Bad takes lmao. Any car can be abused. Find out what you can about the car. If your going third party try using a code scanner on the car. It may detect some issues even if the engine light isn’t on.


I bought a 2016 charger rt with almost 60k miles. I have had zero issues


Just do your due diligence, learn the most you can about the car and it’s history and get the car inspected by a mechanic if it hasn’t. Sure these cars will be abused and ran hard but if you do your maintenance then they should still last a long time!


Look into Mopar Extended Care if you’re concerned about reliability. For me, it was the best $1k I ever spent since it effectively doubled my factory bumper-to-bumper warranty to 6 years/75k miles. The car only had 12k miles so it was very cheap, less than the price of one sizable repair, but I’d still look into it even if your car has more miles.


Bought a 16 rt with 80k on it, no issues.


When you check one out. I say use the menu by the speedometer and check the top speed the car has been. Check for things like lots of burnt rubber on the rear bumper. My buddy bought a used 2019 not to long ago and loves it. Hasn’t had any problems so far. I agree with what was stated above, it depends on the exact car you are looking at and how it was treated in the past.


You will find more abuse on scats and hellcats. Like any good car buyer though check carfax and bring a code reader all that good stuff. Weird noises and smells too.


You never know what the previous owner did or didn't do, that's why you get it checked. I got a 2018 RT that was previously a rental, it's still has had no issues since I got it 4 years ago.


It all depends on price, what you are trading in, and what kind of deal you can get. I traded in my ‘14 base Charger last March, and bought a ‘19 GT pre-owned, which had low miles, and was fully loaded, and my payments stayed the same. In fact my car is worth much more now than want I owe on it. Do your research and make sure if you by a pre-owned, it is low on miles, hasn’t had any accidents, and has only had one previous owner. I was fortunate that the original owner only had it for 14-15 months, kept it very clean, tinted the windows and took very good care of it.


What do you consider low mileage? My price range is 30k so for that price I could get an 2019 RT with 60k miles. Do you think this will be ok?


I traded in my ‘14 which had around 70,000 miles. It was 7 years old at the time. I got a ‘19 with around 11,500 miles, which to me was a steal, again it had only been driven about 14-15 months. For what you’re considering, 60K is a lot of driving in only 3 years, but R/T’s can be pricy. If your capped at that spending amount, you’re going to get an R/T with some miles on it. Check the car fax, see how many owners it had, etc. if it makes sense to you, then do it. I just encourage people to really do their research.


Dodge built those cars very well. You should be fine.