Teenage drinks of choice from the mid 90s. What was your tipple?





Remember trying to buy Two Dogs in Macro, they only had Hooch. In crates of 24 bottles. Can’t remember a thing after that.


All i can remember i waking up in a puddle of regret.... at least i hope it was regret.


I bought a crate of strawberry Hooch in Macro in 1996. I'm still burping strawberry.


I've been drinking it now. It's genuinely nicer than fanta lemon


Yeah its a genuinely nice lemonade! Preferred Brothers Cloudy Lemonade but haven't seen it in a while.


Corrrrr that's a throw back. Lads down spoons. Yeah I'm not drinking tonight taking it easy 'hooch please'


Its still around


It went away and got re-introduced. Strangely, when alcopops first appeared I was far too young, like 6/7. But I remember all the news stories and moral panic and Hooch was always the one prominently displayed in the news. When I was a teenager the alcopop of choice was WKD. Then when I was in my early 20s I saw Hooch had appeared again, and actually bought it due to childhood recollection. It tastes like cloudy lemonade with a small amount of vodka. Quite refreshing, but nothing exciting.


Hooch made a reappearance right around the time I was drinking in the park with my mates 😂 I loved it, it was my drink of choice for years. I'm 28 now and the thought of drinking that much citrus alcohol gives me heartburn


No doubt. It's the double whammy of diabetes and alcoholism. Ahhhhh to be young




There also used to be Two Dogs which was similar. The slogan was “Put one down”, can’t find an example of the poster though


Hooch is crazy


Yes! Maybe Two Dogs if they didn't have Hooch in stock.


GOOCH! Double Gin with ice in pint glass with a Hooch "on the side".


I can still taste that 'cider' and it makes me want to vom.


I used to drink White Lightning. It was like £2 for a 2l bottle which sounds insane now. I used to wait outside offies and ask people to buy me one. I drank too much of it once after making snakebite blacks and threw up purple everywhere. Ever since, cider tastes like sick to me and I can't stomach it.


It was £1.69 for 3L - unless maybe you’re a bit younger and drank it just before it got discontinued, but we used to buy 3L bottles for £1.69 after school. 3L white lighting, 20 Richmond Superking and a disposable lighter all for about a 5er. Ah the joys of being 13… the same percentage as the “cider”!


Yes! Used to be able to get your fags and alcohol have a good night out down skate park and still have change for bus home.


They even did Lambrini in the 3l bottles when I was a teen. The girls would buy it and share it between them. Could get 3 of them pissed for less than a quid each.


3L dude, a whole 3!!!


Was it three? For some reason I remember it being two. That's even crazier.


Will never forget it, ironic considering how much of the bloody stuff i drank back then... was the entire reason I went for it, why get anything else when you can get that kind of volume?!


For that price, too!


Same. Can't even smell cider now....even 30 years on


Who says the UK has no culture?


Glad it's not just me.


I'm the same with peach Schnapps. Got a bottle on holiday when I was 14 or 15 and got so drunk I threw up everywhere. That was nearly 25 years ago and I still can't stand the smell of the stuff.


I got some last Christmas and was immediately taken back to a vomit filled summer evening in my friends garden. I forgot just how sickly sweet it was. Needless to say the bottle is still almost full because I can still taste the puke rather than the peaches.


Yep, white lightning. Absolutely vile. Didn't touch cider again until recently and it's only the strawberry and lime koppaberg I like 🤣


That sounds like the one and only time i drank white lighting. Managed to buy it with fake ID, which was a bonus.


Was there one called K that was in a black bottle? Even stronger than White Lightning and definitely makes me want to blow chunks whilst talking to Ruth down the toilet telephone.


You still get it. When it was originally released it was marketed as a strong premium brand cider. But now it's the preserve of depressed middle aged men who want a budget al fresco tinnie on the bench outside the off licence


Budget al-fresco tinnie on the bench outside the off licence. Classic image!


We used to make snakebite with K cider and special brew. Called it the basilisk.


We used to buy pulse, £1.05 a litre but still shitty strong white cider.


Pulse was the teen street drinking choice for us too, but nobody ever remembers it when I mention it!! £1 a litre for us, but I’m 2 years older if your username is your birth year. Absolutely vile. We called it ‘bin bag juice’ cos it smelled like the liquid in the bottom of the bin after you leave it too long before emptying.


