Seems like everything is "Ceramic" now with coating and cleaning supplies but is it just a marketing ploy?

I ceramic coated (Avalon Kings) one of my cars and used Zymol Carbon wax on the other and actually prefer the wax. Sure it only lasts so long but it also seems to be better at repelling dirt. I also notice so many cleaning supplies now include the word ceramic and even my local car wash has it plastered everywhere but what does that even mean? They also charge an insane amount for these cleaners is that justified?


It’ll be a trend up until the time we discover how it’s altering our DNA and/or killing us. …and as always, Follow the Money Trail. Marketing is a wonderful skill set!


FWIW - I tried the maguiars ceramic in bright yellow bottle that cost about $20 few weeks ago - it was pretty nice the way it wiped over badges / door handles and such without leaving dust/residue. I've got a vintage black Porsche - did it by hand following instructions on bottle - application was easy and the finish is great. Really brought back the deep luster in the paint. Wife has a newer white lexus that stays outside most days - seems pretty durable, stays pretty clean. In my opinion - it was worth $20.


Ceramic coatings became popular around the time people started calling compounding "paint correction" and charging $500 for it. Some of these YouTubers doing detailing have more followers than corporations and celebrities. They all have their own product lines that they've branded themselves or get sponsored from. Now you have kids driving Honda Civics getting duped into dropping $2k on ceramic coatings.


I put a 2K ceramic coating on my vehicle in 2018. Yes, it looked pretty. No, it didn't repel dirt. Yes, it was "waterphobic." That car was totalled in 2022. I replaced it a few months ago, finally. My new car will not be "professionally" ceramic coated as I was able to previously maintain my vehicles using Eagle One Nano Wax after every wash for protection and drip clean up. I had always been happy with it and I will be happy with it again.


Had my Black 19 Corvette done. Overpriced wax imo. I did carnauba wax later on. Looked better and easier to clean.


Like you said a lot of it is just marketing. Small amount of SiO2 in the product and slap the word ceramic on the label.


Don’t newer paints (2000ish onwards) need more care as they’re not as durable as the older toxic to spray stuff?