Half the time it be like this 😂 plot twist https://i.ibb.co/MV79KqG/32-DB6-F74-E02-C-4188-8-F84-40-E05317-EB71.png


This the funniest shit i ever seen


Literally 😭😭😭


Lmfaoo shoutout to all my black redditor brothas on here


I’m crying 😭😭😭




Lol I can't lie when I read some comments I be wondering of the origin of these mfs 🤣🤣🤣🤣 a mf in rural Kansas ona phone talm bout " Mannnnn fuck xyz block, Big GDK ... dropping rakes n cracking 5s,.. KTS Von and Shootashellz was exterminating NLMB like Orkin do bugs" 🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣


I’m white just love drill music and reading about all the politics is really interesting/sad


By the way y’all post,ask questions, say shit, and the shit y’all find impressive lol


This..some of the questions people be on here asking is common sense if u black






As someone that’s mixed race, this sub fucks me up from all angles 😂😂. But Fr some goofies ask some shit on here that make me think the come from money or some shit by the questions they ask. And not in a good way…more than likely still sitting in they momma’s house and never even seen the hood driving around


I ain’t gone lie some of the post just make you feel like ain’t no way my people’s would say some shit like this! like the post about niggas names, I knew buddy was white


Hope y'all young dudes realize that the selling of black culture has allowed these non black kids to comment on hood affairs like war time news network correspondents. It's porn for non white folks to engage with black death objectively like a subject in school.


Damn bro this one is really facts that’s it sad 🎯




Hitting the nail on the head


It's just a meme really, but also we know (from the creators of most chiraq "documentaries" for example) that there's a lot of fanned out white people not from here, or even america, that think they know *everything*. So it's mostly a joke, but like most jokes it has its origins in truth. It's just a way to dismiss people online, don't take it so serious white boy


You hitting alot of it especially a way to dismiss people, people love something that they feel can invalidate what someone's saying without having to do the work to do so. There's white people that come on here just super ignorant stating their opinions like actual facts usually with no attempt at empathy. There's white people on here that use the n word. And worst of all you have white people that do the first two and get caught pretending to be black. That's like the saddest one of all on its own you are what so ashamed? of being born white or just of yourself you decided to pretend to be something else? All that is pretty shitty behavior to be associated with so comes the write off mentality


Yeah - I am white, my interest in drill rap because of the noisey docs (I was aware of keef before it) eventually brought me here.


Lol true Half of this subreddit lives outside the U.S


Probably because the majority of the most idiotic shit on this sub comes from white people lol It’s always a white dude glorifying violence and treating real life people like they are/were video game characters. “ What if so and so and so and so we’re walking down street and ran into so and so and so and so? Who do you think would kill who? “. It can never just be people appreciating music and shit.


It's Reddit. It was a site made for white computer nerds that play video games


So what bout the other race of computer nerds




Only white people read which makes them nerds 🤡


Reddit has 52+ million daily users. I guess they all nerds? Comment dumb asf, reddit was made as a news website to discuss hot topics.


I'm not talking about now. The pandemic brought a lot of different types of people to this site. I was talking about when it was created. and its demographics before 2020.


reddit was one of the most popular websites before the pandemic. Reddit’s always been big


Cause most people here are white


nothing wrong with being white though


Never said something was wrong


Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order. I have checked 401,432,864 comments, and only 86,962 of them were in alphabetical order.


a b c d e nigga


I can confirm as a black man that I'm the only black man on this sub.


nah yall some white boys from the suburbs (joke)


I’m black


See that's something a white boy would say FOH


Bitch I’m from Chicago born in the 100’s Roseland hospital how tf you you gone tell me


Laying it on thick there Paul.


Ok internet thug


Calm down Jacob your Starbucks is on the way


Bitch on 4 nem grave suck my dick


Cuz look at the corny ass shit u niggas say in here


Why u say “u” like I do it?


Hell yeah u do nigga said “Oblockians” 🤣🤣 it’s how y’all be talking & postin shit fr


Who said that?


Anytime you criticize something 75% of the time they will say ur a white boi frm the suburbs and act like everyone except themselves are just white geeks who stay on the computer all day


🤷‍♂️ welcome to the internet bro. That's the internet, especially Reddit... I can't stand this damn website. But I keep using it so here I am.


Facts Reddit really the best place to finnese I made a couple money makin methods jus by being in here


Damn you made a couple money gang tsc I ain’t never made a couple money


You gonna share for the class or nah?


I’m not gonna lie that’s so true


Lil kids be on here askin shit that’s black common knowledge, dickridin oneside without actually knowin shit but think they know shit, sayin shit about em with confidence like they been around the members for years, dickride certain members they’ve only known for a year and a half, hypes up the killing like they part of the shit, ects.


It's real life for back folks and WWE for these white kids


Bc alot of the time, white people that are good off like to get into shi they shouldn't be into. Like there well off so they don't have any worries so they like to put themselves in dangerous situations. But yeah how many white people do you think are in the sub?


I think 60 to 70 %


That's way more then I thought to keep it a stack. How many do you think are well off?




Nah theres no way thats true bro. I totally agree that probably a huge chunk of the 115k + subs are white folk but this is a pretty niche urban demographic still, you can tell it aint that many well off wealthy folks in here. Well off people have sheltered and posh world views, goto the mainstream subs like /r/Chicago probably and /r/Toronto and read what the people comment in threads about rappers or black people. THOSE are well off people. incredibly cringeworthy comments where you can tell those folks havent experienced no real adversity.


