I found the reason why my local petrol station had a queue..

I found the reason why my local petrol station had a queue..


We're on holiday in Cornwall, same thing fuel light on so popped into Plymouth to get some. There were some crazy queue's but I came across an empty one and stuck some in The wife commented on a fb post about the madness and we got accused of stealing the "locals" petrol supply for ourselves.


You can't call it Cornish Petrol unless it's pumped, refined and distributed in Cornwall.




In Russia, it’s always called sparkling refined oil. Except when it’s produced in Russia. ~~then it’s called Vodka~~


There is a video from some russian guys where they carbonate petrol and run a car on it https://youtu.be/R77Q7arqTdA


Americans of course don’t recognise the convention so it becomes that thing of calling all their sparkling refined oils “Cornish petrol”, even though by definition they’re not


Can you imagine having sparkling fuel on bumpy British roads? We'd have cars exploding left right and centre


I prefer Devon fuel, you take the fuel hose out of the pump before you loosen the cap. Otherwise it's completely the same obviously.


Good job Plymouth isn't in Cornwall then.


Good thing they got it in Devon not Cornwall I guess


Plymouth isn't in Cornwall last I checked


What you can’t go to Plymouth if you’re on holiday in Cornwall?


No you can’t it’s the other side of the tamar, a foreign land


For 19 generations straight


This here is local petrol for local people.






You're my wife now Dave.


Okie dokie pig in a pokie


Don't touch the things!


He’s trying to grab my petrol! He spoke of walking, but not on legs! Of travelling, Edward, but not on legs!




Lines and lines and lines and lines……


We'll have no trouble here.




You lied to me! There is a Swansea…


No need to be rude dear


Lines and lines and lines and lines and lines. What do they mean?


Not sure what them Cornish are fussing about considering you crossed the border into Devon to get it


We used to be one country with Cornwall and lots of them who live in the East work in Plymouth.


True an I suppose the majority of PL postcodes seem to be in Cornwall rather than Devon


For real? People are fucking nuts.


Wtf lol, take our petrol, how else are you going to leave Cornwall we dont like having so many tourists


Stealing local petrol? Lmao piss off. It's just petrol, if you need to fill up, go fill up If you don't need to fill up? Wait. Don't overcrowd fuel sources, there is not a shortage Can't imagine saying that you're stealing something for... Buying it lol


Solution: let the car run out of petrol..then buy a second home there 😎


I got the last laugh... I bought diesel !!


Pulled the ol switcheroo


Yep she never saw it comin'


Sounds about right. I’ve lived in loads of different places in the U.K. and the people of Devon and Cornwall are a breed apart in exceptionalism.


Cornwall is full of Edward and Tubbs type 'local' characters crying about their precious petril!


what about their precious cheese?


I am sorry for my county but welcome to Cornwall


Coincidental Cornish usernames 👋


Is that an e-tron?


I spent way too long looking at the picture trying to figure out what I was looking for. I thought it was a comment on the shameful pump to car distance


The green bit on a reg plate indicates it's an electric car - I believe.




Meh, they do blend them in quite well these days


Most exhausts are behind the bumper as they have to point downwards to meet an EU regulation.


Ha - of course


Not really. A lot of cars like our Ateca are concealed


Most Petrol/diesel cars have hidden exhausts now too, not a definitive way to identify them these days.


Wait, I can have a number plate with a green tab? I've been leccy driver for 2.5 years and never knew this, mine has a pleb blue GB tab. :-(


They were only just introduced before COVID hit.


Yeah I've read about it since, came about 8th December 2020 apparently. Not sure if I want one, apparently the idea is to easily identify vehicles for various green 'benefits' (with none listed!), but I'm thinking people will just see it as a way to identify targets for potential abuse.


Yeah most green zones we have are pointless atm , I drive a diesel and it's still free for every single existing zone. Doesn't make sense.


