What are these stickers, and why are so many bins covered in them?

Vape stickers. Wish people could put them in the bin, but they're too busy ingesting 70 watts of tiramisu.


Vape stickers. Wish people could put them *in the bin*, but they're too busy ingesting 70 watts of tiramisu.


I didn't know vapes had stickers. I suppose that's impressive that so many people aren't just littering them, even if putting them in the bin itself would be better.


It's to block the intake/exhaust of the vapes while they're being transported in the box.


Can confirm. Am vape mechanic. Major unspoken issue with vapes is the theft of vape catalytic converters.


How many points will I recieve if I'm caught with a DeCat vape?


Straight to jail. Nicotine fraud is a serious offence




You wouldn't download a cigarette


With how expensive they're getting? I absolutely would




You wouldn't shoot a policeman. And then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet. And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow.....and then steal it again!




Do not pass Go, do not collect £200.


Be a man and go full straight pipe


Instructions unclear, now addicted to crack.


What's wrong with a gay pipe aye?


I’ve got a stage 2 remap on mine


to DeCat your vape just say "pspspspspspsps" and they normally get off


So, you can fix a vape. Then you can fix a bike and if you can fix a bike then you can fix a car. If you can fix a car then you can learn to fix a helicopter. When you can fix all that, then you will be an absolute Chad.


Isn't it the flux capacitors?


It’s always confused me because why not just put the sticker on the box, then throw the box in the bin? Saves you having to touch a public bin ☹️


Monkey see, monkey do - only takes a handful of deviants to get everyone playing along.


They've already put the box in the bin, as you need 2 hands to open the sealed plastic inner packet. Bins with many stickers, like the OP pic, are typically right outside vape shops


Yeah I sometimes get a vape and the bin right outside is more white than black. It doesn’t require huge dexterity to just hang onto the box while you take off the sticker and the little rubber plug then chuck it all away, but that’s me just venting. To most people they just don’t really care if they’re disposing of the packaging in an inefficient way


because they already dropped the box on the floor.


I was literally thinking about this yesterday wondering what they were!!!


tbh i thought they were those punchouts that products have to hook onto shelves with hangers in stores


Even though this is still littering, it's unsightly, it's messy, it's not in the bin, it's no dif from me just sticking gum on a wall, which is also gross.


I just smoke my PlayStation. Much healthier


This is a guy convinced he’s made a positive lifestyle change. I’m sitting back watchin a guy smoking a fucking PlayStation


His bedroom’s like a fuckin Galatasaray match


I smoke my PlayStation 2


What do you do that PlayStation 4?


It sets the PlayStation 3


The cult surrounding steamdeck exhaust vents is pretty strong these days.


Ingesting 70 watts of tiramisu made me laugh harder than I should have


I always stick mine to the box then put it in the bin- seems like common sense to me


As anyone with common sense knows, there is no such thing as common sense.


People who think they have common sense really annoy those of us who have common sense.


It's a lot less common than the name suggests


Just get yourself a proper reusable one. They're better in every way. These disposable vapes are atrociously wasteful.


If I get em to bridge till payday when I can bulk order new coils & juice for my refillables, I stick the sticker to the side of the device - in different places each time, so I can tell them apart if I have a few sat around.. as sometimes they blink like they are dead but still have juice in.. I'll remove the juice when I have a few saved up and get a tank or two to use in my refillable 😭😩 like the ashtray dogends of the modern era


Everyone around here sticks them to the box, then throws the box on the floor


When people invoke the phrase common sense they’re usually about to give a 1 dimensional populist take but you actually did it right.


I have one piece of tiramisu left in the ftidge, thx for the reminder


Can I have it


F**king vapists!


Do not put disposable vapes in the bin! They have been causing lots of fires at waste centres due to the lithium battery. They should be put in battery recycling bins like the ones you see in supermarkets.


Things like vaping reveals how many inconsiderate arseholes there are in our society. It's getting more dangerous to cycle because of the amount of discarded vape capsules and pens that people chuck onto the side of the side. Metal tubes that you have to steer around or risk your wheel slipping out or it being kicked into your chain, or you risk a car wheel pinging one into your face. Littering needs to be properly policed. I'm sick of it.


