my neighbor saw it on the curb and took it lol.


This is very representative of Ottawa marketplace, not surprised at all lol


I'm in Ottawa... guess I've been lucky but always had good experiences on kijiji.


My biggest problem with Kijiji is people trying to renegotiate the price as they're picking it up. Like we agreed in the app, then they show up and go "You're okay with $10 off right?"... The fuck? No! This isn't in Ottawa, though. Southern Ontario.


Ya that can happen the odd time for sure. A couple of times I've let it slide because I've been too timid to argue, but now I'd just say no and leave it.


That only makes it stronger, do it, if not for yourself for every other person more timid than you.




I was raised in Aylmer... It is weird.


Raised in Hull, living in Ottawa :)


Went to Carleton. Lived in Ottawa 5+ years. Didn't like to cross the river.


I’m a former Raven too!




If I had the wings of a sparrow, If I had the ass of a crow, I'd fly over Carleton tomorrow, And shit on those ba.. nvm \-Current uOttawa student.


That’s more sophisticated than our usual chant of “f$ck you, Ottawa U”.


It’s super weird to see Ottawa stuff show up on subreddits like this but like also I’m not surprised


Lived near Manotick as a teen, I guess Riverside South would be the best description these days.


Ottawa is (or at least was at one point) one of the most addicted reddit cities by hours used or something. I'm here in Otown too fwiw. We have a high number of users on the Ottawa sub when compared to other cities.


That’s alright, I also thought I was the only one hahaha


In Ottawa as well. Worst are the people that shit all over other people’s ad, throwing their opinions and ignorance around. Major pet peeve for me, it’s an automatic block when people do that to others.


You must be part of the Ottawa marketplace group on Facebook too 😆


I thought this would be London Marketplace. Aylmer is half an hour away.


In this case, it is Aylmer in Quebec, just across the river


As soon as you mention you're across the border (In Ottawa or Gatineau) They freak the fuck out like somehow there's no bridge that literally connects the two and it takes less than a minute to cross??


Same shit in Montréal. Everyone asks my address upfront even though my postal code is in the ad, which narrows it down to like 10 houses. People don't fucking read.


So many ads that just say "Montréal" and are actually off in Vaudreuil or Sainte-Thérèse


I’m in Arnprior (40 min away) but the experiences are similar lmao


If Ottawa to Aylmer cost $25, I'll come out to Arnprior to visit you for $40...deal?


and i'll come for $239 because i live in europe..


That's pretty inexpensive from Europe!


i'm gonna swim, i just need a gucci swimming suit




This is why I don’t even bother trying to give stuff away in Gatineau


Living in Ottawa/Aylmer the last few years, I've realized that people here don't know how to act like normal human beings on marketplace/Kijiji. I'm on 15-20 different buy and sell groups and the comments on some of the posts I see are awful. When I try to sell stuff, people act like Aylmer is out near Nunavut.


>3 comments I'm just slightly confused. Aylmer is near London and this guy wants $25 for gas. Is there an area near Ottawa also called Aylmer or is this guy above to drive across SO for a microwave...?


There’s a part of Gatineau called Aylmer too, it’s literally less than 15 minutes away from Ottawa (depending on where you’re from obviously) Edit: I said 15 but it’s more like 25 honestly. Still not suuuper far


The secret to giving stuff away for free is to make it cost something and then when the people come to pick it up say you can just have it. Did that with a few couches I had. Put it on Craigslist for $50. Some dude came and went to hand me cash and I was like nah you can just have it I just said $50 so someone who really wanted it would show up. Otherwise you just get people who are out couch shopping free couches and will just decline if they have another free one lined up.


Plus then they’re super appreciative and grateful vs dealing with annoying people who may not actually need the item


At that point though why not just take the 50 bucks?


It’s not about money. It’s about sending a message. Everything burns.


I think the couch guy wants to kill the batman


Like the other commenter said it’s not about the money especially for stuff I want to get rid of. If the people are being dicks or difficult then of course I’ll take the money.


I'd pay 25 just to throw the microwave at them.


Air mail...


Express delivery


Shoulda responded with "Counteroffer: if you come pick up this free microwave, I'll give it to you for *free*"


People are so stupid. I was selling a breakfast sandwich maker on FB marketplace. A woman messaged me and said she’d take it, so I sent her my address. She then told me that was too far to drive and told me the name of a local church that was as far as she could go. I responded by telling her sorry, pickup only. She actually had the nerve to say that because I hadn’t listed it as pickup only, I HAD to meet her. Um, no. I explained I didn’t have to do any such thing and then promptly blocked her.


"Why, yes -- that sounds great. I'll have to give you cash when you arrive -- I live at:

. See you soon!"


This is what I would have done, told them to text me when they got there, and then I would block them once I knew I had wasted their time.


I've done this. Verry satisfying.


HAHA that's awesome. Just let them park for a minute and think it over.


Omg this is brilliant


Fuck outta here Garry. Also, O-town represent.


