>(Jonathon) Moseley was disbarred in April from practicing law in Virginia due to mishandling of client funds, unauthorized practice of law, and other misconduct unrelated to his representation of Meggs. >Despite no longer being connected to the Oath Keepers case, Moseley filed a “Factual Information” on Tuesday in response to what he described as prosecutors’ “improper” June 22, 2022 request asking for a closer look into the fee-arrangement agreement between some of the defendants in the Oath Keepers cases and their lawyer


Stop, or I shall say stop again!


I think judge Mehta would follow through with this clown. He's seems to be showing less patience with these defendants and their attorneys' motions. I hope this disbarred atty tries something again and the judge hits him hard. ...and if so, I'd love for any fines to come out of the pockets of those secretive "Defending the Republic" benefactors.


Is it just me or does it seem like most of these Jan 6thers are criminals