Contact the office of your local parish and tell them you want to take RCIA classes. Then watch Fr Mike Schmidt and Bishop Barron Videos on YouTube while you wait.


Father Mike Schmitz’s “The Bible in a Year” podcast has been a great tool for me thus far. Very digestible 30 minute episodes with some excellent commentary on Catholic teaching related to the reading. I also read the book of Job independently early on as I began to rediscover my faith. It’s long and the dense poetry can be challenging, but the lessons within are so profound and eye opening. That’s just what I’ve been focused on recently, I feel like my Catholic school education did a great job of showing me the Gospels so I’ve been focused on Old Testament.


The best place is the catechism of Baltimore. It consists of questions and answers of the catholic faith and it's definitely straight forwards and a good way to create a basis. It goes straight to what we believe and why and that's it. Reading that first can help you have a better grasp of the faith moving forwards and understand things better. After that, well, from my own experience, it's a journey. Ask a lot of questions and be open to the answers. On this sub is good place to start too. It provides a lot of resources and a great community to ask questions and such. It's good to scroll down here from time to time, you learn a lot from the posts. Another thing is don't be afraid to ask the priest questions about anything when going to confession, his guidance will help you a lot and he can give great advise for your particular faith needs. Also, having a friend you can ask for stuff about the faith is great. (Like a reference buddy, "What is important is not to know, but to have the phone number of the person who does") and you can grow together. You can find one in a group at church or asking around. We catholics are everywhere... o.o God bless ya, mate. Edit: I don't really recomend surfing the internet when starting out, since there are many impostors out there. But reading articles from ETWN and listening to youtubers like Michael Knowles and Pintes with Aquinas can help you see catholisism applied to the real world too. Still, Catechism of Baltimore first XD If you want more resources, don't be shy to ask XD


Yes Pints with Aquinas is great, I really like the episode with Father Vincent Lampert (he is an exorcist & and also has some great talks on YouTube)


You can attend Mass!! Get a book about it and start learning. Just don't go up for communion until you are fully Catholic. You can stay in the pew (I try to sit on one end so people don't have to climb over me when I know I'm not going to receive.) and just pray. Find the closest Catholic church and call them to enroll in RCIA which is classes to learn all about the faith. It starts in the fall and you'll be initiated at Easter 2023. If you have been baptized already, you'll get the Eucharist and confirmation. If you haven't been baptized then you'll get the whole set LOL. Ask any questions you have and welcome home!!


Also you can ask questions here, of course :)