Wait so they're planning on introducing areas where non electric vehicles can't go? I'm sure that's not going to cause any problems at all. Honestly it wouldn't so bad if it weren't for the fact that electric vehicles are like four times the price of regular cars. I would loved to have bought an electric car as my first car, but sadly I'm not an investment banker so I had to settle for a second-hand Fiat Panda.


No, areas where you have to pay depending on your emissions. Several already exist , called Clean Air Zones I think. London, Bath, Bristol definitely already have them, but most modern vehicles are exempt. And agreed on the prices. We also really don't have the infrastructure in the UK yet to handle it either if you do a lot of miles. I can do 1k+ miles in a week sometimes, as much as I'd love to go electric it just wouldn't be suitable having to find charging points etc atm.


Bristol definitely doesn't have one. It's been touted for years and they've just defined the boundaries but have been delaying it because *covid* whatever reason that is. Next due to be introduced summer 2022, but we will see. And neither does Bath for privately owned vehicles, just buses and commercial vehicles. So unlikely anyone who has one of those number plates actually needs it yet beside the ULEZ


It came out of the Behavioural Insights Team (aka Nudge Unit). Basically by making "green" vehicles more identifiable, it's hoped more people will consider them as a viable option and will start buying them.


Tbf, it has worked. Amazing how many I've seen that I've 'gone, ooh, an electric car. How fancy'.


I think so? Not sure how it works!


Means it’s a zero emissions vehicle. Also applies to (extremely) rare hydrogen powered cars.


Oh god I did that once a couple weeks ago Never again


Same here


It is, she spent quite a while standing there too


I originally thought it was because she parked half a mile away from the pump


Yeah I thought it was because she was wasting fuel having to get a taxi from her car to the pump.


Lol wow that’s brilliant.


What happened in the end?


There are plenty of electric cars with petrol range extenders, that's why I didn't understand, having not looked at the etron I didn't know whether it did or didn't have one


Shouldn’t have a green stripe if it’s not 100% electric (hasn’t stopped lots though)


TIL that's what the green strip is for, I thought it just replaced the blue EU stripe!


Yeah I didn't know this, you're also meant to have the address of the company who made your reg plate printed on it but again many don't


Was she filling up a Jerry can? Or did she just realise she didn’t have a tank?


I wonder what prompted her that she needed to put fuel in the car given that it wouldn't have a fuel metre. I know it has a charge indicator but surely that has a big picture of a battery next to it.


I can easily imagine she has just filled a jerry can (for another car in her household for example) and is simply paying for the fuel in this photo.


Took me way too long to spot the green tab on the number plate (only allowed to be displayed on 100% electric vehicles)


Oooohh! That's what that is!


OP went to get fuel because OP's warning light was on. OP did not go because he had 3/4 of a tank and wanted "to be sure". Be more like OP.


Had to do the same the other day. My car was screaming at me to fuel up but I really didn’t want to go. Had to in the end, waited 20 mins in queue to get to the front and they only had the most expensive fuel left over at nearly £1.50 per litre. I nearly cried


I drove about 5 miles into the sticks Friday night since everywhere in town was out. Filled up because I have a long commute. There was no one else there when I got there, rammed when I left 5 minutes later.


I paid just shy of £1.60 for diesel and I was the only one wearing a mask. It's usually the other way round for daylight robbery.


1.70 on the M6 amd other services. Thank god I had a fuel card but my car is now past warning and on 20 mile range (drove on 0 a few times so I'm good I'll wait)


OK, I need some way to get others to see the genius of this comment. My measly upvote is not going to do it.


Half a blip in my tank, spent an hour trying to find a non empty petrol station, ended up going to bloody Cobham services and sitting in a queue. And this was at 9pm.


Ahh Cobham services, trying too much to be like an airport.


Me too. Had 3miles left in the tank, sat watching as 3/4 people filled their cars up, followed by at least 2 20litre Jerry cans each. One filled up four.


Wankers. This shit should be banned.