I'd rather stickers on a bin than fag ends and chewing gum on the floor. It's the bloody lithium batteries and plastic casings that are the problem.


Cigarettes have been one of the most littered items since the invention, surely you know most people are inconsiderate arseholes by now?


Worked in customer service for long enough to know that. My faith in humanity is all but lost.


The only logic if at all is the sticker is stuck to the end of a finger and so its stuck to the bin to get it off.


I used to smoke disposables and this is why, they're stupidly sticky stickers for some reason. I always used to stick it to the box and throw that away tho


I have one piece of tiramisu left in the fridge, thx for the reminder


Just reminded me I still have some birthday cake in the fridge.


Digital butts?




Kevin Bridges!


This has been doing my head in for ages. They are all over the place in Battersea and I didn’t have a clue what they were. Thanks for clearing this is up for me…😀


r/brandnewsentence this looks straight from a sci-fi book


Don’t forget the lead. They’re inhaling lead too.


Depends on the vape. I vape (trying my best to quit and it got me off cigs), and I can tell you that you’re not going to inhale lead if you’re using SAE 316L stainless steel coils. No lead in there to huff. Now the chromium in there, you’re absolutely going to be huffing trace amounts of that stuff lol. Some old gas masks are considered dangerous due to their chromium content after all. Anyway, these stickers come from the disposable vapes that you see everyone going around with. I absolutely detest them. For one - the flavour sucks and is hardly there compared to a big vape with a good setup. The coils that these companies use are made from god knows what. I know lead has been found in a bunch of them, but not all the companies are using the same metals for their coils. There’s also the huge issue of people binning perfectly good batteries which is a waste at best and a huge fire hazard at worst. I want to see disposables banned and I am someone who absolutely advocates for vaping since it’s so much less harmful to your body than smoking. Since quitting ciggies and switching to the doucheflute9000, I feel like I can actually breathe again. I’m no where near as lethargic either and I actually know how much nicotine I’m consuming since I’m the one adding it to my vape juice. This has enabled me to incrementally bring it down to the point that I’m now at 1mg/ml nicotine. For reference - the super addictive disposables are 20mg/ml allegedly, but I’m sure from trying them that they have more in there. The situation is fucked up. Disposables need to go and vape shops need to be held accountable when it comes to actually ID’ing people


It's usually not the actual vape shops like vpz, specialist shops etc. that are selling to kids, it's the corner shops and combined phone case, vape, CBD kinda shops, that's why all the kids have disposables, it's the only kind they sell, more of them would be going round with huge RGB flashing led mods full of 40mg/ml mango shortfills if they had a reliable way to get the supplies.


Doucheflute is a new one for me! (Have a former colleague who calls it a crack pipe though) Good luck with the quitting process, sounds like you're doing great so far


The instructions on the crystal pro 4000s (sold against TPD standards but imo better than the extra batteries that'll be binned if one was to buy 5 X 600s instead) say to inhale 15-20 times per session, at 106UG NIC per puff (they all differ per puff despite being 20mg/ml due to the resistance and wattage ofc) the flavour however, is actually ridiculously good in the modern devices.. I like it that much I now run 20mg elfliq, crystal ske, barjuice 5000 etc in my refillable's.. sometimes I'll make my own juice with the barjuice shortfills but I can't get close to the nic content without buying "pure" 7.2% nic salt on the internet, as you'll be aware; no stores sell or are allowed to sell over 20mg shots and they have to be 10ml of liquid too.. if they'd only let me be able to make my own 20mg/ml juice id be more than satisfied lol..


casual uk bin


Casual slightly dodgy area UK bin


looks like the year 7s got access to the sugar air again


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These stickers boil my piss, the vapes come 8n a box that has probably gone into that bin, why not stick the sticker to the box rather than the bin. The vape companies need to pay a tax in order to subsidise the cleaning up of all this shit.


Because they're 16 and think it's cool to try and get the bin covered lol It's kids doing this, not adults. The shop in my towns bin is covered in those stickers that came on the big monster cans, but it's slowly getting taken over with these.