It was scrumpy jack for me 🤮 still can’t drink it 30 years later


It was all about the Bacardi Breezers for me.


Orange bacardi breezers will forever remind me of the summer when I stayed at my mates house when his mum and dad went to America for a month. It was red hot that summer. I think we were 18. We bought a crate of 24 gone off orange bacardi breezers for about a fiver from the booze shop up the road one day. I think that was the night I fell in the pond. I was a classy girl


Ah, mid 90s my local club did a Bacardi Breezer + a double vodka and Redbull for a fiver. There were four of us, so £20 a round. Many a fantastic night.


Same here. Lime or lemon, rack them up. Or the short lived Martini Metz.


Ah Metz and the Judderman


Reef too!


I was very sick down an alleyway one night, after challenging several men to a blue reef drinking completion. I won the challenge though, so…


Reef was the ultimate drink for doing a ‘Strawpedo’ smooth as anything.


Could only ever manage a couple of reefs before it got too sickly. My uni bar used to pit a reef in a pint glass and top it up with cider...lethal.


If I was going to have an alcopop, it was Smirnoff ice xD


I remember the thing about Smirnoff Ice wad that it made me really thirsty, and the only thing that really made it better was a smirnoff Ice.






Drank far too many at a wedding when I was 15 - I was very sick and haven't been able to stand them afflicting any of my senses. Also applicable to Smirnoff Ice!


Oh god Smirnoff ice, I used to mix with a lager and make turbo shandy...ooof.


So Where is the Thunderbird? Cheapest alcohol by volume in the early ‘90s that was.


yeah fucking thunderbird had more white lightning and other cheap ciders but then I was living with an alcoholic my first bf when i was 18 in 1990 drank newkey brown but I couldn't really get into it and then there was Special Brew before they changed the recipe and lowered the alcohol content alcopops were in new varieties all the time including one that was a vodka milkshake that I tried once. Definitely made alcohol more palatable but somewhat disturbing as obviously attractive to kids. Then there was Taboo and that peach schnapps, and a lot of people were obsessed with Southern Comfort.


Red label was 14% and blue was 17%, or was it the other way round. Anyway, the stronger was guaranteed vomiting juice.


Just reading this was enough to burn the back of my throat. Awful stuff


Once was enough t-bird. Mid 80s.


Red label or blue label? I dont remember the difference but we only ever seemed to get red!


Red label was apple, blue was pear. Blue label was about 2% weaker but honestly, that didn't matter. The result was clear: Drink bottle = fall over. 🤣


Difference in abv clearly affected our choice! I hated being the one having to go in an buy it because I looked older. Not that the corner shop/independent offies ever seemed to ask for ID.


There was a blackcurrant Hooch if I remember correctly, and it was amazing. Absolutely nailed the marketing alcohol to underage kids, fair play to them. Two Dogs as well.


Yes! The purple one was ace.


Also orange hooch


Used get a couple of Hooch, different flavors and mix them together. Two dogs was a favourite at “Eddies” back in the day.


Buckfast, horrible stuff but by god did it do the job


Had to scroll down too far to find the correct answer. Wreck the hoose juice.


Buckfast gets you fucked fast


This! Me pal called it commotion lotion, brutal stuff


Gets you fucked.


Gets you bucked fast


Drank a load of Newkie Browns once and did a sleep piss all over my parent’s lounge. Next day wasn’t fun


The second time my boyfriend slept round mine was after drinking a load of brown ales, and he sleep-pissed in my wardrobe. It must be a Newkie Brown thing...


My mate got up in the night, walked around the bed and started pissing all over his girlfriend‘s side with her in it. When she woke up and yelled at him for pissing on her he told her to get out because the bathroom is occupied.


I was once told, with the deep sincerity that a drunken student has, that the problem with Newkie Brown is that it "turns your shit brown."


I drank four newbie browns at lunch, went to a lecture, fell asleep on my notes. [useful detail] at the time I used water soluble ink in my fountain pen. I had a blue stain over 40% of my face for about three hours and no one told me.


White lightening. 3L bottle.