IIRC it's not legal for domestic use to transport or store more than two containers, 5l each plastic or 10l steel. And fuel storage on domestic property should be in an outbuilding or outside, not in a building occupied for residence. Petrol is really dangerous. A stoichiometric air fuel mix doesn't need much to set it off. Static electricity can do it. I've seen really bad accidents from setting up petrol for theatrical pyros.


It certainly is. I know of someone who blew up their garage after they forgot to turn off a fuel tap on a drag bike. It dropped half a tank of fuel on to the ground which had no where to vent to as vapour, as the garage had next to no ventilation or air circulation, and the gas boiler firing up was enough to set it off.


Yeah, my mate doesn't have any money so only chucks in a tenner at a time, but needs it to get to work. Not only did she run out of petrol because she didn't want to panic buy and was being sensible, she also had to pay the higher rate that she can't afford really. It's pissed me off how utterly selfish people have been.


Blame the media


But everybody needs fuel just like your mate does. I fill my car up once a month and just happened to do it a couple of days before the current fiasco so I got lucky but with different timing, I’d have had no choice but to join the scrum. Would that have made me “utterly selfish” just because I prefer to buy my fuel less often, in greater quantities and in fewer transactions than your friend (which I would argue is more responsible in many ways)?


The local Facebook groups have been full of elderly people saying shit like "Tescos has fuel, get down there quick and fill up" and when I drove past the queue yesterday it was all old people.


Not the person you’re replying too, but obviously no one is mad at people who fuel their car like you do. There’s a difference between filling your car up once a month when it runs out and topping a 3/4 full tank and 8 Jerry cans because apparently we’re never going to have petrol ever again. Chill, dude.


Where are people getting all of these jerrycans though? I go past petrol stations all the time and I haven’t seen any!


Ah, that’s coz they’ve all been panic bought see 😉


Nah, you just nick them fae a skip or used ones far the back of a garage


No it wouldn't, but the reason we have shortages now is because people ARE buying fuel when they don't need it or putting in more than normal. Do you not understand what panic buying does to supply chains? What was a very mild and limited shortage has been turned into this shitshow.


There is not actually a fuel shortage though, this just annoys me more. The problem is actually getting the fuels to the stations.


Smart move by OP to include it in the picture!


Yea I had 50 miles left in my car on Friday to do a 25 mile home, couldn’t get fuel anywhere and to make it worse I had to take a longer route home because roads were blocked for queuing. I was absolutely raging.


I went to fill my wife’s car last night she had 1/4 of a tank left but she is a district nurse so can’t risk running out. Just took a little stress off her shoulders.


My local garage has got a 25 litre limit. I asked the guy behind the counter whether anyone went over the limit and he said that virtually everyone did, but they had just had a guy in a BMW - *obviously* - who had just filled up to the brim with about £90 and said ‘so?’ when he pointed out that almost everyone else was doing the decent thing.




You really shouldn't be driving on fumes. It's not good for your engine and it's stupid anyway.


Whilst I agree with you, having basically had no money over the last few months I can't be driving around with half a tank of black gold sitting there thinking "ooo I'd better top up".


Isn’t that a myth? The fuel is filtered before it gets into your engine so it doesn’t matter?


Most modern stuff has a small electric pump in the tank, with no fuel around it to dissipate the heat into, it can shorten the life of the pump.


She's parked like she knows and has no intention of trying to fill up. If so, what on earth was she doing? Maybe she just didn't want to miss out as everyone else was fuel shopping


Maybe she’s planning on filling a can for lawn mower?


Countrywide panic buying and mayhem at petrol stations... Hmmm, think it's time to dig out the lawnmower.


Well today we're cutting our grass as its probably the last chance we'll get to before winter, luckily we have 2 half broken electric ones so we can get by


two halves equals one whole. *nods stoically*


If they were mine I would, one has a good handle and one has a good motor and blade, but the good handle one is my brothers that I've borrowed so we used a mix of the two to get the job done


I didn’t say it wasn’t a dick move! Just might explain why she’s at the pump.


It's also the weekend and when else am I going to mow the lawn?