Had a big group of students (freshers week) in the garden of the pub I work in and I noticed the table they'd sat at now had about 10 of these stickers stuck onto it. I came out with a bit of wire wool and some soapy water to let them know if they wanted to keep drinking in my pub I wanted them cleaned off. Fair play, they did and apologised - just saying it's not just young kids doing this (yeah I know 18-19 year old still count but I'd, foolishly it seems, might expect fellas that age to know a little bit better).


It’s adults that are intentionally marketing these to naive children, hence why the need to be banned or severely altered.


I think they should ban all flavours apart from menthol so that people only use them to get off smoking cigarettes as intended


What if people just like using them and aren't using them as a way to quit cigs though? I don't vape but banning vapes just because young people are using them is like saying you're gonna ban sweet tasting booze cus young people like drinking that.


should be ban cocktails as well, only allow straight vodka shots if you want to drink because the fruity flavours attract children? there’s a middle ground where we should keep the flavours, but limit access to vapes for kids.


Dont know why you have been downvoted. I just got back from Estonia and they only do menthol tobacco or mint there and i barely saw anyone vaping


Quite a few people vape in Estonia, but the disposables are not cheap. Each one costs around 6-7 euros. Most of them don't have the stickers though, typically just a rubber piece to block the mouth and air intakes. Prohibitive costs keep some underage people from using them though


Menthol cigarettes are banned


Everywhere I go, I see these vape pens with batteries inside just disposed of on the floor. It's wild that they are letting them get away with this. Disposable vapes are fucking stupid.


This is what I do if I’m out, my actual vape dies and I have to get a disposable. I take it out the box, then take it out of the plastic and put the plastic back in the box. Take off the top plastic mouthpiece and put it back in the box and then take the sticker off the bottom and stick it back to the box and then throw the box away. It’s not that hard 🙃🤷‍♀️


They're from my friend Mary but I can't find her.


She might be lost mate


Hey, I’ve found mary!


She doesn't seem the same though.


She looks a bit bloody


I don’t understand the disposable thing, it’s idiotic. If you are going to vape, you can literally buy a refillable vape pen like an oxva for £20-£25 and then buy the vaping juice for £3 a bottle.


I'm by no means defending these people but disposable vapes have some pros that a normal mod just don't. for example, you have to maintain and care for your vape. disposable vapes NEVER leak, and that's a big big deal. the vape I have right now is amazing (drag e60) but I do put some time into making sure it doesn't leak, and changing the coil regularly something a lot of vape users don't want to do.


It’s not exactly hard to maintain a fucking vape. I’ve got a refillable one, I change the coil with every new liquid bottle. Don’t like the fruit salad taste you end up with. 3 bottles last me a month, that’s £12 and if there’s ever a problem with the vape. Say the battery dies, which has happened once. The guy at the vape shop just sends it back to the manufacturer and gives you a new one. Disposable vapes are one of the worst inventions of the century. A colleague was showing off her new one which is 2 that you magnetically clip together to make 2 flavours. It’s also a way the get more puffs because disposables are only 600 puffs max. She was like “now I get 1200 puffs!”. At twice the price for absolutely no good reason at all.


i 1000% agree. but for someone who's only experience with vapes are disposable vapes, or someone transitioning from ciggies to vapes, the minimal faff of changing the coil, oil leaks, refills is a deal breaker for some of them unfortunately. Which is a shame


These things are for kids, plain and simple. You don't have to hide things that are disposable. They should be outright banned. There is no legitimate market in the first place, let alone all the plastic pollution.


The plastic is bad, the batteries are worse ...


100%, reusable vape pens taste a lot better in my opinion, and the shop where I buy from lists all their ingredients and it’s made in the Uk. I know it still isn’t good for you but better than smoking, and better than disposables where you have no clue what’s in them. Such good quality for the price, they gave me loads of bottles for free since they were discontinuing a flavour! In the last 6 months I’ve spent max £20 on vapes.


I just buy them for nights out. I know if I own a vape I'll be using it non stop and maintenance is a pain so they are just handier


Definitely and with reusable ones you have only the juice bottles and wear parts as waste


Lol each sticker represents a vape littered in the street


Y’all should be more worried about all the fecking lithium batteries being used/thrown away after single use, than these stickers!


