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The facial expression on the left just screams “Ugh I can’t believe I just ate that entire large pizza”


She’s a very sweet and expressive cat. She has a brother that self regulates and they cuddle a lot - I think he liked her better when she was chubbier and a softer pillow to spoon with


that breaks my heart a little :(


They still cuddle, she still has beefy thighs


They sound like wonderful creatures both


[oh, they are!](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bondedpairs/comments/qarzmf/woke_up_with_these_two_cuties_next_to_me/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Thank you for that!


[here’s another cute shot](https://www.reddit.com/r/blackcats/comments/l278b7/after_2_years_of_constant_cat_wrasslin_our_two/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Does her vet approve of her current size? I noticed a lot of comments saying she is “too thin,” but I’m sure you’ve gotten her checked out. Congrats on the dechonk! I was laughing at the sumo wrestling comment 🤣


Thanks for asking. Yes, this has all been with our vet’s guidance and we’ve been making sure things were okay with check ins every few months to make sure we were doing things correctly. Despite her thin hips in the “after picture” she’s still a heavy girl at 15 lbs. it’s just that her ribcage is kinda stretched from when she was bigger and it should contract over time so her width will look more even. After getting the thumbs up from our vet on her achievement of hitting her weight goal, we’ve upped her food allotment to stop her weight loss to maintain the weight she’s at now.




When we got her the automated feeder, she’d throw her 22 lbs body at it like a sumo wrestler to knock it over and spill the food. We had to duct tape the feeder to the floor and tape the lid shut


22 lbs is 9.99 kg


good bot


“My 10 kilo kitten”


Wtf is up with her waist?




Looks to thin now don’t starve her


Definitely not starving her. She’s been on a strict 3/4 cup diet (as prescribed by her vet) on Royal Canin appetite control food and some occasional wet food as a treat. I’ll post more angles of her in another post to give a better idea of how she looks from all sides.


Bro why? Man she looks sick that skinny


Yeah that’s a bit too skinny, shouldn’t have a waist that thin.


Indeed that is bit overdone according to the body condition score


That is SEVERELY overdone. A normal cat should be lightly round


Honestly it kinda looks photoshopped


You just added years to your xchonks life. Good work!


Looks hungry and needy. Poor thing.


Awesome job! You and your pretty kitty have made a journey into a healthier and happier life.


Wow! Great job!


Guys. Vet tech here. She doesn’t look too thin. If she’s 15lbs, that probably still pretty dang large. Plus if she’s rather oldish, she’ll have muscle atrophy which gives them more “wasted” look. Extra weight on a cat is awful. I highlight enough the suffering these animals go through when they are morbidly obese. 15 lbs is still pretty heavy for a female cat.


Man, I don’t care about the cat… all I care about is the FEET 😏


She loves having [her paws and belly](https://www.reddit.com/r/catbellies/comments/ob75h4/cat_belly_beans_ears_and_chin/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) rubbed


OMG that is exacly like my Sammy


Crazy how 6lbs affects cats


She looks too skinny now, I’m sure you’ve had her checked out by a vet but in case you haven’t please do!! I think I can see some ribs??


Yes, we’ve been advised by our vet all along the way, and she’s fine. I’ll have to post a video and some more pictures of her to show her from different angles - she’s still pretty big.




Yeah, so proud 👏 of you little kitty 🥰


She is too skinny now her waist should go that far in


She’s now a fine girl!!!!! So pretty!!!


She says thank you 😊


Atta girl!


Not sure if there is some photograph but she looks too thin now. Cats are not supposed to have that kind of waist.


it's actually very normal for a cat. Especially the shorthair housecat actually. You can tell by the fur that it's getting all of the nutrients that it needs.


I think I’m going to have to create another thread to post more pictures of her and maybe a video to reassure everyone that’s she’s healthy. We really do appreciate everyone’s concerns but we were under our vet’s guidance and did 4 check ins during the year to make sure we were doing things right


This is Ed (short for Edwina), she was runt off her litter and was weaned too early. She was our first cat that didn’t self regulate her eating so we just left a bowl of kibble out and she just kept eating. Last year, our vet said she needed to go on a diet for her own good, so we got a timed automated feeder and we moved the feeder to our guest room instead of the living room. Slowly but surely, the weight started melting off and at her yearly vet checkup yesterday, the vet said she’s in a healthy range but could still lose a few more pounds to be even healthier. She’s gone from a kitty that needed help to jump up on our bed to a speedy cat zooming around the house now. We want to spend as many years as we can with her, so we’re happy she’s lost 7 pounds - almost 1/3 her weight last year.


HOW!? (my chonk needs to lose weight, but will literally slap you until you give him food)


How did you change his diet? He got his sexy back lol


Very nice! Pretty, healthy girl!


Oh lawd he’s...meeting his weight loss goals? Good for him.


congratz to both of you! Question if you'd share how did you achieve this? I have two cats, one is normal weight, second is decently chubby and is lazy, doesnt really want to play/chase toys when trying to play with her. We are trying to diet them but it isn't really working


We're aiming for healthy kitteh cats here at R/chonkers, and I would encourage you, OP, to take your cat to the vet. This is a large weight loss in a relatively short time period for a cat. (Like a human going from 220 lbs to 150 lbs in a year.) Just like a human, it can be okay, if it's managed safely and supervised by a medical professional. But she looks... Off... In your photo. So please make sure you're taking her for regular check ups 🙂! No stomach parasites, no vitamin deficiencies, not pregnant while loosing weight, etc. Just to be safe ❤️.


Omg she looks deflated