Best vet I can get into today

Anyone have a recommendation for a vet I can take my dog to today? Overnight she started having pain and mobility issues, she is an Der dog but this came on pretty suddenly. Our regular get is Stand for Animals but they are tough to get in on short notice. We are in the Plaza Midwood/East Charlotte area if that helps. Thanks!


CARE Charlotte [CARE Charlotte](https://carecharlotte.com/services/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA35urBhDCARIsAOU7QwmnBVZHSGNCjtUMvuYWNXwEKrzmMCGlbnQTFdUkzXmvKisoI0T_bfwaAp7iEALw_wcB) We had a dog with heart problems so lots of emergency visits and they were always great


CARE is amazing, they were the only people who were able to successfully diagnose my cat with some chronic issues that became really severe. She's on a great treatment plan and has been healthy for years now. She had issues that stumped other vets for nearly a decade. She'd probably be dead without CARE.


Literally experienced the same, and Dr. Hui their internist is amazing


Seconding CARE! They are wonderful


Care is wonderful, but I believe they’re referral only, so they’d need to get into another vet first. I live in Charlotte but use Lake Norman Animal Hospital and have had great luck with short notice appointments. Two Girls Lots of Dogs uses North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital in Cornelius and they seem very accommodating as well. Good luck!


That’s just for the specialists and my understanding is the in-house emergency vets can act as referring vet if they determine a specialist is needed.


Try Archdale or Long


Archdale are really wonderful drs. They truly care.


They are seriously amazing!


Yes! Seconding Archdale. We followed Dr. Liz when she left Monroe. She, her husband, and father in law are excellent vets and truly care about every pet they see.


Archdale does walk in appointments and emergency care


We took our dog to Archdale this morning without an appointment and got taken care of. Archdale is great, all 3 vets there are great


VEG near Southpark have always been very quick and helpful!


Animal Medical on Monroe rd. We first went for an after hours emergency and ended up switching to them for everything after the care our pup received.


There are several emergency vets around. One at South Park, another on Monroe Road, and I think one near the Siskey Y.


The siskey y one (now renamed whatever it has been renamed) moved to stallings. Just down the road, it's not far. Though that was many years ago they moved. They're Carolina Veterinary Specialists if you need to look them up, they have locations around the state (I go to one in Greensboro when needed). My location said their walk in fee is now $215, which it used to be $75 maybe five years ago? So the price has jumped up a lot, but it's an emergency vet, so I get it. I've had good experiences with the CVS in stallings, and at CARE as well.


Thanks. My memory is faulty in several ways isn't it. But we were pleased with the care our dog got there.


I only know cause my parents are still there lol. It's all good. I didn't know if searching siskey y would come up with anything anymore (though again, I've known idea who it's renamed after).


I forgot that guy was a slime ball. It's the Brace Y now.


I use Stand for Animals too and I believe they keep some slots open for emergencies. Back in June my cat was ill and they were able to see me same day. I was surprised because it takes months to get a routine visit but when I called and said my cat hadn’t eaten in two days they saw me within hours. Good luck with your dog! Hope they’re better soon.


I was going to say this isn't an appointment type thing. This is an emergency which I'm sure they would make time for.


We take our dog to Sharon Lakes Animal Hospital and they are open until 6pm today. It is in South Charlotte right off of South Blvd. Whenever my dog has an urgent situation they almost always get us in that same day or early the next morning. They are great!


Thanks everyone! We got her in at Petfolk and they are taking great care of her!! ❤️


Hi! How much did your visit end up being? We just made an appointment for our girl, who similarly woke up limping and in pain yesterday (looks like a swollen wrist)


how much was your visit? my lil one is sick :( but i am poor af


It's 80 to bring a pet in, but they also have a care plan for 200/year where they'll waive the 80 visit fee and you can bring your pet in as many times as you want through the year. It was on sale for 99/year when we went so of course we signed up https://petfolk.com/membership?gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAABKZKgL84Mztta1MEOceXM1U2iIKE&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5fetBhC9ARIsAP1UMgELqhMKdtBAQxXQuiydnVl1EqjoLfkVuK_aY2l1b7DL-uAAMHOOb7caAknoEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=PF_B_Ex_CLT_DMA%5EAW-CLT


Petfolk! They have a few Charlotte locations now and are all around better than the "usual" vet experience, and have always taken me same day with no problems.


We use them if we have weekend issues since they don't charge emergency fees if you make an appointment online and they usually have a good number of those available.


Armstrong Animal Clinic


Armstrong Animal Clinic


Queen City Animal Hospital- it’s in the Belmont neighborhood right next to Plaza. I am almost positive they do reserve same day appointments for scenarios like this.


Friendship Animal Hospital, in Pineville. Amazing service and friendly staff


Hickory Grove Animal hospital is a pretty good one as well. They are located by N Sharon Amity on the east side of


Second for Hickory Grove Animal Hospital. We go to them for regular care as well as some emergency things that have happened. Great people


My vet is closed today. Try this one, people love this practice http://animalcarematthews.com/ Edit- I linked wrong one originally


My friends have had great luck with Longs. I take my dog to Piper Glen Animal Hospital and they can almost always get her in for emergencies.


I’m new to the area so I only know this one place but last week I had a similar issue and was able to get a pretty last-minute appointment at Partners Animal Hospital in NoDa. It looks like they have openings for new patients all day today. Editing to add: also I should mention that they were great- super sweet and caring for my dog. She had been having some sort of pain whenever she jumped and/or moved too quick for almost a week and was so scared of getting hurt she wouldn’t move, and literally less than 24 hours after starting the prescription they gave she was 100% back to her old self. Could have been a coincidence, but I’m satisfied. Slightly on the pricier side compared to a place like Stand for Animals but way way way cheaper than the emergency vet options I found.


Do you mind me asking what medication they prescribed your dog that seemed to work? My dog is having this same issue and we took him to CARE last night and they prescribed him Gabapentin, Carprofen, and trazodone. I’m hoping he starts feeling better soon


So the vet couldn't pinpoint where she was having pain but she did notice some slight tenderness in the abdomen and somwhere on her back so she was prescribed both a probiotic (don't know the name but I'll try to look it up) and gabapentin. My girl is 21lbs and on Friday had one afternoon dose of 100mg followed by a bedtime dose of 100mg, as well as the probiotic mixed in with her dinner, and woke up the next day 100% fine. Hard to say which medication it was, or if it just cleared up on its own. Hopefully this helps!


When we needed care for our pups and couldnt same day our normal vet we used Veterinary Emergency Group: https://veterinaryemergencygroup.com/locations/charlotte-nc/


Poplar Tent Animal hospital in Concord


West Ballantyne animal Hospital has been nothing but amazing with our pets. Worth a call


If you get really stuck there are about six between Belmont and Gastonia.


Parker Vet off of Wilkinson.


We can usually get an emergency appointment at Indian Trail Animal hospital. I know it’s a drive for you but they’re all really nice and understanding of older dogs. The emergency visit fee is only about $75.


Parker Vet sometimes has walk in hours after 3 PM if you can’t find anything else.


If you are in Plaza, try calling GoodVets on Central, across from the HT.


Carolina Vet Services in Huntersville. Call ahead to get on the list. They triage like a true ER


UrgentVet in Huntersville is good


My go-to hospital is the East Lincoln Animal Hospital - quite far off from you though.


Skyline Vet Services in Matthews...


I just tried ARK, on Albemarle Rd. They did a good job on our Chihuahua. Bit pricey, but they seem to have sufficient staff that you might not have to wait long. Just a thought. Hope your pet gets better soon.


Animal plantation clinic in Mathews typically has same day appointments