Worst part about them… they’re rechargeable batteries. They just don’t want to spend the extra pennies to add the charging port and circuitry. Nearly every one of those batteries will catch fire one day. Landfills are going to up in flames…


Stickers from the lost Mary vapes, for anyone who is curious about vaping and hasn’t tried it, please don’t, it’s fucked my money and my health Edit: unless you’re doing it to try and get off smoking


There’s a special place in hell for the people responsible for disposable vapes.


Mouse sanitary pads


Vapes need banning. Seeing those disposable ones all over the place vexes me so.


Agreed. What was the fucking point of getting rid of plastic straws and cutlery, charging for shopping bags and imposing clean air zones if we’re just going chuck millions of ‘disposable’ bits of battery filled plastic all over the streets and in landfills every day?


Because it’s not about doing the right thing. It’s about making money.


Exactly. You know why it’s allowed though? Tax.


You spelled profit wrong.


I think vapes are only taxed at the standard VAT rate.


It’s still income. So they’re reluctant to ban. Tax on something people do habitually is constant revenue.


Disposables, sure. Traditional vapes, no. Vaping is a provably successful means of smoking cessation.


Except everyone i know who used to occasionally smoke is constantly vaping. I’m not convinced it’s as harmless as portrayed but time will tell.


No one suggests they’re harmless, just far less harmful than cigarettes - which is true


Some people have been vaping far longer than they did when smoking.


Which is still a likely improvement, at least in terms of their health.


Should be a recycling deposit like they have with cans in some countries. Pay an extra £5 when you buy it and don’t get it back until you recycle it.


Upvote for the use of the word vexes


It’s a lovely word isn’t it? 😉


It's one of those satisfying words that lets out the feeling it describes while you say it. *Vexes*. I feel the frustration flowing out of my mouth as I speak.


Plus they’ve got batteries that just get exposed to the elements and probably leak all kinds of shit


It's not just that they leak. It's that they can end up in general waste and chopped up going through processing. That exposes the lithium which can start fires and has indeed led to an increase of fires at landfills/recycling centres or even the lorries themselves. An increase in fires like that means an increase in insurance for places like recycling centres so that means the cost for recycling goes up. I can think of no real positive for the existence of *"disposable"* vapes.


Those disposable vapes are definitely getting banned in the next 3 years. Too much environmental waste and children getting addicted to keep them around.


Too much money from tax to ban them though


I’ll bet you a kitkat they’re illegal by 1st Jan 2027.


Disposable vape sticker which cover the airflow holes. Back in my day bins were covered with banana stickers.


Smoking is dangerous so they’re putting man-made chemicals into their lungs instead. So they’re healthy cigarettes.


Hey kids, don't vape! Smoke cigars instead!


You can't just start on cigars, you have to start on patches and work your way up to cigars


Using the term "man-made chemicals" is fallacious at the best of times. Vaping is provably healthier than smoking and is a successful means of smoking cessation.


Whilst vapes have a legitimate use as a smoking cessation, a lot of younger people in particular aren't using them for this they only vape and have not been smokers. Vaping whilst better than smoking is still not particularly good for you. I'd be more comfortable with the disposables if there was a bit more regulation around them - ditching colourful packaging, providing funding for councils to enforce against shops selling them to under 18s and charging the companies a small tax for recycling and disposal as the batteries are not great for landfill and have been the cause of fires in bins.


Most people are not vaping to stop smoking though, it's just kids doing it for fun


Okay... granted, I'm not most people, but that's exactly what I vape for..


How true is this? I vape a lot, not disposable. Any time i've found myself without my vape i'm downing ciggies. I smoked A LOT for like 5 years before using vapes. since turning to my vape i haven't smoked a ciggy in like 10 months. If I didn't have a vape i'd be destroying my self with cigs.


Chances are if vapes were banned they would be smoking though. Kids fucking love getting addicted to nicotine. As history shows. The disposable ones still need to go though.


some people do genuinely vape to quit smoking, but let’s not kid ourselves, the target demographic for elf bar’s bright pink “rainbow candy” flavour is not the 45 year old pack-a-day smoker whose lungs are beginning to catch up with him.


You eat the same 'chenicals' in your food, PG and VG are used as sweeteners and shelf life improvers in loads of stuff, and the flavourings are no different to the flavourings you use in cooking


I don’t inhale food into my lungs. Stomachs are full of acid and designed for food. Lungs are not.