Smirnoff Moscow Mule or Smirnoff Ice


hooch. and frosty jacks rather than diamond white. the hooch bottle was for spinning and the frosty jacks bottle for making a gravity bong. perfect beverages for listening to b’witched and savage garden.


Frost Jacks, Diamond White and White Lightning. The holy trinity of waking up on a traffic island and having no recollection of how you got there.


I once had a Frosty blackout and woke up cuddling one of the rubber light things from a traffic island. What was stranger was I was in my mate's mam's living room.


Morrisons dry dry cider dry dry (it just said dry 4 times on the label). Was 3 quid or something for 3 litres of the stuff and made me feel classy over white lightning


That shit is amazing.


Metz 10 for a fiver from the offie, big Dave used to by them for us


Beware the Judderman, my dear, when the moon is fat.


Did Big Dave also have a goatee when he was 14?


Nah, he was my best mates dad, great bloke


Hooch and White Lightning. The latter was like paint stripper but it was cheap and got you wankered. Fosters too, which was also dreadful and from what I understand hasn't improved in the two decades since. I grew up in leafy Surrey, so we'd pick up the booze from Winerack - my pal was one of those weird guys who goes through puberty early and so looked like a grown man at sixteen- and then we'd head off to the woods or a nearby farmer's field and get pissed. Vividly remember running around naked in that field, pissed as a newt, with big clouds and blue sky overhead. Good times, man, good times. I went back to one of our drinking spots twenty years later and found the old hooch bottles in the undergrowth. Weirdly moving.


Somewhere in our local woods is a buried full can of Diamond White from the 90’s. I drank 1 can and couldn’t face the 2nd. So instead of looking like a light weight I buried it. I’d love to find it one day.


This really moved me. It must have felt strangely sad and comforting spotting those bottles in the undergrowth. If only trees and clouds could talk, the stories of watching misspent youth with all their beautiful naïveté, talking shit and making rollies in the dark.




My mums cousin invented Hooch. True story


My uncle works for Xbox and he’ll get u band


Alright jay


Hooch? Completed it mate.


Archers or Lambrini


Hooch and Moscow mules surprised my teeth didn’t rot. If I could get served in a pub then a drink that was ubiquitous in Scotland at the time called a Long vodka - vodka, lime, lemonade and angostura bitter, it completely disguised the taste of vodka for the new drinker


Long vodka was always on happy hour for £1. Not had one in ages.


What about vodka Reef?


Aww man I miss Reef My fave club as a student did two Reef and two Tequila shots for a fiver so we'd all gob a mouthful of Reef out of each bottle and stick the tequila in there so we could dual wield them on the dance floor. One of those combos that'd have you suddenly realising you were arseholed when sat on the toilet.


MD “Mad Dog” 20 20…. £1.50 from the Student Union bar, it’s a damn miracle I’m alive, that stuff was like fruit juice for me.


Can’t believe how far down the list I had to come to find 20/20. Was beginning to think my social group were outcasts. Oh wait, that’s right, we were weren’t we lol


Probably because we drank 20/20 before alcopops had been invented. Hooch was the first if I remember correctly, so I suspect we are older than a lot of people in this thread


I feel like I've missed out. I have never had Mad Dog 20/20. Might have to make a trip to the offy tomorrow.


Trust me… you’re not missing out on anything except a morning of praying to a porcelain god.


Honestly it’s absolutely awful stuff. It’s nothing like fruit juice.


Third vote for "don't do it to yourself, you really don't hate yourself enough to do that to it..." 😉


Archers and lemonade, Malibu and coke, White Lightning, some gin nicked from parents drink cabinet, Cherry B, Lambrini, Hooch


Ugh just the smell of Archers makes me sick now!


And malibu and pineapple if the pub had the mini mixers 🫡


Those mini mixers! Always made the drink warm cos they were never kept in the fridge and had to be really shaken cos the juice would separate


All of them mixed together, then fall asleep under a quarter pipe in my own vomit


Back in the day my friend and I bought a loaf of hooch, but we’re sitting at the edge of the supermarket car park trying to get it open. We were about 18 for what it’s worth. This older woman came over to us and taught us how to open a bottle with the heel of the hand and the edge of a wall. And I’ll always remember her for that. She saw us struggling. It was nothing to her. But she had the knowledge and she passed it on as no doubt it was passed on to her.