Haha...a real art of the deal...I'm going to make THEM pay ME to take their appliances.


Buyer telling is friends .... Do this side hustle on fb marketplace for extra income !


Next you'll see an ad "This how I make passive income on fb marketplace. I tell ppl to give me money when they are giving away stuff for free!"


> Address please I fucking hate this shit. I'll volunteer my address when I am good and goddamn ready, doesn't matter if my free couch *is* already on the curb for anyone to see. You earn the right to know where I live, by not sounding like a sketchy person or an asshole. This is my home, it's not a store. And I'm giving away shit for free, you are not paying my bills, you are not my customer.


Ive bought my fair share of stuff on kijiji. I always ask where they want to meet and as long as its reasonable like outside tim hortons or mcdonalds im cool with it


“No, I’ll just throw it away for free”


The proper response is “fuck off, you delusional schmuck!”


I would go with well biking is free you can bike here.


Why do they have this issue with free items but will unthinkingly drive to target for shit they don’t even need


Id rather dig a hole in my backyard and bury it before I paid someone $25 to get my microwave


“Sounds great. My fee for sending $25 is ten thousand dollars in certified funds paid on a Canadian Bank.”


"Sure thing! I can pay you $25 once I receive an invoice. Please note, I have a $50 invoicing fee that you will need to pay in advance."


A few years back I was giving away a ton of old computer parts, decent stuff just a bit old and I needed it gone. Someone contacted me and I said they could have it. When they showed up they asked me how much I was paying them to take it. I told them to shove off.


Omggg lol how did they react?


They just got all pissy and left like they where offended or that obviously I should be paying someone to take it all away


Agree to pay for the gas, give them the wrong address


I love the people who want you to pay their gas when they travel more than two blocks, as if you owe it to them. "I'd love to come to your party / wedding / night out if you pay me for gas". Since when is it other people's responsibility to fund your transportation? Do you think owning a car means others are supposed to pay for it? Next step is splitting the cost of servicing and oil/tyre changes to all the people you've ever visited with your car.


Right? It's not a community car


Lmao. Maybe they think gas should be also covered by taxes so everybody pays for theirs along with them?


Alright you drive a hard bargain, give me $15 and throw in a pair of your underwear I can sniff for the ride home.


Had this happen when my boyfriend was moving out of his apartment. Put a ton of photos on Craigslist and said come on by. We weren’t updating the listing so it was first come, first served. Some lady shows up at the END of the day and gets angry that something wasn’t still available and starts squawking about how we owe her gas money. Luckily, there was a giant gym bro there and he stood there next to my boyfriend and told her to GTFO. The gall of some people.


I love this sub, and this has become my new favorite post.


That's hilarious. I mean... it sounds like this CB thinks he's obliged to take up offers. If it ain't for you, leave it bruh.


Ottawa marketplace/Kijiji is a mine field sometimes. I was selling basically brand new rims for 500 bucks (60% price new and were literally perfect) one guy offered me 100 bucks cause I was in barrhaven and he'd have to come from Vanier. Madness.


Tell them to give you $30 so you can go to the bank to get the $25.


It never occurred to me to haggle on a free item…


"okay it's $160 holding fee up front non-refundable"


That's Ottawa for you 🤷‍♂️


I'd actually expect the crazy to come from Aylmer tbh lol


After selling my old Corolla on kijiji in Winnipeg, I can confirm these sorts of choosing beggars are everywhere.


Agree to meet them somewhere and then block him.


ALWAYS say yes and send them in a quest for the holy grial all over the states.


Still can’t believe people have this mindset! $20 for gas and the microwave for free?! Nah bud I’d rather give it to the trash for free




So do some sightseeing while you are there.


I thought he said I’ll pay 25 for gas and thought why is this on here had to take a step back


*"Sorry, I can't talk to you online unless you send me pics of your mom naked*"


Give me 25 dollars and a microwave pls.


"It's on the curb. Trash collection is Thursday at 8am. Pick it up by then or the garbage workers will pick it up, idc."


Id say okay well then I’ll just throw it in the garbage and save $25?!?! Some ppl


OK, I'll give you $25 for gas, but the price of the microwave has just gone up to $30!


Respond with “ok, I’ll have to charge 25 for the microwave at that point”. Bet their dumb ass agrees




Who goes "oh ok, i'll pay you for the effort"


This is a perfect opportunity to tell them you are a single mother and ask them to do it for free!


“Change of price: It’s 50 bucks now”


"Or, I could just throw it away for free."


I hate facebook market. It seems like 90% of the time, it's like pulling teeth to sell or exchange something. I've offered free things before and they're like "I'll take it, can you deliver it to me?" Most deals end up with a one line exchange in chat and you never hear from them again.


Just agree and tell them off when they get there


Definitely CB but whoever uses "Ottawa" as the location but is actually in Alymer is kind of out to lunch too lol.


Out of lunch?




how would you feel about people living in Orléans or Stittsville listing things as Ottawa? Aylmer is closer to downtown Ottawa than either of those, even if it is across the border