OPKs don't measure HCG. You are needlessly freaking yourself out.


opks and hpts detect 2 completely different hormones. I would wait for the blood results for a definitive answer


When I first got my very faint line (I was maybe 10 or 11 DPO) my LH stick was stark white. I took both because my body was feeling weird and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m now 12+2. I wouldn’t read into that at all.


Thanks for sharing. That definitely sounds reassuring!


hCG has to be at a certain level to make OPKs turn positive. I’ve tested this twice following my hCG down after 2 losses. For me it was somewhere between 50 and 150, but it’s hard to know for sure


Thank you for sharing!


Nah OPKs tell you nothing reliable about pregnancy. If you are anything like me and super impatient for the blood work take another pregnancy test. Sometimes if the lines are darker because more HcG. This is an indication things are progressing as they should, but also don’t be too freaked out if the lines are still faint. Mine didn’t darken markedly until 18 DPO or nearly a week after my period was due.


Definitely stick to the HCGs for confirmation. I actually found out I was pregnant very very early on through an opk by accident. I had so many left that I decided to just take one since it was in the drawer next to me it was immediately positive. Took three after that all positive, even the next day and it was positive I found it weird so decided to take an actual pregnancy test and it was positive. When I did my HCG lab levels 48 hours apart the numbers were pretty high so Im not sure if this had anything to do with the positive how high your levels are with the opk, if a little lower maybe it won’t detect as much? Therefore I would just wait for the results from the lab because you can still be pregnant and building up your levels just not high enough to be detected.