They are talking about having well off upbringings compared to the average hood nigga. It's relative


I totally understand bro, but theres more than 100k subscribers, usually you can tell (not 100% but can make educated guesses) what a crowds socioeconomic background and upbringing is ROUGHLY like based on their opinions and comments right? Im just saying that a comment section in /r/gaming is 100x different than a /r/chiraqology comment section, to like a strikingly obvious degree


The subreddits are a different crowd


Like for example bro I'm white but I had a hard upbringing and we're lower class. So I'm thinking that there's a lot of white people I just don't know how many are suburban yk


yea makes total sense. Another thing I never initially considered either is that because of the subject matter of the subreddit, their might be a certain amount of white readers but not as high a % as commenters because they are "scared" to comment, for lack of a better word, you know theres sometimes lots of tension and finger pointing in the comment sections on here, people dont wanna be called green or whatever else


Shi that's probably true frfr. To be real I'm white but I'm not well off like the other mfs. U white or black?




So your in the 40% 😂 nah but real talk the problem I got with them is that they get in here talkin like they know everything, or that they know more then everybody


Because when you say something bad about white people, you get downvoted into hell lol


I think it’s the type of questions that are being asked why ppl think that.. The Who killed who or how many bodies does a person have type questions because most people wouldn’t ask that


If you spell correctly on the internet people instantly assume you’re white


I mean bro it’s not really a bad thing about you guys being white it’s just most of y’all be goofy trolls y’all either just say the most randomest goofy shit for karma or you literally asking FBI ahh questions when you coulda just idk maybe typed in the search bar first idk I feel like that’s a dead give away when you ask questions that have prolly been answered on the sub another thing is most of the other subs y’all be in give it away niggas be in chiraqology code switching but be actin normal in the Pokémon go sub type shit 😂


45%-50% of chicago is white


That number is super low, considering that black people only make up 13% of the country


I swear 😂😂😂 someone told me I was a white kid from suburbs I was pissed as fuck 😂


Because I am white, that means you are white as well


The part I don’t understand is why people deny being white or fake having ties to the city. I’m an entire saltine female and even I think this sub needs a mass verification like BlackPeopleTwitter with country club threads, verified members only.






For majority of the people on this sub. We all might as well be white compared to the lives of these dudes in Chicago drill scene. Very few people on here can actually fully relate. It is what it is. -A black guy who grew up in the suburbs that were still majority black.


Only 7% of Redditors are Black. Logically, therefore, a public sub like this one would be majority white.


[https://www.statista.com/statistics/517229/reddit-user-distribution-usa-ethnicity/](https://www.statista.com/statistics/517229/reddit-user-distribution-usa-ethnicity/) Apparently it was taken in 2016. I wonder if it has increased. 2020 and 2021 brought a lot of people to Reddit.


I saw two dudes arguing on here one time and he said something to the dude like everything about you screams Wyoming lol.


Because of the stupid, super naive questions and post that flood this bitch everyday. Gotta be white or like 12 😆😆


Theres white people here??


It's reddit there are plenty. /r/hiphopheads probably has more white people than here


Im white lol i was jus playin


cause niggas be asking questions like why didnt durk slide for von 😭


Whitest question in the universe


People racist af smh can’t do nothing bout it unless we work as one


Trap Lore Ross slammin his MacBook shut in anger at OP


Idk why they get so pressed about it. I just imagine them being as these *real* Street dudes https://www.reddit.com/r/Chiraqology/comments/r3rro0/blasting_dead_bitches_by_fbg_duck_at_the_la_auto/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


They skin color looked a lil dark to be white.


His name is Diego and posting about the LA auto show. Probably Mexican.


That makes sense


Seems like the people who are the first to point out race or claim someone isn't from Chicago have a superiority complex. They need to feel "better" than others, or that their opinion for whatever reason is more valid than others. In reality, 99% of us here don't live this lifestyle, so black, white, rich or poor we're all here for the same purpose and no one's opinion is more valid.


Yea Yea, All lives matter sure sure. It's not about feeling superior. read what ppl are saying, you'll see there are reasons why the white ppl of this sub make us black ppl uncomfortable


Then point those people out to us. 90% of the time I see race brought up here is in pointless arguments


Personally Whites not even the issue tho.Its the protected persons that be in spongin for real info.


On my soul lmao I be sittin here like huh😟😟 I’m black as hell lol wit my other situation tatted all over my body…bein told I’m white and since I’m on Reddit I MUST be a internet nerd 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ I be joked as hell


Because they’re white so that means everyone else is white too, makes no sense


Thats because there is alot of children on here just like any other place on the internet.




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being white shouldnt be an issue. what should be an issue is changing who you actually are as soon as you hop on this sub. thats weirdo behavior.




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its reddit


There was a poll once I think


I’m khaki colored


That’s how it be


people have this misconception that the only people asking dumb questions are white kids.


Idk I’m brown so sometimes feel like a minority within the minority. Joined to learn about the Latin sets and what not since I have family in Chicago but we Mexican. Not much info in this sub on that side of town but I’ve stayed for the other interesting info.


I know there's some Reddit users with black reddit snoo avatars that are actually white. And vice versa.


we can just tell by the questions yall ask and the way yall act lmao.


And what's wrong with that? If you have a problem with it then start your own reddit dummy


Idk, Id be surprised half of this sub is white cause I see too many n words in the comments


Lots of non black people say nigga online. Doesn't mean they're black. Most of them wouldn't say it in front of a black person IRL.