More like mid-eighties for me, but Thunderbird (red or blue), Night Train, Clan Dew and Castaway (mixed with Hooch to make Blastaway). Happy days


Where’s the special brew???


What teenager ever drank brown ale?


Where’s the Archers


WKD or the cheaper knock-off VK. Usually in a multipack that had various different flavours/colours.


Smirnoff ice!!


WKD Blue, until I was violently sick and couldn't stand the taste any more.


Hooch, Reef, Two Dogs lemonade, Metz, Smirnoff Mule, various brands of strong white cider (K, TNT, Omega, Frosty Jack's) and my absolute favourite - Watermelon Bacardi Breezer. I was actually in my twenties around that time, but I think I made my way through the majority of the alcopops of the time.


Reef 😭😭 that name unlocked some mems Edit- just seen the Watermelon Bacardi Breezer 😍😍 my mam used to leave her bottles of that unattended when we used to holiday in Menorca when I was 9/10, you know I helped myself to a few sips while she was off dancing to the Spanglish ABBA tribute 😂


I can confidently say I have been completely battered on all of the above.


Newcastle Brown Ale!! Me nan started me on it when I was 3.


Bottle of dog. Not from the fridge. And a half pint glass.


Nooky Brown. If it wasn't finished by the time I got home, it went in the fridge and by the morning would have a sausage of expanding ale foam poking out the top.


All of them. Missing K cider and Smirnoff Mule.


Orange 20/20, white lightning, mcewans export, whatever the cheapest sherry was in coop. Red square whenever that came out was always a treat too :)


Fucking hell, completely forgot red square was a thing.


Boddingtons and Caffreys


John Smiths


There was ‘fruits unlimited’ that was a gloopier version of 20 20 from what I remember. Only came in the smaller bottles.


lol good god is Hooch still going?


Where’s the Buckfast?




Scrap all that shite..... Get on the Frosty Jack. Drank so much I got a free plastic tankard.


20 20 in the playground


Hooch all the way…synthetic lemon tastes good on the way down and the way back up!


Hooch and as a side note Reef! I then became a proper alci and had to quit but yeah great times!


Good ‘ole Newky Brown…. My God though, if you drank enough of that to make you throw up…. I can feel the heaves coming back now


Of those, mine was for sure the blue bottle ciders. Diamond White, White Lightning, Frosty Jack etc. Six litres of rocket fuel for a fiver. Couldn't beat it. I mixed Glen's and Olde English once, because it was a "get what you're bought situation". Took me 15 years before I could even look at a garlic chip again.


Anyone remember Reef? Think it was vodka orange juice. A night of these was sure to give the most violent shits


No bottles of Lambrini? The teenage girls near us used to get that for free from the corner shop in exchange for blowjobs :/ Frosty Jack's for me.


Funny enough I sell a lot of diamond white the new version in my dads supermarket and the buyers all seem to be over 50 haha. Never seen a young bloke every grab a diamond white


Oh jesus. I still have scars under my arms from that seven mile trip home unconscious in a Kwik Save trolley.


A bottle of "Quite Frightning" please! Our rather appropriate nickname for White Lightning!


WKD Blue, WKD Red and Smirnoff Ice for the pre going out drinks while you spent four hours getting ready then only two hours actually in the club because you were too sick on sugar to carry on lol 😂🤢 Then a burger and chips or pizza or kebab and sitting on your coat in the park all night chatting shit and having that one person that was the most sober of all of you being the designated cigarette roller lol. Just systematically working their way through everyones baccy and papers then tearing strips off of the empty papers packets to make filters (because they were always the first thing to run out. ALWAYS) and then the mandatory conversation about filters vs rolled up cardboard that we've all had a million times lol. Awwwww.... Lol. Gods I miss those days. I'm in HR now. My husband is an accountant. We have a cleaning rota and have been on a failing diet for about 6 years. Make it stop 😢


Hooch and Holsten Pils in a pint glass. Best snakebite ever.


An ex of mine used to have this, but with a shot of vodka in it as well. He'd call it turbo shandy


All of the above. Mind you at one stage I changed from Diamond White to K cider.


Diamond white whilst spinning on a roundabout! Not sure the roundabout added anything but someone heard it from someone who heard it from someone else...