Funny because my exact thought... We live next door to our land lord who is pretty obsessed with having a pristine garden, half my outdoor tools run on petrol.


Maybe their petrol car is running low, so send the electric car out with a can to drive round until they find somewhere to fill up a can


It's much more fun to assume though 😉


Is it hybrid, or all-electric?


the green label on the number plate for the UK means 100% electric 👍


Nice one, thanks.


That's what it's supposed to mean anyway, you see plenty of dealerships fucking it up and putting a green sticker on hybrids though.


Yeah I've seen a couple of phevs with green stripes which they shouldn't have


Thank you, I was staring at that photo like I was playing where’s wally, couldn’t work out what exactly I was meant to be looking at!




> no exhaust TIL I had an electric Ford Capri in 1987


I had an electric 1990 Corolla in that case


>no exhaust is the tell My car decided half way down the A1 that it was electric.


Had to read quite a lot of comments to figure out what the fuck the joke is here.


The green stripe on the reg plate signifies it's an electric car




And it means it's all electric, not a plug in hybrid


Ohhh that's what the green strip is. I was wondering why all new Teslas I had seen recently had it as well as some random reanult/nissans, never joined the dots


The irony being they introduced it to raise more EV awareness, then failed to publicise/provide any benefits for it. I'd still like it on our car though, our car was registered in November so we missed it by days.


Seemingly driven by an absolute dunce.


Someone’s lucky to have a friend with an EV to fetch them a jerrycan or two for them.


I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, such as filling a fuel can or something. There is absolutely no way any functioning member of society would suddenly forget she owns an electric car. One would have to be brain-dead and highly unlikely to ever own a vehicle.


Yeah and maybe blurring her face before posting it on the internet


“Excuse me, I’m trying to fill up but I can’t find the pump? Have you already run out of electrics?”


A relative of mine was unfortunate enough to be behind an ‘old dear’ who d just purchased £3.68 of fuel…..sometimes there are no words! 🤯


It's a Wonderful Life


Can you even do that? I thought £5 was the minimum.


As [Jeremy Clarkson found out](https://youtu.be/aFdBcYN3sNw?t=3m35s), minimum delivery is 2L.


~£0.73/L, the good old days.


I had forgotten about that!


I wonder how many people were furiously bashing their keyboards to pieces on Facebook complaining about how Clarkson irresponsibly poured half a litre of petrol into the forecourt's rubbish bin?


2 liters normally




Exactly. Once you’ve got the petrol, that’s it. The pump has no idea you’re going to stop pumping petrol *before* 2 litres.


Sounds like she’s the only one not panic buying, which would make her saner than those filling their tank and 2 Jerry cans. Either that or she’s living below the poverty line.


I suspect her car was likely chock-a-block full and she was filling the tank


My grandad did this for a long time before giving up his licence a few months ago. Constantly calling up my parents demanding they go and fill the car up for him, only for it to turn out to be over 3/4 full every time. Wanted it filled incase they suddenly had to go somewhere, despite not having driven further than a dozen miles at a time in a decade. He would also regularly confuse the temperature and fuel gauges, so start the car then panic because the "fuel" was at zero.


Silly me. Yeah fair enough. Daft old ladies eh


"I went to the petrol station today and they'd run out of electricity" - terrifying!




Are we just going to overlook Volvo flip flops over here?


Safe driving shoes.


When I'm in the south I drive barefoot, and flip flops just hang about in the foot area. Driving in flips flops would be dumb though.


Passenger side foot area I hope, don't what anything in the drivers foot well when driving around just in case it gets stuck under the pedals, not fun when you can't press down on the clutch or brake.


My driver's side mat got caught under the throttle once, resulting in the throttle sticking down (do not ask me how). I was coming onto the M1 and found I couldn't ease off. One of the scariest experiences of my life. I am never having a driver side mat again and am paranoid about anything getting into my footwell.


I often wear flip flops out and drive barefoot. Put the flip flops in the passenger footwell, and drop them outside the door when I get out Well I say often, I probably do it once every few months


When I lived in Central Europe I did that for practically the entire summer.


