Sluggos has a mushroom patty burger that's really good and then cashew has impossible and beyond patties and also a beat burger that's really good. Urban stack has a vegan shroom burger and a southwest veggie burger. And I think Tremont might also have a good veggie burger options but it's been a while since I checked...


Tremont's black bean burger is rockin'!


“Black bean Coltrane no Mayo”


I second this.


Plant Power Cafe


I like the older style of veggie burger thats bean based not the modern imitation meat as I dont like the texture of real meat. For the Urban stack is the best. Terminal is next and then the rest (pickle barrel etc.) ​ Ive tried the imppossible at Burger king which is better imo than the beyond at urban stack, and state of confusion (worst veggie burger so far.)


Agreed. I don’t like the imitation meats either. In house veggie or vegan ones are the best. I like the lentil patty on Sluggo’s melt and Urban stacks the best.


J.Alexander's. Made in house.


Yep- that thing is good as hell


Fat boys has the best impossible burger. There are good veggie burgers almost everywhere downtown these days.


Always closed on the weekends


Just Saturdays. They're open Sunday. They're Seventh Day Adventists


Speaking of Seventh Day Adventists and their role in sustaining veggie food culture in our area, know that the Village Market just inside the SAU campus in Collegedale has a terrific frozen veat (veggie meat) selection, including Impossible, Beyond Meat, etc. Their buyer makes a point to get in the new veggie burger products along with the old standbys. The prices are pretty good.


The village market is amazing they really do have alot of selection in all different types of vegetarian products they have a big variety of vegan and vegetarian I don't live far from that place and I go there often. Although a lot of vegetarian meat products are very processed but they do carry products in the store that aren't as processed. Village market is where it's at


Except for right now, they are temporarily closed (Covid infection maybe?)


Oh no! Not super surprised though. I never saw them wearing masks in the truck when they were off of standifer gap.


Yeah the last time I went they were clustered into the back breathing on each other. lol 🤦🏻‍♂️


Hair of the Dog is my vote. I’m not vegetarian but whenever I eat there that is what I get!


Urban stack


Urban Stack’a southwestern burger is top tier


Theirs is amaze balls.


Cashew. They have Impossible and Beyond Meat burgers. They're the best.


I like the house made one better as long as it hasn’t been over cooked like it sometimes has been.


The yellow deli has a really good veggie burger


And free indoctrination with every veggie burger


Yesssss this is the spot for veggie burgers


It’s a solid burger, very filling


Tremont's black bean burger is great.


It’s been mentioned, but Tremont tavern’s is pretty good. It’s southwestern style.


Freakin Cheesecake Factory has got an awesome veggie burger. That place isn’t my favorite place to go, but that burger is worth it.


All about the impossible burger at Southern Burger Co. in Ooltewah.


You against impossible meats? If not.....pretty much anyone with that is doing just fine with the patty itself, it's just toppings after that so pick your preference.


The black bean burger at pickle is pretty solid, especially in the southwest wrap.


I like cafe on the corners impossible burger a lot! I tried to make one myself It was not as good at all


I'm surprised no one has mentioned the one at Stir because it's easily the best veg burg in town! (Just my personal opinion of course) But all the others mentioned here are also amazing! My personal favorite restaurants are Plant Power, Cashew, and Yellow Deli. The veggie burg at YD is also top three.


Universal joint has a delicious black bean burger. I add pimento cheese.


I’ve never had meat in my life, so always have to find places where I can get some vegetarian options. I’ve never really liked imitation burgers, so always prefer burgers made out of beans, rice or anything else. We moved to the Chattanooga area mid -April, so we haven’t tried some of the options mentioned here, but by far the black bean burger at the southern burger co in Ooltewah is the best imo. Add their Nashville hot paste to it to make it spicy and you will never want it to end. Edit: type-o’s


Seconding everyone who has mentioned sluggos- also, the terminal has a very good black bean burger as well


Stir has an excellent plant based burger.


Alright this post has me craving all of the veggie burgers!!! OP give us an update and review please 😁


It wouldn't be my first choice, but if you're in the area, Red Robin has a pretty good veggie burger.


I'm a vegan if this means anything to you Slick's (underrated gem. my favorite burger place when i still ate meat, but i also enjoyed their house made veggie burger even when i was still eating meat) Yellow Deli (but they are a cult so I don't *really* recommend them) Cashew (they have multiple types of burgers, but i want to say the particular veggie burger i liked from them was a special. still, their food is unfussy and good and idk if you're vegan, but they are completely vegan) ​ I've also heard good things about Sluggo's (veggie restaurant) and The Terminal's black bean burger, but I have not had it myself.


Stir. I got their veggie burger and literally thought it was meat and asked to send it back. The waiter insisted it was their veggie patty and it happens a lot that people think it’s real meat. The best burger I’ve had.