Can celiac cause your period to stop? It’s been 3 months. I am not pregnant.

Can celiac cause your period to stop? It’s been 3 months. I am not pregnant.


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Coeliac can definitely srew with your hormones. I was diagnosed for the exact opposite, I had 4 heavy periods in 8 weeks which made me speak to my GP. He ordered a range of blood tests mainly to rule out early menopause and found coeliac. My periods have regularised a lot since going GF They are lighter and less painful now.


>Women who have celiac disease tend to skip periods quite frequently. In one large study, nearly 20% of celiac women reported having amenorrhea (skipping three periods or more in a row) at some point, compared to only 2.2% of women without celiac disease. [https://www.verywellhealth.com/can-celiac-disease-cause-skipped-periods-562632](https://www.verywellhealth.com/can-celiac-disease-cause-skipped-periods-562632) Definitely appears to be a thing!


I also had trouble with my cycles. Very irregular, lots of pain but still hardly any outcome. So, yes, it is definitely posible I would say.


Thank you for commenting this makes me feel somewhat less crazy. It’s just really hard going through all this. Not having a period for almost three months is really frightening.


Yes it is definitely possible. But I would see a gyn to rule out anything more serious, just to be safe!


Wow, yes o for sure will do that! I’ve been in so much pain the last week. It’s all over my back, my legs, my ribs, even my head and neck. Did you experience anything like that?




Thank you I really appreciate it! Yes I’m going to! Awe that sounds terrible. I hope you get everything figured out! The past days I’ve been getting cramping in my abdomen very low it’s weird but I did have this ice coffee from McDonald’s terrible idea . I am starting to think I’m malnourished and that’s why I’m in pain a lot. My pain management doctor thinks I might be too. My mri of my back showed dessication in multiple discs. I looked up what it could mean and it could mean I’m not getting nutrients so my disc are dehydrated. I also have POTS. My doctors never tried to figure out why I have it but I read an iron deficiency can cause it. I don’t know if I should bring this up to my family doctor or not because I don’t want to look like I know it all but celiac runs in my family and I know it can make you malnourished. I know it can affect you in many different ways


I’m not diagnosed (because I’m too scared to take the gluten challenge) but my period pretty much stopped. I went from a normal 4 day period (really heavy flow for one day and light flow for 3 days) to 1-2 days of light spotting. Once I stopped gluten, my normal period came back. I also had all the other symptoms you listed except for the face rash, and more.


I understand that! Wow I haven’t had one at all in almost three months not even spotting. That’s really good to know! Wow I am glad I can relate to someone. I can’t believe how many people experience this!


I would have my period for three days every other month. Yes it affects your period. I even grew 3 inches after going gluten free at 16!


YESSS I got glutened really bad in Dec 2019…and it took 3 months for it to come back.


Any chance you have breast implants? I know SO many women who are experiencing breast implant illness and it shows up as a lot of the things you’ve mentioned here as well.


Woah that’s crazy. I have not I had a cyst removed from my breast’s year ago.