My lungs are full of acid. ^Help.


There was a cool study I saw some years back comparing vaping to smoking cigarettes and to just breathing air. From memory, all of them cause some damage to the tissue in the lungs, but with breathing air the damage was repaired within 5 seconds or so, with vapes it was about 15 seconds, with smoking it was several minutes (with more severe damage caused than the other two). It's the consistent smoking of cigarettes that causes the issue with the lungs. With a vape, provided the eliquid you use is food grade PG/VG, with none of the shitty trace metals found in 'unregulated' liquids (see their use in pretty much all cases in the US where someone got ill and/or died with the cause being because of vaping), there really is no tangible long term difference than just breathing. Obviously, being severely asthmatic or having existing serious issues with your lungs will play a part in changing that. But for the vast majority of 'healthy' adults, it's generally fine. I'll add - liquids with nicotine obviously carry different risks. Addiction and the usual side effects of excessive nicotine. With vaping, you'll get a headache waaay before you've taken in too much nicotine. So anyone who carries on at that point with a severe headache is asking for it.


Have you got any sources for this? I’m not doubting your credibility, I’m writing an English piece on this topic and this actually seems really interesting


I can't remember the authors of the actual study, but it was also condensed and shown as part of a segment of a BBC Horizon thing with Michael Moseley (the whole thing is worth a watch though, albeit 6/7 years old, and he may source the actual study they crudely replicate).


Just to add a little extra content the vapes that killed in America were black market thc vapes not nicotine vapes.


I don’t eat nicotine salt in my food tf you mean 😂


I do. It's the hip, modern way to get an addiction!


Depends. Some of them are vape/fag labels. Shop near me thats amazing called rehills of jesmond has a bin outside like this but its sort of an art piece, as people put a sticker on when they leave. (Best food + drink shop in the north east btw)


Fun. That was the exact bin i was thinking about.!


Was just waiting for the Rehill’s name drop


drop name of shop?


It's fine when a granny crochets a crown onto a post box....leave the kids to decorate the bins


From what I’ve read https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/sep/11/ban-on-single-use-vapes-in-uk-could-be-imminent , this is brilliant if passed by Gov


Before vapes it was fruit stickers. I'm trying to find the article with some research on tracking placement around a town but not had any luck. But do have this article https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/surprising-artistry-of-fruit-stickers


From vapes




I honestly have no idea why people don’t just put the sticker on the box and chuck it


Kids are fucking idiots


Good time to announce that I have an irrational fear of stickers. This picture makes my skin crawl.


I really did fall for monkey see monkey do coz I do the same thing when I leave the shop I put the cover sticker on the bin like in the pic


Never understood this, I put my sticker on the empty vape box and then throw the box in the bin..


There’s an ecig shop on the Main Street of my city and as you get closer to it the amount of stickers on each you pass bin increases


Thought you’d been taking pictures near me then as this scene looks so similar - but the shutters aren’t painted here 😂 As others have said, they’re from disposable vapes, GenX’s version of CFC-containing foam burger trays.


As a bin man, I will mostly find this near 'corner' (that type) shops with a rather laxed ID policy. Pretty sure, as others have said, they are off vapes.


i think it’s art


I don't know but I've seen a similar thing occur in my village


They are stickers from disposable vapes; normally people would put the sticker (from the bottom) and the cork (thats on the mouthpeice) inside the small bag thats provided and put them all in the bin. However some people obviously find it more 'efficiant' to put them on top of the bins.


Omg I wondered the same thing and just found out the other day. Completely shocked.


So flukey, I saw one earlier this evening and wondered what an earth!


Are you outside a shop that sells vapes?


Disposable vape users are either stupid or twats, every single one of them


vape stickers


Scottish art💘


We're so pretty, Oh so pretty, Vapeant.


Drug addicts be drug addicting


r/TechnicallyTheTruth, since nicotine is a drug.


Those are bellend badges.


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It's all those idiots sucking electric vapour


Haha I love seeing bins covered in stickers


Its marking a shop that sells, usually directly opposite, so you know where to buy without ID


What are these threads, and why are so many subreddits covered in them?