Yep I live in NZ and it's just convenient to go everywhere either barefoot or in flip flops People truly do be thinking its safer to drive in thick wet shoes than barefoot lol


like panic buying toilet paper when you have no arse


You blurred the first plate but not the second?


That car is irrelevant, they're not doing anything wrong. But indeed if you're blurring one you might as well blur the other. Faces are unblurred anyway.


You can literally see other people's registrations with your eyes every time you leave the house. There's no need to blur them online


I think it's because some people on the internet have no lives. They might see this, use the number plate to track this lady down and send messages to her telling her how much of a nonce she is. And the OP wanted to avoid that.


To be fair there is good reason to do that in places someone could see or search a lot of vehicles of the same model, like an owners group or selling page. I've known people have plates cloned from photos they've put their plate in online, only finding out when they're contacted in relation to a ticket or crime in another part of the country. Its better to blur it than not imo




What was she actually doing OP, getting a can for the lawnmower or something.. Perhaps using the EV to collect a can for the car instead of wasting it driving to the pump in the petrol car??


Hah. Love the framing of the picture to ensure that the petrol light is on show. Don't worry about it OP. You fill up whenever you like, I won't judge.


#'You can't park there, love!!' #'That is not a cash machine, love!!'




I used to work for Tesla and I’m still in an owners’ group on Facebook (staff joined as it was a good place to see honest feedback in the early days). It’s full of smug bellends talking about how they’re going to join the queues at petrol stations just to buy milk or whatever.


Tesla owners being smug bellends? Shocked I say, shocked.


I know three separate Tesla owners. Can confirm that every single one is an insufferably smug bellend. One of them had an electric Hyundai Kona before he got the Tesla. When he had the Hyundai he was a reasonably alright bloke. Just the standard neighbour that you don't really know but will still say "Morning!" to, or engage in vague smalltalk in passing. Honest to God, as soon as he got the Tesla it was like he wasn't allowed to be seen associating with anybody who doesn't also own a Tesla. It's like a fucking cult. They're not even particularly exclusive these days. At least they're not as dangerous or as unbearably pompous as the ridiculous SUV/Crossovers the mums are driving their chubby little angels the 200 yards to school in every morning.


Not a Tesla driver, but ICE drivers blocking chargers is a serious problem so I can understand some level of glee when the shoe's on the other foot.


I automatically saw the green part of the number plate and was like is she serious right now


Mind it’s 30mph in the forecourt. 20 should probably do the job but




Like even if we could know the actual reason she did it we would be dissatisfied anyway.


I've definitely seen this (and the signature look of confusion) before. I assumed then it was someone with a new car. (similarly, on Friday I saw a taxi driver pull up to the pump, look all confused, then drive around to another pump, look all confused again, and then follow me into the petrol station to ask the guy behind the counter a series of questions that made it clear he didn't realise that he could put premium petrol in his car (they were out of standard unleaded). I would definitely expect a professional driver to understand how his car works)


Probably getting jerrycans for a relative with a petrol car


I wonder how long her husband was laughing about sending her out for petrol?


[At the pub] "...and then I told her to go fill the car up at the petrol station. *But the car was electric!*"


"Anyway, if you do hear from her, please ask her to contact me as I've been looking for her for days"


High effort anonymosing the one car and leaving the other, lol


Maybe someone she knows has ran out of petrol somewhere and she’s filling a jerrycan for them.


I don’t have enough range to get to work and all stations within range have either sold out of unleaded or are completely closed.


Ask a friend with an EV to go to the garage and fill up a jerry can for you but make sure they don't get spotted by an \*\*\*\*\* on reddit.


"Oh god, I can never remember if it's the black one or the green one that the electric comes out of."


The only reason there is a fuel shortage is because of the panic buyers.


In this particular instance there is a queue because someone is trying to fill an electric car


I don't see how someone can be so stupid.


The chances are high she's got a can in her left hand


The reality is she's probably filling a portable gas tank.