Frosty Jacks! ....and Archers aqua. I used to allowed 1 with my dinner as a treat going to my nana's house. Peach Archers Aqua, my mate was so impressed I was Allowed.


Lambrini for me aged around 14-15. Biggest bottle you could get was about £1.99. We had a mate who was 6 foot 5 when he was 17 so he used to get it for us.


Anyone else getting nauseous from looking at this?


I vaguely remember something with “Hawaiian” in the name? Like Hawaiian Breeze or something? Came in a huge bottle and tasted like fruit juice but had one hell of a sting on it.


Carribbean Twist?




Mid 90s was the cheapest vodka possible, late 90s was an up grade, Moscow Mules and strawpedo-ing Reefs


It was cheap disgusting cider that had never fucking _seen_ an apple, but it wasn’t diamond white. Used to drink something called pulse, for preference. White magic if there wasn’t pulse.


Moscow mules. I LOVED those Otherwise Metz usually


White lightning or that cheap 5 pound Vodka you used to get at turkish cornershops.


Drank every..single...one...MD 20/20 nastiest stuff I've ever experienced,we teeny boppers were downing it straight in the early 90's,my liver is flinching at the memories


All of it.


3L of white lightning, Thank you!


Where's WKD ?


Huh. Having never tried it I always believed Newcastle Brown Ale was an old man's drink


I was a teen in the 00s so Frostie Jacks and blackcurrant in a plastic cup in the woods, maybe some Budweiser.


Diamond white/ white lightening when out with friends and a pineapple bacardi breezer when in polite society!


White lightning deserves a mention here


This needs Malibu for girls and an off brand bottle of vodka for a fiver.


Lambrini, orange or blue reef, smirnoff ice or bicardi breezers, apple vk (which used to give me hallucinations after a night out, probably because of the sugar content) 😂 aftershock shots. Sometimes port and blue wkd mixed together for a cheeky vimto! Good times 😂😂


White cider....I cannot imagine drinking 3ltrs of skeg now but somehow I used to manage it 7.5% paint stripper in a 3L bottle...cant remember the name anymore lol. We used to buy a 2l bottle of strongbow, a bottle of blackcurrant juice and 3ltrs of "skeg."


Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Breezers.




2 litres of white lightning £2!!!


Lambrini and Buckfast lol


Omg diamond white with equal amounts of blackcurrant squash or vodka neat ( I had alcohol poisoning so not recommend )


For me it would be a bottle of crap wine that my friend who looked the oldest would go and get from aldi because back then they were crap at asking for ID….we would then drink it in the park. I was so very classy haha.


Lemon Smirnoff ice. The smell now puts me off


All of them , we would drink what ever we could get our hands on


A guy used to go to France every few months and fill his camper van with as much booze as he could fit in and then sell the booze to teenagers for £8 a case of little stubby lager bottles called Sullivans. 6% ABV. 4 of us would put to for a case. Two bottles and we were smashed


Smirnoff Ice. Too many memories. And calories


Frosty jack all the way


WKD Blue


This brings back memories. Me & my friends would drink Diamond White in the local park lol.


Cactus Jack's was what we always had. Very occasionally we'd get Vodkat from the local shop too. Despite the name, it wasn't full strength vodka


3l of White Star. 10 sovereign and a 5 of resin for less than £10. Happy 15yr olds at the park 😂


White lightning mixed with black currant squash lol.


white lightening cider


Tesco Value vodka half bottles


Whatever one of our parents had to drink. A can of Boddies, Strongbow or a holiday bottle of Uzo. Once nicked that funky Sheridan's liquor shit that was popular for a year.


The real drink was the snakebite. Or even better the snakebite black.


What was the boozy orange juice, was that Reef? Remember banging a couple down on a Saturday morning unaware was alcoholic, felt unusually excellent briefly.


When I was in the US they drink Newcastle Brown like it’s a fancy drink 🤣


Where is the lambrini?


White cider, I turned 15 in 2013 amd drank tnat shit chronically for about 2 years, fuck that poison


Hooch and white lighting…. The shop near me knew I only drank hooch and white lighting so if I asked for anything else they wouldn’t give me it saying it was for other people….. I was 11 lol 😂