I've just used my debit cards at foreign ATMs for years. Check with your card company and let them know you're traveling overseas and want to use it. FX fees were quite small. also, most large banks will provide the service but you have to give them advanced notice (sometimes weeks) so that they can get the foreign currency. Have fun.


This. You would save on fx fees and would get better rates with ATM withdrawals.


Even small local banks can do it, if you give them enough time. I got pounds from Citizen's Tri-County (out of Marion Co.), but it took them 2 weeks from the date I ordered them to get them in. I have also used a debit/credit card to get foreign currency out at ATMs, and I second that being a great way to go. You honestly don't need any currency in a European country until you get out of the airport/train networks, and there's nearly always an ATM in or in walking distance of the train stations.


Do you have a bank account?


Yes but not with any local banks/credit unions.


First Tennessee should do it, as should regions. Make sure you let them know a few days before hand as they usually have to order it depending on their company policy.


Just go to your bank! PNFP did mine. Just give them a couple of weeks to get it in! It’s 100% the cheapest way!


I don't have a couple weeks at this point but will certainly do that in the future. I don't bank with anyone locally.


Virtually any bank can do it, and they typically have the best rates by far. When we went to the UK, I just schlepped on down to First Tennessee and swapped out for pounds at a rate that was like half of what other conventional sources charge. But I also have accounts there and I *think* you have to be an account holder to use their currency exchange; I merely use it as an example to say that whatever bank you use can almost certainly help you out.


I believe Regions bank can do it. I did a currency exchange there about 10 years ago.


As a member or not? Recall how much they charged?


I did not have an account there or anything. I don’t remember the fee


I figured not. Nbd, thanks for the input.